25.04.2012 RESOLUTION MEETING due this Fri 27th/4/2012
Melanie McGuirk of PANNONES / HUGH JONES / Paul Jonson
Ref Capacity Act section 5 and your Harassment claim + Commercial Lien/Claim
Dear Sir
The meeting was about all related matters whether you like it or not the so called harassment charges are related to the care of my mother and are most definitely associated where Mental Capacity Act section 5 applies.
If you look back at our correspondence I started this by saying if you want to extinguish the commercial lien then a resolution meeting may be appropriate but if this matter is not on your agenda and you cannot see the connection to my mothers care and the Capacity Act section 5 then you must have problems with your eye sight.
None of this would have come about without the care of my mother, are you stupid?
You know your not and I know your not, so therefore you are trying to separate matters purely for your own ends but this will not work.
I wrote to Mr Jones to facilitate funds for travel as I care for my mother.
Without such funds I cannot travel.
I also re iterate, your company, you and Mr Jones are all interrelated to the mal administration, fraud by false representation, theft, lies and a web of deceit where your company has created untold duress stress and now ill health.
We are not the only people suffering at your companies hands there are others now listed on our website.
Your actions are nothing short of despicable your company does not deserve the position its in and I intend to make matters come to the attention of higher authorities.
Good luck! Your going to need it!
Mike Clarke
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 12:31 PM
To: Mike Clarke ; "paul.jonson@pannone.co.uk"@omr11.networksolutionsemail.com; Hugh Jones
Dear Sir
Mr Jones is not attending the meeting on Friday.  Mr Jones is the member of this firm who is dealing with issues relating to the management of Mrs Clarke's financial affairs.  Those issues are now being dealt with within the Court of Protection proceedings.
The meeting on Friday is therefore taking place in relation to the claim that has been brought against you for an injunction under the provisions of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.  Mr Jonson and Mrs McGuirk are not in a position to discuss with you issues relating to the management of Mrs Clarke's financial affairs.
Please confirm in the circumstances whether you wish this meeting to go ahead.
Yours faithfully 

Melanie McGuirk
Partner - IP & Media (Dispute Resolution)
For and on behalf of Pannone LLP

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From: Mike Clarke [mailto:mike@rake.net]
Sent: 24 April 2012 12:35
To: Melanie McGuirk; "paul.jonson@pannone.co.uk"@omr11.networksolutionsemail.com; Hugh Jones

Fri 27.04.2012 2 pm
Dear Sirs
We write to seek confirmation that the topics on the agenda for resolution on this coming Friday are;
  • All allegations concerned within the commercial lien/claim
  • Harassment Charges
Further to the above in order to accommodate such a meeting we have travel expenses needed to be put in place for return journeys to Malaga, Spain.
Currently there is flights available with Jet 2 for Thursday at reasonable prices but are likely to increase tomorrow.
We request those expenses with immediate effect likely to be in the region of £400
Mike Clarke