15.11.2011  14.30
Ref; monthly monies being withheld
Dear Hugh Jones
With reference to monthly monies being withheld in relation to the villa contract ending.
The villa keys were handed in 3 weeks ago and an exchange of emails took place and no further contact has been made by the landlord. We believe it is now settled.
We believe it is the end of the matter and request the release of monies you are withholding.
600 last month and also this month 600.
I repeat the situation with regard to mum and that your current weekly payment of funds (100) is insufficient to carry her forward and that combined with our own situation requires change with immediate effect.
Starving mum and me into submission to your way of thinking HUGH, I would have thought went out with the dark ages.  Mums car remains idle without insurance and you have offered nothing to fix matters.
Mike and
ANN Clarke