Dear Chris
Mum would like you to make a fast track application to the court to place her house into
The reason for this is simple, if my mother cannot do as she wishes with her home she would rather stay living abroad in Spain and at this moment there is a deal on the table as HUGH JONES is aware that a villa here in Coin Malaga, the one where last resided is prepared to do a direct swap for her home in Blackpool.
Patience on this from that party is wearing thin and therefore the court makes provision for fast track applications on the basis that a property deal may be lost if not dealt with in terms of speed.
It is for this reason the application mum wants is made immediately.
After this has been done, she also wants Hugh Jones to be removed as her Deputy due to his charges which have become ridiculous and of which he has only just advised what they were over ten years, plus his failure to act upon her wishes that she vehemently wants carrying out.
There is a fast track option available to mum and so she wants it used.
Kind regards,
Mike Clarke.
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