4 p.m.
Ref: Mums weekly allowance etc;
F.A.O. Hugh Jones of Pannone LLP & copied to assistant David Hilton.
Dear Hugh
I re-iterate last weeks email about mums weekly allowance drop from £500 weekly to £100, that it is insufficient to provide for her fully at this moment. I had pointed out that her cigarette consumption alone with her weekly tipple exceeds this amount, taking into account her medical requirements i.e. tablets and pads etc., with outings matters are truly dire with the amount you have given her.
Our 2 hour meeting with the court official “Ruth Farrerhall” that was recorded and placed onto our website of www.opg.me that I have no doubt you have listened to, we outlined how we had planned to proceed into the new year 2012 but you have cut those plans short in the untimely manner you did, and thus drastically reduced incomes with very little warning or preparations.
We believe this to have been in order to safeguard your own potential fees and charges without thought for both mum and my income also cut by the same amount.
You, by telephone call,  verbally, last week offered to meet this week to try and resolve these issue’s hopefully alongside others but we have heard nothing and so we enter our weekend again not knowing how to proceed with the little funds you have left us with whilst you hold onto mums funds of near £30,000.
The plan mum wants to proceed with we cannot act upon alongside our own plans to make up the differences in our incomes on a longer term basis.
All in all you are causing us to suffer a tort, this being added to the string of torts we have suffered over ten years at you & your companies hands.
All this evidence in relation to this whole saga is being collated to make representations on this basis, in full, of all what has happened, to which we will want recompense for.  We thought that this week there may have been a ray of hope during which your verbal telephone conversation last week seemed optimistic in it’s feel but yet again hopes dashed we return to square one.
I write to advise that mums vehicle I have not been able to pay the monthly insurance on it and therefore it stands immobile. Unless matters are not settled very shortly then I see no option but to press on with our plan to sue you for compensation.
My mother and I wrote to you yesterday requesting £984 to cover our new additional solicitors interim expenses to which no reply has been received, it would seem on the face of it that its fine for you to retain my mother funds to pay your fees but that she cannot spend it on a solicitor that is truly acting for her wishes to be met that are in her best interests for the future.
Matters are truly “diabolical” no wonder we are making friends with the likes of the political “British Constitution Group of Lawful Rebellion.”
It is for the above reasons and more that we intend to serve upon you and your company partners of Pannone LLP in due course a commercial lien in the form of a Commercial affidavit process that will be notarised and presented with all evidence collated.
If you take me and my mother seriously then I would advise you to act, and make some serious effort to resolve the issue’s that mum has clearly written to you about months ago and also verbally made clear also in meetings, to which to date you appear to have blatantly ignored.
We have tried desperately to try and keep things in a manner that was fair but your actions do not ever seem to reciprocate.
Mike & Ann: of the Clarke family.