Hugh Jones
Of course the card is not stolen or we would of reported it.
Our whereabouts at any given time or place are for your reference are none of your business.
As for any other information it is denied as I do not have consent from Mother to give it to you!
This is simply because she is irritated by your continued mal administration of her affairs that she will not cooperate with you now on any level!!
With regard to the accounts, how hard was it to respond with that information in March!!
Also what mother and me find rather alarming is the word used “consider”!!!
Which again conveys your potential refusal to supply accounts, as was the case over 10 long years, in which you also say you have despatched to the court already so why is the draft accounts being withheld?
If the draft accounts are submitted to the court my mother would question why can’t she have a copy of those that you have submitted? Or is it simply a matter that it is that you are still “considering” whether to give them her or not??
Par for the course!!!

Mike Clarke & Ann Clarke
31 Cherry Tree Rd,
Blackpool FY4 4NS
Tel: 07523-287267

From: Hugh Jones
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 11:43 AM
Subject: RE: Accounts 2011-2012

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your e-mails.

The deputyship year for your mother ends on 27th March. Accounts have to be filed with the OPG within six weeks of that date. They are then scrutinised by the OPG and come back to me duly approved some time after that. When I receive them back from the OPG I will consider sending your mother a copy.

On a separate point I note that your e-mail states that you and your mother “live in exile”. I assume by this that you are in Spain. You requested funds to return from Spain to attend a meeting with my colleagues last week. If that is the case I am concerned that there are transactions on your mother’s account on a weekly basis at a Tesco store in the UK. Can you explain? If the card has been stolen then I will cancel it and request a new one. If I don’t hear from you today confirming that it is you and your mother using the card then I will cancel it and request a new one.

Yours sincerely,


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From: Mike Clarke [mailto:mike@rake.net]
Sent: 02 May 2012 07:02
To: Hugh Jones; Melanie McGuirk; Emma Holt
Cc: regional courts; OPG caseworker; Alan Eccles; Judge Jackson Clerk Alexandra; Gordon Marsden assitant SAM
Subject: Accounts 2011-2012


FAO “so called” deputy/guardian HUGH JONES of PANNONE LLP


Copied to: Judge/Regional courts 10370284/CEOPG Alan Eccles/MP Gordon Marsden



Ref: unsupplied accounts requested 4 times by Ann of the family Clarke


Dear Hugh Jones


With reference to the full accounts requested by my mother Ann of the family Clarke for the period 2011-2012, we are still not in receipt of them.


The first request was issued in March when the accounts were due and we are now in May where, in between several other requests have been made, but to no avail. Par for the course!


My mother has provided you with 4 doctors reports proving capacity.

She has written to you expressing her disapproval several times over the years at your continued dealing with her affairs against her will in a manner of mal administration that is fraud by false representation!


Last year the only way she could get the 10 years accounts outstanding was by employing another solicitor at an upfront cost to her that I loaned her of £984.


By your continued refusal to supply these accounts is again further proof and evidence of your neglect and dereliction of duty to your client causing ill treatment and warranting a term of imprisonment of up to 5 years under “Mental Capacity Act Rules”.


What further has my mother got to do to get these accounts???

Please fax or email them immediately to the address below.


signed copy again attached above to this email or linked below at;

Due to the stress and ill health caused we live in exile:-
Please reply ideally by email to:-
alternatively by fax to:-
+44 1253 928008

as a last resort by donkey post:-
31 Cherry Tree Rd, Blackpool FY4 4NS