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Dear Sirs
Phone call this morning from Dr Donna Schelewa explaining she has been on holiday and that to recruit another expert witness with regard to mums new capacity assessment, that care must be provided that Mrs Clarke has a condition of “Expressive Dysphasia” meaning she knows what she wants to say but struggles to get it out.
Based on this condition it is vitally important that the expert witness sought to conduct an assessment has experience to cover this condition otherwise the result can come out completely different.
She has recommended contact with the gwilliams@psychologydirect.co.uk website to find such an expert.
Telephone 01306-879975
The expert must have experience in the above and also ;
“Neurocognitive Psychology expertise” & “Expressive Dysphasia”

Mike Clarke
31 Cherry Tree Rd,
Tel: 07523287267

Website; www.opg.me