Thank you.
Is it possible you could recommend a colleague whom will be equally as trustworthy and forensically clinically qualified to carry out such a delicate assessment?
Mike Clarke
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2012 8:54 PM
Subject: RE: SPECIAL VISITOR assessment

I am not able to assist. I have too much work on already.


Kind regards,


Gisli Gudjonsson.



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Sent: 25 March 2012 15:22
To: Gudjonsson, Gisli
Cc: Hugh Jones;; Emily Wilson-Gavin; HXI Consulting
Subject: SPECIAL VISITOR assessment



fao Professor Gisli Gudjonsson



Dear Professor Gisli Gudjonsson

ref attached

Judges order for a SPECIAL VISITOR to be appointed;

click on the link below or attached



We would request that in view of recent reports in the news of the scandal of special visitor problems that the above person named Professor Gisli Gudjonsson, recommended by “Jane Ireland” be contacted to conduct a forensic assessment as she, we would possibly feel more comfortable with in view of Jane’s investigations into family court reviews of SPECIAL VISITOR reports.

Jane IRELAND has recommended you Professor Gisli Gudjonsson and you can liaise with our deputy/solicitor to confirm payment terms, our problem is that this matter is urgent and we would like to know your earliest possible convenient date available. We are available 24/7 and can suit what we assume will be your busy schedule.

After supplying us with a possible convenient date of availability you could contact our deputy/solicitor Hugh Jones to confirm your charges and payment terms.


His email address is


This matter has become very controversial Professor Gisli Gudjonsson if not even political and we have a campaign website which covers all relevant matters and or previous reports and telephone conversations with Doctors etc we would advise your perusal of such in order to enlighten yourself further with the seriousness involved and what might be hinging upon your findings.

Quick links to reports;

1 hour recording 05/09/2001 Special visitor Dr Khan we now believe unqualified.

Read 2010 Report By Dr Donna Schelewa

Read 31 pages November 2011 2nd Report By Dr Donna Schelewa

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