FAO PANNONE LLP – Melanie & Paul
We refer to correspondence from 2 weeks ago on the 13/3/2012 linked below
Dear Susan, Melanie & Paul

Two weeks have passed since the above linked email and my reminder of the open letter;
We offered an olive branch to come and talk about matters to try and gain resolution.
Considering that Paul Jonson’s speciality is resolution, we are not seeing much in the way of evidence to support that!
The matter is not simply going to go away.
It needs resolution.
Talk is we believe the best option and we have offered it to you.
Can we have a response to this matter.
The perfected Commercial Lien stands and if you would like to extinguish it by resolution, the door is open.
This offer is not indefinite. We either talk privately or go to common law court with a Jury as consent will not be given to a statute administrative hearing but will be given to a common law court with a jury of 12.
I do believe that 2 weeks time is enough to decide which is your preference.

Kind Regards
Mike Clarke & Ann Clarke
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