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Dear Emily
re ANN CLARKE 10370284
Key Aspects – Theft, Lies, Deceit, Criminal Neglect, Mal administration, Fraud by false representation, Breach of duty, Discrimination & Inequality, Human Rights violations.
Her human rights denied outright.
Corrupt court processes backed by “Special visitors” hired guns producing reports to favour the courts and deputy!!
We have now in desperation turned to political groups such as British Constitution feeling unprotected what so ever by the court of protection.
The court of protection is protecting itself and are trying to incarcerate myself by way of contempt of court procedures to get me out of the way.
Civil injustice will lead to civil unrest. Its not just happening to me its happening to a whole host of people.
I don't want to go on and on as I could do, 11 years torture is enough I wish someone would bring it all to a halt.
Mike Clarke
ANN CLARKE 10370284
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Subject: RE: The scandal of SPECIAL VISITORS

Dear Mike,


Further to our brief chat a few moments ago about the difficulties you are currently experiencing.


If you could be kind enough to outline the key aspects of your situation I will then be able to speak with your MP Gordon Marsden’s office on your behalf.


Yours sincerely,





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I am speaking about this on Wednesday.  You also need to talk to your own MP.  It would help to see the reports prior to my Wednesday speech so it can inform the speech.

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Subject: The scandal of SPECIAL VISITORS


Dear John


My mother has 4 reports to say she has capacity.

What do we have to do to get out of this nightmare?

Kind Regards from Mike & Ann Clarke



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