Dear Gemma
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No email forthcoming of Psychology direct Gemma Williams, that's what's the scariest thing about this whole saga is the closed shop routine of a lack of transparency, how these so called professionals make such statements as, "I'm sorry but we don't deal with 'third party clients' we only deal direct with solicitors!".
The SRA whom one can complain to, SOLICITORS REGULATORY AUTHORITY will not tell you any progress or updates to an investigation or even whether its complete. The whole system seems to be a closed shop, with the exception of one or two whom seem to have their integrity intact and will deal with individuals.
What or whom are they protecting? What is so secretive about the recruitment of a psychologist?
Whom would want it to be so secret and more importantly, why? If there is a psychologist working in Liverpool whom has the relevant back-round and experience why is the information being held back Gemma?

Kind Regards
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