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ref court application ann:clarke 10370284 dob 09081940 – application made 2nd Sept 2015 – linked here:



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Dear Joanne


Thank you for your email and subsequent apology which we accept but we reserve the right to proceed against court staff if we feel the need to the near in future.


You might appreciate that caring over 20 years for a loved one is not easy and subsequent injustices that have been ongoing make life a lot more difficult and THUS mums application is and WAS marked URGENT.


AN urgent application we understand is one of the factors that can be used in so far as fee waiver is concerned and on this basis we ask that the court proceed as FEE WAIVED and with urgency and most certainly due to the current 2 months delay already affecting us.


My mother is on STATE PENSION only deemed obvious by her age of 75.

She has no formal savings what so ever and neither is there any other income.


We reside in EXILE [THAILAND] from our home country due to the corrupt injustices that KEEP on and ON affecting us, emanating from the same court of ‘so-called’ protection.


My mother has suffered ENOUGH and SO HAVE I.


We write to require that the court do the correct thing and process this application with expediency without any further info being submitted and we attach by way of a gesture a copy of mum s pension related matters.


It might be prudent to note that we would, in view of the current delays, especially in connecting directly with you, that you would have supplied a direct email address rather than going through the enquiries section that we without doubt NOW, have no further confidence in, WHAT-SO-EVER.


We are ANGRY, very ANGRY and are trying to be as polite and courteous as possible under the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in, that I might add, has been going on years.


We also would like the court to take note that we are not so sure about HON JUDGE JACKSONs ability to be FAIR, UNBIASED & more importantly impartial in this matter.

Judge Jackson is a named respondent in the APPLICATION within our NOTARISED Commercial LIEN enclosed.

In an email exchange to JUDGE JACKSON linked here I voice concerns;

to Judge Jackson the PREDATORY Guardian whom on WIKIPEDIA stalks his prey of the vulnerable, yet claiming publicly, ‘the law is completely inaccessible to those for which it is intended!


We do believe the entire court of protection system is racked with corruption, that conspires via collusion to defraud, where JURIES are needed, to weed out such CRIMINAL RACKETING that is obviously going on, THAT we might ADD are NOT ALONE in this thinking, there are many.


IT is time this COURT made some serious inroads towards justice being issued, NOT just talking about it and forever keep on APOLOGISING for its INEFFICIENCIES, causing severe harm ie TORTS to those seeking REMEDY and AGAIN I emphasize NOT JUST US!


STILL today your apology demonstrates such inefficiencies that the public is having to endure and I offer you up one example phone call that was recorded perhaps rightly so to improve your 1st point telephone access of the court of protection THAT is STILL to this day FAILING ‘BIGSTYLE’.


Recorded: 23rd OCTOBER 2015

The several email and telephone exchanges ALL documented with ANDREW CONWAY - NEIL HOLMAN - TRACEY INVERARY & JAMES JAY not to mention emails addressed to you not answered prompt, ALL REPRESENT an ABUSE of PUBLIC TRUST leading to MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE which carries hefty sentences.


One might think in this day and age, surely these things don’t happen, but they are happening and we believe like other’s QUITE DELIBERATE to facilitate such RACKETEERING & to demoralise any would be applicants seeking statute remedy that is NON existent in such a corrupt, monopolised ‘NO RIGHT OF AUDIENCE’ environment of that IS  ‘WITHOUT MERIT’  that would NOT exist with a court of 12 JURORS.


ALL of these statute procedures based on ‘assumptions and presumptions’ have no place where a public want to hear the truth! SOMETHING this court DENIES.


Regards from whom because we are



ann:clarke          live BIRTH 09 08 1940 [NOT DEAD] yet! But the courts corruption are doing their best to kill her.



From: Court of Protection Enquiries []
Sent: 27 October 2015 22:09
To: ''


Dear Mr Clarke,


Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in responding to you, all the emails that you have sent to the Court marked for my attention were not passed to me until yesterday. I have dealt with the concern that this has raised and it will not happen going forward.


In relation to your application it was received by the Court on the 3rd September 2015 as advised to you, due to an administration error the receipt of your application was not recorded on our case management system, it is for this reason that when you spoke our Customer Enquiry Team they were advising you that we had not received the application. I would like to apologise for the distress and inconvenience this error has caused to you.


In order for us to process the remission application, so that you do not need to pay a fee, we do require proof that your mother (Ann Clarke) is in receipt of state benefit. In normal circumstances the application would be returned for yourself to provide this information, due to the delay on our part I am happy to process the application awaiting this information. Could you arrange for this to be sent to me within 14 days, if you are sending it by post could you ensure that the envelope is marked for my attention and endorsed as 'private and confidential' this way it will come directly to me.


On the 9th October 2012 it was ordered by Mr Justice Peter Jackson that 'Mrs Clarke's Blackpool property shall not be sold or charged during her lifetime without an order of this Court' and 'Any future application to the Court of Protection relating to Mrs Clarke is reserved to Mr Justice Peter Jackson, wherever sitting, if available'. Therefore I have arranged for your application to be transferred to Mr Justice Jackson, the file and all the paperwork have been sent to the Court of Protection Regional Hub today that covers the Court where Mr Justice Jackson sits. The Court of Protection Regional hub will be in contact with you shortly to advise what is happening in relation to your application.


Once again I would like to apologise for the delay in the processing of your application. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



Joanne Earley
Operations Manager
Court of Protection

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Sent: 23 October 2015 10:30
To: Court of Protection Enquiries;; 'TOMLINSON, Gill'

2nd COPY



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From: Mike Clarke []
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Subject: court OBSTRUCTION


URGENT attention of


Dear Gordon Marsden MP


An application to release mums house for sale LODGED BY RECORDED DELIVERY 2nd September sent 4 weeks ago and marked URGENT as my mother may need MEDICAL treatment whilst residing in THAILAND and incidentally is currently not too well.


is being obstructed by Court of Protection staff.

A Tracey Inverary & N Holman


DO you have any idea how far this persecution of my 75 yr old mother is going to go??


AS EXECUTOR of the ALL CAPS legal fiction names



And AS your constituents albeit in forced EXILE from corrupt BENT, JEWdiciary we require your intervention.


mike: clarke

ann: clarke          COURT REF 10370284      live BIRTH 09 08 1940 [NOT DEAD] yet! But the courts corruption are doing their best to kill her.



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