30.04.2012  cc. Hugh Jones S Heap CoP/CoN
FAO Judge Peter Jackson
Dear Sirs
Below is the previous correspondence that you seem to be choosing to ignore.
I wonder why?
I sent to you this;
27.04.2012 Attention Judge Peter Jackson
FOLLOW UP further email in relation to ANN CLARKE 10370284
Dear Alexandra
I have just been told by telephone that you have received emails and letter in connection to the case but what was not clear is are they the old one’s or the one listed below, or both, please can you at least return my contact by email to establish this fact.
Also it may be very important for the judge to give consideration to the letter sent to the courts in connection with harassment charges filed by PANNONE s Hugh Jones breaching Mental Capacity Act section 5, a carers protection from any legal liabilities in connection with the well being of a person being cared for, listed by attachment to this email and or linked below here to our website;
It is important that the Judge obtains a fuller picture of what he is dealing with hence we believe was our original request for an unbiased court constitutionally formed with a jury of 12 equal piers whom we believe will take dim view of how we as ordinary human being are being dealt with and clearly denied due process regarding proper common law justice.
Mike & Ann Clarke
& this
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 12:42 PM
Subject: CASE 10370284
For the attention of Alexandra Morton Clerk to the
Judge Justice Peter Jackson
Case 10370284 ANN CLARKE
Dear Alexandra
Please can you confirm that you are indeed the clerk appointed to the Judge Peter Jackson because after the retirement of his former clerk Ian Poynter we were not informed of his new clerks email address for an important court case that's proceeding.
We wish to know did the Judge receive the emails and copy letters sent to him by post to Manchester courts where we where informed he would be when we are now informed he is at Lancaster!
In question;
Did Mr Jackson receive the following info before the 23rd April when he was due to give further directions;
Published on website www.opg.me
Ref the search for an INDEPENDENT Specialist Expert in;
“Neurocognitive Psychology & Expressive Dysphasia”

Dear Sirs
The first call was left on our answering machine by Gemma of Psychology Direct.
The second call made by return to Gemma.
Please listen to both calls and Judge for yourself, who is obstructing court processes?
Once that is established can you please confirm what was the Judges directions ordered on the 23rd
Mike & Ann Clarke
& this
Attention Judge Peter Jackson
Another FOLLOW UP further email in relation to ANN CLARKE 10370284
Dear Alexandra
Please can you ask the Judge Jackson as per letter sent to the courts attached above or linked below;
for a signed copy of the order he made on the 12th March 2012.
We did ask for the order set aside to be re judged and Judge Jackson refused.
We have asked the court to confirm that they still uphold the principles of common law with the Magna Carta Act and the Bill of Rights and we would ask that very same question to Judge Jackson?
We are concerned that miscarriages of justice are taking place.
Mike & Ann of the family Clarke
It may be important to update yourself with;
also attached
I do not know why in your email via Alexandra you have not responded to that correspondence and only to,
Please indicate the date by which it is expected that the Special Visitor's report will be available.
Your partners in the Judicial dictatorship PANNONE s LLP have obstructed your so-called order!!
We now have such distrust I re-iterate our offer to set aside your coerced “so called order” in an unlawful setting due to the refusal of consent that you chose to ignore in writing within our presented position statement.
There will be no further assessment carried out under the circumstances afforded to us.
Your very careful response to this correspondence we would ask you to consider extremely carefully!
Mike & Ann Clarke

Due to the stress and ill health caused we live in exile:-
Please reply ideally by email to:-
alternatively by fax to:-
+44 1253 928008
as a last resort by donkey post:-
31 Cherry Tree Rd, Blackpool FY4 4NS
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 11:54 AM
Subject: Ann Clarke - 10370284

Dear all,


Please note that I am now the judge's clerk.


The judge would like to arrange for the further hearing to be listed.  Please indicate the date by which it is expected that the Special Visitor's report will be available.


The judge confirms that no further orders have been made since 12 March, and that he has received Mr Clarke's message of 5 April.  He cannot enter into correspondence about the order, whose terms are clear.







Alexandra Morton


Clerk to Mr Justice Peter Jackson

Family Division Liaison Judge for the Northern Circuit


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