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Dear Margaret
First of all thank you so much for your support.
Its really nice to hear of people as I do, where this destructive situation, not just for me but thousands of others, is just ebbing away peoples lives just trying to obtain some justice.
I had not intended my life to go down this route but my mother comes 1st in my life as she will till death do us part and nothing but nothing will change that its just that unfortunately I sometimes feel it has stolen my own life in which the size of the award when given should not have allowed that to happen.
I feel I’ve been used & abused by the system, as a relative carer.
Its wrong.
And now I am entering into what feels like is going to be a serious amount of campaigning to change laws.
I am touched by your response and I am sure mother will be the same when I tell her, and that yes all I need is people of concern like yourself on board to recognise that these things should not be happening in these modern days n times of 2011.
Enough is enough.
Yours sincerely
Mike and ANN Clarke
ps Any suggestions you might have are all welcome.
From: Margaret Hence
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 3:16 PM
To: mike@opg.me
Hi Mike
Just watched your video and I am not surprised but there must be something we can do about the secrecy of Social Services and the court of protection.