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FAO CEO HMCTS in your private capacity as wo/man susan: acland-hood

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I am going to provide you with a little background. This 5 page overview provides the basics


My mother has had capacity throughout her ordeal, as has been witnessed by 4 clinical neurological specialists examinations of over 4.5 hours each.


The Court of Protection doctors, 2 off, 12 years apart did not make clinical examinations and both were recorded failing in that regard.


The last doctor by the court of protection did however state, finally after 11 years, that my mother did have capacity to make a will.


FINALLY the court agreed and here is the will -


After the making of that will within a couple of days it was submitted to the court of protection ‘judge’ JACKSON  that was still pondering upon my mothers last remaining asset her house!


After reading the will and criticising it, he ring fenced my mothers home so that it could not be sold in her lifetime!


THE JUDGE was informed that this act was in direct contrivention to the WILL and in essence was ultra virus otherwise VOID, he did nothing more to correct it.


Shortly after this the solicitors/deputy brought an action of harrasment against me the son heir and living will invoked executor after they were served a commercial lien for damges here -


From the outset i man claimed my divine proportion that i man am alive in law and do not require or consent to their statute services in which i viewed as FRAUD, requiring a common law jury court to assess their claim of harrasment?


The commercial lien was only served upon them because no statute provision was in play for a remedy to be addressed after writing constantly to all known bodies to NO avail, and so turned to common law.


Having turned to common law there was no going back.

Their claim of harrasment was false and void and could only be brought in a proper court de jure.


They proceeded against all advice in their own court using their own ‘judge’ ie a nominated court of protection ‘judge’ – BIASED FRAUD!


Since this time i man, have filed countless claims to gain my court at queens bench to provide remedy that we understand is being blocked by FREEMASONS in control of such entry to QUEENS BENCH that is a place man should by right be free to enter and form his own court man on man.


ALL this manner of injustice is fully documented on our website inclusive of recorded meetings and telephone calls etc plus letters and emails fully documented over the period now some 16 years.


In brief my mother has been defrauded in many many ways that has also fallen onto myself the carer of 20 years, redress needs to be undertaken.


YOU as CEO of the corporate courts HMCTS are as per sample documents sent liable, should denial of access to a court of remedy be continued, as we are ALL equal are we NOT, under the LAW.


In the attached pdf you can clearly see international law ALL changed from the 25th Dec 2012 and as such an end to the Cestui Que Vie act 1666 and its associated trusts in the ALL CAPS NAME fraud which in our case has been claimed countless times thus respectfully we now require the appropriate damages from what we have suffered as a result of the corporate court corruption that has been handed down upon us making us


We sincerely hope this hole will not be dug any deeper than it has already got.


There is so much information and evidence to produce it cannot be done within this email but our website is the store room of such content


We trust that your enlightenment to our injustice will remove the blockages to our court of remedy that a certain BAILEY REED & MASTER EYRE has been evidenced as blocking.


Email to Bailey Reed: and our submissions over 4 years most  recent: &




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Subject: pre action COURTESY NOTICE subject to response
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