Dear HUGH  12.12.2011  7 am
I trust you are now in receipt today of the signed copy of our claim against you and your partners.
Your email sent to us via Margaret last week after our meeting is utterly unacceptable and our position is such that we are prepared with immediate effect to restart our campaign of protesting upon Deansgate should we feel the need to.  Your refusal to cooperate  is placing that very thought onto the very top of our list of things to do.
Mothers Christmas monies are hers to do as she sees fit and certainly not for you to start dictating where and on what or whom she spends her Christmas money on, which I find it all very strange that you appear to be indicating such terms!
In the face of pending serious problems for you and your company you are still acting like JUDGE, JURY and GOD! Lording it over someone whom has proved to you her capacity to be her own person and as such rejects outright your offensive potential restrictions and serious repression of her human rights once more!
Further to the above , you have been without doubt ruining our lives from one disaster to the next, you seem determined to stick the knife in, even at Christmas time! Two can play that game HUGH.  All you are doing and have been doing over ten years is protecting you, yourself and your cronies, but judgement day is fast approaching, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't make life any harder for us, this Christmas.
The fact is mother has asked for her £1000 Christmas monies which in the meeting last week you promised to provide, and also we would like refunding £984 from additional legal expenses re Lester Samuels to extract mums accounts from you, that in reality none of which, neither of us should be made to jump through any hoops for!  In fact it is our considered opinion that the £984 legal expenses should not be coming from mums funds at all it should be coming from your own pocket as a result of negligence, mal administration and breach of duty.
Our re-instatement of monthly funds withheld of 3 months at £400 should also be released in order we can enjoy our Christmas that we so rightly deserve, that you are obviously intentionally wanting to make so miserable for us.
And so, perhaps we might see you on your office doorstep with our Christmas banner “dressed to suit” and leaflets.
We have not got a lot else to do or look forward to, “thanks to you”, but we do believe that GOD and TRUTH are behind us, all the way.
Merry Christmas!
Mike Ann James.
PS My dog is dead! Put down by the Spanish Kennels company as we could not afford to pay the bill.
Rest in peace WHISKY! But if not, haunt HUGH JONES for he is the reason your up there!!