Dear Hugh David Chris
With regard to your proposed meeting with Angel Kevin and yourselves.
I re-iterate our emails sent yesterday.
Can you be more specific about the topics for discussion.
You must accept that the meeting is only being granted by us by way of the fact that we will record it digitally and if this is not acceptable by any party then we have no intention of attending. 
Recordings in our opinion force people to act in a moral and more professional manner without later having to deal with “hearsay”. We find it to be our only protection.
Further to the above we do not have any travelling expenses to come to Manchester within your current ill thought out budget. Mother is already indebted to third parties to enable her to conduct normal living.
Mother required purchases in the last few days of;
£4 packet of lemsips
£20 a toilet seat
£20 a Freeview box
£30 nappy pads
£140 food for the last 2 week
£214 total +
The items above are not being provided for and loans are being set up to accommodate items required that mum is being refused the funds for but that are being requested.
If we are to attend your meeting then these matters above need prior re-imbursement plus also travelling allowances, ideally insurance on her car plus fuel or travel expenses of another nature.
I would of course use our own resources but because you have also cut that to ridiculous stupidity levels this also is not possible. We await your reply.
Alternatively you are of course welcome to hold your meeting at mums home.
Mike & Ann: of the Clarke family
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 4:08 PM
Subject: Meeting
Further to your recent emails, Hugh would like to invite you and your mother to a meeting on Monday 7 November at 11am at our offices to discuss current issues in detail.
For information, Kevin and Angela have also been asked to attend and have confirmed their availability to me today.
Please confirm you are able to attend.

David Hilton
Solicitor - Court of Protection
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