Dear Hugh Jones   01.12.2011



Will be laid at your feet very shortly without due dialogue from you to aid in the resolution of these matters!


My mother has asked you repeatedly for action on various subjects via myself as ADVOCATE but you have failed to respond & I write once more HUGH JONES to ask you to act immediately.


My mother has this morning run out completely of her cigarettes.

Her favourite tipple of TIA MARIA ran out 4 days ago and her issues for some transport regarding the problems of her car has been ignored. Her medical requirements for various items I cannot now provide.


My position is borderline breaking point.

I have been and am still trying to give you every opportunity to resolve very urgent issue’s to which your negligence of no response to matters comes through in abundance.


This can only be my last request for your chance to correct matters before we file our claims against you in common law.

We urge you, HUGH to respond;

  1. Mother’s car needs to be exchanged, sold and or renewed into something useable which can be done without any expense to her estate but as requested but ignored, needs your cooperation with regard to you sending her registration document in order to exchange it into useable transport.
  2. Her weekly allowance is an insult. David Hiltons request for a breakdown is an insult. She retained £170 weekly ten years ago and for you to hold onto her funds in excess of £27,000 without justification, is also providing neglect of a criminal nature.
  3. Her desire to make her own “will” that has not been tampered with and more recently a request to apply to gift her home into “joint tenants in equity” has also not been acted on displaying further a breach of duty.
  4. Our complaints of Mal Administration have not been acted upon with regard to dialogue to resolve, in relation to the lost sums in the region of £100,000 during her period of living abroad permanent for 3.5 years.
  5. Our complaint upon complaint upon further complaints over 10 years to supply accounting information failed to attract any action and was only resolved after employing another solicitor to extract them, where upon mothers request to pay his account of £984 was greeted with none-response, NEGLIGENCE & A BREACH OF DUTY. You further deceitfully advised verbally yours fees did not exceed £70,000 proved to be lies. You told her to transfer her house herself.
  6. The Court of Protections failure to act also on these complaints over the years & without your offer to cooperate to a resolution we have no option but to rely on Common Law courts to resolve them which we are about to do.
Please respond today on matters or alternatively we will have to resort to the alternative.