From: Mike Clarke <>
Date: 14/04/2014 11:25
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Dear Angella

Thank you first of all for taking the time out to listen to the Radio interview.

Exactly as stated, you are correct, what needs to be done, is the re-instatement of Juries to STOP the clear and CONCISE frauds that are being purputrated against innocent people whilst the action of treason by the judiciary is going unpunished making it very easy to understand why they are getting away scot free with their actions.

We claimed common law jurisdiction in all the court hearings but it was to no avail, they chose deliberately to ignore that to continue their frauds and TREASONS.

IT is time to end this barbarity for the sake of the FREE before the law is taken directly into the publics own hands.

You can clearly see the start of this already posted upon my website dated the 13th April 2014 there are already plans in place for a UKRAINE style protest to decsend upon the seat of power 10 Downing St on the 19th July 2014 by the GENOCIDE being committed against parents where children are being forcibly removed from parents in KIDS FOR CASH SCANDALS this country has become a disgrace internationally and clearly thinks it can get away with it.


They are about to see the fruits of their actions.
And I do believe it's going to get nasty.

With what they are doing to children it is being repreated directly at the opposite end of the scale with grand parents being forced into care homes against their will in order to get at CASH estates and property.

WHISTLEBLOWERS activists and campaigners for justice are all being thrown into prisons... such as.. google the HOLLY GREIG case where the campaigner there for justice ROBERT GREEN has been jailed for handing out leaflets.

make no mistake.

Mike, James & Ann Clarke
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On 13/04/2014 22:49, angella cypal wrote:
Dear Mike,

thanks for sending me a copy of your radio interview from Spain of how destructive the uk  Court of Protection
have been to you and your mum.

It takes someone with a physically strong heart to be able  to put up with the many lows than highs that this
kind of tragedy.

It really does make sense that because England and Wales Court of Protection 99.9% of the times pass the
same judgement of  GUILTY  to all families once they get into their courts,  and with so much THEFT,   CON-
FUSION,  CORRUPTION,  AND  MANIPULATION  against families to turn their lives upside down, just because
this  Court of Protection  want to take over families' wishes, moneys, property and affairs, and after so many,
many years of suffering, it is now time for the family courts be changed from only one judge sitting to judge

That is what you suggested isn't it,  and can you pls email me back of the correct wording this this.

Also,  as you may be aware Judge Lush is no longer  President of the Family Division for England and Wales.
The new President is Sir James Munby.  If you look him up on the internet you will find that he has tried to
make  some significant changes to some of the operations of the court of protection since he took office
about   1  1/2 yrs. ago.

I was told that the Press Application Hearing last Friday was adjourned because thee presiding judge said
"that there were some strange things that the court of protection was doing, and that it would next be heard
by judge, Sir James Munby, the President  and Head Judge of Family Division for England and Wales next Wed-
nesday.  I do not know the court Room number,  nor the time yet to pass on to you.

I also want to set up a  BLOG  or  Facebook where families like yours and mine with similar hardships of  
corruption and strife by the Court of Protection can talk to each other, to strengthen each other with develop-
ments ideas and a way to end this nightmare by  cop.

But I will make sure that I personally pass the website of your radio interview of this tragic and burdensome
theft that the the British State have done to you and your mum together  with the group    FACT  --  Families
Against Court Of Protection Theft   individual's family complaint's staments, other national families com-
plaints', and newspaper articles, together with web reports from Health and Legal Professional who have made
written complaints about injustices and harm that the Court of Protection/Social Workers/official Solitiors/
Deputy or Guardian officials have done to families in the Uk.

I  have never watched Benedorm, but will make an effort to watch to see the part that you and your partner
are playing in it.

Best regards,