Letter received from the Website, from a Peter Jones and a reply in Red
24th February 2012
Dear Peter
reply in red; Mike
you in black; Peter
I've been reading your website for what seems nearly a year, i found it after i was doing some searches for miscarriages of justice.

By the way i have nothing to do with Pannones or any legal firm, just a surfer who found your website.

I do hate to say it but you should surely give up ?
If I give up fighting for my mother choices to be met which I might add is her HUMAN RIGHT to have, she would be the person to suffer here because all others are saying what she should and should not be doing without taking into account her wishes.
It seems to be totally taking over your life (and mind).
You are correct it is, it has. Its true but that’s because I believe we are fighting a corrupt government.
I hate to say Peter but if you were in my mothers shoes you would not like it, to have your right to your own choices removed, would you?  The thought of my mother being forced into situations that she does not want to be in would also affect my mind peter like it is affecting hers. Giving up on corruption is not an option Peter.
The reason companies get put in charge of huge payouts is because many times relatives take advantage of them.
I fully understand why the court of protection was set up Peter. I was looking after my mother for five years prior to the court and I might add without money!
I've heard many cases in the past where someone gets a million from a personal injury and then 'amazingly' their kids start buying new cars or stuff.

I'm sorry but you dont seem to be listening to anyone else.
I am listening to everyone else like I am listening to you Peter that’s why i am responding to you in this letter.
Your sister and brother are totally against what you are doing yet you seem to accuse them of everything, it seems so obvious you've been 'brainwashing' your mother for basically her will/house and anything else you can get your hands on.
You need to know the whole story Peter. What I do know is the term “BRAINWASHING” is a term used by my sister in which I might add I can only assume you are not connected to my sister as you state you are not.  If my mother could be brainwashed we would by now be living in the FAR EAST but my mothers mind is as intact as yours might be. Her feelings now about her own daughter / my sister are now poor to say the very least and that's simply because they will not respect her decisions in which I re-iterate she has a human right to.  As for what I can get my hands on I repeat that for six years I looked after my mother from a one bedroomed flat and anything I could get my hands on to keep us living independently yes I did because that too, INDEPENDENCE she has a human right to.

Hear me out, i've heard some of those taped (illegally) conversations with that guy from Pannones. He questioned you on several financial matters from the past and you dont have any evidence of how you survived or your income during some of those years in the late 90's, you dont seem to have any evidence of past earnings during those years.
I lived off benefits Peter. As Mr Hugh JONES knows.
You admitted moving to Spain as you wanted to open a nightclub with your young partner, where was the money from ? Seems you were trying to milk your mother for it.
My Partner has a trust fund with which was used for the purpose you say which in the beginning his trust fund incorporated £25,000 and any further money my partner YOUNG AS HE IS, is his business. For the purposes of our first investment I had all the fitments to go into the venue and he had the funds, simple arrangement Peter that he was happy with and so was I. Milking money from my mother Peter is accusation I suggest you throw at HUGH JONES as he is good at that and without giving any accountability for whilst lying to his client through his back teeth, something which your obviously condoning.

Plus the money you were getting each month for 'looking after mother' was HUGE, i think at one stage you were getting about 2k a month, i cant believe thats all for 'ciggies and booze' for your dear mother.
MONEY, lets start with year one Peter, HUGH JONES took £507 weekly and gave mum £200 and me 0 yes Peter zero. Again something which your overlooking and condoning yet again.
You got to Spain, hire a merc (when a cheaper car would do), seem to 'forget' to keep some money for the kennel costs and apparently those poor dogs you 'loved' so much are now put down according to you, disgusting.
The Mercedes was originally mine Peter from a previous business/nightclub in Blackpool where we lived you need a lot more info on this and therefore need not comment any further. As for the funds to pay for my kennels these funds were withdrawn by Mr Hugh Jones deliberately to prevent my mother and I obtaining further legal help from a new solicitor to extract accounts from Mr Hugh Jones in which when arrived the accounts proved his THEFT, LIES AND DECEIT. That's what's disgusting Peter! May I suggest you read the web site in more detail?
I mean did your partner work in the UK ? You seem to just be wasting that money on yourself and him rather than your poor mother.
My Partner need not work Peter, end of comment. He also provides untold care to my mother.

I'm not surprised Pannones are trying to keep the money away from you as you just seem to be wanting it for your own gains and dont seem to be thinking of your poor mother at all. Your sister seems to be going down the proper route as theyre worried how you've been acting.
My sister does not know the meaning of a proper route Peter she is a scheming, conniving disgusting piece of work that I will never speak to her as long as live. I hold the evidence of fraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of matters and others to boot, that pale those into insignificance she is a person whom has a complete disregard for my mother’s wishes what so ever. Your obviously defending her in which leads me to believe this letter is written from her through you!

Yes in the past there have been miscarriages of justice, i've read about a few, if you had a case you would have won that court case a few weeks ago for sure but you were fined what was it, 20k ? Says it all.
Peter the miscarriages of justice are upon us currently, they go right up to the very top Peter. Our evidence once presented in proper format will out the perpetrators of injustice but I have to say Peter that the system is flawed just like your letter.

You have to realise that there isnt a miscarriage of justice, just companies like this one are put in place in case of relatives basically syphoning off all the money as its happened a lot in the past.
Peter if there is not any miscarriages of justice then why was my statement of truth not answered in December that was sworn on Oath Peter and sent to 50 directors of PANNONES.

I dont think its doing your mental health any good as you seem obsessed with trying to bring down Pannones and Hugh Jones, its quite scary to see actually.
Point taken but not agreed to.
Its like its taken over your life. If you were right then like i say the courts would see it and would fine Pannones, but you're not.
The courts are in it too Peter just like the Judiciary its corrupt, Justice is not there because if it was our claim for common law courts would be listened to as we have the right to, under the British Constitution and the Magna Carta.
Instead you seem to have done a runner to Spain as you lost the court case and your poor mum is going all over the place due to your obsession with this.
My mother makes her own choices and videos of which are due to be published and so if you have read the website in detail then you have already read her medical reports stating her capacity or have you?  How do you respond Peter to her medical reports or are you just another unqualified expert!!

You need to just pay that fine and get on with your life, the further this goes on you might get more and more damages.
The only damages to be paid Peter are the one’s HUGH JONES is going to pay. Trust me.

But please please please clear your head, you have to realise that they have been acting properly, if there were these 'huge' sums of money that Pannones were taking then this would be found out easily by the courts but there isnt.
The evidence is actually available on the website already but backed by the evidence I have that is not on the website Peter it’s very clear to me that PANNONES have not acted properly and they know it.
Instead you just seem to want to use your mothers money for opening a new nightclub or just spending it on yourself and your other half.
Poppycock Peter!
Thank god they are keeping the money back as you would blow this money instantly it seems. Just seems a case of a greedy relative trying to get his hands on the money and trying to get his mum to sign over his house solely to himself and not all her other poor children who are in the background helpless as you seemed to have brainwashed her.
“BRAINWASHED” again Peter, is my sister stood behind you?  You say greedy relative! Mum wants her house to be my house Peter, I can’t change that it’s her decision and her medical reports say she is capable of making those decisions, your accusations are unfounded and untrue as unlike you Peter I do believe in the medical experts so who’s trying to brainwash who here!!

Sorry but this has to be said, like i say I'm just someone who found your website and it hurts me to see what you write, there have been miscarriages with financial handouts due to injury/accident claims etc, BUT there are SO many more where the solicitor has done a great job withholding back the money as relatives just try to get as much money as possible.
I was the key witness to accident of my best friend some years ago called Graham Barker whom was awarded £350,000 and were he saw very little of it and when he died some six years after the original accident who benefitted? The state and the relatives whom did little in care!
I've seen lots of cases where its obvious the solicitor has done a bad job and they have to pay out a fine, but this is SOOO obviously one sided where you are in the wrong, clear to see to anyone else with a neutral point of view. I have NOTHING to do with Pannones , just this is coming from someone who is neutral and has seen your side of the story and from what i've seen its totally wrong, you need to give up.

If the courts ruled in your favour would you think they were wrong then ? Course you wouldnt, but as they didnt rule in your favour you dont agree with it one bit, still this one man crusade and you run off to Spain.

Its shameful to see it really is.
The only shame here Peter, is the letter you have written now published!!