Re: Your claim against Legal Fiction MICHAEL CLARKE under the Protection from Harassment Act
Dear Susan, Melanie and Paul of PANNONE LLP
Can I refer you to previous correspondence.
Get a jury of 12.
All actions that you refer to of the past are suspended currently!
If you continue to harass me and my mother I will further protest, publish your debt nationally & I will draw attention from the media that is currently on hold, in order to facilitate cooperation.
I suggest you cooperate.  TALK IS CHEAP!
I have offered yesterday HUGH JONES an olive branch to talk. This I am more than willing to do. Providing it is in private and about all the issue’s of where I and my mother have been wronged as stated in the Commercial Lien. If you feel that your threat of incarceration via your statute court processes and a demand for £25,000 is going to bring me to my knees you are wrong. It won’t.
You have wronged my mother and me and you seem here to want to draw me in to your system that clearly as demonstrated yesterday is unjust, twisted, most definitely in favour of the executive and judiciary. (In other words corrupt) I am entitled to real justice which in my book isn't statute which shows injustice’s in abundance.
Your actions are creating a situation of increased tension, that was already very tense.
I do not want to make matters worse for you or for me but your request below is denied outright in the letter linked above.
I also underlined that refusal of consent to a statute court yesterday, whilst talking to HUGH JONES for some reason you have not got the message.
What is it that you don’t understand about the word NO.
Nothing has changed since that publication letter linked above and any attempt to ride roughshod over me without a common law jury of 12 in witness will result in the re-instatement in full of my debt against you with actions to compliment it in full swing.
You are the ones treading on thin ice in this matter, and I will in no way consent to the injustice of statute authority.
From: Susan Rigg
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 11:09 AM
Subject: Our claim against you under the Protection from Harassment Act
Dear Sir
Please find attached correspondence and enclosure, in relation to the above matter, for your attention.
Yours faithfully
Pannone LLP

Susan Rigg
Administrative Secretary - Dispute Resolution Group
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