For the attention of;
OPG Caseworker
Chief of court MARTIN JOHN
David Hilton
17.11.2011 9.38 am
Dear Hugh Jones
Linked above again is authority by my mother as you already should be aware.
This is the 3rd request for you to supply further accounts information as asked for copied below;
1/ Please can you provide a little more information on the Scottish Widows investment.
2/ Can we please have more details of the interest paid onto the court funds account
3/ Can we please have the interim breakdown of Accounts March 2011 to date
4/ Current court funds balance?
Furthermore, due to the seriousness of our accusations we ask that you send the entire receipts for the entire deputyship period and also copies of all correspondence in order that we fulfil matters in relation to full disclosure.
We would remind you that an opportunity to settle this matter amicably for a meagre sum of £50,000 expires very shortly, in 5 days on the 22nd of November 2011.
We do not want to go down this process and feel a quick easy settlement would be best all round, this we believe is entirely in your favour not ours.
My mother has been ill treated by you all, she has been treated with contempt, there has been no-one in the UK protecting her or fighting her corner accept me!  Her funds have been MAL ADMINISTERED from day one. All we want is an apology and some form of recompense, we do not believe this is asking too much.
Taking into account that my mother never actually failed to have capacity at all, she held her capacity throughout. Her improvements 6 years after her accident were there to see in 2001 and today with the release of audio recordings i.e. Lord Chancellors doctors visit Dr Khan – link surely one must come to the conclusion she would have been released there and then under todays Mental Health Act rules.
So when did the rules change? 2005 Mental Health Act .... if that's the case the court armed with the report from 2001 by Dr Hana Al Hamar  link – 4pages.pdf 
a review of all patients should have been made and all those supposedly “sat on the fence” as the judge quoted about my mother, should have been released automatically.
She was retained! Like many others sat on the fence. Grievances build and people become bitter. Its unfair. My mother never lost capacity to regain it, she should never have ever been admitted into the Court of Protection.
You have 5 days!
Mike and Ann: of the Clarke family.
31 Cherry Tree Rd