Dear Sir 29.11.2011
Ref; Freedom of information request for copy of report
& your subsequent reply.
I have copied below section 44 of Guardian Rules and still see no reasons there as to why you would refuse a copy;
Section 44

Visits by the Public Guardian or by Court of Protection Visitors at his direction


44.—(1) This regulation applies where the Public Guardian visits, or directs a Court of Protection Visitor to visit, any person under any provision of the Act or these Regulations.

(2) The Public Guardian must notify (or make arrangements to notify) the person to be visited of—

(a)the date or dates on which it is proposed that the visit will take place;.

(b)to the extent that it is practicable to do so, any specific matters likely to be covered in the course of the visit; and.

(c)any proposal to inform any other person that the visit is to take place..

(3) Where the visit is to be carried out by a Court of Protection Visitor—

(a)the Public Guardian may—.

(i)give such directions to the Visitor, and.

(ii)provide him with such information concerning the person to be visited,.

as the Public Guardian considers necessary for the purposes of enabling the visit to take place and the Visitor to prepare any report the Public Guardian may require; and

(b)the Visitor must seek to carry out the visit and take all reasonable steps to obtain such other information as he considers necessary for the purpose of preparing a report..

(4) A Court of Protection Visitor must submit any report requested by the Public Guardian in accordance with any timetable specified by the Public Guardian.

(5) If he considers it appropriate to do so, the Public Guardian may, in relation to any person interviewed in the course of preparing a report—

(a)disclose the report to him; and.

(b)invite him to comment on it.



Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 6:15 AM
Subject: Fw: freedom of information
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Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 6:05 AM
Subject: freedom of information
Freedom of information request
for Court visitor report RUTH FARRERHALL
ref; your reply link below
Dear Neil Patterson
I refer to your letter above attached in link format.
The reason why we are requesting such information is that your Chief Martin John was supposedly conducting an investigation but I have not received adequate responses as usual to my complaints.
All information in relation to this sordid saga is as you well know is being published with the express permission of my mother linked here: whom I might add holds capacity linked here: report 31 pages.pdf .
You are well aware of our fight for freedom for mum and also the publication of documents to expose the wrong doings of the court where my mothers case is concerned going to the top and therefore given the above we further request a copy without providing any undertaking not to publish.