to; MP Gordon Marsden; HUGH JONES; Court of Protection
2nd Formal Complaint
Ref Ann Clarke 10370284

Dear Sirs
We have previously asked under freedom of information act to know the qualifications of “Special Visitor” Dr Khan in 2001 specifically did he have experience in Neurocognitive psychology & expressive dysphasia, no reply has been forthcoming. Dr Khan spent 50 minutes with mum recorded, mums 2 other reports were conducted over 4 hours in each!

We have asked Hugh Jones for the accounts in full for 2011-2012 now overdue but nothing has been forthcoming.
We have organised an independent experienced Doctor with the independent help of Psychology Direct but this has been obstructed by David Hilton assistant to HUGH JONES of PANNONES, against the court order by the Judge.
I Michael Clarke am being pursued by PANNONES in harassment charges whilst coming under Mental Capacity Act protection from liability rules section 5, by PANNONEs HUGH JONES, the deputy whom is trying to identify this as  a separate matter other than the protection & well being of my mothers financial affairs & health. This matter needs urgent investigation as they are trying to gain a statute administrative hearing without my consent again on the 2nd May 2012.  This I believe may represent a conflict of interest for you to investigate and thus may need an higher authority as it involves also your very own Chief executive, Martin John, whom is also a party labelled in our Commercial Lien Claim for damages against Pannones & Martin John.

Kind Regards
Mike Clarke & Ann Clarke
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