Ref being recorded. 11.04.2012

Dear Gemma Williams

I am sorry you are offended by our recorded conversations.
Gemma, I am offended that my mother being 71 years of age can have acts committed against her of theft, lies, deceit, neglect, mal administration and fraud by false representation, but yet it goes on without anyone being investigated!
I am sure, Gemma, if it was your mother that was suffering these gross criminal acts in 2012, you would be trying to protect her the best way you knew how to, that I believe is my duty as her son.
I am not trying to incriminate you but I am trying to incriminate those responsible and progress is being made Gemma.
I asked for you to provide details of the doctor in Liverpool which on Thursday, accepted was approaching the bank holiday of Easter and so you promised to return information by Tuesday and now we are at the end of Wednesday therefore tomorrow will have been a week.
I don’t believe we are asking for much but please try and put yourself in our shoes and understand what is happening to us, is corrupt!

Kind Regards
Mike Clarke & Ann Clarke
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