OPG 10370284 Ann Clarke
Ref: Your favourite subject
The return trip to the Uk to attend court all in all cost 900.
The funds you sent us were 400.
I have in the previous email asked that you send us my money in weekly payments starting the 29th June and this was not done.
The upshot of the situation is that we are struggling on finances to accommodate our situation due to your negligent, wreck less manner of non-response.
Your failure to respond to our last email is par for the course.
We request again -
  1. Monthly monies to commence immediately by weekly payments
  2. Those payments to be for the full amount of 250 weekly not 150 plus a back payment of 4000 owed.
  3. We have repeatedly asked for detailed full accounts for the 11 year period rather than just summary accounts and we hereby ask again.
Copied to OPG Sonya.
Mike & Ann