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I was amazed to see this forum as i thought we were the only people experiencing the negligent (and extortionate!!) services of the duly appointrd guardian, who has lost my daughter at least four hundred thousand pounds to date, and is now forced with the sale of her (magnificent albeit property) that she cannot afford to live in as her funds have been blown, for want of a better expression.She has been living there only six months and spent over three hundrd thousand pounds on extending and furnishing it. I was particularly interested in your story as the appointed court representative who came to assess whether Carla had been fairly treat by her guardian recommended Hugh Panone to us when i vehemently expressed my disgust with her cicumstances.He assured me Panone were the best solicitors to help her find some kind of redress and they duly arrived in a magnificent limmo without apparent charge to our selves, they were in effect doing us a favour. I began to get very suspicious as he didn,t  seem interested in helping Carla only trying to decipher how many assets carla had left. The following day i had seven missed calls from them followed by a very hard sell conversation which made me run a mile. I wish i had from the still duly appointed deputy. I am currently lodging an appeal against the OPGs decision not to find her negligent but am not very hopefull as they have just taken four months over this crap and obviously nonsensical decision. I was hoping you might be able to advise us what to do next? My daughter was involved in an RTA at twelve years old was awarded a settlement at twenty one years old which was meant to last her a lifetime as she has a traumatic brain injury, that was nine years ago!!!

I now do not trust anyone and blame myself for stupidly trusting the appointed guardian. She is from an apparently well respected firm of solicitors in Nottingham Freeth Cartwright.

Regards one very frustrated and angry mum and grandma


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