Dear Martin John 19/07/11
I find it incredible that your not taking on-board the problem.
The problem has never been, being paid in euros or pounds, the problem is being tied to a UK pound thereby forcing upon us an exchange rate.
Click below to read a copy letter back to Euro MP Brian Simpson dated incidentally to note January 12th and this letter is published on the website you are so far behind its untrue or is that just a court tactic;
Further to the above our problems worsen with yesterdays meeting with predatory guardian Hugh Jones.
We want to know what his charges were over 10 years since the start of this process.
We also want to know a complete breakdown of spend over the ten years with interest details paid as we have done a back calculation and find that at least ?200,000 is missing, without the information we will be making a formal complaint to the police, which Hugh Jones has refused to supply information and suggested we contact the court.
At this moment we believe your Office of Predatory Guardians are another example of current on-going corruption in the UK which will crumble, heads will roll.
A copy of the meeting recorded yesterday with Hugh Jones lasting 1 hour is available on the website click the link below, and I suggest you listen very closely;
If my mother cannot claim that she has capacity it is your predatory guardians intention to sell her property to pay his bills.
You are the head, you are the boss, your are and should be accountable and transparent and responsible.
Copies of the current situation is being made public by way of several media outlets and also being forwarded to;
Euro MP Brian Simpson
David Cameron
Kenneth Clarke
John Hemming
Sky News
and others
You will not get away with what your attempting to get away with, whilst I'm alive and further, you might be able to do all these things to other helpless individuals but I will be constantly on your back with this, what amounts to nothing more than CORRUPTION.
Mike Clarke.
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Dear Mr Clarke,
Please find attached letters from Mr John.
Kind regards,
Eeva Pellonpera | Executive Assistant to the Public Guardian