For the attention of the new;
Chief Executive of The Office of the Public Guardian
Meeting requested
Ref:-  ANN CLARKE 10370284

Congratulations on your new post within the Office of Public Guardian.
I am sure it will be a very challenging post.
My name is Michael Clarke and my mother is Ann Clarke.
You may be aware of us and our website
We hope that this new appointment of yourself will generate a better understanding of our problems and we have here within a request to come and to see you personally in a face to face meeting to try and gain resolution to the issue’s that have blighted our lives' to date.
We will be in Spain upon this reaching your office and we trust that your response will be by email in return of this email, rather than just writing to our UK address.

We would like to address our full concerns to you in person.
With respect we would ask you to seriously consider granting such a request in view of the sufferings caused and we believe, contributed to, by your predecessor Martin John.
It is with renewed optimism that we send this request and hope that it is equally viewed the same way by the Office of the Public Guardian.

Kind Regards
Mike Clarke & Ann Clarke
31 Cherry Tree Rd,
Blackpool 01253-694768
Tel: 07523-287267