02.05.2012  cc HUGH JONES, MP, CEOPG Alan Eccles, Regional Courts, Pannone
Ref HUGH JONES of Pannone s continued refusal to supply accounts.

Dear Sirs
Mr Hugh Jones in the linked exchange today;
provides clear evidence of his continued concise potential refusal to cooperate on the matter of supplying my mother with accounts, draft or otherwise, that are obviously available to hand.
The ex CEO of the OPG Martin John made it clear in his letters long long ago that it’s the deputy’s duty to supply accounts to his client and not with hold this information and off todays exchange you can clearly see how Mr Hugh Jones intends to ignore the rules & regulations and flout the law with impunity.
copy of Martin John’s wordsIn an email from Court of Protection Chief executive;

From: John, Martin

Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 1:16 PM

To: mailto:mike@rake.net

Subject: RE: Your emails dated 2 June and 8 July

Dear Mr Clarke

Deputies are generally expected to share details of their costs, with their Client, upon their request. Mrs Clarke can therefore ask to see relevant costs certificates from Hugh Jones


What responsibilities do deputies have?


Once a deputy has been appointed by the court, the order of appointment will set out their specific powers and the scope of their authority. On taking up the appointment, the deputy will assume a number of duties and responsibilities and will be required to act in accordance with certain standards. Failure to comply with the duties set out below could result in the Court of Protection revoking the order appointing the deputy and, in some circumstances; the deputy could be personally liable to claims for negligence or criminal charges of fraud.


Deputies should always inform any third party they are dealing with that the court has appointed them as deputy. The court will give the deputy official documents to prove their appointment and the extent of their authority.


A deputy must act whenever a decision or action is needed and it falls within their duties as set out in the court order appointing them. A deputy who fails to act at all in such situations could be in breach of duty.


Further information for HUGH JONES;
In your contact you used the words also, “I assume”;
My mother and I wish you to remove all your assumptions and presumptions for both of us, as that is something that can be associated with the LEGAL FICTIONS of which we are no longer associated, thus has been revoked!

Due to the stress and ill health caused we live in exile:-
Please reply ideally by email to:-
alternatively by fax to:-
+44 1253 928008
as a last resort by donkey post:-
31 Cherry Tree Rd, Blackpool FY4 4NS