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From: Patrick Cullinane []
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Cc: Sohan Lalnashanand -v- THE SATANIC TALMUDIC LAW IN UK
Subject: FW: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies May 2015 Ebulletin: - And FCUK ALL ABOUT MAGNA CARTA 1215 = THE LAW OF THE LAND: -
Importance: High


What is Oliver Carr of the IPCC going to do about legitimate correspondence being BLOCKED by Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe from a Common law Lawyer reporting High Treason, which is backed up with incontrovertible evidence: -  Question:  Is Magna Carta 1215 now classed as unacceptable language for the Jews?


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   Subject: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies May 2015 Ebulletin: -   And FCUK ALL ABOUT MAGNA CARTA 1215 = THE LAW OF THE LAND: -


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Subject: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies May 2015 Ebulletin: - And FCUK ALL ABOUT MAGNA CARTA 1215 = THE LAW OF THE LAND: -
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Working Against all the Odds!!


42 Augustine Road

Harrow Weald


Middlesex, HA3 5NP


11 June 2015


FAO: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies,

2 Langley Lane
London, SW8 1GB
United Kingdom


Also FAO: My MP Nick Hurd, his PA Jill Brown and ALL the Addresses on this List,




Like Which?, Taxpayers’ Alliance and Liberty; it is glaringly strange that the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies NEVER mention Magna Carta 1215 – The Constitutional Law of the Land, which guarantees us Christians a Trial by Jury for EVERY case Civil, Criminal and Fiscal!  - Please explain FULLY how the SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION in Britain is going to be dealt with without RESTORING the Rule of Law?  -

Posted on 10 June 2015  by  Martin Armstrong  

Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years

Well it has been a long time coming, but all along there have been discussions behind closed doors (never in public) that the Administrative Law Courts established with the New Deal were totally unfounded and unconstitutional. With the anniversary of Magna Carta and the right to a jury trial coming up on June 15 after 800 years, the era of Roosevelt’s big government is quietly unraveling…


The ruling is 81 years overdue. The entire structure of administrative agencies blackmailing people has been outrageous.



John Paterson

3 hrs ·


Podcasts of last nights show hosted by Sean Maguire with Gordon Bowden and me John Paterson
Just a reminder, I know for a fact Sussex Seaford Police were listening in and so was George Osborne and David Cameron = Knobhead


Know your enemy.

David Veitch Patrick Cullinane Carrie Gentry Obscurum Per Obscurius Terri Thatcher Nick Harris Nick Broomfield Bill J Crismon Lilian Ritchie Sue Freeman Joe Public Joe Mohammed Josie Wintery Field McConnell Brian Sheridan Bruce Axworthy William Scott Chelene Nightingale Lou Collins Radio Show Johnn Green Potty Paterson Ollie Newell  -  See More: -




Friday February 17, 2012
By Shirley Lewald, Solicitor Advocate Higher Rights (Civil and Criminal Courts), MSc (Psych), PGDip (SocSc), PGCPSE, LLB (Hons).


The interesting and important nature of a ‘void’ order of a Court is not fully understood and appreciated in England and this article is written to assist the understanding of a ‘void’ order and to assist legal professionals in any concerns they may have in submitting to a Court that its order is void, if indeed it is void.

In Anlaby v. Praetorius (1888) 20 Q.B.D. 764 at 769 Fry L.J. stated on the issue of void proceedings that:

“A plaintiff has no right to obtain any judgement at all”.

A void order does not have to be obeyed because, for example, in Crane v Director of Public Prosecutions [1921] it was stated that if an order is void ab initio (from the beginning) then there is no real order of the Court.

In Fry v. Moore (1889), 23 Q.B.D. 395 Lindley, L.J. said of void and irregular proceedings that it may be difficult to draw the exact line between nullity and irregularity. If a procedure is irregular it can be waived by the defendant but if it is null it cannot be waived and all that is done afterwards is void; in general, one can easily see on which side of the line the particular case falls.


The Inland Revenue had NO right to obtain any judgment at all: -


How was I Bankrupted when I had NO debt and the Inland Revenue owing me over £5,000 in tax rebates? – The answer is, I was NEVER Bankrupted. It never happened; it was all pretense = a mock-trial: -

You can check this out on the London Gazette and the Individual Insolvency Register: -

Patrick Cullinane was supposedly Bankrupted on 6th December 1996.
Address: 48 Girton Avenue, Kingsbury, London, NW9 9SU.


As EVERYONE can see Patrick Cullinane is NOT on The Gazette and NOT on the Individual Insolvency Register.  – Yes, FRAMED-UP by the Inland Revenue, KPMG Accountants and 13 High Court JEWdiciary who ignored my God given and Constitutional Rights to Due Process via a Trial by my Peers, which is High Treason: -

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:

This man was right all along
Patrick Cullinane has fought a
running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not
paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty - so dirty he lost his home and
nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal
weaknesses in the Revenue's case. Phillip Inman reports

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008

Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.


The 13 High Court Judges who conspired in my case to terrorise and defraud me in the interests of the State of Israel: -


  1. Mr Registrar Pimm


  1. Mr Registrar Simmonds


  1. Mr Registrar Baister


  1. Mr Justice Jacobs


  1. Mr Justice Neuberger – A JEW Promoted For His Crime:


  1. Lord Justice Stewart-Smith  -  Also covered-up the Hillsborough disaster.


  1. Mr Jonathan Parker


  1. Mr Justice Hart


  1. Master Leslie


  1. Mrs Justice Ebsworth


  1. Mr Justice Ferris


  1. Mr Justice Pumfrey


  1. Mr Justice Mann


THIRTEEN High Court Judges denied me my Constitutional Common Law rights under Magna Carta 1215 to a Trial by Jury:  =  HIGH TREASON



The Police swear an Oath to protect Life, Property and uphold the Law of the Land.   - Therefore they are ALL in breach of their Oaths by assisting Bailiffs and High Court Sheriffs to STEAL Family Homes, Possessions, Property, Money and , Motor Vehicles without Due Process of the Constitutional Law of the Land: = High Treason


Having ROBBED me of EVERYTHING without Due process; ‘Lord’ Neuberger can be relied upon to deliver the required verdict to cover-up and continue with his crimes against us Christians in the UK: -  A Jew putting Magna Carta on trial is most certainly HIGH TREASON: -

The Telegraph: By Patrick Sawer on 17 May 2015

Patrick Sawer

Treason! Magna Carta barons face trial 800 years on


The Barons and Bishops who forced King John to sign Magna Carta, enshrining key rights such as rule of law and protection of property, are to face 'charges of treason' - 800 years after the historic document was written

KING JOHN signs the Magna Carta at Runneymede in June 1215 watched by a group of Barons

King John signs SEALS the Magna Carta at Runneymede in June 1215 watched by a group of Barons Photo: Alamy


Jewish ROBBERS like ‘Lord’ Neuberger won’t be MOCKING Magna Carta for much longer, as they will ALL be in JAIL for breaching it and operating unlawful Administrative Courts to STEAL our ASSETS; without a Trial by our Peers.  – Neuberger is mad in the head, as he is under the delusional belief that he will NEVER be brought to justice for his Conspiratorial ROBBERIES against us law abiding Christian People, which is High Treason: -




Lord Justice” David Neuberger was one of the Jewish Mafia ‘Judges’ that ROBBED Patrick Cullinane and  Gedaljahu Ebert of our property and was CRIMINALLY promoted for his crimes’ to the President of the Supreme Court.  – How many more innocent people has this Jewish Gangster robber of their properties and driven them to SUICIDE? : -


Daily Mail:  By Richard Littlejohn on 13 August 2014

Democracy? No, Britain's now a judicial dictatorship - and it's time for revolution, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN


It’s bad enough when government policy is re-written by unelected jurists from countries such as the former Soviet satellite states, with no distinguished history of respect for genuine human rights.


But increasingly, British judges are flexing their muscles, too. Lord Neuberger, president of Britain's Supreme Court — a typical Blairite, European-style institution — has admitted that the Human Rights Act has given the courts a blank cheque to make up laws as they go along.


Judges are using the excuse of 'human rights' to establish new rules on everything from privacy and sham marriages to assisted suicide. They are handing down the most perverse interpretations of statute, which often fly in the face of justice and decency.


Yet far from expressing reservations about this unaccountable judiciary and its implications for democracy, Neuberger declares that it's a good thingbecause it keeps governments in check.


That stands the entire principle of British justice on its head.


The judiciary regularly displays undisguised contempt for public opinion, for the people who pay their wages.


Another judge, Peter King, said recently: 'There seems to be an expectation that the public interest trumps everything else. It seems to me that is not necessarily the case.' 


He was justifying his decision to grant a Bangladeshi double murderer the right to move to England, where he has relatives, under the section of the Act that guarantees 'the right to a family life'.


Most Tories want to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. Why? We managed perfectly well for centuries. Britain had one of the most humane and effective legal systems on Earth, evolved from Magna Carta. Our common law served us well.



The Police in the UK are so INFILTRATED by FREEMASONS and Jewish Talmudic GANGSTERS that they treat blatant FRAUD by Government Organisations against We the People as a CIVIL matter: -

The police have told Patrick Cullinane on VIDEO that the robbery of his property, home and possessions is a civil matter: -


The law is there to protect the Christian People but the Police are involved in Organised Crime against us Christian People: -

One Heaven Society of United Free States of Spirits


My Legitimate Comment was Removed by JewTube, as only PAID Commenters from Israel are allowed spread PROPAGANDA and LIES on here, to COVER-UP the RIGGING of the sElection of David Cameron to Prime Minister, when he is a TRAITOR and a staunch Friend of Israel: - It is High Treason:


On 21 April 2015, I, Patrick Cullinane rang 999 and reported the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) CRIMES’ to Officer: C702 964 - Cad No: CHS 4976 – 21/04/2015

Patrick Cullinane - Met Police - Penalty Charge Notice



The following is an extract from a complaint I received from Sohan Nashanand of 162 Cannon Lane, Pinner, HA5 1HX, which is self-explanatory about an attack made on his home and family on Monday 8th June 2015 by TASK Enforcement Bailiffs and the Police to STEAL £410 without Due Process of the Law of the Land: -


“One of them (Bailiff’s) called police and as police came they started talking to all separately.  I explained to both officers (first 2 officers)  (I believe they from local Harrow police station.. Badge No. 361 QA  MR>BROWN and 536A HAILSTONE) that I have informed them of my situation but they are constantly intimidating and making threats etc. I also told the one police office that my medical condition is of very serious nature and my son suffers from mental health issue etc.

One of the officers went back to check the paperwork from another bailiff and came back to me saying these people have got a court warrant to take this action and I have to pay or they will enter the house and take the property to recover monies owed. I again..again and many times asked police that this all will be paid whatever is owed lawfully and keeping my circumstances in mind I am seeking legal advice. I also told police that the car in question was taken away by DVLA in my absence and I have sent them all medical evidence to consider.  I have now also informed all who are helping me that today I received a letter from DVLA that there will be no further action taken and all has been withdrawn.  Further 2 more police officers came and started going around and they said they are here to keep peace etc. I repeatedly explained the situation to them and was even unable to stand or sit many times and have to lie down as my heart rate was getting very faster and as I have experienced this before that all this constant stress was having a dramatic effect on me.  Nobody took any notice to my pleads and I felt very worried, and they started talking to my son to which I objected many time as he suffers from mental health.  All of sudden police decided to let one bailiff in who then started going to rooms and threatened me that that telly on the wall have to come down etc and others goods will also be taken away. I felt very very confused and under extreme pressure to stop and asked them to reconsider. Police officer were actually assisting and escorting the bailiff where ever he was trying to go and stopped me to see him.  I rang few friends who were advising and helping to how to resolve all this peacefully and 2 of them offered to pay after keeping my health condition in mind and mainly to avoid another massive heart attack etc. I sent my son to collect monies and waited upstairs and lied down to catch breath. Again once my son returned police and bailiff started dealing with him and he paid them £410/in cash as full and final to settle all and they asked him to sign. I shouted but police said all has been now dealt with.


Note: Nick Hurd and Jill Brown are FULLY aware of the above case also, as Nick Hurd, unfortunately, is also his MP.


As you can clearly hear above; 999 is NOT investigating or prosecuting Blatant FRAUD against us Christian People, as the police are in on the FRAUD and assisting Bailiffs to enter family homes to ROB us in the interest of the State of Israel: -


Task Enforcement bailiffs USED FORCE to make me pay Con chr fine that is NOT MINE – help


I was awakened at 7am this morning by my 9 year old son saying that someone is trying to break down the front door.


I called the police and they eventually arrived but they were no help at all. I explained the whole thing to them, they even spoke to my friend on the phone again and they still said that they can do nothing and that the bailiffs can take goods.


Councils’ issuing warrants to Bailiffs to STEAL Money and Property without Due Process, which is High treason

Caught on TAPE blatant LIES and DECEPTION to defraud We the People WITHOUT due process in courts of law: -


Note how ALL these Talmudic Public Servants are proud to claim that they are NOT legally trained to Asset Strip us Christians out of existence: -

Fraud Act 2006

1 Fraud

(1) A person is guilty of fraud if he is in breach of any of the sections listed in

subsection (2) (which provide for different ways of committing the offence).

(2) The sections are—

(a) section 2 (fraud by false representation),

(b) section 3 (fraud by failing to disclose information), and

(c) section 4 (fraud by abuse of position).

(3) A person who is guilty of fraud is liable—

(a) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12

months or to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum (or to both);

(b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding

10 years or to a fine (or to both).


The Spectator: by Neil Darbyshire on 7 March 2015   -   278 Comments

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain

It’s a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead


The 96% of Jewish Controlled World’s Media are constantly peddling propaganda and LIES that Britain don’t have a written Constitution. = “the men who govern Britain are” = JEWS’: - The peace the Jews promise is NEVER-ENDING WARS’ and Asset Stripping Christian People:  -  False-Flag WARS’!

Daily Mail:  By Dominic Sandbrook on 01 January 2015

Why I fear for liberty and justice in 2015 Britain, by DOMINIC SANDBROOK as the Magna Carta celebrates its 800th birthday


These are figures that would shame a Communist dictatorship — let alone a country that prides itself on its tradition of liberty.

This relentless erosion of our freedoms is increasingly resented by the public. And as the story of the Magna Carta shows, the men who govern Britain are deluding themselves if they believe they can ignore the outrage of their subjects for ever.


The Great Charter was born out of a long, vicious struggle for supremacy between King John, the spiteful younger brother of Richard the Lionheart, and his barons, who resented the King’s habit of imposing crippling taxes to pay for his foreign wars.


John Paterson Patrick Cullinane MASSIVE UK GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION BBC cover-up


John Paterson & Gordon Bowden £ TRILLION Fraud - David Cameron


Jewish Revolutionary Spirit & Its Impact on World History


All looking for Due Process and justice because of the Jews’, a Foreign Power, in UK and Ireland, have HIJACKED our Common Law justice systems: -

Dafydd Morgan

The Zionist Jews & Campaigners etc


Shami Chakrabarti of, so called Liberty, is a Barrister and EVIL and CORRUPT to the CORE protecting Jewish Paedophiles in SECRET JURYLESS Kangaroo Courts in the UK. -  What has this warped Bas*ard done about the Jews that ROBBED me and the unlawful 100-year embargo, COVER-UP, of the Dunblane School, Paedophile Ring documents? – This is what English taxpayers money is FUNDING: -

YouTube: Published on 18 Feb 2015

P.I.E Paedophile Information Exchange welcome to Orwellian Jewdi mind trick land of the UK !


The ONLY deceivers and pathological  LIARS in the WORLD with a VOICE are the Jews: -


The Independent: By Ben Lynfield, Jerusalem, on Tuesday 13 August 2013

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda


In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences.


The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch…  


Israel has RIGGED the Election in England and are now denying us Christians a VOICE, while THEIR POLICE FORCE, armed to the hilt, are attacking and ASSET-STRIPPING the English and Irish People without Due Process in Satanic Talmudic Jewish Courts where us Christians are TRUSSED-UP, MILKED-DRY and SLAUGHTERED like CATTLE: -


Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

The power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as Americans (Irish and English) pay the price of collective stupidity.


Magna Carta 1215: - Common Law has been replaced with Talmudic Law - Patrick Cullinane: - 


This is the same Bas*ard Council that EVICTED me from my Allotment Plot (29) of over 22-years without Due Process

Hampstead & Barnet Whistleblower Child - A witness statement

Why was a Police Officer from Barnet interrogating a child of 9-years of age at 22:35pm on 5th September 2014 for 2 hours and 27 minutes when the child should have been in BED asleep?  -  These two Police Officers, and whoever else was involved in this interview have seriously abused this 9-year-old girl by holding her captive and depriving her of her SLEEP.  -  What have the Social Services and ALL the Child 'Protection' Organisations done about this blatant ABUSE?


These are the Jewish Courts that are operating in England, Ireland, Australia and America now: -


The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy [The Filthy History Of Paedophilia, Murder & Bigotry]

Uploaded on 29 Jan 2012

Note how God’s WRITTEN LAW was discarded for the Zionists UNWRITTEN made-up law to ROB, RAPE, TERRORISE and MURDER with IMPUNITY!  -


“The TALMUD, which has aptly been called; The Monument to HUMAN FOLLY” … “Gentiles they classed, not as men, but as Barbarians … And has NO right to property” … “The testimony of the Christian was NOT admitted in evidence in Jewish courts” – There you have it.

This story might (WILL) hurt us as human beings


The Cambridge Union Society

This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State 


Daniel Forster's photo.


I, and hundreds that I know of, could NOT vote on 7th May 2015, as We the Sovereign Christian People had NO choice, as ALL the Parties are HIJACKED by Jews, which you can see from the following - And this is High Treason: -


"Naming and Shaming – The List Of Israel’s Agents Within British Politics" 

High Treason – Laws Against Establishing a Foreign Power in England


Misprision of Treason is an offence or misdemeanor akin to treason or felony. It is the neglect of duty by a public official who conceals a knowledge of treasonable actions or designs. At an inquest it may warrant the same penalty as High Treason. A subject of the Crown is also bound to inform the magistrates if he knows that High Treason is being contemplated.



The Jews had been in England in Anglo-Saxon times dealing in slaves. Jews however came into England with the Norman Conquest. They made themselves a threat to the people of this country by (1) clipping the gold coinage and turning the clippings into bullion for sale overseas (2) dispossessing good Christian Englishmen of their lands and property by high interest rates in usury (3) by the ritual murder of young Christian boys by crucifixion and drawing off the blood for ritual purposes


Note the number of Jewish students on here voting up one and others LIES and PROPAGANDA. – And NO vote for Patrick Cullinane’s comments’: -

Now the WORLD knows why the English People came on to the Streets to peacefully protest about the HIJACK of their Country by the State of Israel, while the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia in Police uniforms were waiting to TERRORISE, OPPRESS and ATTACK then.  - Now the Jewish Police will Asset Strip them via their Satanic Talmudic Juryless Jewish Courts in the UK, which is High Treason, and a Hanging Offence in Common Law:


The following is the incontrovertible evidence that the Israeli MAFIA have HIJACKED, Magna Carta 1215, the Constitutional Law of the Land: + Constitutions and Governments’ in the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland by controlling 96% of the World’s MEDIA and infiltrating OUR Governments, JEWdiciary and Police, which are ALL working in support of the interests of the State of Israel now: -

Video - Channel 4 UK - Broadcast November 16, 2009

Dispatches: Inside Britain's Israel Lobby

Dispatches investigates one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain, which is working in support of the interests of the State of Israel.


Political commentator Peter Oborne investigates how accountable, transparent and open to scrutiny the lobby is, particularly in regard to its funding and financial support of MPs.


Oborne examines how the lobby operates from within parliament and the tactics it employs behind the scenes when engaging with print and broadcast media.


“Realities are turned upside-down and we are told, War is Peace, and the Lie becomes the Truth; effectively the Peace they promise is never-ending WAR and Asset Stripping" 


David Cameron, Nick Clegg - UK Illuminati Puppets Exposed

This is a full length film exposing the most known UK politicians, who claim to be good guys just trying to help their country, in actual fact, their illuminati satanic, Freemason Bilderbergers who have no care about the people what so ever, this is a real eye opening look at the "chosen ones"


This documentary is named Right Honorable Gentlemen 


John Paterson This from our opening salvo after almost a month of dithering and ducking from the paedophile apologists within the walls of Parliament.....


We have kept the pressure on since and seen Rotherham's paedophile rings exposed and the council disolve. In N...See More


Enemy Within Radio Live! #139


Total Enslavement of us Christian People in the UK by a Jewish Foreign Power = High Treason

JEWS in the UK enforces law which bans public from criticising THEIR Corrupt Government in order to FLEECE and MURDER us Christians without a TRIAL by OUR Peers: -


Veterans Today Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on 08 May 2015

PROPOSED DECLARATION of War against Rothschild Khazarian Mafia


 A Plan to Declare War on the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia & Eradicate its espionage and penetration of America


I, Patrick Cullinane, am demanding my Home and Property back immediately, and FULL compensation for my losses, damages, prospects, blight of over 34-years of TERRORISM and TORTURE by a Foreign Power Established in England and Ireland by the State of Israel, which is HIGH TREASON: -


In the public interest, please Join us in the MILLIONS' at the Royal Courts of Injustice on 15 June 2015 at 12:00 Noon for a Class Action against the JEWdiciary, which is the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta 1215 the Constitutional Law of the land, and take BACK our Courts from the JEWS, and then bring them to justice via the Law of the Land = that they have HIJACKED now in the interest of the State of Israel = As you know, this is High Treason: -













Common Law does not include any statutes made by government or decisions made by judges: This the JEWS are also ignoring and making up their OWN law on behalf of Israel to wipe, us Christians, off of the face of the earth.


The Queen is a TRAITOR and working in the interests of the State of Israel, as she ignored Magna Carta 1215 the Law of the Land in her speech: - 

The Queen’s Speech

Government pauses for thought on human rights


Yours truthfully,

Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK's COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

Like Which?, Taxpayers’ Alliance and Liberty; it is glaringly strange that the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies NEVER mention Magna Carta 1215 – The Constitutional Law of the Land, which guarantees us Christians a Trial by Jury for EVERY case Civil, Criminal and Fiscal!  - Please explain FULLY how the SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION in Britain is going to be dealt with without RESTORING the Rule of Law?  -

From: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies [mailto:]
Sent: 29 May 2015 11:31
To: Patrick Cullinane
Subject: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies May 2015 Ebulletin


Centre for Crime and Justice Studies May 2015 ebulletin


'People who are serious, insist on things'
On 20th May 2015, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and Women in Prison held the Justice Matters for Women: Time for Action! conference. Betty Makoni opened the conference with an inspiring story of building a girls' empowerment network. The event was attended by over 100 people, including activists, researchers, practitioners and women affected by criminal justice. The purpose of the event was to build collective action for challenging criminal justice failure and promoting social justice alternatives. Check out our website to find out more on who spoke and to view the video footage from the conference.

Alternatives to custody in Europe workshop
Our Research and Policy Associate, Catherine Heard, gives an update on the Alternatives to Custody in Europe project in preparation for our workshop, 'Alternatives to custody: a critical look at UK practice and policy', being held on Wednesday, 10 June.

How accountable is Britain?
Deputy Director WIll McMahon has written a piece giving a little bit of background to our event 'Challenging state and corporate impunity: Is accountability possible?' due to take place on Friday, 19 June.

Much 'allo 'allo 'allo about nothing
Richard Garside, the Centre's director, appeared on BBC's Victoria Derbyshire to discuss falling police officer numbers

Racism and Justice: using research to hold the state to account
On 12 May we held an event with The Monitoring Group which brought together researchers, academics and activists to consider how we can use research to help support activism and campaigning in the lead up to the statutory inquiry into undercover policing. On Sunday, 7 June there is a meeting supported by Tottenham Rights to discuss the role of Operation Trident in Mark Duggan's death and wider issues of police corruption and malpractice. 


We need a different crime survey
'...the Crime Survey for England and Wales is much better at not measuring crime than it is at measuring crime's true extent, which is no doubt why policy-makers have come to rely on it so much.'. Professor Tim Hope explains how to develop a truly victim-oriented national survey.

The police should not record crime
The American criminologist Harold Pepinksy got in touch with us after reading the explanation of crime statistics our Director, Richard Garside, wrote last month. Read all about it here.

Driving desistance
Mike Guilfoyle's latest memoir recounts his supervision of 'Alan', a car enthusiast.

New blogs from our partners at the Open University
Our partners at the International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research at the Open University have added two new blogs to their online comment series, including one on poverty by Joanna Mack and Stewart Lansley. They are well worth a read.

Prison Service Journal
Issue 219 of the Prison Service Journal is now available to download free from our website.


Alternatives to custody: a critical look at UK practice and policy
On Wednesday, 10 June we're holding a workshop to assess important developments in alternatives to custody across the UK since 2000, focusing on the work of women's centres; maturity assessments for young adults; and the use of electronic monitoring and tracking through various stages of the justice process.

Is the Empire coming home?
At this seminar on Tuesday, 16 June Dr John Moore will talk about his recent paper 'Is the Empire coming home?'. In this article he rejects the view that the rapid expansion of the criminal justice system is a product of the emergence of neo-liberalism, and instead links present day penal policy with strategies developed in colonial times.

Challenging state and corporate impunity: is accountability possible?
On Friday, 19 June we're holding a one-day event with the University of Liverpool bringing together people from a range of organisations to discuss how to hold state and corporate institutions to account.

Shock and law: Debating the use of tasers
This workshop on Wednesday, 15 July will debate the implications of the growing use of tasers in the United Kingdom.

Criminal Justice Matters
The June issue of cjm includes articles based on a conference we held in March 2015 - Criminal justice since 2010: What happened? What next? - and our recent review of criminal justice in the United Kingdom since 2010: The coalition years. Contributors will include: David Ford MLA, the Northern Ireland Justice Minister; Kenny MacAskill MSP, the Scottish Justice Secretary between 2007 and 2014; and Rt Hon Elfyn Llwyd, a member of the House of Commons Justice Committee between 2010 and 2015.


Parallel Black Lives Matter
This article on the Institute of Race Relations website highlights the parallels between the policing of black communities in the US and the UK.

Children should not be kept in prison
In the wake of a damning Ofsted report into G4S-run Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre, letters by Deborah Coles, Carolyne Willow, and Yvonne Bailey appeared in The Guardian criticising the use of prison for children. Read more here.

IN THE NEWS.......

'The prison system is a tragedy. It is an inadequate response to social problems'
The Independent on Sunday published an article on the failures of criminal justice and the impact of imprisonment on women ahead of our 'Justice Matters for Women: Time for Action!' conference held on 20 May. 

Police officers could face prosecution for spying on Janet Alder
After a two-year investigation by the IPCC into alleged spying on Janet Alder, sister of a man who died in police custody, the allegations have been passed on to the Crown prosecution Service, reported The Guardian.

Will brutal cuts lead to violent police?
The chair of the Police Federation, Steve White, said that more cuts to police budgets will lead to a ''paramilitary'' style of policing, reported The Guardian.

Theresa may announces funding to end police detention of mentally ill
The Home Secretary has pledged an extra £15 million for health-based alternatives to prevent people who are mentally ill being detained in police cells as 'places of safety', The Guardian reported. 


Here's a graph made by our Director, Richard Garside, showing how police numbers have grown in the past and might fall in the future: (click the graph to read the full article)

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Blue line: Actual police officer numbers.
Dashed blue line: Projection of 7,500 cut in police officer numbers by 2020.
Dotted blue line: Projection of 15,000 cut in police officer numbers by 2020.
Orange line: Actual combined police officer and Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) numbers.
Dashed orange line: Projection of 7,500 cut in police officer numbers and PCSO numbers continuing to decline at current rate by 2020.
Dotted orange line: Projection of 15,000 cut in police officer numbers and PCSO numbers continuing to decline at current rate by 2020.


'Don't do anything for us, without us' Paula Harriot, Head of Programmes at UserVoice, speaking at the Justice Matters for Women conference on 20 May 2015. 

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