I have been in meetings all day. You need to put any requests like this through Mr. Samuels. I spoke with him this morning.



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From: Mike Clarke [mailto:mike@rake.net]
Sent: 30 September 2011 11:03
To: Hugh Jones
Subject: funds


30.09.11 10.30 am


Dear Hugh


After a brief conversation this morning with Lester Samuals our solicitor, matters remain unclear to us.


I received an email from the landlord of the villa saying that the electricity to date, have had a back log and therefore it has not been dealt with properly and is now therefore overdue. The electricity at the villa is to be cut off this coming Thursday the 6th Oct without a back payment of 1065 euros in which we request from you, as you may remember the previous villa came with electric included at 1100 per month & also inclusive of water.


The current villa is without electric at 900 per month and we therefore request the difference of 200 euros per month to cover its electricity. Water in this villa is free as it is operated from a well on the property but I might advise that without electricity the water cannot be pumped and therefore additionally when the electric is disconnected so is the water by default.


My mother and I are flying back out to Spain on Sunday but we are concerned about this and need to pay it with immediate effect from Monday to avoid disconnection.


I have attempted to talk my mother further into staying in Spain and seeing her way to selling her home in Blackpool but she is adamant about what she would like to be done by way of staying in her home in Blackpool for the rest of her life with me by her side but that this is to be recognised by way of her home being left to me at her demise.


I personally would be more than willing to stay in Spain and so would James but my priority has always been to try and satisfy mums wishes to the best of my abilities.  Though we accept there is a contract on the villa for several more months I am sure it can be brought to an end amicably with the landlord as in previous lettings there has been no problems and so we cannot continue to live in Spain under your current proposed reductions which border on the ridiculous.


Faced with a catch 22 situation we feel we have no option but to get out of the villa and return to live in Blackpool and therefore accepting the inevitable would be prepared to vacate this week with immediate effect but cannot do so without the appropriate funds.  These being relocation expenses that your offer of £1000 does not cover the repatriation of mums effects. Remember she has a car which alone will cost £900. A van is required for the rest and its costs to relocate mums effects alone would not be covered by the amount you offered, the reality is, in our opinion is currently under estimated at £2000 where contributions from me are inevitable anyway.


If we cannot move mums goods due to under funding and the electricity is not paid by this Thursday we will be in darkness and without water. I would suggest you please come back to us urgently today with proposals as once we fly out to Spain on Sunday not only do we not have funds to re-instate our internet I will not have credit upon our phones to contact you.


My UK mobile awaits your call 07523-287267 or by email by return today, please!


Mike ANN Clarke