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When publishing don’t just publish small sections to suit your cause, because that would be unfair, publish the whole article of exchange.


I would like to see that the NORMAN SCARTH legacy will be one of;

WW2 fighter, fights to the bitter end AGAINST CORRUPTION


If you’re not careful your legacy will be remembered as a



You choose!

& when you publish please copy me in.


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Subject: RE: NO 'heroes' in war.


Already published




From: Mike Clarke []
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To: 'Norman Scarth'
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Subject: RE: NO 'heroes' in war.


By the way Norman

3 things


RACISM is about PREJUDICE it’s about a group of people believing they are better than the next.



You, being such a person by the words you used, condemning the act of sodomy, when to those consenting ADULTS it is perfectly NORMAL.


I, a man, NO LESS OF A MAN than you. I am not a woman in man’s body… I am just a man in man’s body but I like BUMS and I like cocks, this is quite NORMAL to me and your prejudice is just that, RACIST PREDJUDICE.


I did not drift off topic, the whole conversation related around one thing and that I believe was DISCRIMINATION, you see, your good at twisting words to suit your cause, very good at it, but you will not twist the words with me, ASHERS BAKERS did in fact commit discrimination.


They bake cakes!

SO what was the problem?

Why did they refuse??


THEY decide that the sexual connotation that the cake implied was offensive to them and so decided they were not going to do it because they considered the purchasers were GAY.. CLEAR DISCRIMINATION.


There should be no offence taken NORMAN….. NONE.

SAME for ALAN TURING,.. the state discriminated against him… that’s why he got a pardon.

Of course by then he was LONG DEAD.


TODAY because of your age you have not moved on from… sheer revulsion at sodomy?

THIS is not my fault and it is NOT the GAY community FAULT… IT’s ENTIRELY YOURS!


FORTUNATELY there now are laws to protect US…. from YOU?

THANK GOD they are here perhaps there will be less suicides in the GAY community.






From: Mike Clarke []
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To: 'Norman Scarth'
Cc: ''; 'Leonard Lawrence'; 'Gary'; ''; 'Kathy Danby'
Subject: RE: NO 'heroes' in war.



Publish what u like where u like with my name in.


I had a huge desire to meet you and exchange the common enemy items of attack.

I still do.


Sorry that I have to fight my corner on GAY issues but I do.


I still hold respect for you on the very many issues you have raised about corruption and I’m still behind all of it.


It’s just that, when I watched the film about ALAN TURING.. “THE IMITATION GAME” I really did feel for him to the PIT of my stomach what that man had to go through not just in WAR but after, to confront yet another personal WAR which in turn led to his suicide.


These suicides don’t end NORMAN and I just feel you have no idea, what a GAY man goes through to balance his own life BOOKs so to speak.


I am not very good at speaking.. in fact I am terribly blunt and to the point I just wish folk like yourself would give an ounce of time to those who go through such turmoil which ALAN went through whilst also mathematizing his way through the ENIGMA only after to be left penniless and persecuted by a government he worked so tirelessly for, to SAVE so many lives.


The film saddened me to despair, I felt what he felt, I was heartbroken.


YOU do have a right to boast, you are a survivor, living to fight a new enemy, one that was unexpected and without people like you the world is going to be a sorry place NORMAN but just pause for a minute to be careful about what you say about those whom experiences of war all the time, in their own private lives of coming to terms with a GAY life of, SODOMY or SUICIDE, it isn’t easy and contrary to popular belief it isn’t a choice either.


RESPECT where it is due NORMAN

I still take my HAT off to you for what you HAVE done and what you do DO now.


You’re not alone





From: Norman Scarth []
Sent: 24 May 2015 22:58
To: Mike Clarke
Cc:; Leonard Lawrence; Gary;; 'Kathy Danby'
Subject: NO 'heroes' in war.



Your accusation that I 'boast' about my (miniscule) part in World War II shows that you are now prepared to use any stick with which to beat me (with no relevance whatsoever to our disagreement).  It is the opposite of the truth.  

Knowing what I know now, I am nauseated by the worship of the Armed Forces (on anniversaries, Poppy Day, & the like).  There is savagery & butchery in war, but very little 'Heroism'.  That accolade should be reserved for lifeboat crews, firefighters & the like. 

Turin certainly played a significant part in 'winning' WW2 - by enabling us to kill more Germans than they did of our people.

ALL war is bad.  I feel  no pride in the fact that I played my very small part in killing 1,867 of the bravest men in the world, the crew of the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst.  I grieve for those men every day of my life.  

Far from pride, I feel shame that I was so gullible as to believe that we must fight 'To preserve Freedom in Britain & the rest of the world' (a belief which your words indicate that you still hold?)  It was that gullibility which caused me to join the Royal Navy, as it is with those who join the Armed Forces now.   

To return to our disagreement:

Your honest words deserve to be published wider & I intend to do so.  I will of course delete your name & email address.  Unless you would like me to leave them in? 

Norman Scarth

Subject: WORLD WAR 11
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 01:25:14 +0200


Without ill will, frivolity or vexation or indeed nastiness.


You’re just not getting this are you NORMAN.


That bit I understand but, because of my admiration for you I am going to have to labour more points.


YOU seem to class yourself a specialist on this subject of which quite the contrary you’re NOT and I am.


THIS is where respect becomes due and you’re not giving me any you seem to think that I am NASTY but it is YOU that is NASTY.


What you may or may not have done for your country is admirable and I stand as I have on that being my admiration of YOU but I will NOT allow you to run into the GROUND a RACE of GAYs that I am clearly a part of.


Let’s for example go back to the WAR which you profoundly go on about to all as though YOU were the only ONE fighting IT.


CAN I be so bold at this point to mention ALAN TURING who was at the heart of that war who was a HOMOSEXUAL, HE LIKED BEING FUCKED UP THE ARSE!


He gave his life into breaking the ENIGMA machine that saved MILLIONS of lives only later to be persecuted by people like YOU whom could not take on board his sexuality.


I am beginning to despise YOU and your race whom seem to think THEY rule the PLANET… well I’ve got news for you, YOU don’t.


1.    BIGOT springs to mind, is that YOU NORMAN? Definition - noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots

1.    a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.



DO not underestimate me, you are taking the PISS just because you believe in your OLD age taking it up the ARSE is BELOW YOU when in actual FACT we are ABOVE you because we can embrace all level of people.


AS for NASTINESS it’s all there in your emails which I will not take lying down.


ALAN TURING had to take the likes of your persecution BUT I will NOT he did more for our country THAN YOU could ever do but what praise are YOU going to give him NORMAN you hypocrite.


YOU TALK of WAR, ALAN TURING a HOMOSEXUAL, A DEVIENT in your eyes helped end the war and saved millions of live s, probably yours and YOU now stand there and piss on his memory what because he was a PUFF.. a SHIRTLIFTER, a TURD PUSHER, a whatever else you any choose to bestow on him.


STOP being so fuckin selfish… YOU did not fight the WAR on your OWN their were TURD PUSHERS fighting the war alongside you whom later on were persecuted for their own choices.



WAKE up because you are alive because of the likes of TURD PUSHED…. ALAN TURING you fucking idiot.




I do not want to be NASTY I want to fight the common enemy but do not take the piss out of OUR RACE and we are a RACE.


YOU fought a war alongside some of the greatest minds in BRITAIN that were shirt lifters, later persecuted and did not deserve it.



YOU HAVE HAD 90 years and showing NO SIGNS of it!!


I will not TOLERATE you lying down, YOUR IGNORANCE TO US is astonishing.




From: Norman Scarth []
Sent: 23 May 2015 23:19
To: Mike Clarke
Cc:; Leonard Lawrence; Gary;; 'Kathy Danby'
Subject: I admire your honesty re 'consummation'.


I admire your honesty Mike.

The LGBTI got their large majority only because they used flowery words to deceive the gullible: The 'Gay Community' (having seized & perverted the word 'gay') pretended it was all about 'Love, Happiness, Equality, Tolerance, Marriage & etc.' (with violins playing in the background).  They did this to hide the REAL agenda, which you state so plainly. 

Had they told the truth (as you do, to your great credit!)  it would have been a very different story.    

For you to say my "attitudes to GAY sex are lower than low but can only assume it’s your age and as such will leave it at that.  I hope you get better NORMAN" saddens me.   You, who claimed to admire me in all other matters, have now turned nasty. 

In spite of which, I repeat that I wish you, your partner & your mother well, 


PS:  I'm puzzled that you STILL keep bringing 'Racism' into it, when there is no connection between the two. 

Date: Sat, 23 May 2015 20:13:18 +0200

JUST to add a foot note.

I remember that between the ages of 16 to 26 a feeling of despair about my sexuality that gave over to thoughts of SUICIDE.


Those thoughts are documented on my website where my mother’s roll as a mother helped me through that severe period in my LIFE.


Also documented this is one of the reasons I chose to help her in her own plight and of course why now we are in the predicament we are in.


We support each other then and now to the hilt throughout our ordeals.


LOOKING back to put it more on a BLUNT note I am really glad that I chose SODOMY over SUICIDE.





From: Mike Clarke []
Sent: 23 May 2015 19:54
To: 'Norman Scarth'
Cc: ''; 'Leonard Lawrence'; 'Gary'; ''; 'Kathy Danby'


LANDSLIDE IRISH VOTE 'YES' TO GAY MARRIAGE & of course SODOMY because without it IT AINT consummated!


Dear Norman

With 2/3 rds of Ireland voting a LANDSLIDE yes to SODOMY and GAY MARRIAGE, it is nice to know that the BULK of Ireland has moved on from racist DISCRIMINATION!

I do understand fully however that there are those possibly of an older generation that do suffer with having the utmost revulsion against the act of sodomy/buggery.  


A lot of people think there are only a few erogenous zones around the body of a man, but in point of FACT there are several… the final one of course being up your ‘Uranus’/ back passage /[areshole] and I would like to point out that if GOD is the GRAND designer of ALL.. then why oh WHY on earth did he put the final one up there??

Perhaps you should answer that one NORMAN.

This slightly goes against your statement of … It is not even a 'sexual act', in that the anus & rectum are not sexual organs.  


It is a fact that during my many years of committing SODOMY/BUGGERY and or receiving such an act, that a DEEP inner pleasure can be attained and having actually experienced it I obviously speak from FIRM… HARD evidence of such.  LOLs


SODOMY is NOT a sexual act you SAY…. Well am sorry NORMAN… IT IS A VERY PLEASUREABLE SEXUAL ACT and one that should be left to the choice of those in private to DO.


THERE IS NO DEVIANT IN IT,.. that rest solely with those who DISCRIMINATE and whom want to force down the throats of OTHERS what sexual acts they should commit and with WHOM.

THIS is commonly known as RACIST FACIST DISCRIMINATION to force onto others YOUR ill-advised, not very intellectual views upon others who have found that inner ha penis from within.


THE days of DICTATING whether we should or should not sodomize ARE LONG OVER NORMAN.

DICTATORSHIPS are over.             OVER.


You yourself are a campaigner against CORRUPT DICTATORSHIPS but yet now speak with fork tongue.




PS I AM a great believer in DO NOT KNOCK anything until you have tried it and assume that your revulsion to it NORMAN, means you have not tried it and therefore I consider your expertise on this subject of NO VALUE what-so-ever, because you are repulsed you think IT gives you the right to DICTATE.. it does’nt!

I actually feel a sense of sorrow for you in that your attitudes to GAY sex are lower than low but can only assume it’s your age and as such will leave it at that.

I hope you get better NORMAN.


From: Norman Scarth []
Sent: 20 May 2015 22:47
To: Mike Clarke
Cc:; Leonard Lawrence; Gary;; 'Kathy Danby'
Subject: 'Gay'? To make my own feelings clear.


Dear Mike,

I am most grateful for your supporting words about my battles against corruption. 

You ask for "some clarification on your views about the relationship that you seem to infer in your email below about sodomite/GAY-LESBIAN association to FACISM."  

To make my own feelings clear.  

I am certainly NOT saying that homosexuality itself is Fascism.  Nor am I saying that (genuine) homosexuality is 'wrong'. 

I AM saying that the 'prosecution' of Ashers Bakery is actually persecution (by mis-use of very dodgy 'Laws'), instigated by those who call themselves 'Queerspace'.  They are determined to dominate the rest of us, vilifying, ending the employment, putting out of business, fining, even imprisoning any who dare to express thoughts different to their own.   .      

And that is most definitely Fascism - if my understanding of the word is correct.

But, leaving Fascism aside, I will try to clarify my views on homosexuality:  

Nature sometimes plays what might be described as a dirty trick, & I regard it as such when a person is born as a hermophrodite.  

No doubt there are others who, though not physically hermophrodites, are, as it is said, 

'A woman in a man's body' (& vice-versa).  

I emphasize with such people.   

The ones I dislike are those who, though actually 'straight', CHOOSE perversion, especially those who proselytise & try to tempt others into deviant behaviour, & sodomy IS deviant..  .   

I have no problem with anyone, who chooses to live with someone of the same sex, but I have the utmost revulsion against the act of sodomy/buggery.  It is not even a 'sexual act', in that the anus & rectum are not sexual organs.  

To answer your question about what I would do if two men 'turned up at your home to take the 2 bedrooms you offered'.  

Yes, I have said I had bedrooms to spare for victims of corruption who needed to escape from Britain, but that does not mean they are necessarily available at ALL times.   The rooms may well be occupied by other 'escapees'.  In which case I might well say, "Hope you don't mind sharing a double bed" (which was a common enough practice in more innocent time). 

I would expect those who openly declare (as you do now) that they practice sodomy to inform me in advance, when they would have been told they were not welcome.    

Two other (comparatively minor) points: 

I was saddened when the lovely word 'GAY' was misappropriated by homosexuals to describe themselves.  That itself was'perversion' - of the language.

I am surprised that you bring 'racism', into a discussion on homosexuality, when surely there is no connection whatsoever between them?  

Hope I have made my feelings on the subject sufficiently clear.  

Having said all that, I wish you, your partner & your mother well, especially in your battles against our common enemy. 

Norman Scarth

Subject: REF:NORMANs EMAIL comments - WeaselWordsWin! Sodomites Rule! OK?
Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 10:27:50 +0200

Dear Norman


You do realise that I am one of many great admirers & supporters of the work that you do “against corruption”.

My mother, my partner and I have suffered a similar fate to you, being forced into exile from corrupt courts and a bent JEWdiciary.


You, some time ago did offer us accommodation at your property in Ireland should we feel the need, which deeply touched us.


There is very little that you say that I have had any reason to disagree with until NOW.


I really just would like from you some clarification on your views about the relationship that you seem to infer in your email below about sodomite/GAY-LESBIAN association to FACISM.


Did you realise that I am GAY and I am 56… that my partner a man, is 23 and that we got together 6 years ago when he was 17 and I, 50.

WOULD you say in your own words that this makes me a FACIST SODOMITE of PERVERSION?


This really, I am interested to know your overall views, because I am hoping that your seemingly ANTI-GAY stance showing signs of severe DISCRIMINATION is indeed not what I expected from you and have up until now completely and utterly respected your every single comment.


I just want it to be noted that just because I practice sodomy, and that I am glaringly, obviously, a part of the GAY community… I AM NOT A FACIST AND I AM NOT A PERVERT either.


I personally would reserve those words for the ones that they should be directed at, such as SAVILLE, whom obviously was a vile individual whom preyed on those kids under the age of consent by law, making them KIDS!


THIS IS NOT MY BAG… & I seriously object to being tarred with the same brush, just on the basis of sexual orientation!


I think, if you are not very careful NORMAN, you are likely to be classified as a RACIST which I personally have never considered you to be and think that your words are normally VERY WELL CHOSEN to put across your thoughts that until NOW I have respected with the admiration you have deserved in your ripe old age where you have given your time in the war too.


RESPECT where it is due, and you have mine wholeheartedly, but I dread to think what would of happened had we turned up at your home to take the 2 bedrooms you offered, not understanding that me and my younger partner would be practising SODOMY in your spare room.. perhaps we’d of been thrown out onto the streets of IRELAND before dawn broke on the 1st night!


IF SODOMITES RULE OK as is in your subject line…. Why am I NOT WINNING NORMAN


Please Norman treat me & my race with respect because that is what I treat you with, I am what I am, & I am neither a PERVERT nor a FACIST.

I like younger men, NOT LITTLE BOYS and as it so happens my young man, likes OLDER FATTER MEN, which some might say makes him and me PERVERTED but THAT could not be farther from the TRUTH.


We are in a loving relationship that has been so over 6 years and I might add, whilst protecting and caring for my disabled mother, whom the government have robbed being aided and abetted by a BENT JUDICIARY and the word BENT I use in all manner of the word.


I really do hope that we find the common ground on this one NORMAN as your comments worried me.







From: Norman Scarth []
Sent: 19 May 2015 23:06
To: Norman Scarth
Subject: FW: WeaselWordsWin! Sodomites Rule! OK?


Subject: WeaselWordsWin! Sodomites Rule! OK?
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 22:02:00 +0100 


And you had better accept it!  OR - you will be in deep trouble  

To Ashers Bakery,

There are millions (Christians & others) who, like me, admire your stance against those who demand you submit to their domination. 

Please, do NOT pay the fine imposed upon you by Sodomy Supporter Judge Isobel Brownlie.  

Millions gave their lives in World War II, fighting against Fascism.  The European Convention on Human Rights which followed it was intended to ensure that Fascism never rose again.  

Yet, it HAS risen again, in the form of those who call themselves 'Queerspace' & 'LGBTI'.  There are no greater Fascists than they are.   They not only demand that you will do as they say  - but that you will THINK as they say!   

They have twisted the words & spirit of the Convention, & twisted other words, convincing the gullible that they are seeking only 'Equality, Tolerance, Happiness, etc. etc. etc.', (with violins playing in the background!)  

There are NONE less 'Tolerant' than they are!  And as for 'Equality': Equality fro THEM,  but NOT for you!  

Unfortunately those who have spoken out against the creeping (& thus unrecognised) Fascism have done so only in the mildest, most moderate language.  

It has not been enough!   THE VERY PLAINEST SPEAKING IS NEEDED!  Sodomy Supporters have introduced legislation (very BAD legislation), bringing very bad laws, which are used - & enforced (as we have seen today) - by Sodomy Supporters!

The weasel words from LGBTI have caused the gullible to ignore 'the elephant in the room':   That elephant (hidden amongst 'equality, tolerance, same-sex marriage, adoption by same sex couples & etc') is that children are to be brought up to accept that sodomy is  NORMAL! 

Norman Scarth


PS:  According to these current laws, there must be no discrimination on the grounds of 'Sexual Orientation' (which used to be called perversion).  Why then, are Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, et al now being denounced so strongly?  Surely, by the standards of LGBTI, they were only indulging their 'sexual orientation'?  NS.