To:                                               Court of Protection Enquiries; 'Morton, Alexandra'

Cc:                                               'TOMLINSON, Gill'; ''; 'len lawrence'; 'Gary'; 'Jean James'; ''; ''; ''

Subject:                                     FAO DELIVERY MANAGER ref court OBSTRUCTION

Attachments:                          206SIGNEDANN.JPG; pension2015.JPG; pensionauthority.JPG


FAO the UN-NAMED DELIVERY MANAGER? of the COURT of PROTECTION ref ann:clarke 10370284 dob 09.08.1940…. how very convenient!!! 

Copied to the DAILY MAIL & MP GORDON MARSDEN & others

Such as ATTORNEY GENERALs office Jeremy Wright


Please also take serious NOTE of the letter from another victim attached at the bottom of this email


PLEASE answer THE points as they are PUT:  URGENTLY    before we commence proceedings for misconduct!


1.       Your un-provided NAME would indicate that your wilful refusal to cooperate hence MIS-CONDUCT in public office is an offence which worries you, as you may be a subject of such an investigation VERY SOON therefore we REQUIRE your NAME? No1

2.       We did not JUST send you an out of date pension letter which incidentally still proves pension receipt in our eyes and so your obfuscation is obvious, but, we also sent into you FORM 206 which we re-attach for if your memory fails you upon re reading the last emails. SUCH a form ie 206 is AN EVIDENCE of LIFE proof that gives access to Ms Clarke’s beneficiary FUNDS under her NI No of ZT541041B for the use of fees if required. CAN YOU CONFIRM this PLEASE! No2

3.       We also demonstrated the urgency of the matter and required you remove all obstruction due to EXILE from your courts corruption which in turn demonstrates it is HIGHLY INPRACTICLE to obtain mail from the pension service and as such, we provide you with the authority hereby attached, to contact the pension service direct yourself if you so feel the need! Which I doubt there is at all?? PLEASE CONFIRM your action on the above???  No3

4.       WHAT date will Joanne EARLEY return to duty?? No4

5.       CAN YOU confirm as per JOANNE EARLEY stated,   in her letter below [I have arranged for your application to be transferred to Mr Justice Jackson, the file and all the paperwork have been sent to the Court of Protection Regional Hub today 27th Oct that covers the Court where Mr Justice Jackson sits. The Court of Protection Regional hub will be in contact with you shortly to advise what is happening in relation to your application.] & thus that INDEED the application has already been ‘transferred’, as we have heard nothing? No5

6.       NOTE: None of the above is rocket science… You have persecuted an old lady into EXILE from the UK and are still persecuting her, we WILL be starting PROCEEDINGS very soon against all previous and current NAMED staff of the COURT without some serious movement within the NEXT 7 days. No6

7.       WITHIN your own court rules on URGENT matters it states FEES can be waived in matters of urgency PLEASE CONFIRM. - No7


For and on behalf of

ann:clarke application here linked


From: Court of Protection Enquiries []
Sent: 03 November 2015 22:18
To: 'mikeclarke www opg me'


Dear Mr Clarke


Thank you for your e-mails dated 28 October and 2 November addressed to Joanne Earley.

Ms Earley has been on annual leave since 28 October and therefore your e-mails have been passed to me as Delivery Manager to respond to.


I note you attached  a letter from the DWP regarding your mother's pension. Unfortunately the letter you have provided is unacceptable as it is dated 2011. Any evidence provided for State Pension Guaranteed Credit must cover the current financial year.  Please could you therefore provide the letter issued in 2015 to enable us to assess your fee remission application?


Kind regards


Court of Protection


From: mikeclarke www opg me []
Sent: 02 November 2015 15:18
To: Court of Protection Enquiries; Morton, Alexandra
Cc: 'TOMLINSON, Gill'; 'len lawrence'; 'Jean James';;;;


COPY resent – A week has passed since your email of APOLOGY and our reply BUT we have heard NOTHING!


From: mikeclarke www opg me []
Sent: 28 October 2015 12:47
To: 'Court of Protection Enquiries'; 'Morton, Alexandra'
Cc: 'TOMLINSON, Gill'; 'len lawrence'; 'Jean James'; ''; ''; ''; ''



ref court application ann:clarke 10370284 dob 09081940 – application made 2nd Sept 2015 – linked here:



Published on


Dear Joanne


Thank you for your email and subsequent apology which we accept but we reserve the right to proceed against court staff if we feel the need to the near in future.


You might appreciate that caring over 20 years for a loved one is not easy and subsequent injustices that have been ongoing make life a lot more difficult and THUS mums application is and WAS marked URGENT.


AN urgent application we understand is one of the factors that can be used in so far as fee waiver is concerned and on this basis we ask that the court proceed as FEE WAIVED and with urgency and most certainly due to the current 2 months delay already affecting us.


My mother is on STATE PENSION only deemed obvious by her age of 75.

She has no formal savings what so ever and neither is there any other income.


We reside in EXILE [THAILAND] from our home country due to the corrupt injustices that KEEP on and ON affecting us, emanating from the same court of ‘so-called’ protection.


My mother has suffered ENOUGH and SO HAVE I.


We write to require that the court do the correct thing and process this application with expediency without any further info being submitted and we attach by way of a gesture a copy of mum s pension related matters.


It might be prudent to note that we would, in view of the current delays, especially in connecting directly with you, that you would have supplied a direct email address rather than going through the enquiries section that we without doubt NOW, have no further confidence in, WHAT-SO-EVER.


We are ANGRY, very ANGRY and are trying to be as polite and courteous as possible under the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in, that I might add, has been going on years.


We also would like the court to take note that we are not so sure about HON JUDGE JACKSONs ability to be FAIR, UNBIASED & more importantly impartial in this matter.

Judge Jackson is a named respondent in the APPLICATION within our NOTARISED Commercial LIEN enclosed.

In an email exchange to JUDGE JACKSON linked here I voice concerns;

to Judge Jackson the PREDATORY Guardian whom on WIKIPEDIA stalks his prey of the vulnerable, yet claiming publicly, ‘the law is completely inaccessible to those for which it is intended!


We do believe the entire court of protection system is racked with corruption, that conspires via collusion to defraud, where JURIES are needed, to weed out such CRIMINAL RACKETING that is obviously going on, THAT we might ADD are NOT ALONE in this thinking, there are many.


IT is time this COURT made some serious inroads towards justice being issued, NOT just talking about it and forever keep on APOLOGISING for its INEFFICIENCIES, causing severe harm ie TORTS to those seeking REMEDY and AGAIN I emphasize NOT JUST US!


STILL today your apology demonstrates such inefficiencies that the public is having to endure and I offer you up one example phone call that was recorded perhaps rightly so to improve your 1st point telephone access of the court of protection THAT is STILL to this day FAILING ‘BIGSTYLE’.


Recorded: 23rd OCTOBER 2015

The several email and telephone exchanges ALL documented with ANDREW CONWAY - NEIL HOLMAN - TRACEY INVERARY & JAMES JAY not to mention emails addressed to you not answered prompt, ALL REPRESENT an ABUSE of PUBLIC TRUST leading to MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE which carries hefty sentences.


One might think in this day and age, surely these things don’t happen, but they are happening and we believe like other’s QUITE DELIBERATE to facilitate such RACKETEERING & to demoralise any would be applicants seeking statute remedy that is NON existent in such a corrupt, monopolised ‘NO RIGHT OF AUDIENCE’ environment of that IS  ‘WITHOUT MERIT’  that would NOT exist with a court of 12 JURORS.


ALL of these statute procedures based on ‘assumptions and presumptions’ have no place where a public want to hear the truth! SOMETHING this court DENIES.


Regards from whom because we are



ann:clarke          live BIRTH 09 08 1940 [NOT DEAD] yet! But the courts corruption are doing their best to kill her.



From: Court of Protection Enquiries []
Sent: 27 October 2015 22:09
To: ''


Dear Mr Clarke,


Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in responding to you, all the emails that you have sent to the Court marked for my attention were not passed to me until yesterday. I have dealt with the concern that this has raised and it will not happen going forward.


In relation to your application it was received by the Court on the 3rd September 2015 as advised to you, due to an administration error the receipt of your application was not recorded on our case management system, it is for this reason that when you spoke our Customer Enquiry Team they were advising you that we had not received the application. I would like to apologise for the distress and inconvenience this error has caused to you.


In order for us to process the remission application, so that you do not need to pay a fee, we do require proof that your mother (Ann Clarke) is in receipt of state benefit. In normal circumstances the application would be returned for yourself to provide this information, due to the delay on our part I am happy to process the application awaiting this information. Could you arrange for this to be sent to me within 14 days, if you are sending it by post could you ensure that the envelope is marked for my attention and endorsed as 'private and confidential' this way it will come directly to me.


On the 9th October 2012 it was ordered by Mr Justice Peter Jackson that 'Mrs Clarke's Blackpool property shall not be sold or charged during her lifetime without an order of this Court' and 'Any future application to the Court of Protection relating to Mrs Clarke is reserved to Mr Justice Peter Jackson, wherever sitting, if available'. Therefore I have arranged for your application to be transferred to Mr Justice Jackson, the file and all the paperwork have been sent to the Court of Protection Regional Hub today that covers the Court where Mr Justice Jackson sits. The Court of Protection Regional hub will be in contact with you shortly to advise what is happening in relation to your application.


Once again I would like to apologise for the delay in the processing of your application. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



Joanne Earley
Operations Manager
Court of Protection

From: mikeclarke www opg me []
Sent: 23 October 2015 10:30
To: Court of Protection Enquiries;; 'TOMLINSON, Gill'

2nd COPY



From: Mike Clarke []
Sent: 27 September 2015 20:20
To: 'Court of Protection Enquiries'




From: Mike Clarke []
Sent: 26 September 2015 21:10
To: ''; 'Court of Protection Enquiries'
Cc: ''; ''; 'len lawrence'; 'Jean James'; 'Morton, Alexandra'
Subject: court OBSTRUCTION


URGENT attention of


Dear Gordon Marsden MP


An application to release mums house for sale LODGED BY RECORDED DELIVERY 2nd September sent 4 weeks ago and marked URGENT as my mother may need MEDICAL treatment whilst residing in THAILAND and incidentally is currently not too well.


is being obstructed by Court of Protection staff.

A Tracey Inverary & N Holman


DO you have any idea how far this persecution of my 75 yr old mother is going to go??


AS EXECUTOR of the ALL CAPS legal fiction names



And AS your constituents albeit in forced EXILE from corrupt BENT, JEWdiciary we require your intervention.


mike: clarke

ann: clarke          COURT REF 10370284      live BIRTH 09 08 1940 [NOT DEAD] yet! But the courts corruption are doing their best to kill her.



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The following is a MUST read… AN OUTSIDE view from another VICTIM that clearly puts it all in perspective…


LIVE DIARY UPDATES  with website:

& >>  -  

2010 to 2012 .. Read 2013 .. Read 2014 .. Read 2015 - track


RELEASE my house & £20 million CLAIM - STONEWALLED



NOVEMBER 4 2015 [623595]visits.




 Common practice amongst unscrupulous BSB [Bar Standards Board] members & their "professional cohorts".... "It appears that many of the more unscrupulous members of the Bar without a conscience like Mark Beaumont and Anthony Speight and others, seem to regard HMCTS as some kind of cash cow that is there at their privileged convenience to extort monstrous "costs" from victimised 'clients' whom they unjustly persecute and have no compunction in tormenting, pillaging, intimidating, asset stripping and mistreating in the legal flatlands as if it were one big game or a day's 'sport' to them, abandoning all consideration to issues of equity and fairness - and throwing the Court's "overriding objectives" to the wind.


Unmonitored, these types of BSB members are having an unpublicised field day every time they wilfully abuse the court processes to benefit their own pocket.

This is much worse than even the MP's expenses scandal of a few years ago! Tragically, there are armies of socially engineered and improperly regulated (or unregulated altogether) 'Legal, accounting and Banking professionals' who have degenerated into acting akin to "legal hyenas" - who can be witnessed hoovering up money without compunction, apparently with not a care or concern in the world that they might be stopped or challenged by a caring senior Judge with a clear conscience like Lord Denning had (who seem to be few and far between these days) or competent regulator, for example!


 Something is very wrong with this picture and state of affairs, very wrong.


With the Criminal Justice system preventing victims of crime from accessing a remedy against serious torts ands frauds because of their being positioned in a corner to deliberately hamper them from being able to financially afford the 'fight for justice' - all because the "Authorities" belong to a 'closed shop' and are failing to do their job (with 46 police forces running privately owned companies and succumbing their focus and priorities to serve their vested interests, for example), so what hope has the 'little man' got to win against such a corrupted one-sided set up?


 For one thing, such activities are tantamount to gross extortion.


To abuse the Court process for pecuniary gain in this way (which worryingly involves disproportionate sums of money and even property being snatched and extorted for sometimes just a few hours "work" which these people could never earn or acquire in the 'real world' through a plain honest day's work), is a Public scam: plain and simple.


It is no different to the racketeering going on with invalid and intrusive "parking tickets" being deceitfully enforced through the "Northampton Bulk Centre" which masquerades as a "court" but which is nothing more than a corporate administrative warehouse to scoop up revenue from victimised motorists, abused by DVLA. The situation with "reckless and unmonitored costs extortion in Courts" on the whim of greedy individuals abusing their position 'in high places' without any accountability nor due process or Jury involved, is an undetected scandal waiting to publicly erupt - and its high time it did!


The complicit "judges" whom they engage with, willingly become their 'partners in crime' against the Common Law rights of the Public and unsuspecting "court users" who fall prey to this frighteningly predatory system - and whom many of them collude with and rely upon for their 'bonuses' and meeting their financial targets including their offspring's Eton school fees etc in this way, are equally culpable for such scurrilous events.


 The commonly held Public ethic that "with greater freedom comes greater responsibility, so with departures from accepting greater responsibility must come greater penalties. The greater the departure from responsibility of those held in high esteem and public trust, the riskier it is for everyone and the Profession as a whole" applies.


 With a clear scenario of "us and them" clearly playing out in a Legal Apartheid culture in Britain, why should anyone trust they will receive due court process in HMCTS any more? Few do. People are routinely being robbed of their assets, homes, children and quality of life in this way. It is a traumatising situation for those on the wrong side of the "Legal apartheid fence".


 Such offences as unlawful asset stripping and costs extortion meet the legal criteria of MONEY LAUNDERING and Serious Organised Crime, yet these are given instant dispensation by the BSB, the other Regulators because such practices have become their 'accepted bread and butter' so they turn a Nelsonian blind eye to it all - as the gulf of injustice, deepens.


 Alas, it can also be observed that other professions like fields of Accountancy and Banking are invariably involved as willing cohorts to serenade and abet such clearly criminal activities, working in a 'professional mafia' and 'even a 'gang culture - so why are they being allowed to get away with it?


 I have even seen the multiple attempts of this "ruthless Legal machine" to not only wrongly dispossess people of their homes but also to bankrupt victims of crime who have been pushed through a (clearly rigged) "civil court system", and then to use this platform of INSOLVENCY ABUSE to strip them of everything they own, ruin their lives, leave them bleeding by the roadside and bereft, unable to fight back...


 But in some cases, where these victims have been treated as "easy fodder" to the Legal, Accounting and Banking "Industries", they are then hit with up to a million pounds in "costs" for defending themselves! This is even where there are High Court 'judgments' stating that "the bankruptcy orders should never have been made" as with Dr. Sheida Oraki and her husband's case which has 7 High Court judgments in their favour and yet a major Accounting firm is engaging in an illegal feeding frenzy to asset strip them of everything anyway - by disregarding all Principles upon which Law is built and no one is stopping such practices.


 It is like a cosy little coterie of scavenging people calling themselves "professionals", yet who behave in ways that are so immoral and inhumane, that one can surely be fully justified in regarding them as opportunistic, unscrupulous, amoral, charlatans?


 I believe everything I have stated here to be true, as it is based on my own first-hand bitter experience and observations of almost every court-goer that I know of.

 Elizabeth Watson 3 November 2015