Re: Patient 10370284 ANN CLARKE
FAO Chief Executive of the Office of the Public Guardian
Dear Martin John
My mother and I are still awaiting your investigation into our complaint.
Can you at the very least provide an update?
We complained to the parliamentary ombudsman but were asked to wait a while, it’s now November and our suffering continues. Hugh Jones holds onto my mothers £30,000 whilst only providing enough to buy her cigs and her favourite tipple without money for food and medical requirements and YOU continue to allow this situation to continue!
We find ourselves having to educate ourselves on the law in order to provide ourselves with some protection on which this is where we believed was your job to SUPERVISE AND PROTECT.
This situation seems to have failed us on the face of it and we are looking into what we can do unless matters change very soon. I.E. we are considering the possibility of serving upon you a commercial lien in the form of a Commercial Affidavit Process of known truths sworn on oath and before GOD, notarised and delivered in which riding on the back of it will be bills of recompense.
We cannot believe that your actions have resulted to date in nothing happening where your patients are ill protected at all from the on going crimes that continue of deprivation of human rights.
Mike & Ann: of the Clarke family
31 Cherry Tree Rd