Dear Hugh
In a rough calculation of the funds awarded & taking into account interest paid along with benefits ie DLA and pension, mums cash funds should not run out until 2013 unless your fees/charges have exceeded;
£250,000 over 10 years.
Is this correct as my mother would like to know the truth.
The court and yourself predicted £2,500 per year charges and as we are all aware your first year came out at £26,000 is it now a fact that your subsequent years have equated to approximately £25,000 per year, because our figures if correct should leave mum with funds in excess of £200,000 cash.
Please can you advise what has happened to mums funds in total as it would now appear if you have not had it, there must to be a substantial amount of money missing.
I of course might be missing something in my calculations and so it might be advisable for you to send the figures with regard to the annual interest rate paid by court funds on deposit over the ten, annual year periods.
We also need to clarify properly mums income, to know her benefits ie DLA and her pension from what years to what year ended etc.
Of course if you will admit your charges have been in the region of a quarter of a million pound then we need not go to all the trouble of working out where it’s gone but we obviously feel aggrieved if one suspects mums money might be missing and so need to clarify properly what you have done with it.
Kind regards,
Mike Clarke.
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