Ref: Service and non-responded to Commercial Lien Served 5th Dec 11 + 19th Dec 11 &
DEFAULT NOTICE issued 4th Jan 12 with EXPIRY 12th January 2012
Dear Sirs
We further write to advise that we are in the process of having promotional banners and leaflets made incorporating the serious allegations made against PANNONE PARTNERS within the commercial lien in which you have failed to respond to, causing a default judgement.
All allegations made will be incorporated within those banners and our protest campaign will resume after the 12th January 2012 outside your offices with far more vigour than previous.
We will have also with us the attraction of the BBC.
Your defaulted deeds of debt will be recorded within your local courts, published within your local press and we intend to furnish your private addresses for the debt to be collected upon where property charges will be applied by the land registry, with our deeds of debt.
In view of this, we would urge your settlement of our claim of right.
Mike Clarke
Ann Clarke