Ref Ann Clarke 10370284
Dear DAS
We want to know exactly, at the time of my mothers first special visitor back in 2001, his name was Dr Khan, what was his qualifications were in order to complete his medical assessment of my mother.
We had expert opinion conduct an exam of 4 hours, Dr Hana Al Hamar,whom stated my mother had capacity, your special visitor doctor took 50 mins which I recorded and we assumed he was qualified but now in view of recent scandals on various news channels we want to know exactly what was his qualifications at the very time and exact date he came to do that examination to keep my mother in the court of protection JAIL!
The date in question was – 05/09/2001
We expect a response with some urgency.

Regards from Mike & Ann Clarke

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Blackpool FY4 4NS Tel: 07523287267