Copied to OPG caseworker – David Hilton – OPG Chief Martin John
Dear Hugh Jones
As previously mentioned mums relocation could not cover all our furniture and effects for both, as there was insufficient space and therefore we did not relocate our personal effects and no charge can be levied our direction.
James and my effects are all still in Spain at our own personal new villa residence rented by James.
Moving mums effects could not be fitted into her car alone and we therefore we loaned her our van which I might add needs repatriation to Spain at further cost not yet asked for!
Therefore you are barking up the wrong tree, only my mother has relocated only her effects as she had faith in matters being ultimately resolved but we did not and therefore retained our Spanish interests.
If as you say you are holding monies until the landlord confirms contract over I find that rather strange as you have never asked for that on any other villa we have left without a confirmation from any other landlord and so I believe you are just being your usual pig ignorant hard faced thieves that you are, without any consideration for how my mother feels about these matters of which I might add yet again she holds documentary evidence to her capacity. You do not deserve to be in the position you are!
I further write to advise that the ex landlord of that villa whom is bedridden at the moment for the foreseeable, with an illness that has taken him down six weeks ago and I am loathed to mither him further to meet your demands that have never been made before!!
With regard to mums weekly monies you already have in your possession numerous breakdowns of her requirements obviously well exceeding the amount you are currently sending and I would suggest you use what little brain space you have left and look in the file for those and you will see not that you need to, as you are aware fully of what you are doing to mother.
The Mercedes problem has not been made clear you are just abandoning your duties as receiver but that's OK we will deal with that! If Hugh has no interest in the Mercedes then perhaps he should forward the registration document in order to change it into a useable item rather than waste it collecting dust!
If this matter and the above are not forthcoming with resolutions this next couple of days it is our intention with mothers written permission already given backed up with documentary evidence to prove capacity to sell or exchange the Mercedes for more usable transport. The initial value appraised already is £3000. Please send the registration document without delay today.
I can confirm that the current situation with regard to on-going expenses owed by mother propped up by various sources runs into approximately £3500.
Your INTRANSIGENCE is becoming very clear!
Looking forward to seeing you in court as soon as possible. 
Mike & Ann Clarke
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 6:18 PM
Subject: RE: villa rentals monies being withheld
As  you are already aware, until such time as we receive written confirmation from the Landlord that no further payments are due, your contribution towards the rent on the Spanish Villa will be retained.  I would also remind you that any monies owing to you will first be used to repay yours and James' contribution towards the relocation expenses.  This amounts to just over £1,500.
With regard to your mum's weekly monies, please let Hugh have a breakdown of how her monies are currently being spent and what you believe to be an appropriate amount (with costings).  Once received, he can consider increasing the payments.
Lastly, whilst I note your comments regarding the Mercedes, Hugh's position has already been made clear in previous email correspondence.

David Hilton
Solicitor - Court of Protection
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