Dear Hugh 08/07/11
My mother wishes to convey the current situation we find ourselves in.
She wrote to you on the 25th April 2011 requesting to transfer her property in Blackpool into
with me her son, and nothing further has been done.
Mum would like to see her wishes being met before returning to the UK.
If her wishes cannot be met, she and I no longer want to return to the UK and therefore remain in Spain.
As such you are aware that the villa we resided in prior to the current one we are in, 155 Alcala del Valle, Sierra Gorda, is available to SWAP with mums bungalow in the UK. The owner to this villa Jan made contact with you recently to confirm this.  The Villa had no occupation license therefore its electricity cut off but we are informed now by Jan the owner this is now nearing completion and as such she will be ready to go forward with our arrangement to swap properties.
In view of your continued ignorance to mums UK request, mum wants to start these proceedings to stay in Spain for the foreseeable future where, upon mums cash funds running dry, I and my partner James intend to provide funds in Spain to feed and support us from there on in.
It is also mums request that the villa swap, as and when completed, is also to be placed in joint names to provide the security for me in the event of mums demise before mine, thereby providing that security she has always wanted to provide for me, from day one.
We will of course, in the continued current situation be writing to various authorities to express our concerns on your point blank uncooperative manner to coordinate her requests, unless you are to have some sudden change of policy on matters and start proceedings accordingly.
If are progressing matters extremely slowly in order to attempt a financial forced repatriation in January I can assure you it will not work as we have no intention of returning to live in the UK whilst being forced to live under the abusive manner of control over her life and mine from you.
I have fought tooth and nail to maintain mums wishes and her rights to the life she wishes to lead and have provided clinical neuropsychological reports to confirm she has the capacity to make such choices dated 10 years ago and recently in November 2010 which in the main have been ignored.
We have repeatedly asked for information about your charges over ten years and have been refused information and therefore after you provided a written estimation that charges in which you stated would not exceed £25,000 for the ten years in total in 2003. It now appears you probably have stolen from funds in excess of £250,000 and if she’d of been advised of your excessive charges she would have sought a less expensive deputy to coordinate her affairs. The facts are that you have failed to provide that information for her to make that choice by way of accounts and information.
You have denied her, her human rights to such information and have also forced her to live from an exchange rate that has cost in excess of 100,000 euros and her human rights to a normal family life have also been denied to date because of the above.
Is it any wonder she does not want to return to the country that is treating her with such indignities.
More recently, after you hearing the fact that a different villa deal was on the horizon to swap, which would have been an excellent deal for mum, you conspired with the estate agents McDonalds in Blackpool to try and undervalue her house and sell it for what effectively would have been a near additional £100,000 loss to her funds in order for you to gain further control of cash funds for yourself and in a conversation with that agent the then villa owner backed out of the deal and we lost it.
This prompted me and mum to remove the property off the market immediately.
The picture being painted by you is not repeat NOT very good to look at and our despise of you grows daily.
Kind regards,
Mike Clarke.
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