From:                              lou lotus <>

Sent:                               14 May 2017 13:42

To:                                   Bloggers; Dee Gardner; anthony badaloo friend patrick cullinane; Barbara Bradbury;; Grace Mekarska;; Kathleen Boyle; shapeshiftersisters .;; Tom Crawford; Brian Gerrish; Roger Hayes; butlincat; John Banks; John Paterson; Pat c; Andy Theodorou; Seven 4Justice; Charles Seven - Victim of UK's Kangaroo Courts; >; Muad'Dib; Penny Pullen; lee cant

Subject:                          COMMON LAW MENTOR - RITA TAYLOR RIP - Barnet Council corporate manslaughter of her and her mother 87


just found out, Rita Taylor passed away on 14 April 2017, not had funeral or chapel of rest viewings in East Barnet yet, her 3 daughters are arranging - I was informed of death by her neice, Amanda Hogan, randomly, via Facebook


Remember Barnet Corporate Manslaughter of her 87 year old mother, who died of pneumonia shortly after? from Flat 26, 127 Holden Road, London N12 7DD, at 8 am on 13 March 2014 - Rita wrote "I strongly suspect Barnet Council and Police will repeat what they did on their last eviction and that is kidnapping, torture and false imprisonment." so it was not the first illegal eviction


Rita's masterpiece work in this 26min video



On 3 December 2016 at 08:04, Rita Taylor <> wrote:













hi neelu and andy, my apologies for not being on your radio show yesterday, due to collapsing from internal bleeding and severe blood loss from being poisoned by ALL colluding government staff wo/man, who did the exact same thing to our murdered/robbed/tortured mum unnecessarily dead in her grave!  


i have done a You Tube video, link as below containing relevant documents:



attached above is the Barnet Council fraudulent COP order they obtained behind my back, which was defaced and returned at the time as 'fraud null and void', but for ease of reading have removed the defacing, you will notice this fraudulent COP order is out-of-date since 2nd November 2016 but Barnet Council john hooton and richard cornelius is still using it to unlawfully steal my properties/my Santander Bank Account having me with absolutely NO access to MONEY or FOOD and now i have been poisoned deliberately by these colluding criminals.  the doctor said my condition is life threatening and i am very weak with no strength, vomiting blood, with no means to build myself back up, with clear soup, lucazade, ribena, dry crackers, etc to allow the internal bleeding to settle and for me to get back to my former health.  if you can read this email out over the air to put pressure on ALL these criminals to give me back my properties/my Santander Bank Account that was running smoothly before, so i can again have access to MONEY and FOOD that is desperate, i will not survive this unless this horror is instantly corrected that should NEVER have taken place to begin with, all colluding government staff wo/man are without a doubt liars/murderers/thieves/torturers!!


below you will find two further attachments, making three (3) in total, that shows my claims into my Santander Account demanding a block be placed on it and demanding my Bank Account back for access to my money and food, which was all ignored by all these colluding cohort criminals!  the last attachment shows lorraine podmore of her company Richardson Laine Limited who all these criminals and Barnet Council are using to STEAL BACK my won damages that both mike clarke and i submitted around the same time and WON outright before barbara fontaine at queens bench/queens bench division, these criminals allow you to win to steal it right back unlawfully!!


i would be grateful if you can read out live on your radio show all the above and anything else below you consider appropriate, but this has to get out into the public domain exactly how LAWLESS these ALL colluding government wo/man truly are, just thieving and murdering for their profits, literally torturing me to death like our dearest mum!!  and, they will NOT answer any lawful questions put to them, which by law they MUST and nothing lawfully can proceed till they do, but these Mafia organised crime cabal care not a jot!!


anything else please ask, my sincere thanks for getting this out into the public and sharing everywhere worldwide!






From: rita taylor 
Sent: 24 October 2016 07:48
To: Patrick Cullinane; anthony badaloo; Grace Mekarska; Barbara Bradbury; mike clarke; 
Subject: demand: you PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS INSTANT!




everything these criminal wrongdoers do is:


FEAR and FORCE - well we lose the fear and any force is NULLITIES, null and void automatic in law.


everything is contracts and business and we reject/refuse/rebut all their fraudulent "presumptions" and all there "offers" and all there not lawful NO full disclosures!!


we will evoke habeas corpus and demand our lawful Trial by Jury!


we demand jurisdiction is proved, 

we demand corpus delicti is proved, 

we demand to cross-examine all wrongdoers.


we demand our cures and remedies by law, all our WON claims/damages/instant return of all our stolen properties, etc that these colluding wrongdoers are attempting to steal back from us, that we have only just WON!


we, as-king and Public Masters demand instant action to remedy all wrongs against us INSTANT more time thefts heinous and totally unacceptable!


we demand our life, our properties, our privacy, our Rights as the alive living soul wo/man in law, below God/Trial by Jury!





From: rita taylor
Date: 24 October 2016 at 03:54:27 BST
To: Patrick Cullinane; anthony badaloo; Grace Mekarska; Barbara Bradbury; mike clarke; 
Subject: demand: you PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS INSTANT!




Monday, CAD 852/24.10.2016 police man, pc mangat warrant number 230890 is unlawfully trying to get me sectioned for reporting all these wrongdoings to police!



these criminals cannot respond to lawful questions put to them or even prove jurisdiction, which in law MUST be proved in writing without a shadow of a doubt.  all these wrongdoers only resort to more and worse crimes wrongdoings, against innocents, us!


my Santander Bank Account was running smoothly prior to these crimes and i had access to food, now since they have me starving, they think resolving it is to section me, these are the criminally insane we have to deal with, police are the Mafia and high level crime protectors!




From: "Patrick Cullinane" 
Date: 24 October 2016 at 00:12:18 BST
To: rita taylor
Cc: "Anthony Badaloo - Victim of Police & Kangaroo Courts in UK" 
Subject: FW: demand: you PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS INSTANT!

Hi Rita,


I got your email, but I cannot ring you on your mobile.


You will have to ring me.


It is outrageous what these corporate criminals are doing to you.


Please let me know if you get this email.


Kindest regards, and may God protect you from these Satanic Evil Bas*ards’.


Patrick Cullinane. 




From: rita taylor
Date: 23 October 2016 at 23:16:52 BST
To: Patrick Cullinane; anthony badaloo; Grace Mekarska; Barbara Bradbury; mike clarke;
Subject: demand: you PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS INSTANT!















999 call to police CAD5146/23.10.2016 3pm about my Santander Bank Account stolen by fraud/thefts/attempted murders on my life by Barnet Council john hooton/richard cornelius, fraudulent Court of Protection (COP) Deputy michael culver using my money in my Santander Bank Account for his personal use whilst i starve, COP magistrates elizabeth batten/carolyn:caroline hilder, Richardson Laine Limited lorraine podmore, etc all involved in these crimes wrongdoings.


AND, CAD4834/Sunday 23.10.2016 fraud/att murder/murder/harassment, etc our mother tortured/robbed/murdered by these same criminals, mum was down to three (3) stone in weight, denied her GP and medicines and ensure drinks to build her back-up, in a premature unnecessary grave by murder by these all colluding criminal cohorts!!


*i along with mike clarke have WON all our claims/damages/instant return of all our stolen properties, etc at High Court RCJ, queens bench/queens bench division before barbara fontaine, but now they are trying to steal it right back using COP/Richardson Laine Limited lorraine podmore's fraud Personal Injuries Trust Funds/Bank Accounts using COP and unlawfully keeping myself on Benefits being tortured and starved without MONEY and FOOD, whilst these criminals walk away with my just WON claims/damages, i believe they allow you to WIN to steal it right back, a very convenient scam they have going, with police wo/man destroying the evidence, ignoring their crimes and joining in lawlessness, all done for unlawful profits against innocents, us!!


nathan bostock is managing director for U.K. Santander and is joining in these crimes by allowing me to starve without my lawful properties/Bank Account/access to my money and food, necessities and needs by law!!


**have demanded these wrongdoers prove jurisdiction, prove i am anything to do with mental health and Mental Capacity Act, prove everything they are murderously doing is lawful, prove i am a STRAWMAN fiction, etc "guilty silences" is all i get from these wrongdoers, when in law these lawful questions MUST be answered before any action upon these NULLITIES in law, requiring no Appeal from, as they are unlawful and null and void from the very beginning by law.


Maxims of Law state: anything done by FORCE is null and void in law!





From: rita taylor
Date: 23 October 2016 at 17:25:46 BST
To: "" <>, Executive Complaint 4 <>
Cc: "" <>
Subject: demand: you PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS INSTANT!


From: rita taylor
Date: 11 October 2016 at 01:59:42 BST
To: Santander Customer Services <>
Subject: demand: you PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS INSTANT! DEMAND my properties back instant, STOP torturing and murdering me, having me without access to FOOD and my MONEY, my Santander Account!! Demand all our WON claims/damages instant!




From: rita taylor
Date: 9 October 2016 at 06:49:28 BST
To: Executive Complaint 4 <>
Subject: your 'offer' duly rejected, refused, returned to you by law! demand my lawful properties/security, etc back instant by law!


notice to agent is notice to principal,

notice to principal is notice to agent!



date of service: Sunday, this day ninth of month October in the year of our Lord and Saviour Two Thousand and Sixteen, A.D.





for urgent attention of stephanie bundle:white/nathan bostock, wo/man in law, in personal/private capacities in law bearing full own liabilities in law, under penalties of perjury



note for records i: alive woman in law, ONLY deals wo/man TO wo/man according to law, law of the land jurisdiction. 



Regarding: email dated 7 October 2016 at 14:56:38 BST from stephanie bundle/white, addressed to DEAD fiction STRAWMAN using all derivatives of CAPITAL LETTERS and Titles, which is below for reference - duly rejected and returned back for failure to Verify Under the Penalties of Perjury



on notice: demand/order/wish/will:


i: alive living soul woman in law, Agent with full powers of Attorney General/Attorney-in-Fact/Executor/Settlor for handling all the Commercial Affairs for the STRAWMAN fiction, all derivatives of CAPITAL LETTERS christian/surname, do hereby Notice you, stephanie/nathan, wo/man in law, without prejudice, of the following:


until you provide Me a written declaration 'that is made under the penalties of perjury and duly autographed as such', i: alive living soul woman in law, cannot make a legal determination about the regarding matter, nor can i: alive woman in law, respond to legal matters for DEAD fictions pieces of paper.  so, your 'offer' of contract Regarding this matter is hereby rejected, refused and returned to you, in full accord with law of the land.  


any further correspondence Regarding this matter or any further interference in my personal/private/confidential properties that are not instantly returned to i: alive woman in law, will be subject to substantial lawful claims.  


if, my unlawfully trespassed upon properties with no lawful Rights to do so are not instantly cured and redressed according to law, then be assured this entire matter Regarding will run into costly claims for instant redress, be they from you, stephanie/nathan, wo/man in law, your Heirs/Agents/Assigns/Third Parties/Interlopers, etc everything MUST all be made and verified under penalties of perjury.


do be very aware, i: alive living soul woman in law, have already been substantially damaged as a direct result of your unlawful actions in the matters Regarding, so your offers for urgent cures and financial remedies will be listened too without prejudice.


also, demand you PROVE UP THE CLAIM against the matter Regarding, or immediately and instantly cease and desist your actions under the colour-of-law against the Sovereign i: alive living soul woman in law, and furthermore cure and remedy all wrongdoings.


there has been data/copyright/trademark breaches, along with very serious breaches of my security that will need urgently to be redressed and financially compensated for, not to mention the fraud/harm/injuries/losses, plus time thefts, that will also need cures for most urgently.


if, serious life threatening violations continue without urgent negotiated remedies, we reserve the right to Bill Non-Negotiable or take the entire matter in the full glare of the public to our lawful 'Trial by Jury' to deal with the attempts on my life and health, etc affecting all our properties.


be very aware, if you or your Heirs/Agents/Assigns/Third Parties/Interlopers, etc think or assume you are re-presenting Me, my properties, or the STRAWMAN fiction all derivatives of the CAPITAL LETTER christian/surname in the Regarding subject matter, then be so WARNED and NOTICED yourselves are sacked/fired/dismissed/NEVER employed by i: alive woman in law, and fee schedules, Liens and claims are very likely to follow all wrongdoings against i: alive woman in law.


demand your instant action to cure and remedy these serious life threatening wrongs, which must be confirmed by email acknowledgements instantly, with this entire matter Regarding remedied completely within the lawful seventy-two (72) hours maximum.


by: Executor/Settlor/full powers of Attorney General/powers of Attorney-in-Fact/unlimited secured Party Creditor-Grantor/Bank/Agent/Authorised Agent



•permanent/forevermore all common law rights explicitly under reserve without prejudice 

•permanent/forevermore non-assumpsit

•permanent/forevermore all unalienable rights intact and upheld in law, common law, law of the land jurisdiction which we are on land, so land jurisdiction firmly upheld in law

•errors and omissions excepted 

•etc etc etc... 




From: Executive Complaint 4 <>
Date: 7 October 2016 at 14:56:38 BST
To: rita taylor
Subject: Your Concerns

Dear Mrs Taylor


I refer to your emails dated, 29 September 2016, 30 September 2016, 1 October 2016, 2 October 2016, 4 October 2016, 5 October 2016 and 7 October 2016.


I can confirm under a Court of Protection agreement, the only way to remove the deputy appointed is to have the order revoked by the courts. 


Once this has been done the deputy would no longer be responsible for the financial affairs of the person. 


Should you be in receipt of the documentation noted above please let me know and I can review it for you. 


I appreciate the concerns you have raised with me but I hope after our conversation I have explained our position.  


Please also note, any further correspondence received without this information will be added to file but not responded to. 


I am sorry I cannot be of any further assistance. 


Kind regards


Stephanie Bundle

Executive Complaints Manager

Executive Complaints



Santander UK plc, Santander House, AA M2 41, 201 Grafton Gate East, Milton Keynes, MK9 1AN 
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From: Santander Customer Services <>
Date: 10 October 2016 at 09:28:16 BST
To: rita taylor
Subject: Thank you for the email

Good morning

Thank you for your email.

As this email is through an unsecured email service I am unable to view any account or personal details.

I am really sorry if you have been struggling financially please note that we have a specialist team who deal with customers who are unable to receive money for food.

We would like to help you resolve your enquiry as soon as possible, but we will need to speak to you first. Please call us on 0800 9123123 (Dial +44 1908 237963 from abroad). We are available 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 10pm on Sunday.

Alternatively if you have Santander online banking, please log on and send us a ‘Secure Message’.  You can do this from the bottom left hand side of your online banking homepage.  We will then be able to deal with your request.

I am sorry I cannot act on an email request, as email isn't 100% secure, we are not able to identify you this way. (We want to help keep your details safe - so it's a good idea to keep personal information to a minimum when using email.)

Kind Regards,


Santander Customer Services
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