Dear Sirs
My mother whom is a patient of the PUBLIC GUARDIAN –
ANN CLARKE No 10370284, and I, Michael Clarke, her son, carer & Best INTEREST ADVOCATE, would like to make formal complaints about the handling of affairs.
Matters have been raised but are being belittled by the Chief Executive of the Office of Public Guardian.
The financial complaints raised vary into 3 categories;
1/ That there is £200,000 unaccounted for. (fraud)
2/ That the appointed deputy lost in exchange rate transactions a sum of £100,000 (mal administration)
3/ There is a clear and concise desire to sell my mothers home against her wishes to foot future solicitors bills and court fees etc (theft)
We are distraught that the handling of complaints to Chief Martin John is not being dealt with in a serious manner with a cosy consensus going on between the court and the deputy all the while my mother is being robbed.
For all relevant details of up to date activity and past actions causing huge distress please refer to our website;
Mike Clarke &
Ann Clarke
Please correspond only by electronic mail by return to this address.