Dear MP Mr Marsden
As you will appreciate when I said previously about correspondence being a form of double speak and not answering directly all the relevant points of contention especially contained within the commercial lien and or the mental capacity act section 5.
Please can you forward me a copy of your reply to him with the further relevant follow up questions that you are going to put to him in the next letter with some urgency.
As you send it please can you dispatch to me a copy by return to this email.
Mike Clarke
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 4:46 PM
Subject: RE: LETTER

Dear Mr Clarke,


We have just received a letter from the OPG which as you see has been sent on behalf of the new chief executive.


I  will now study it carefully in the light of the letter I previously sent on April 5th with a view to following it up with further points which I will then want the new chief executive to answer directly.


We will update you as and when we hear anything else.


Yours sincerely,


Gordon Marsden MP


From: Mike Clarke [mailto:mike@rake.net]
Sent: 24 April 2012 09:28
To: MARSDEN, Gordon MP; MARSDEN, Gordon MP
Subject: LETTER


24.04.2012  FAO MP Gordon Marsden

Ref Ann Clarke

Office of the Public Guardian 10370284 – www.opg.me


Dear Gordon or Sam


I have telephoned your Highfield Road constituency office last Friday to enquire about the proposed letter from Gordon and have not received anything.


Please can you update us.


Mike & Ann Clarke

31 Cherry Tree Rd





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