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I request that the REDACTED & ANONYMISED attached 1 page pdf brief synopsis be attached to the agenda
On 11/01/2014 17:21, Mike Clarke wrote:
Dear Sirs

On the basis that it is illegal to refuse petions to parliament and that my original submission was refused and thus that consideration to the Mental Capacity act is still ongoing, it is with respect I require the attached one page, of redacted contribution to your upcoming meeting of private business connected to the Act of Mental Capacity be taken into account!

This matter is not a matter to be brushed to one side it is of vital importance to a person, my mother, whom has been financially abused at your hands where there has been no redress for remedy in place what so ever.

Money stolen without remedy by government CROWN agents is TYRANICAL and as such needs to seen to have a platform.

Please have some respect and provide such a platform.

Mike & Ann Clarke
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On 11/01/2014 17:02, Hol Mental Capacity Committee wrote:

Thank you for your message to the Select Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The deadline for submissions to the Committee’s inquiry has now passed and we are no longer accepting any further submissions.

If you have an urgent request or you are seeking information under the Freedom of Information Act please contact the House of Lords duty clerk on 020 7219 3036 or email





Oswin Taylor

Committee Assistant to the Select Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005

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patient 10370284
1. 1995 mum had an accident.
2. The hospital were negligent.
3. Lawsuit followed in a claim for £1.7 million pounds.
4. 6 years later in 2001 the matter settled early out of court compromised at £775,000
5. The parties involved said mum was incapacitated and needed involvement from CoP*
6. In a hearing involving Judge L The Family and applicant to be receiver HJ
7. The Judge appointed the solicitor HJ in an order stating the fees are capped.
8. In a claim of capacity mum launched an appeal to be released from the court. 2001
9. I too of course backed it and helped with 2 doctors reports that concluded she had capacity.
10. Judge L sent his own doctor whom carried out a non-clinical 40 minute appointment.
11. He did not agree on capacity and she was retained under the court of protection 2001.
12. The first years fees supposed to be no more than £2000 were £26,000
13. So mum was paid £200 week to live whilst her deputy stole £507 weekly and hid the fact.
14. Accounts requested never given & in fact refused.
15. 2008 disillusioned we emigrated mum requested her remaining funds... refused by CoP.
16. Over 4 years the court by retaining her money in sterling lost a value of over £100,000
17. These accumulated in exchange rate losses countless complaints drew a response of zero.
18. After trying to sell her Uk property she then attempted to exchange it for a villa.
19. This was prevaricated delayed and over time lost by the solicitor trying to prevent it.
20. He then tried to sell her property quick by devaluing it.
21. We prevented this by returning to UK.
22. Mum tried to make a will over 11 years resisted by the deputy solicitor.
23. 2 more doctors reports were commissioned 2011 mum still had capacity 10 years later.
24. An application made to release her from the court.
25. The court sent in another of their doctors this doctor No 6 now, whom said she had capacity.
26. The Judge decided she had capacity to make a will but not to decide about her home.
27. Mum within 2 weeks made a LIVING WILL making me LIVING WILL executor.
28. Effectively anyone claiming she still was incapacitated on any subject I had authority.
29. Judge after reading the will said her house could not be sold in her lifetime ring fencing it.
30. After countless complaints about processes to all bodies known to man and no resolve.
31. We turned to common law and issued a common law commercial lien claim against solicitor.
32. Without a rebuttal to the allegations of theft fraud etc a tacit agreement would be in place.
33. This agreement with financial remedy attached would attach itself to all 50 directors.
34. No response came.. research followed on theirs properties to an attachment to land registry.
35. The solicitors suddenly responded with a harassment claim in a court denied a jury request.
36. Unlawful Injunction gained considered void by me led to another hearing of committal.
37. Unlawful court of committal grants a 3 month prison order without a requested jury!!
38. My mother and I fled the country into exile penniless!!
39. Her house now empty and justice still sought but none in sight we remain safe in exile.
40. The courts are operating in a state of TYRANNY without IMPARTIALITY and most
definitely BIASED and UNFAIR doling out sentences from tribunals without consent.
*Court of Protection is a Court of Neglection, A CoN where fraud and theft is unabated.
The matters contained above have been conveyed to the police 4 times, the SRA, The OPG, The
PHSO, 10 Downing St and the ministry of injustice head KC, countless MPs MEPs so on and so
forth all to no avail. The resulting losses to my mother that cannot be fully accounted due to a hidng
of the accounts we suspect to be in excess of £350,000... The resulting processes encountered have
caused a level of stress to only be termed I believe to be LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME.
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