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Thank you MP Gordon Marsden for your kind reply


We have sought representation on previous occasions and because of the complexity, I believe, unless there is indeed exists some sort of blacklist that some of us do believe there is, we have not been able to gain legal representation.


NOT that we believe we should have to have any, and as usual mostly required is a financial retainer! WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE.

Surely an application termed as URGENT must be classed as such by the Court of Protection and given the SPEED so required.


It also might be prudent to mention that the house release by the removal of the restriction on the land registry is notI believe so difficult to order, given that;

1.       My mother now resides permanent outside the COURT JURISDICTION as it states on their website ENGLAND & WALES is their jurisdiction.

2.       As per court order by the very same JUDGE JACKSON, mum has capacity to make a will and did so make a LIVING WILL with contrary to part 24 anyone further claiming any incapacity must refer then to her appointed LIVING WILL EXECUTORÖ me.

3.       Having clearly demonstrated to the court they no longer have any jurisdiction what so ever, the matter of her house sale is URGENT they have refused to deal with it. BY THEIR SILENCE


You are aware of her recent illness, contracting E Coli which nearly caused her ACUTE LIVER failure but fortunately getting her into BANGKOK hospital they tended to her for 3 days of intensive care after pleading with them to take her on a 12000 baht deposit £250 Ö her total bill exceeding £1700 we managed to attain donations from facebook friends equalling £1200 but still we have an outstanding amount secured by passport of £500.


The prime time to sell a property in Blackpool is indeed OCTOBER-NOVEMBERÖ this has now been suspended due to the courts failure to respond.


Not only is the court jeopardising my motherís exit from the country of THAILAND when her VISA renewal is needed, we can neither or secure her any further treatment if so required that as present I am pleased to advise she has fully regained her health and is clear NOW of the bacteria that floored her.


I sent to the COURT OF PROTECTION by recorded delivery the application on the 1st September 2015 and have a signed for receipt from the post office of its delivery on the 2nd September 2015 that even by their non-urgent examples they claim to have on the system within 3 weeks of which we are now on 5 weeks.


We have been persecuted by this court non STOP and the judiciary have facilitated it.





I attach the Judge Jacksons clerks email address copied in to which YOU might be able to gain answers as I surely cannot.

ALSO is COURT OF PROTECTION MANAGER JOANNE EARLEY whom I also have wrote to without response.


WE want to live in PEACE.



mike & ann



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Subject: Emails to Gordon Marsden MP


Dear Mr Clarke


Thank you for your e-mails of 25-27 September 2015.  I was extremely sorry to hear of your motherís health problems and I do hope she recovers swiftly.


Can I firstly address the issue regarding numerous e-mails you indicate you have sent me? I responded to you on the 22.07.2013 and I can only apologise that this was not referred to in my letter to you of 18 September 2015. Up until recently I have received no further communication from you - that is not making assumptions that no further correspondence was sent but that I did not receive them.


With regards your Motherís house and the Court of Protection order placed upon its sale, can I firstly reiterate that I have taken you and your motherís concerns/issues up with the appropriate authorities on numerous occasions. It would be helpful if you were to inform me of any legal representation you have sought on the sale of your motherís home, and if so the contact details. As you are aware and which I have pointed out previously Members of Parliament cannot in law give legal advice.





Gordon Marsden MP




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