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Mr Jones
My mother produced a letter & sent some time ago refusing to give any further consent to anyone dealing with her affairs inclusive of you. She also produced and published on our website a video of her stating the same.
Anyone doing such, is liable to further actions.
You are in receipt of various reports that confirm her capacity from 3 different doctors over a ten year period, 2 from 10 years ago and 2 recent. You are not qualified in any way, shape or form to judge these matters.
On the above basis, she no longer gives any consent for you to deal with any of her affairs, regardless of on-going current, kangaroo court, unlawful administrative processes, again which consent has been denied.
Without her consent and with her capacity, you cannot have any claim over her, by common law.
Therefore any enquiries you are making are denied any consent to respond or to deal with and therefore her funds requested that are remaining, she requests immediate release without further distress.
She can confirm that you have presented her a fear of living in the UK that her liberty and mine is threatened and thereby our confirmed address remains her business and mine which she no longer gives you or the court any consent to have.
She has informed me that without you cooperating and thus continuing to cause her further distress she intends to publish documents about the debt, she also believes you are in, to ourselves via a perfected lawful commercial lien, that she holds over you and your company and also over Martin John chief executive of the court.
This has been on hold to see if the court and yourself are going to cooperate but it unfortunately appears that your approved correspondence today, shows that you are adamantly not going to cooperate.
The court also shows no signs of cooperation either with Judge Batten’s delays in the technical release of my mother from her and your unlawful clutches.
You have driven mother out of her home and you have driven me also out of that home, she is beginning to have a distinct loss of patience in this matter and therefore wants to progress matters to a more serious level.
She believes its your turn, to start feeling the pressures placed upon us.
Seeing as I am completely not in control of my mother and especially after reading her reports that state her capacity, of which, to be honest was the same ten years ago, where I believed in her capacity, I have told her she may proceed on however direction she choses. She is the one ultimately whom is losing out on life because of your actions and the kangaroo court, of unlawful administrative hearings, undergoing without the persons consent based on obvious medical specialists confirmed appraisal of capacity.
You are warned here and now, alongside this copied to the court that this matter is going to escalate very shortly!
Ann Clarke
Mike Clarke