FAO Court of Protection Complaint caseworker
ref ANN CLARKE 10370284
Dear Sirs
We have written to the deputy but have failed to obtain a response.
We therefore formally complain that the correspondence below needs answers.
2nd copy email dated today Sunday 26th February 2012
Mr Jones
We wrote to you on Friday last the 24th February 2012.
We expected a reply before the close of business but did not get one.
We therefore enclose the second copy listed below.
There is an urgency here for this matter to be addressed as we believe your motives for not responding on this matter is to delay it, so as to facilitate your submission of your annual accounts charges due very shortly, in which may wipe out the remaining funds of cash available to mum.
We therefore send this second request because as you are aware these outstanding funds are overdue, long overdue by 5 months, and in actual fact are part of the original household expenses that you conveniently divided into two some time ago and then tried referring to them as gratuitous care monies.
This problem I re-iterate, you, were the sole creator of, and hence we believe now is the correct time to put the matter right.
copied 1st email;
Friday 24th February 2012
Mr jones
There is an attended hearing to be held at Preston in relation to mums application to be released from the court of protection as one assumes you are aware.
You are one assumes aware that because of your onslaught of activities at mums bungalow and neighbours, where your attempted service of documents was beginning to frighten my mother and so we left the house and home to stay elsewhere and now we are living abroad once more.
I write to advise that in order to facilitate any such hearing or further moves we are not in any financial position to accommodate it, as you are still with holding funds from where there is still no liability, a sum totalling currently of 2000.
Because this liability no longer exists and in our mind never did from the beginning we request the re-imbursement of such with immediate effect.
We must also point out that the original so called liability, was a liability that you created in the first instant.
We will be writing to Preston Combined Courts today in this very instant matter to express our vulnerabilities that you have placed us in.
You were refused any consent to proceed in the manners you have.
Mike Clarke
Ann Clarke