In my so called harassment charge The Judge was Mrs Justice Sharp 26th January 2012 linked below
In my mothers application to be released last week on the 12th March at Manchester the judge was Mr Justice Peter Jackson
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Subject: Re: The scandal of SPECIAL VISITORS
who was the judge.
What is the injunction on you?
What is your website?
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We are trying to get the recent court case from last week set aside to have a new one with an impartial judge if that's possible in connection with Mums application to be released but the judge last week was pushing for a SPECIAL VISITOR which we see no reason for!
We had a feeling that matters were being coerced towards some report that may suit the deputy but even if it did, it would only provide doubt and mum should not have all these problems on doubt. You cannot convict someone of murder on doubt so why do that in these cases.
There is a hearing pending on me in which the deputy HUGH JONES is trying to make a temporary injunction on me into a permanent one I’m not sure how it works but if he does not get his £25,000 costs paid to him I believe he will win. I have no money.
I feel the conspiracy is to try and put me behind bars by contempt of court in using my website to promote the injustices but I have been refusing consent to statute courts where I have requested a common law court with a jury of 12 that at the moment they say that they do not do that anymore so we are being denied rights to due process. I have written to European Commission of Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Strasburg France.
Matters are getting out of hand and me and my mother feel we have to keep going into hiding in Spain, effectively living in exile.
It not nice at all.
In fact its downright disgusting. All she has wanted to do for 11 years is gift her house to me and live with me till she dies.
I was her carer for 5 years without any money prior to her award. I have never been paid as a carer from her private damages, I was told to claim benefits.
All the while she has capacity that the reports have been and still are being ignored whilst the court including Martin John look on without intervening in what amounts to financial rape of the elderly for money and property.
I could write a book!
No doubt if they manage to put me behind bars for caring for my mother I will have the time to write that book & then their way will be clear to do exactly what they are conspiring to do.
I currently do not have any fixed dates for hearings.
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are there any court cases coming up on this.
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FAO John Hemming MP – The Scandal of Special Visitors
Ref ANN CLARKE 10370284
Scandal of Special Visitors
Link to 13/05/2001 by Dr Hana Al Hamar 4 page report from a 4 hour examination clinically stating mum has capacity costing £500
Link to 22/05/2001 telephone call from Dr Hana Al Hamar stating mums affairs need not be handled by court of protection as she has capacity
Link to 05/09/2001 Under qualified “Special visitor” from court Dr Khan recorded only 50 mins cost unknown
Link to 20/12/2010 by Dr Donna Schelewa 33 page report stating mum has capacity still from a 4.0 hour clinical examination cost £1100
Link to 08/11/2011 by Dr Donna Schelewa 31 page report stating mum has improved capacity from a 3.5 hour clinical examination cost £950
In court last week the Judge thought that perhaps we should have another report!!! At another cost to mum??
The deputy has mismanaged affairs leaving losses associated of over £250,000
The deputy now wants her house and to force her in to a care home, me on the street after 16 years of care, all the while mum has capacity?
The Deputy has never advised her of what funds he has took in fees which we are now aware has been over £125,000
The deputy I have accused of Theft lies deceit mal administration neglection & fraud by false representation etc I have protested and he has an attempted a so called injunction by Judge Mrs Justice Sharp to stop me publishing and whilst defending mum I have been sent a bill for £25,000 in is fees from the deputy when I am supposed to be protected under section 5 of the Mental Capacity act as a carer.
I will speak with Gordon Marsden our MP but he is already aware of us.
It has been 11 years of absolute sheer mental torture?
Mike and Ann Clarke
31 Cherry Tree Rd
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Subject: Re: The scandal of SPECIAL VISITORS
I am speaking about this on Wednesday.  You also need to talk to your own MP.  It would help to see the reports prior to my Wednesday speech so it can inform the speech.
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Subject: The scandal of SPECIAL VISITORS
Dear John
My mother has 4 reports to say she has capacity.
What do we have to do to get out of this nightmare?

Kind Regards from Mike & Ann Clarke

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