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Subject: FW: Turbervilles Solicitors Uxbridge


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Turbervilles Solicitors Uxbridge

Mr Sigre,


Leonard Lawrence  Slough & Reading  County Court SL03D00938


Meet again Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Downing, Metropolitan Police, Borough Commander covering  

Postcode UB8 1JT


Solicitor Sess Sigre: "You were represented by other Solicitors dealing with your affairs via the Court of Protection,



in respect of any interest  that you might have had in the property".



Sale of Leonard Lawrence home  38 Dukes Wood Avenue, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire SL9 7J

Land Registry Title BM61031 without the knowledge or consent of The Court of Protection.


By the following: Barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk, Barrister Nicholas Allen 29 Bedford Row, Barrister Caroline Willbourne 1 Garden Court, Solicitor Helen Clift (office of the Official Solicitor) Solicitor Graeme Fraser BP Collins Solicitors, Solicitor Sarah Benfield Ratcliffe Duce & Gammer Solicitors and Turbervilles Solicitors, Uxbridge, Middlesex.


Solicitor Helen Clift (office of the Official Solicitor) had worked with Barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk prior to joining the Offical Solicitors office.  Barrister Dominic Brazil had Leonard Lawrence certified by psychiatrist Dr Jeremy Royds, Cygnet Health Care, Godden Green without a medical and placed under the jurisdiction of the Official Solicitor Laurence Oates. Solicitor Helen Clift had conduct of the case and disregards all instructions given to her from within the Official Solicitors office and makes all clinical and financial decisions on Leonard Lawrence.


The above was only possible as certificates of mental incapacity do not have serial numbers, so no audit trail exists. Solicitor Helen Clift had failed to disclose Court of Protection Medial Certificates of Mental Incapacity that she held to District and Circuit Judges at the material time in case SL03D00938 Lawrence.



Disclosure Royal Courts of Justice, 3 July 2014

Of the documents Master Basil Yoxall and Mr. Justice Adrian Fulford, Queens Bench Division, refused to disclose to Lord Justice Sir James Munby, President of the Court of Protection and Family Division in 2012.


29 December 2005 Mrs. Motteram & Mrs. Ballard, Divisional Managers, Official Solicitors Office

The Official Solicitor is not authorized to make financial decisions on Mr. Lawrence’s behalf.


  2 March 2005 Laurence Oates Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court

  The patient comes within the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection.     A copy of the final order will therefore have to be forwarded to the Court of Protection with a medical certificate in the Form CP3 and a draft authority for consideration by the Court of Protection 


27 June 2005 Email: Rosemary Saunders solicitor office of the Official Solicitors to Sarah Benfield, Ratcliffe Duce & Gammer Solicitors

Once we have a satisfactory CP3 we can apply to the Court of Protection for authority to sign a release of his rights of occupation this would have to be supported by a court order dealing with the property. As matters stand the psychiatrist has completed a CP3


1 August 2005 Email James Beck solicitor office of the Official Solicitors  to  solicitor Helen Clift, office of the Official Solicitor  RE: Leonard LAWRENCE  LNF41919

Obviously, the sale cannot proceed until we have Court of Protection authority.

We could not apply for this before 29 July as Certificate of Value had not been received


17 July 2008 The Manager, Compliance and Regulatory Unit, Office of the Public Guardian. Ref CSCU516 

The Court of Protection has no record of any application being received for you. 

It was clearly the responsibility of the holder of the medical certificate to ensure an application was made.





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23 February 2015 10:00:23


len lawrence (




Dear Mr Lawrence,


Lastly, I have also repeatedly asked you to refrain from communicating with this firm. You have clearly failed to do so. Please take this message as notice that should you continue to communicate with this firm or make any defamatory remarks or comments about  this firm, its partners or staff (both past and present) action will be take against you.


Please do not reply to this message.


Yours faithfully,

Sess Sigre 
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