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DEC 31 2014 [615610]hits. NEW VOLUME ABOUT TO START

DEC 30 2014 [615566]hits COP ABUSES JUST ROLL ON into 2015
Grandmother is arrested at Ken Dodd show and held in the cells... just for hugging her teenage granddaughter: Fury as secretive Court of Protection sentences 72-year-old to three months for contempt. A grandmother was hauled out of a comedy show and arrested on the orders of a family court judge – simply for hugging her granddaughter. Kathleen Danby, 72, was sentenced in her absence to three months in jail by the secretive Court of Protection in April after a judge heard she embraced the vulnerable girl, 19, against the wishes of social services. In an extraordinary move, she was arrested on Sunday night as she watched the comedian Ken Dodd at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Last night the grandmother was being held in custody, police confirmed. She is expected to be taken to court this morning. The girl’s father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has condemned her arrest as ‘absolutely ridiculous’. The 37-year-old handyman said: ‘She was sat there in the concert. The usher came down and said there were people wanting to speak to her. When she got into the foyer there were two police officers and she was arrested. ‘She’s told me she’s going to fight this but I’m concerned for her in custody. 'I don’t know what’s going to happen. She’s got a liver disease so she’s constantly on medication and she was totally knackered. I’m very angry.
In an email to John Hemming MP to express our disgust he replied within the hour and said he is attending court on this matter in the morning.
Dear Yvonne, JOHN HEMMING, Len, Jean, Lee & Gary
I sincerely hope that John Hemming MP’s attendance at the court hearing tomorrow will have a serious impact upon what ruling the judge may impose.
It is without doubt an embarrassment to UK justice with what this tyrannical judicial force is inflicting upon innocents, JUDGES acting ultra vires creating VOID orders to those whom are only trying to help and protect their own direct families, only to find themselves exiled or behind bars where due process is denied, representation refused and corrupt processes are flowing freely unabated.
There are too many examples now to show with ease what is happening within the UK leaving it an unsafe place to reside creating their own refugees fleeing from such injustice, that they care NOTHING for but by media reports so called caring for other refugees around the world, when they are clearly making their own.
The ASHYA KING case is just another where they fear a return to the UK and now are living in SPAIN where they feel safe as we do. WHAT A JOKE!
No matter who you write to over the years NOTHING IS DONE!
Mike & Ann

DEC 26 2014 [615510]hits

DEC 25 2014 [615500]hits
Merry Christmas

NOV 24 2014 []hits
Leaked 2002 Tiberius Report: Entire UK Criminal System Infiltrated by Organized Crime … with Help from Freemasons

The entire criminal justice system was infiltrated by organised crime gangs, according to a secret Scotland Yard report leaked to The Independent. Organised criminals were able to infiltrate Scotland Yard “at will” by bribing corrupt officers, according to the explosive report. The Metropolitan Police file dubbed Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found Britain’s biggest force suffered “endemic corruption” at the time.
The Tiberius report, produced by a team led by the former Met assistant commissioner Andy Hayman, paints a shocking picture of security at the time inside Scotland Yard, which had responsibility for the UK’s counter-terror operations.
Operation Tiberius found that men suspected of being Britain’s most notorious criminals had compromised multiple agencies, including HM Revenue & Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, the City of London Police and the Prison Service, as well as pillars of the criminal justice system including juries and the legal profession.

NOV 23 2014 []hits
Solicitors ‘prickly’ - economic crime chief
Donald Toon, director of economic crime command at the National Crime Agency (NCA) told delegates that the agency was taking a particular interest in solicitors, the ‘overwhelming majority’ of whom were honest, because criminals required ‘witting or unwitting help’ from professionals to set up shell companies, trusts and other instruments to hide the proceeds of their crimes. He said: ‘Perhaps £100bn a year is laundered through the UK financial sector, nearly all of it reliant on access to services provided by professionals, such as accountants and solicitors.’ The latter, Toon was ‘sorry to say’, were the worst offenders for submitting unsatisfactory suspicious activity reports (SARs). He gave the example of one firm’s submission that reported ‘no illegal activity’ and no ‘suspicious funding’, the money coming from an established bank and building society. It also failed to give the address of the property the firm’s client proposed buying.

NOV 21 2014 [614946]hits
Ashya King's parents care fears over UK return

The parents of five-year-old cancer patient Ashya King have told Good Morning Britain they are "scared" to return to the UK as they fear their son could be taken into care.
Brett and Naghmeh King sparked an international search and were arrested after they removed Ashya from Southampton hospital in August without medical consent.
Their son is now making good progress after his parents took him to receive proton therapy treatment in Prague.
Speaking from Spain, where the family are currently living, Mr King said: "There's a real fear that we have regarding Ashya. We don't really know what social services and the NHS still have in store for us.
"They've never come forward and said 'it's been a mistake, we'd never do it again'."
The couple faced a protracted legal battle to get their son to Prague for the specialist treatment, with a High Court judge only approving the move after they had been released from police custody in Spain.

NOV 20 2014 [614930]hits

NOV 18 2014 [614859]hits
On Wednesday 19th Nov. 2014 Members of Response from all over the country are gathering at 66 Woodville Road London NW11 9TN to ensure that the Willesden County Court BAILIFF Appointed by Notice of Appointment (with Bailiff) to Prevent to deprive Mr & Mrs EBERT from there Secured Tenancy in Fact and Law that the Appointed Bailiff will provide all the Required Legal Document
Namely: a valid Warrant of Possession Issue by the Court on a Claim of Possession issued by Willesden County Court which is not the Appropriate Court for this Address is the right Court which is Barnet County Court.
The Fundamental Issue in this case as in many Million other cases it has been proven that the Legal Professional with the Assistance of Criminal Members of the Judiciary Using there Position
Namely:- for Criminal Activity Defrauding the Public Purse and the Individual, HM Courts & Tribunal Service.
1) Not Paying Court Fee.
2) Referring to Claim which were never Issued by the Court.
3) Refuse to Provide the Computer Records, If Exist?
4) Denying free access to the Court and to Inspect the Court File.
5) in most of the cases by an Order or Instruction by a Judge.
6) making Forged Court Order in Fact and Law.
7) using the Court Stamp ( not Seal) to Conceal the Criminal Activity for Private Gain.
Denying the Members of the Public to Protect themselves from, Terror, Protection of Eviction and Harassment Act.1977 and Fraud Act.2006

NOV 18 2014 [614855]hits

NOV 14 2014 [614793]hits
Via facebook and I quote "Thank you for your message. It has been passed on to the casework office". So ... after writing to him on 13th JULY 2014 I finally get a template response on 13th NOVEMBER... so hold on ... that's 5 months just to get a template response of acknowledgement from the JUSTICE MINISTER!

NOV 13 2014 [614767]hits
An 8 page letter written in the clearest of manners covers all the injustice and corruption that is happening on a grand scale.

NOV 12 2014 [614757]hits

NOV 8 2014 [614679]hits
The only corruption that the government appears to tackle is BRIBERY, which is not the only kind of corruption!! .
Mr. M. Clarke
Dear Mr. Clarke
Congratulations, once again, on the above.
May I please draw your attention to the following list, which I believe goes a long way to illustrating the crux of the serious crime problem in the UK and I hope it will prove useful to you:
· White collar crime is officially very low on the list of government concerns and has never been properly addressed, according to Mr. Clarke:
"For too long, the UK has not taken the investigation and prosecution of white collar crime seriously with the obvious consequence that white collar criminals don't take the risk of enforcement seriously," he said.
"Put another way, the deterrent effect is missing."(note: and will remain so, unless there is imprisonment of these criminals rather than Deferred Prosecution Agreements.)
"The one difficulty with enforcing really serious frauds of international significance is that they are hugely expensive and costly to investigate and prosecute," Clarke told the Financial Times.
(note: so Britain doesn’t bother)
The Treasury Department refuses to allocate sufficient funds to the Serious Fraud Office in order that they may do their job properly. They are in a perpetual state of bankruptcy, and are forced to go “cap in hand” for more funds on a regular and ongoing basis.
The Home Secretary made a decision to cut back on police resources. Consequently, police across the country are short staffed and cannot cope with the rampant crime in the UK, much less transnational crime or complex white collar crime.
They often do not have the time to do their jobs because they are being used as private militia for local governments, bailiffs, and private corporations in civil matters. Recently, West Mercia Police deployed a police helicopter and some fifty or so personnel to assist in an unlawful eviction connected to a fraud case. Similar misuse of resources took place in Northumbria a few weeks prior, and have taken place in other parts of the country. Police are rushed off their feet intimidating victims of crime, involving themselves in civil matters, and assisting criminals in fraudulent bankruptcies and land title transfers; resources are therefore stretched.
Despite declarations by the Home Office to the contrary, British police are politically controlled and motivated, as is the British media.
The Home Secretary established a National Crime Agency, which is part of the Home Office and directly under her control. It is intended to replace the Serious Fraud Office and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. It cannot be independent of government as long as Ms. May has this agency sitting in the Home Office under her control, and any commitment to transnational serious organised crime fighting will be like “walking through mud”. It is to be hoped that, one day, whistleblowers from the Serious Fraud Office will come forward and expose the ties that have been binding them.
The new National Crime Agency, so far, does not appear to take any action on matters continually put before them by members of the public. Nor, as usual, do any of the Home Office ministers or Justice Ministers, including those whose remit is serious organised crime, such as Karen Bradley, MP.
The only corruption that the government appears to tackle is BRIBERY, which is not the only kind of corruption. Investigations under the Bribery Act are focussed on the private sector, with absolutely no regard for the rampant corruption in the public sector. The purpose of the Bribery Act is to provide a lucrative business for lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic, and the recent introduction of American-style justice in the form of Deferred Prosecution Agreements, rather than imprisonment for economic criminals, is further evidence that government profit is the motivator for the Bribery Act, rather than justice. Other criminals get prison sentences. The Deferred Prosecution Agreements will be selective. Obviously, the plan is to let banksters and other crooks pay “fines”, which they have budgeted for anyway, and this is not a deterrent to economic crime. However, these fines will supplement the Treasury budget nicely. The public does not view this as justice. It is a sort of “cat and mouse racket” theatrical act where the criminals and government always win, and the victim always loses.
The Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking has been used as an excuse to cripple journalists and freedom of speech in the UK, and not enough attention was paid to the fact that the corrupt people are the ones who have leaked police information to the press and who take bribes, rather than the tempters: i.e. police were more guilty because they are public servants and have a duty of care.
There are virtually NO police trained and experienced to any significant degree in forensic accounting employed by individual forces across the country, except for some twenty-eight persons employed by, or contracted to, the Serious Fraud Office. Greater Manchester Police, the second largest force in the country, has only one such trained and experienced economic forensic analyst, or at least it did at last check, some three years ago.
Police across the country are falsifying National Statistics figures, due to unintelligent methods of tracking performance, which demand has been placed upon them by some air head in government, and which cause police to concentrating ONLY on easy and quick to solve and prosecute ASBOs, B & Es, etc., rather than the network of complex organised crime being operated by criminals with law and accounting degrees (in plain sight, using the legal system). The emphasis on performance is quantity and not quality, which is hard to record as a statistic but a more clear indicator of quality policing. Police do not seem to understand that falsification of records is fraud, and a criminal offence. They are not punished for it.
Money is spent on water cannons, which will no doubt be used to control both street gangs and lawful demonstrators alike, rather than on, for example, forensic accountants.
The Association of Chief Police Officers, ACPO, is a private, limited company, not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, and which had a Memorandum of Understanding with the Law Society (another private, limited company) not to investigate police or lawyers without consent from the other party. This is blatant perversion of justice. Chief Constables are serving two masters: ACPO and their own force, not to mention their own interests. ACPO is subsidised by public funding, and has profit arrangements with the private sector, which profits are not put back into the public purse. The government is therefore subsidising a private business which in turn dictates to government. ACPO is a very questionable force for justice and the Rule of Law. A copy of the Memorandum of Understanding can be provided upon request to me by any interested party. It should never have existed.
In short, white collar crime in the UK is rarely investigated, and the police publicly and loudly declare fraud to be “a civil matter”, despite criminal laws that are supposed to be in effect, such as the Fraud Act 2006. If not strongly challenged by the victims, the police turn victims away and will not deal with them or record their allegations. In the event that police are pushed to record the crime, it is not properly investigated. The problems and extent of the crimes are therefore hidden, and a true picture of crime in the UK has not yet emerged.
Because they are short-staffed, and because Police do not have sufficient members who are highly trained in forensic accounting and legal work, police REFUSE to record and investigate white collar crime - unless committed against the state or powerful individuals and corporations. In at least one case, the Metropolitan Police hired themselves out for profit as a private investigation agency to investigate fraud committed against VIRGIN, yet continue to ignore thousands of taxpayer victims of fraud, some of whom have sustained losses in the multi-millions of pounds in each individual case. As a result, homes, farms, and businesses are being stolen by fraud AT WILL, and THIS IS BEING DONE USING THE CIVIL COURTS and corrupt individuals working under cover of the courts and the legal system. This is a two-tired legal system that only the very rich can access, and not those bankrupted by fraud and corruption and without the funds to use the civil courts, particularly now that legal aid is denied them too.
Because of police unwillingness to record and investigate crime, victims, if they are unwise enough and have some funds, are forced to try and expose the crimes in civil courts, where the legal mafia and courts can take their money and, working with a select few corrupt judiciary, ensure that they have no chance of winning their cases.
Judicial corruption can take place because of lack of oversight and the usual wilful blindness of the Ministry of Justice and Home Office.
Clear titled real estate properties owned by elderly people are most often targeted, and much of the crime takes place under cover of Powers of Attorney and the Court of Protection, where court appointed deputies also have a licence to steal, as there are NO CEILING CAPS on fee structures, the court is secret, and no family or advocate is allowed to scrutinise the books. All is conducted in secret in this court, with lawyers charging top legal fees to those who have lost capacity and are unable to question anything or make choices. It is an ideal feeding ground for unscrupulous individuals, and the Ministry of Justice (Justice Minister, Simon Hughes) has stated that it has no plans to rectify the matter. Injunctions have been used to silence victims of crime taking place in this particular court and others.
Some 3.2 BILLION pounds of private assets have been corralled from those who have lost mental capacity by the Court of Protection. These assets belong to Britain’s most vulnerable people, and are held in the Bank of England, paying them only 0.5% interest. There is no choice of banks allowed, and it is alleged that these monies are deposited in the Treasury Account, offsetting the national debt, which, if true, is false accounting. Errors in accounting have been made and, considering the connection to the Bank of England which has been found guilty of lax security protocols to prevent money laundering, should be seriously scrutinised by the international community.
There is no proper oversight of the courts or court process, and normalisation of deviance by both front line employees, managers, and other public officials has enabled the Rule of Law to disintegrate. In other words, nobody is abiding by the rules or doing their jobs properly, and can continue to do anything they like because there is no proper oversight, and no action is ever taken to rectify the situation because the entire focus of the British Establishment is “covering up” before anything else.

The Land Registry refuses to investigate fraudulent land title transfers, and has been accused of serious corruption. The Minister for the Land Registry declared that he has no powers to intervene. There is evidence to suggest Land Registry collusion to defraud with private individuals, and police have not taken action.
Here, the government detaches itself from the abuse of Britain’s Rule of Law by the legal profession and appears to sanction it: · Email me when Lord Faulks speaks · Most recent appearances · Numerology · Full profile ...
Lord Faulks (Conservative)
“Her Majesty’s Government has not made any representations to the Law Society about its practice note on Sharia-compliant wills.
The legal profession is independent of government, and is regulated by Approved Regulators, for which the Legal Services Board (LSB) has oversight responsibility. The Approved Regulators and LSB are also independent of government, as are the bodies which deal with complaints about those in the legal profession.”
Some questions should be asked about the implications of Sharia Law and International Law, now that Sharia it is gaining a foothold in the UK, and the government prefers to leave the matter in the hands of private limited companies, such as the Law Society, rather than take responsibility and be accountable to the international community and its own citizens.
In the Court of Protection, money laundering has taken place, along with other white collar crimes and theft. This is as a result of this court having virtually no security protocols to prevent fraud and other crimes, and the Ministry of Justice’s continued refusal to rectify matters, despite being informed of weak areas over and over again. What would be the reason for this, do you suppose? It leaves the back door open to fraudsters and money launderers. Fraud enablement is a criminal offence in the UK. The Court of Protection fits the definition of fraud enabler. The implications of this, in terms of global security, are quite frightening and should be examined by those concerned about money laundering and terrorism, in particular.
Court of Protection Certificates of Mental Incapacity are not manufactured with any serial numbers or other fraud prevention specifications, and are therefore wide open to allowing fraud, which takes place at criminals’ will, but is rarely investigated. There has been fraud on the court involving criminals with law degrees, as a result of deviation from the court process and legal regulations due to either corruption or laziness, and involving the Office of the Official Solicitor and Court of Protection. There is virtually no oversight of paperwork process, and no oversight on individual files by the National Audit Office or anyone else. Britain’s most vulnerable citizens are being targeted for their assets, and lawyers fall over themselves in a scramble to get Court of Protection work because it is as easy as taking candy from a baby, extremely lucrative, secret, and unchallenged. The very people that the system is supposed to protect are being targeted by corrupt individuals and criminals with law degrees, and the Ministry of Justice turns its head the other way, despite repeated attempts to draw their attention to the very serious lack of security protocols.
In general terms, the State and all officials, with template reponses to victims of crime and corruption, declare that “we cannot intervene in individual cases”. These “individual cases” are subsequently binned, and nobody is looking at the huge number of “individual cases” and their common denominators. No procedures have been established for the government to properly analyse trends, particularly in light of police REFUSING to record crime and happy ministerial correspondence clerks sending out template responses or ignoring the correspondence entirely.
Oversight bodies are alleged to be corrupt or, at the very least, biased with conflicts of interest. In the case of police forces, they are paid from the budget of their local government and police do not therefore assist the public or the victims if they do not feel like it, or if doing so will expose corruption in the midst of their paymasters. They are unable to make the mental connection that it is the taxpayer who is the employer, and not some corrupt individuals in municipal or central government. Police refuse to bite the hand that feeds them, and have declared that they will never investigate government.
Police are being used as private militia in some cases, and many allegations have been made against North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, to name but two municipal bodies and police forces. Multiple allegations have been made against several other forces, one of which is South Wales Police, as detailed at the end of this email.
Human Rights “charities” and the parliamentary Human Rights Committee do not respond to victims in the UK, as all attention is focussed on war zones outside of the country and protecting foreign investments, and yet they are receiving public monies, and should be protecting the British people from domestic corruption, human and civil rights abuses, and crime by speaking out.
Similarly, the press is not reporting on matters, as D notices and injunctions are used to prevent them, and some of them are following a government agenda anyway, such as the BBC. Injunctions, generally, have been placed on individuals to prevent them from exposing crime, particularly crimes taking place at high levels and through the courts.
A review of Hansard reports indicates that parliamentarians are focussed only on corruption abroad, and not domestic corruption. Discussions about domestic corruption are conspicuous by their absence from both Houses. There is virtually no mention of domestic corruption, yet it exists in bucketfuls, and is facilitated in many ways, none-the-least of which is the punishment of whistleblowers, both inside the workplace, and outside, and the total disregard for proper procedure, even in every day business conducted by public servants, whose objective appears to be obstruction and denial of service at all costs.
In the workplace, people are threatened with job loss and worse. There is no protection for them, nor is there any protection for members of the public that expose crime and corruption. Nasty things sometimes happen to them:
Medical Malpractice and Cover Ups in the NHS,
victim persecution, and attempted abuse of psychiatry to conceal wrongdoing
Outside of the workplace, people have been punished by police harassment, and the Department of Public Works and pensions cutting off benefits, to name but a few, false entries in police computers and other data bases, which have then been shared across agencies – or the other way around. Victims are unable to get the false entries investigated or removed, and this affects them for their whole life.The NHS has been implicated as one of the biggest culprits, classifying victims of clinical negligence, for example, as mentally ill. There have been very serious allegations made, including assassinations and/or “strange accidents”. Consider Dr. David Kelly, for example, and Stan Richardson.
Striking unionised construction workers have been placed on blacklists, denying them employment for life.
There appears to be a legal blacklist, as I have seen evidence of what looks like virtually every lawyer in the land denying whistleblowers/victims of serious institutionalised crime representation in the courts.
Whistleblowers and victims have been persecuted transnationally, with blagging by social services, the issuance of European arrest warrants and the co-operation of the judiciary, or even without the knowledge or involvement of the judiciary. This indicates the transnational extent of the organised crime, and is definitely of concern to other nations.
Transparency International UK does not accurately depict the corruption picture in the UK. Several members of the House of Lords sit on their advisory committee, and this is a conflict of interest. KROLL is one of Transparency International’s sponsors, and eyebrows are being raised in connection with City of London Police corruption and KROLL. This is also a conflict of interest and, as Transparency International UK never reflects the true picture in the UK, it would appear to be a negative association. Please see and for just how deeply KROLL is embedded in British injustice.
Obviously, the lines between police, private business, oversight bodies, and criminal organisations in the UK are extremely blurred, and this is the responsibility of the British government, which has so far remained unaccountable to parliament and to the British public.
Lord Maginnis of Drumglass (UUP)
Hansard source (Citation: HL Deb, 15 May 2012, c332)
One may be advised to speak to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. I have, only to be told that the fairly obvious injustice that concerns me was not within its bailiwick because my complaint overlapped with social services. I belatedly referred the issue to the Justice Department, but it could not intervene. I am referring to a case where a lady in her 80s was cheated out of her home. The Minister knows it well and over the past three years the Home Office has received hundreds-yes, hundreds-of communications through me about the matter. Successive Secretaries of State have been so concerned that none would meet me, despite the fact that Interpol was activated to pursue this elderly lady all the way to her son's home in Austria. Does anyone in authority care that social services and police in North Yorkshire have conspired in the persecution of Mrs Hofschroer and her son? Are details of dismissals, forced retirements and other shady and costly measures pertaining to North Yorkshire Police available to legislators in Parliament? No. Basic justice is distorted by the system, but I can see nothing to address this major issue in the Government's plans.
The template replies to desperate victims of white collar crime are most often sent out by clerical staff, and the ministers or officials may never have seen the evidence or complaint. Nobody knows for sure. Most often, no replies are received at all. There is simply no response. Either that, or we also have evidence that emails are being deleted without being read. The public is treated with disdain.
As a result of template replies sent out (if ever) by tardy government correspondence personnel and officials, and failure to investigate “individual cases” (at all levels of government, both local and central), nobody has been assigned to examine, collate, and analyse the types of criminal complaints that people are being PREVENTED by the state from lodging. This forms a nice little INSULAR SHIELD for organised crime to prosper in the bosom of the government, courts, and public bodies, as criminals know that neither police nor government will investigate. As a result, Britain is now known as the Organised Crime Capital of Europe.
Government does not compel police to uphold the Rule of Law and is complicit in depriving the police of funds for that purpose. Lawmakers do not appear to press government hard enough to ensure that their laws are being upheld. Only a few speak out, but their cries fall on the deaf ears of the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, and Prime Minister.
Civil Procedure Rules are not being adhered to, or have been changed by stealth without parliament’s knowledge, as the rules are not being followed by court personnel and judiciary, and obviously not the legal mafia, which is operating white collar crime syndicates within the legal system, stealing land, homes, farms, and businesses by colluding not to adhere to Civil Procedure Rules or the Rule of Law. We can supply much evidence of this, and witnesses.
Court tapes, files, documents FREQUENTLY go missing. CCTV cameras mysteriously fail to operate the crucial times, which are important to victims as evidence. At all other times, they operate perfectly well when required by police as evidence against others.
I have knowledge of at least one of the big four accounting firms being accused of orchestrating a major fraudulent bankruptcy, and there are more, evidenced by the Lawrence Tomlinson Report, which was presented to Vince Cable, Minister for Business, and no action has been taken. The public is still waiting to see what kind of cover up will take place. It is believed that the Serious Fraud Office might be using forensic accountants from these companies as contractors, but it is not known for certain. If so, this practice is a security risk, as with any private agency being contracted for policing and national security purposes.
Anyone who persists in fighting his case in court can be, and frequently is, labelled a “vexatious litigant” and denied justice permanently. If that fails, mental health legislation is often used to silence the victim. See the Maurice Kirk allegations re Dr. Tegwyn Williams and South Wales Police below.
There appears, always to be organised establishment cover ups across several departments, rather than any serious approach to eliminating crime and corruption. The public may be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that the government itself is a party to the crime and corruption and is, in fact, no more than a criminal cartel itself. Nobody is doing the job that the public expects them to do and, instead, they freeload at the public expense. Taking money under false pretences is fraud. It is just as bad as fiddling expenses.
The public does not have faith in the Home Office or the government, particularly in light of suspicious activity regarding the appointment of two biased public inquiry heads into institutionalised paedophilia and blackmail in Westminster, and the alleged use, by MI5, of video evidence filmed at child sexual exploitation parties being used to blackmail members of the British government.
I have been advised that Members of Parliament have no legal requirement to take on any constituency work. As a result, they are about as much use to their constituents as an ashtray on a motorbike. This is clearly wrong. People voted for these freeloaders so that they would be fairly represented and assisted should the need arise. People turn to them as a last resort, and are most often ignored by the majority of MPs or denied service in various ways. Sometimes the member takes some action to help the constituent and then suddenly drops the inquiry without explanation, which appears highly suspicious. There are, of course, exceptions and some excellent members of parliament, but few speak out about the corruption they know to exist. About six members of the House of Commons come to mind out of 650. These good MPs are often abused by other members and the media.
There are roadblocks to justice at every twist and turn. Most often, people are simply ignored in the hope that they will just go away. Indeed, many have mental breakdowns, commit suicide, or simply die trying to get justice from a brick wall. I have seen hundreds of appeals to officials and members of parliament, committees, ministers, etc. which NEVER receive replies.
Many correspondence staff and/or ministers and members of parliament are even in the habit of deleting emails without reading them, as if every member of the public is a fool not worth bothering with. This is acceptable to the British government, which buries its head in the sand, and seeks to maintain the status quo, pretending to know nothing of the rampant institutionalised corruption holding the country in its grip.
The public has seen no action from the new “Anti-Corruption Champion”, Matthew Hancock, MP, or his predecessor, Kenneth Clarke, MP, and has absolutely no faith in the system. There have never been any replies, to my knowledge, of correspondence sent to them about corruption and crime. What chance has anybody got for justice in the UK? Crime – especially organised white collar crime – is completely out of control as a direct result of all of the above, and more – not to mention official corruption and self interest of many members of parliament and ministers, and all the decoys that the Home Office sets up by pretending there are no laws to fit the crimes, when, in fact, there are many existing laws. They are just not being upheld by police, and the government does not care to ensure that police are doing their jobs.
As Shadow Attorney Minister, Emily Thornberry has so rightly pointed out:
· Email me when Emily Thornberry speaks
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· Full profile ...
Emily Thornberry (Shadow Attorney General; Islington South and Finsbury, Labour)
I wish the Attorney-General the best of luck in his new role, particularly in explaining to this legal illiterate Government their obligations under international and national law to uphold the rule of law. I also wish him the best of luck with Home Office empire building, and that is the purpose of this question. Will he confirm reports in The Times and the Financial Times that Ministers are discussing the abolition of the Serious Fraud Office and will he give this House a clear assurance that he will fight such attempts to dismember the SFO so that we continue to have an independent combined investigator and prosecutor of serious economic fraud?
Read in context:
The British government is not only legal illiterate but also criminally negligent, as is the Prime Minister.
There is much interest in the matter from officials abroad, as Britain is not living up to its obligations to uphold the Rule of Law, and is jeopardising the national security of other nations.
I look forward to your response, and do hope that you will find this information useful, for completing your project expediently. More information can be supplied, together with people who will be willing to meet with you to share documentation and testimonies in support of the above and below, should you need more clarification.
Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience imposed by the individual State … crimes against international law are committed by men, not by abstract entities, and only by punishing individuals who commit such crimes can the provisions of international law be enforced.
Yours sincerely,

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First of all this statement now confirms in the full lightness of day that there is an agenda of a NEW WORLD ORDER that appears to be leading us into WORLD WAR 3

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31 OCT 2014 [614566]hits

26 OCT 2014 [614484]hits
Asked to sign the Petition for Maurice Kirk, I did so & added the comment below:
“As some will know, I speak with authority on this subject, authority born of hard experience. The problem is how to tell the horrific truth without being accused of wild exaggeration. Exaggeration is impossible: It IS horrific! The innocence of those who think we can appeal to the humanity of the Quislings who now rule Britain is touching. They are without humanity, shame, conscience or soul, at least as bad as the Nazis, but less honest!
The courts are run by a Legal/Judicial Mafia, Stasi Police carry out their dirty work. Prisons are fiefdoms run by thugs, some sophisticated, who reach high rank, some just brutal. The few who are not thugs are never promoted & just plod on, restrained from blowing the whistle by fear of losing their pensions.
The tragedy is not that Tyrannical Oligarchs should act as they do, but that the bulk of the British People allow them such power, grateful for the perks from being part of the Orwellian Police State, too stoned on ”The Opium of the Masses’ to care, or too spineless to protest. The few who do dare to protest are in great danger, evidenced by the treatment meted out to Maurice Kirk, me & others who suffered even worse!
Fortunately, I had good health enough to live long enough to escape from Orwellian Britain. Let’s hope Maurice can live long enough to do the same. Should he fail to do so, it will be murder, to add to the torture & torment currently being inflicted on him.
Britain presents itself to the world (& to the gullible amongst its own people) as a Democracy, with Human Rights & the Rule of Law. It is a façade, behind which unspeakable things are happening. PRISON UPDATE on Maurice KIRK
Will this have any effect on Theresa May? We shall see.”

25 OCT 2014 []hits

25 OCT 2014 [614479]hits
Justice minister Simon Hughes has said the government will make an announcement within weeks on tackling the issues raised by the growing number of litigants in person.
Hughes told the Liberal Democrats party conference in Glasgow yesterday that he had persuaded colleagues at the Ministry of Justice to find a solution to the increasing number of unrepresented people in court.
The announcement will affect all civil courts and is likely to come before Christmas. Hughes also indicated that the application process for exceptional funding - designed as a safety net for 'deserving' cases that are outside the scope of legal aid - would be made ‘much easier’ before the 2015 general election.

25 OCT 2014 [614472]hits

Ashya is ''much better'' but family WON'T return to UK in case he's taken from them. Instead of coming home to Britain brave Ashya King's family will travel to Spain where he will continue his treatment. Miracle boy Ashya King is all smiles after completing his final proton beam cancer treatment in Prague – but he is not heading home to Britain. The five-year-old’s parents do not feel ready to return to the UK because they fear the authorities will again separate them from their precious lad. Instead, the family will fly to Spain where they will stay at their holiday home, and Ashya will continue chemotherapy treatment. He has amazed medics with the extent of his recovery during the six-week course of proton therapy for a brain tumour. In August his parents, Brett and Naghmeh, took Ashya out of Southampton General Hospital without doctors’ consent.
The couple, who had disagreed with medics over their lad’s treatment, were tracked down two days later in Spain and thrown in jail at the request of British authorities before being released after a public outcry. Brett said: “We have decided to go back to Spain. We don’t feel 100% safe about going back to England. We’ve still got something inside us that perhaps something might happen and we’ll be in trouble again, with Ashya being taken away from us. “It’s our intention to go back to England but we want to give it some distance, some time.”

24 OCT 2014 [614466]hits

peter oakes says:
October 24, 2014 at 11:03 am
Please note : You are not a Citizen, or even a European Citizen but you will no doubt have a European Passport, but without the Human Rights of a European Citizen as defined in ECHR.
The UK is not a Signatory nation to ECHR The UK refused to sign Article 1 the Article that binds all signatories to up-hold your European Human Rights. You have been cheated ,(duped) out of your rights, The UK HRA also removed Article 13 Your Right to a Remedy. You are a second class European Citizen that is defined as a Subject of HM. ( what you are subjected to is secret enslavement devoid of any rights or remedies locked in a police controlled state by oath sworn officials of a corrupt monarchy, We are still serfs, property of the queen and her lords, earls, barons, constables, judges & lawyers)
Wise-up !! You are farmed and cultivated to provide for the privilledged and should you aspire to having wealth and property it will be stolen from you by HM Government agents, trustees, lawyers, local authorities who want your house etc. ( they will get the secret court of protection to declare you of being feeble minded and incapable of managing your own affairs, the local authority will steal your identity and steal your house etc.
LINK to the NORMAN SCARTH view of MAURICE KIRKs treatment "Norman himself a refugee of UK inujustice".

20 OCT 2014 [614380]hits

20 OCT 2014 [614360]hits

19 OCT 2014 [614342]hits
On Saturday, 11 October 2014, a Grand Jury consisting of indigenous men and women from across the lands known as the Isles of Britain was convened in the city known as Nottingham.

17 OCT 2014 [614313]hits

15 OCT 2014 [614267]hits
But why are they not doing and thus acting "ULTRA VIRES" & outside the law becoming a law unto themselves.

14 OCT 2014 [614240]hits

SRA issue warnings to firms on upcoming international investigations on money laundering within the legal fraternity. WATCH OUT HUGH JONES!
Quote from the article:
Its report on money laundering and terrorist financing in July 2013 said the legal profession was proving ‘very attractive’ to organised crime.
It's at this point one could clearly argue that my mothers client fund has also been laundered into terrorist use by forcing us into exile as UK REFUGEES from the terror being experienced from the cover-up of fraud and theft criminal racketeering that not only us are complaining about?

14 OCT 2014 [614235]hits

Research will show who owns it and further information on directors, shareholdings and profits. Let see if we can dig much deeper on this racket.

13 OCT 2014 [614215]hits

Thus far Governments have failed to act. Reform is inevitable.

13 OCT 2014 [614201]hits

Rick Powell - Tried to email but mail delivery failed. I got the email sent straight back via mail demon. Sent it again to Been locked up in London prisons for two weeks. Managed to get bail on Wednesday 3 September but only because the probation service arranged to get me a room in a bail hostel in Greenwich. Otherwise I would still be banged up until 13th October when I'm due in court at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court. Being made homeless by my landlord n landlady ment I was NFA when cops came to the house claiming they had a warrant for my arrest for failing to appear in court in April last year. Yet I was never informed that I was supposed to go and the cops did not have a signed copy of any warrant when they kidnapped me from my address in Bugle..... which in itself is illegal. I told the cops without a signed warrant in hand they could not lawfully effect an arrest and thazzt ignorance of the law was no excuse but they arrested me anyway. I was taken against my will to Newquay police station, strip searched and banged up over night. The next morning they locked me up in a cubicle no bigger than a phone box in a back of a transporter van and drove me all the way to a police station in London. They took my phone etc off me, which had ALL my numbers and addresses on so I had no contact with anyone for two weeks. Im ok for now, out of jail at least but got to stay in Greenwich bail hostel until next court date 13th October. If the filth and the Magistrate ride ruff shod over my common law rights yet again I may get banged up again for a few months. They have done this and keep doing it every day of the week. Solicitors, Magistrates, Police are all members of the law society. They do not abide by the British Common Law legal system set in place in the year 1215 AD when the Magna Carta was written and signed by the King, then again with The Bill Of Rights in 1688/9 AD, (still active and never repealed) which clearly states STATUTES AND ACTS CANNOT BE IMPOSED UPON THE GOVERNED WITHOUT THEIR PRIOR CONSENT and FINES, FEES AND FORFEITURE ARE VOID WITHOUT TRIAL BY JURY. That is the LAW. But there is no jury in Magistrates court, no holy book to swear by the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The councils hire a room in the court house and fill it with paid public officials to impose fines, fees and forfeiture against the public. The system is corrupt. It's been a witch hunt from the get go. Police covertly following me, threatening behaviour, intimidation, they smashed their unlawful way into my vehicle stole my vehicle, cost me my business, persecuted both me and the now estranged wife, split up my marriage and subjected me to a life on my own and on the dole. All of which equates to total corruption, all because they legally owe me compensation on a grand scale. So they keep trying to do me for anything they can to discredit my lawful claims against them. Bail hostel conditions - must live and sleep each night here. Which is highly convenient for the filth, as I am separated from my evidence papers and photos on my laptop and 2nd mobile phone, which are all in Cornwall.

12 OCT 2014 [614186]hits
On the 1st Oct GUY TAYLOR wrote this email... Hi Mike,
I have spoken to Manchester Court (Marie) today and faxed her the above request along with your letter of authority... GUY TAYLOR
NOW... why is it that the courts are obstructing access breaching their own rules??

11 OCT 2014 [614147]hits
I spoke to Guy Taylor.
The situation is that County Courts in his area will no longer allow him to see copies of Hearings in which he has been involved … even though “Their Own Rules” say that he is entitled to that information within 48 hours.
(Rule No. 1: THEY DON'T OBEY THEIR OWN RULES - kicks in!) They tried to charge him £5 FOR A RECEIPT! He pointed out that, if he went to Tesco, and bought £85-worth of shopping … paid them £85 … Tesco would GIVE him a receipt for £85 (so that he could get his shopping past any inspection by their Security Guard). Normal, standard, business practice!
They won’t “Court Seal” anything … at least they won’t let you have a copy of something that has a true Court Seal on it.
You can’t get in without an APPOINTMENT!
Their ‘criminality’ is … is … is … STAGGERING!
So … what we do (and what Guy is doing) is HAMMERING THEM HAMMERING THEM HAMMERING THEM!
Hammer them until they admit that they are a pile of CRIMINAL SHYTE.
(Oh … and btw … West Mercia Police don’t know the difference between a Court Stamp, a Court Seal, and a “stamped Receipt”. So that's good ... innit?)
And, to cap it all, they are closing down Magistrates Courts all over the place. (Reason: "They are not commercially viable". Note: "Commercially". Much easier to just send out PCNs ... and enough Mugs pay up! Presumably that's "commercially viable"!)

11 OCT 2014 []hits

9 OCT 2014 [614096]hits
An MP has advised parents suspected of abusing or neglecting their children to leave the country if they fear being denied a fair hearing in the family courts.
Liberal Democrat John Hemming, chairman of the Justice for Families group, said the legal system was stacked heavily against individuals and in favour of local authorities. He said he had been contacted by hundreds of parents who claimed they were being unfairly targeted by social services.
“All the cards are held by the local authority. It has large resources to fight the cases, it does all the assessments,” he told tonight’s BBC Panorama. “My advice to people, if they can afford it, is just to go abroad. You can’t get a fair trial here, because you can’t rely on the evidence being fair. It’s best simply to go if you can, at the right time, lawfully.”
Mr Hemming cited the case of a young woman with mild learning difficulties who fled to Spain to prevent her baby being taken off her by Suffolk social services which had flagged up concerns over her ability to look after the child when she became pregnant in 2009. The woman eventually returned to the UK when her parents were granted a court order giving them shared responsibility and guaranteeing she could keep the child, who is now thriving.


8 OCT 2014 []hits
How the courts are being used in a private capacity ignoring CPR rules.

8 OCT 2014 []hits

8 OCT 2014 [614081]hits

5th OCT 2014 [614014]

1st OCT 2014 [613970]
LOVELY speech by CONmoran about being proud of BRITAIN etc... funny how I've wrote to him several times about fraud, theft and corruption being committed by white collar criminals in the power of the Public Guardian and the racketeering continuing against not just the OLD, but Children too, by the SS thefts of kids for cash generating adoptions. All backed by a bent Judiciary whom with impunity are committing TREASON in OUR courts disregarding their own rules and imprisoning innocent FAMILY without jury involvement & in other cases causing fleeing the country under the advice of MP JOHN HEMMING to escape the glaringly obvious injustice that HE [CONmoran] refuses to address. Probably due to high ranking officialdoms paedophile tendencies' that are being used WHIP wise to BLACKMAIL those in power to keep quiet and to continue to allow these THEFTS... IS THIS THE BRITAIN we are to be proud of???

28 SEPT 2014 [613942]

9 SEPT 2014 [613688]
UK REFUGEES @ Persons forced into exile as UK refugees due to INJUSTICE from JUDICIAL corruption and the serious breach of ARTICLE 8

5 SEPT 2014 [613615]

5 SEPT 2014 []

5 SEPT 2014 []
Refugees from the UK with Ian Josephs and Brian Rothery

5 SEPT 2014 []

5 SEPT 2014 []
BRUTAL POLICE RAID AND BREAKIN REMINDER To our property on 28th January 2013

1st SEPT 2014 [613522]

31 AUG 2014 []

DOUBLE STANDARDS sounds about right for this position, a man whom cannot answers letters sent to him in his capacity for such, where I have now written to him 3 times without response. Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes previously declared last year that he would never take a ministerial job. He had rejected a government job in the last reshuffle, he said, so that he could speak his mind to any Lib Dem minister 'from Nick (Clegg) downwards'. But lo and behold, last week he accepted the role of Justice Minister. But then, double standards are nothing new to Hughes. Most famously, he denied being homosexual during the Lib Dem leadership contest in 2006, only to then confirm that he was some weeks later. Then, at this year's Lib Dem conference, Hughes very enthusiastically clapped Nick Clegg when his boss spoke approvingly of the fact that gay marriage was being legalised. Yet in the crucial, final vote in the Commons on same-sex marriage, Hughes abstained. That's not all. Defending cuts in police numbers, as part of the austerity drive, he said it was 'simplistic and wrong' to argue that more police equals less crime. He explained: 'It's what you do with the police and how effective they are that matters.' But then the MP for Double Standards was photographed at a demo against police cuts, holding a poster calling for 10,000 more bobbies on the beat. In the summer, he was on the warpath again, this time against the huge rise in the number of betting shops. He stressed that it was 'really important' that local communities should have a choice and say: 'We don't want that parade to end up all off-licences or betting shops'. Yet in the Commons, he voted the other way.
Prompts 2nd letter to ask WHY??. WHY can he not respond? Would a response just indicate some level of decency going on from our government representatives?? In his capacity as minister for Justice & Civil Liberty, does he not have a duty to respond??

31 AUG 2014 [613511]
And its fast become a danger to the world. This is a calm, rational and informed opinion which you will not hear in the mainstream media. It comes from somebody who can’t be easily dismissed as a nationalist bigot or a conspiracy crank. It comes from somebody who has spent almost 20 years working in various roles as a foreign diplomat, helping to promote the British Government. Craig Murray was working as the UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan in 2004 when he was suspended for raising concerns about the role of MI6 in the torture of Uzbek political activists. This is from a speech he gave this week in Fife in support of the Scottish ‘yes’ campaign. He states: “I think it’s impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom. “I think, when we invaded Iraq, we did to the United Nations, what Hitler and Mussolini did to the League of Nations. “I’ve seen it on the inside and it’s almost always about the control of resources. It’s not an academic construct, the system stinks. Westminster stinks. “The British Government is deeply, deeply immoral. They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it advances them. “Anyone who votes ‘no’ is voting to support a pathological state which is a danger to the world. A rogue state; prepared to go to war to make a few people wealthy. “That’s why I say it’s not possible to be a decent person and vote ‘no’. And we shouldn’t be ashamed to say that.”

31 AUG 2014 [613502]

31 AUG 2014 []
DISPATCHES: Thursday 18 December, 9pm In an exclusive investigation , Dispatches puts judges in the dock and asks why no judge has ever been sacked for incompetence. In fact, there are no records kept of how often judges are getting it wrong, and with what consequences. Going back through the court transcripts of over 5,000 successful appeals and gathering the opinions of leading QCs, Dispatches reveals for the first time the alarming scale of judicial mistakes that can have devastating effects on those up before the court. This film is a special investigation by Mark Easton, Home Affairs Editor at Channel 4 News. If you've been affected by crime, or if you would like to know more about your human rights and the Criminal Justice System read on.

29 AUG 2014 []

27 AUG 2014 [613440]

27 AUG 2014 []

26 AUG 2014 []
It is not about getting away with anything, it is about being left alone to live in peace.

26 AUG 2014 []
The Dirt Book: How the sexual abuse of children is used for political gain

25 AUG 2014 [613390]

Gloria Helman 23 mins · The District Court ‘Judge’ asked me my name. I responded, “If I tell you my name will I have entered into a contract with you?” He became irate. I knew I was onto something. He furiously said, “I’m going to ask you again; what is your name?” I said the same thing again and was literally, bodily tossed from court. On my way out I told the bailiff, “I believe I hit a nerve.” I was ecstatic. As it turned out, I had indeed hit on the only issue which matters. CONTRACT. Contract Law is the only law. There is no Constitutional Law, Bill of Rights, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, no codes, rules, regulations, ordinances, statutes, by-laws, or anything else which most people think of as ‘law’ which applies to free, sovereign people. They all apply only to corporate entities. There is only one law which applies to us: the law which protects the life, liberty, rights, and property of all living souls. That which causes us to think that all these ‘laws’ apply to us is the contracts/ agreements we have made, either wittingly or unwittingly. If there is no contract there is no case. Contract is the law. Contractual Financial Liability is all that matters; and it must be proven

24 AUG 2014 []
Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent. Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”. The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society. Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

24 AUG 2014 []

24 AUG 2014 []
What do people plan to do after November 1st 2014 when UK parliament effectively comes to an end? We will no longer be a ''common law'' jurisdiction here in Britain.. was at a meeting where this was discussed yesterday and I must say, for all of us studying and wanting to live under common law, all the work and studying will be useless come 10 weeks time,basically we are being handed over to EU, essentially our government is committing treason right under our noses.signing over our sovereign rights over to the EU effectivly abolishing the magna carta and allowing a foreign govt to rule us.

24 AUG 2014 []

24 AUG 2014 [613345]

If David CONmoran thinks that building more prisons and buying additional water cannons are going to STOP the BRITISH entering into civil war against TYRANNY....THINK AGAIN CONmoran!

23 AUG 2014 [613314]
This is the scourge & the root of the evil flourishing in THE BAR & The courtroom... this is where the root of the injustice lies.
This is from 1998...
This is what we are up against in the Family Courts.
People think the Freemasons are a good thing, and some of them are... But there is a deep sinister root attached, and it is why our children and our parents are being taken.
2004 Tony Blair set targets of 1000 children to be removed a month for adoption, and its been carrying on.
How do we know we are in front of a genuine Judge of Justice? and even if Justice is seen to be done, are we really getting Justice

22 AUG 2014 []
During 2009 / 2010, “abuse of process” for personal gain by people in financial and public offices was a highly publicised topic in the United Kingdom. It was the subject of heated public debate so ferocious that it forced numerous Members of Parliament and others to resign their office, with some facing criminal charges. Yet the focus of the public‟s attention and pressure has thus far been primarily on individual abuses of the system on a case-by-case basis. This book examines ways in which individuals appear in fact to be working together across the civil, financial, legal, judicial and enforcement sectors - in an organised fashion, to commit fraud. White collar crimes (aka “fraud”) for personal and perhaps collective gain are leaving an increasing number of Her Majesty‟s subjects seriously oppressed in their wake. You may be next. The opportunity gaps for abusing position and process for personal gain can be hazardous to your well-being. These gaps must be closed.

21 AUG 2014 [613277]
The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals The entire criminal justice system was infiltrated by organised crime gangs, according to a secret Scotland Yard report leaked to The Independent. In 2003 Operation Tiberius found that men suspected of being Britain’s most notorious criminals had compromised multiple agencies, including HM Revenue & Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, the City of London Police and the Prison Service, as well as pillars of the criminal justice system including juries and the legal profession.

20 AUG 2014 []
Let Press see secret court files, says top family law judge: Sir James Munby believes it would help reporters understand sensitive cases and prevent miscarriages of justice •Sir James Munby said it would allow reporters to understand cases better •UK's top family law judge said it could help safeguard miscarriages of justice •He said he will consult lawyers, judges, social services, media and families

20 AUG 2014 [613245]
A New Bill Of Rights -or- Why Human Rights Are So Dangerous
David Cameron intends to introduce a new "law" which will, according to the Daily Express, make clear that the UK Parliament is "supreme".
Article | July 31, 2014 - 3:03pm | By Mike Robinson
Cameron is using the European Convention on Human Rights as the "problem" for which his solution is to throw out the British Constitution. His intention is to give the appearance of being anti-EU in order to undermine Common Law and impose European style human rights legislation in the guise of a "new bill of rights".
Of course, in a crass attempt to appear that he opposes such a move, the very man originally tasked with implementing a new bill of rights, Nick Clegg, is pretending that it in doing what he is doing in the way he has done it, David Cameron is "turning [his] back on a long, long British tradition of upholding human rights across the world."
The Danger of Human Rights
The European model of "human rights" is dangerous. It is a model which we should be fighting tooth and nail to prevent taking hold in this country. It is based upon the premise that as a starting point, humans have no rights. The only rights that humans have at the end of the day are those written in legislation, whatever the source of that legislation might be.
To reiterate, then: the basis of human rights law is that humans have no rights except those the political elite decide to grace us with.
So when commentators write that human rights "are not something that can be repealed or taken away", this is a downright lie. When they say that human rights "extend to everyone", they only do so within the scope of the range of rights expressed in the legislation.
Common Law
Here in Britain, we have taken a different view for centuries. This is a view diametrically opposite to the European view. Here in Britain we have unlimited inalienable rights. Or at least, the only limitation on our rights is where we infringe upon someone elses. In other words this nation is built on the presumption of liberty. We can do as we please unless the law says we can’t. And by law, I mean common law. Not judge led, jury led. And not Parliamentary legislation, better known as Parliamentary whim.
The New Bill Of Rights
Any attempt to implement a new bill of rights is, then, a deliberate act of fraud by Cameron and Clegg. They are playing a game of faux opposition, not only between themselves, but with the EU as well. In doing so they intend to remove our inalienable rights and replace them with very limited, very transient "human rights". In doing so they intend to create a "Bill of Rights" which just happens to have the same name as the 1689 Bill of Rights. Their hope is that we will soon forget the 1689 Bill of Rights, and embrace their fascist alternative.
This must not be.

20 AUG 2014 [613235]
By the Telegraph
Judges are increasingly using British common law to settle human rights cases because they are "irritated" the rising creep of the European Courts, Britain’s most senior female judge has suggested. Baroness Hale, deputy president of the Supreme Court, says a theme is emerging from recent court decisions which suggests that the "empire is striking back" and that UK constitutionalism is "on the march". She said that leading judges are putting "renewed emphasis" on British constitutional principles after years of concentrating on European legislation as a source of rights and obligations. She said that the trend may be developing because of a "rising tide of anti-European sentiment" from both the politicians and the public. In a lecture to lawyers in London, she said: "After more than a decade of concentrating on European instruments as the source of rights, remedies and obligations, there is emerging a renewed emphasis on the common law and distinctively UK constitutional principles as a source of legal inspiration. It seems to me to take us in some interesting directions."

19 AUG 2014 [613227]

19 AUG 2014 [613221]

The secret dealings between council officials and local judges were revealed in a High Court appeal in which Mrs Justice Pauffley ordered that a mother be re-united with her baby.
The baby was taken by social workers following a court case described by Mrs Justice Pauffley as ‘profoundly alarming’.
The High Court judge warned that ‘the practices I have described are not confined to this area but are widespread across the country'.
She said of the case, which involved judges at an unnamed family court and social workers employed by an unnamed council: ‘It is difficult to view the justices as having been independent and impartial if, as happened here, they simply adopted the local authority’s analysis of what their findings and reasons might comprise.
‘Just because there may be tacit acceptance on the part of many professionals within the family justice system that the practice which operated here exists, that does not mean it is right.
‘It is patently wrong, must stop at once and never happen again.’
The order to end collusion between judges and social workers was endorsed yesterday by the most senior family judge, President of the Family Division Sir James Munby.
In a circular to lawyers, Sir James warned all judges and lawyers to ‘carefully consider’ the case and added that Mrs Justice Pauffley ‘had to deal with circumstances which I hope will never recur.’ The scandal over secret deals between judges and social workers is the latest upheaval in a year of growing controversy over the family courts, the closely-associated Court of Protection, and the way the public has been routinely prevented from knowing what goes on in them.
Last year the Daily Mail revealed that a judge at the Court of Protection had sent a woman to jail in secret after she refused to stop trying to remove her father from a care home where she believed his life was in danger. All information about the imprisonment of Wanda Maddocks was banned from publication until the Mail investigated the case.
In December the Court of Protection was discovered to have ordered behind closed doors that a pregnant Italian woman must undergo a compulsory caesarean operation. The mother, Alessandra Pacchieri, was later told by a family court judge, again in secret, that her baby would be taken for adoption in Essex.

18 AUG 2014 [613204]
A comprehensive list of all the victims of abuse of power that I have come across upon my road to finding justice for me and my mother, some of these make our own plight, pale into insignificance.

18 AUG 2014 [613193]
john –quincy: adams = a living American endowed with all his natural rights
John Quincy Adams = a foreign situs trust used in commercial shipping
JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = a foreign estate trust
John Q. Adams = a public transmitting utility company
John q. Adams = a public foundation
JOHN Q. Adams = a cooperative
JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = a boat or ship used in public commerce
JOHN QUINCY Adams = a commonwealth trust
J. QUINCY Adams = a slave owned by Exxon Corporation
J.Q. Adams = a foreign pauper forbidden to own land
Adams, John Q. = a taxpayer
ADAMS, JOHN Q. = a soldier
adams, john q. = a slave

18 AUG 2014 [613190]

For the attention of The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Hale of Richmond
Dear Lady Hale of Richmond,Thank you for speaking out and leading the way.
There follows some correspondence for your information. I do hope that you will be able to please make the time read through it. From it, you will note that intelligence and public opinion very often does not reach the intended recipients due to interference by public servants. (Please see below.) This happens in all areas of public life, and public opinion and intelligence from the populace most often does not reach the intended recipient, including parliamentarians. Indeed, there is much evidence that clerical assistants and/or officials (such as the Lord Chancellor and several others) are engaged in a widely held practice of deleting emails without reading them. In some cases, senior police, members of select committees, and ministers are doing the same thing on a regular basis. Many can be named.
One criticism of the UK, in a Transparency International report, is that “nobody takes the lead”. Is it any wonder, when officials have no interest in the running of the country, constitution, law, justice, or in fact their jobs, other than picking up their salary cheques and lining their own pockets in one way or another, and don’t even know what is going on? There are definitely some good MPs, we know that, and some good judges and police but, by and large, they appear to be powerless against the deviation which has become the norm in public administration.
This certainly does not assist anyone and does not help to uphold the constitution. Hopefully, the Constitution Committee will override the blocking in the matters laid out below, as they have been copied into correspondence, both previously and now. I have not heard anything further since the last email below.
The situations described in my emails are very serious indeed, and something needs to be done before ‘The Empire’ falls to its knees. Normalisation of deviance by judiciary, court administration, lawyers, and police (who proclaim that “Fraud is a civil matter.”, in denial of the Fraud Act 2006 only when the victim has no public standing or power), and the apparent wilful blindness of the Lord Chancellor and others in a position to uphold the law is crippling Britain, and its reputation on the world stage. In light of the upcoming Global Law Summit 2015, in which Britain intends to tout for the world’s legal business, this would be laughable, were it not so serious.
In short, nobody (including the majority of MPs) takes any action because they are simply ignoring matters for reasons best known to themselves, and serious organised crime is prospering all over the country as a result. The certainly do not take the lead. There is little or no oversight over court procedure and documents. As a result, legal procedure is not always being followed and the fact that this deviance from the Rule of Law is being accepted by officers of the court, lawyers, judiciary, and police has opened the door wide for serious organised crime to infiltrate the courtrooms under the pretence of true legal process. In short, the courts are fraud enablers; there is fraud on the court, fraud in the court, and fraud by the court and police will not investigate fraud unless it suits them.
I am not referring to any deference to European law. I am referring to both malpractice by officials and economic crime. Homes and businesses are being stolen by stealth and criminal activity, through fraudulent documentation and process, and many insolvencies are, in fact, outright fraudulent, with certain members of the judiciary blocking appeals in civil court for all the wrong reasons, to the delight of criminals who have orchestrated the entire affair - all because there is no oversight of the process and nothing is being questioned, including the actions of those judges of dubious merit - and police protect the whole lot of them! Criminals are safe in the knowledge that police will never investigate economic crime UNLESS committed against the state itself or a powerful business or individual. It is happening all over the country.
I am quite sure you do not condone it, and can certainly put you, the Constitution Committee, or anyone truly concerned about the British Constitution and law, in direct contact with those who have fallen prey to corruption within the legal system for their testimony and evidence of the crimes that are being facilitated by those who are a either a direct party to it, ignorant of due process and documentation, lacking due diligence, duty of care, or in dereliction of duty in other ways.
As a footnote, this just arrived in my inbox as I was writing to you: LINK to
It is representative of thousands of cases where there is NO REMEDY in the UK because of (a) blocking, as mentioned above, by all and sundry in public life, including those directly involved in legal process, (b) serious organised crime, parties to which are very often embedded in both central and local government bodies, and their agencies, and (c) government funded false-front ombudsmen, oversight bodies, quangos, and the like, which the public is fully aware will only work against them because the game is rigged, and there is no justice to be had in the UK. A typical example of fraudulent oversight bodies is the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Everyone knows there will be no justice to be had through the IPCC. Further, as long as police refuse to uphold the law, the judiciary participates in unlawful process, and parliament turns its back, it will only get worse.
Britain is signatory to various international conventions against transnational serious organised crime and corruption, and does nothing to meet its commitment in that respect. Instead of leading the world as it pretends to do, still riding on the historical acclaim of ‘The Empire’, it has now fallen so far behind as to have earned the title “Organised Crime Capital of Europe”, its courts fast gaining a reputation rivaling that of Bulgaria. Britain sets no example, these days, to the rest of the world, yet still believes that it does.
Thank you again for taking the lead. With your help, perhaps all is not yet lost and there is still hope for Britain, its constitution, and for the rebirth of a justice system to be proud of once again.
Yours sincerely,
Jean James

18 AUG 2014 [613178]

17 AUG 2014 []

Read about the carbon copy thefts occuring around the country where CoP are fleecing the elderly of their savings in this case £60,000 leaving them in poverty in the name of protection. A year ago, Miss G was living quietly in her £350,000 house in east London, with £60,000 life savings in the bank, being capably looked after by “C”, a woman from the same West Indian island. Miss G had invited C and her husband “F” to live with her, because she was so unhappy at the “care” she had been given, at her own expense, by staff sent into her home by the local council, Redbridge.

17 AUG 2014 [613166]
The audio file that is set to blow the lid off the cover-ups at westminster.

17 AUG 2014 []

17 AUG 2014 []

17 AUG 2014 [613143]

16 AUG 2014 [613135]
FAO JAMES MUNBY re family justice criminal negligence
FAO JAMES MUNBY re criminal negligence in the family justice system
attached pdf letter to SIMON HUGHES
LINK to Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties Unresponded to
I also note that fellow victim Peter Hofshroer's email below NOT RESPONDED TO;
14/8/2014 Dear Sir
Can we now seek some answers to our problems not only as why no response but the actual allegations contained.
I repeat the extract from Peters email
Clearly, the Court has failed catastrophically and indeed wilfully in its duty of care to my mother, a very vulnerable person who is in a life-threatening situation.
Would you agree that this failure, as it is clearly wilful, amounts to CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE?
If you do, can you please tell me what you intend to do about this?
If not, would you kindly explain why?
I do hope on this occasion you will take the trouble of responding to me here.
Mike ANN Clarke cop ref 10370284 address
in exile from corrupt sentencing to prison by a cop judge [mark pelling]

16 AUG 2014 [613122]

Prompts 2nd letter to ask WHY??. WHY can he not respond? Would a response just indicate some level of decency going on from our government representatives?? In his capacity as minister for Justice & Civil Liberty, does he not have a duty to respond??

14 AUG 2014 [613111]

The president admitted that judges who followed the same approach ran the risk of “not really being on top of things until after the hearing” and sometimes, he acknowledged, relevant questions “only rise into the consciousness when it’s too late”. Lord Neuberger, during his speech at a judicial conference in Sydney, Australia, also revealed some of the secrets of judges’ deliberations in the British Supreme Court.

14 AUG 2014 [613101]
In the above article published on the 19th March 2014 Justice Minister Simon Hughes admitted there needed to be ‘more openness in the Court of Protection’, adding: ‘We already have plans in place to make changes to the court’s rules this year, and we have agreed … that they should take into account recommendations made by the House of Lords committee.’ but yet SIMON HUGHES has failed to even respond to the letter I wrote to him over a month ago. In another report published by the daily mail on 13th AUGUST 2014 Democracy? No, Britain's now a judicial dictatorship - and it's time for revolution, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN We may kid ourselves that we live in a parliamentary democracy, but the reality is that we are ultimately governed by a judicial dictatorship, accountable to no one, with its power base in Strasbourg.

14 AUG 2014 []

14 AUG 2014 [613080]

CLICK PIC to A larger image

13 AUG 2014 [613063]



10TH AUG 2014 []

9 AUG 2014 [612973]
The BIRTHDAY LUNCH with cards n presents

9TH AUG 2014 [612956]

7 AUG 2014 [612920]

6 AUG 2014 []
From: To: Subject: Help regarding Court of Protection Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 20:44:12 +0000
Dear Sir /Madam
I am contacting you on behalf of a friend of mine who is going through a tough time at the moment, her mum had a bad stroke last week and her mum can communicate by blinking or squeezing your hand but would not be able sign a lasting power of attorney form in which My friend needs to pay her mums bills and deal with financial affairs until such time as her mums regains her speech and is able to go into the bank.
My friend called the court of protection and they advised because her mum cannot sign the form they would have to send her a different form and the administration fee is £400 which would have to have a court hearing and the fee is a further £500 totalling £900.
My friend cannot afford this and therefore cannot deal with any bills she is at her whitts end can we get some advice please
Lorraine Bray 07432108835

5 AUG 2014 [612869]

The abuse of process of the Statutory Process or Civil Procedure Rules is an act of TERRORISM which comes under COMMON LAW. This creates a personal liability.

3 AUG 2014 [612834]

How many ‘cases’ does it take to convince whom to make a difference?

3 AUG 2014

[612761] JULY 31 2014

[612760] JULY 31 2014
Class action against the British government unlawful abduction and state sponsored abuse

[612747] JULY 31 2014

Brilliant writer, Chris Spivey, has been arrested in a night-time raid on his home by the desperate powers-that-be.
Chris, who is edging ever and ever closer to the truth about the Woolwich hoax, has obviously rattled the filth who run this country , and they’ve been forced into a pathetic rearguard action by arresting him and taking away his computer equipment.
Of course, if they think that’s going to stop the truth about the twisted British Establishment emerging, they must be even thicker than they look.
” Chris was ILLEGALLY arrested with a warrant for harassment , now not being privy to the so called warrant if it’s not a wet signature and also if it’s not issued under oath it is an unlawful document and as such he has been illegally detained under false pretences , nothing new there then .”
” Just after 2 am 6 police entered Chris’s property with a so called warrant , if he had refused they would have forced entry (bit like our MP’s do with kids) but hey that’s ok to fuck the nation’s kids and then arrest someone for revealing it , those six (sick) so called policemen who took part in this are breaking their own oath , as no harassment or breach of the peace has or had taken place .
Protecting the System at all Costs: The Elite Pedophile Ring Cover-Up.

[612732] JULY 31 2014
Dear JUDGE Jackson
Can you tell me what is it that makes you believe your order was not VOID?? Why should my mother and I have to suffer more trauma at the hands of criminals! ie YOU?? Which is what you you are!
You were made aware of the WILL THAT YOU AUTHORISED!!
A will that you later then criticise!! with DOUBLE STANDARDS!! What is it with you people, JUDGES, that you think are ABOVE THE LAW & so unaccountable??
YOU have absolutely no evidence to suggest I am unfit to be who I am. YOU and your kind are relying on assumption, presumption & lies without any real evidence!!
YOU are as corrupt as the deputy solicitor receiver HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES that was appointed by the equally corrupt SENIOR MASTER JUDGE DENZIL ANTON LUSH.
YOU are the cause of severe suffering to the elderly.... infirm and vulnerable by your actions, I despise you.
You along with your entire corrupt mechanism are not... repeat NOT acting in the best interests of any patient of the court of protection you are by point of fact devious, manipulative, evil racketeers with whom I hold nothing but contempt for...
We should not need to vary any order that was VOID to start with. There should not be any need to make any further application.
Your actions shed complete and utter disrespect upon the MASONIC FREEMASONRY that I believe you are a part of. Your OATH to such is a CONFLICT of your public interest duties and associated OATH.
YOU are BIAS and in conflict with the very nature of the task you are charged with. COMPLETE AND UTTER CORRUPTION IN OUR COURTS not yours!!
I will continue to express my strident views as you once put it as I believe YOU are wrong AND I AM RIGHT. YOUR OPERATING A RACKET THAT IS DEFRAUDING PEOPLE OUT OF CASH AND HOMES.
Mike Clarke

[612728] JULY 30 2014
LINK to PETITION IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS We the undersigned require Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service... Many people are becoming increasingly concerned at the level of injustice imposed by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service, especially in the County Courts. The causes of this are mainly attributable to the courts’ failure to follow their own rules [CPR] which are largely ignored. This is resulting in increasing numbers of unjust bankruptcies and evictions which are largely the result of County Court judges rubber-stamping the claims of purported creditors without due consideration of the relevant evidence under The Rule of Law.

[612708] JULY 30 2014
From: Mike Clarke [] Sent: 30 July 2014 13:16 To: Morton, Alexandra Subject: FAO PETER JACKSON FAO Judge Jackson at his request in his order below or attached
Dear Alexandra
LINK to the order or as attached
On the 9th October 2012 Peter Jackson placed an order on my mothers property that it could not be sold in her lifetime. My mother could not enjoy the comfort of her own home as we are in exile from further corruption committed by COP JUDICIARY.
My mother requires to sell or exchange her property for another abroad. What process does she now have to follow to have this order removed because Mr JACKSON in section 37 of the order above clearly states that he reserves the right of any further application in this matter.
We believe the order was void in the first instance because Peter Jackson authorised my mother to make a will in which she made a living will that made me her son the living will executor if anyone further claimed she was incapacitated that Peter Jackson was fully aware of before placing his order upon her property.
Mr Jackson also within this order states implicitly that my mothers will had all the hallmarks of being written by me in which it was NOT, clear advice was taken from another whom did advice on the will to be drafted to suit my mother's wishes that I might add have been the same wishes for 11 long years prior to the making of this will and that Mr JACKSON claimed in his order she had the capacity to make!
Having been in exile since January 13th 2013 for 1 year and a half and no justice in sight to resolve matters it is now clear to my mother that the UK is corrupt and we can no longer return to live there.
The house has been empty during this time and is becoming damp and needs repairs and so is currently devalued, it is for this reason before the onset of another winter my mother requires matters resolving.
It is with some urgency now that she requires the order lifting from her property in order to sell or exchange it for something where she can enjoy the benefit of her living in peace.
Mike & Ann Clarke [cop ref 10370284]

Dear Mr Clarke,
The judge has seen your message below. He replies that an application of this kind cannot be dealt with informally. If you wish to vary the order, you must make an application to the Court of Protection in proper form, accompanied by the order that you attach, and serve it upon the other interested parties. The court will then give directions for the application to be considered.
Regards Alexandra Alexandra Morton Clerk to Mr Justice Peter Jackson Family Division Liaison Judge for the Northern Circuit

[612677] JULY 28 2014

[] JULY 28 2014
Published on the Jul 28, 2014
on the website Dear Sirs
Letter sent JULY 13 2014
Re: ABUSE OF the Mental Capacity Act and financial abuse of vulnerable person – RULE OF LAW & SECRETARY OF STATE FOR JUSTICE OBLIGATIONS
For the very urgent & personal attention of Rt Hon Simon Hughes
Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties
Letter also copied by letter to; 4 Market Place, London, SE16 3UQ
13th July 2014 from Ann Clarke [cop ref:10370284] & Michael Clarke [carer/son] email: web:
one page overview SUBMISSION to the HOUSE of LORDS rejected by LORD HARDIE?
Dear Mr Simon Hughes
I write to you in your capacity as Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties. You are no doubt only too aware that currently in the UK there is no Justice and Civil Liberty that is being respected and so I can clearly understand you have a probable insurmountable task ahead of you. You have my sympathy!
Needless to say though, it will have to be tackled because, if not I can clearly see the critical mass coming together to take justice into their own hands and who will be the focus of their attention... it can only be those charged with sorting the mess out, so respectfully if this task falls upon your shoulders then clearly some inroads need to be taken with severe urgency.
I write to you as the carer over 18 years of my disabled mother whom had capacity and whom still has capacity but yet she has been manipulated by the system into a subject patient of the corrupt court of protection/neglection [COP] managed alongside by the equally corrupt Office of the Public Guardian [OPG]. This I can only imagine took place because after a lengthy lawsuit investigation of 6 years an out of court settlement was agreed of £775,000 to my mother which brought about the attention of the COP/OPG but yet she had capacity?
In 1995 nearly 20 years ago, when mum suffered her accident from the negligent NHS, she was left disabled but with capacity. I took on the role of care dissolving 4 businesses to do so.
In the 1st six years of care before the award arrived in 2001 I cared without money, no-one gave a shit about her but as soon as her award came so did the world and his dog wanting to wipe her arse etc.
You will appreciate that the first 6 years of care were extremely difficult, she started out doubly incontinent, she could not walk, she could not even stand, she was stuck in her wheelchair. I will not go on further as I could.
In 2001 the COP Judge DENZIL ANTON LUSH made a 1st general order in favour of her being retained under their clutches against family concerns of potential overcharging.
DENZIL ANTON LUSH made the following statement in order to dash those concerns; linked here to that order - “The reasonable fees and expenses of a professional receiver are recoverable from the defendant in the personal injury action as a head of damage. They do not simply fall on the patient’s fund.” Further in his detainment of my mother within the OPG/COP he appointed his receiver deputy solicitor HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES and pointed out his also written statement to the court stating; “the family should rest assured that my costs will not be eroding the capital settlement agreed for their mothers care and other specific needs.” That was the start of the lies and continued to this day.
Protestations made about the charges and various mal administration of my mother financial affairs carried on over 10 long years to no avail no matter who or what department we wrote to.
In his first year £26,377 were stolen from my mother’s funds, we still to this day do not know what for?? The second year he stole £14,000 and to this day we still do not know what for?? All the while during the course of that time whilst he pocketed £507 per week he only gave mum and me £200 to live off.
The upshot of the above amounts to nothing more than THEFT. In disillusionment in 2008 we emigrated to SPAIN where we still now currently live albeit in EXILE from corruption. The COP/OPG still continued to hold onto my mother’s money even though further doctors reports confirmed her capacity and she had requested the release of her funds to her country of residence that was rejected by the OPG.
The upshot from this was that not only did the overcharging continue but concerns expressed about living in the eurozone created exchange rate losses all this was clearly expressed to the solicitors office PANNONE LLP and HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES but without any action taken.
In 2008 when we emigrated the exchange rate was 1.5 euro to 1 pound and it plummeted to near parity of 1 euro to 1 pound. Over 5 years mum was forced to live on an exchange rate that devalued by 33% and the overhaul loss to mum exceeded £100,000 ADD that to the overcharges of £130,000 and you have nearly one quarter of a million pounds squandered. THIS IS all projected without accounts because PANNONE LLPs solicitor joke receiver deputy refused to supply any detailed accounts. He has handled over £1.1 million pounds of my mother s money failing to provide any accountability to which we know why.. he is a thief.
After failing to attract anyone and I mean anyone, ie SRA POLICE PHSO MPs MEPs etc to this case I came to accept that there is no remedy in place that this was most definitely institutionalised criminal racketeering mafia at the helm of a governmental body.
I approached the BRITISH CONSTITUTION GROUP chairman ROGER HAYES for help and was advised that where there is no remedy as in our case the only option is a COMMERCIAL LIEN.
COMMERCIAL LIEN served upon the solicitors PANNONE LLP without rebuttal to the allegations of FRAUD THEFT MAL ADMINISTRATION was ignored... until I then went to attach the LIEN debt to all director partner properties inclusive of the then CEO of the OPG Martin John a sum total of 51 persons. They then decided to go to court on the grounds of harassment. The Mental Capacity act 2005 section 5 states that a carer in any action connected to the care of a "patient" is exempt from ANY civil or criminal liability arising out of that care.. IGNORED BY PANNONE LLP.
The BAR was clearly here judging THE BAR and therefore there was BIAS and a court hearing without JURY was not court.. it was an administrative hearing that needed my consent of which I refused because of BIAS in which a judge must recuse themselves under such accusation.
They continued in my absence. A VOID temporary order of injunction was issued. They followed that through with a permanent injunction again in my abasence again a judge refusing a jury. They then went for a committal hearing again the JUDGE refused a jury even for committal and where he ran from the court when questioned about his authority but yet returned after using intimidation to remove my representation to hand down a VOID order of commital for 3 months. WE FLED THE COUNTRY INTO EXILE.
The shocking injustices still continue today with the likes of Grandma Danby.. Kathy Danby sentenced to prison for contact with her own grand daughter!! when is this going to stop.
The submission to the HOUSE OF LORDS select committee rejected because it named individuals.. or was there some other more seedy reason that LORD HARDIE could not accept serious hands on accounts of fraud and theft.. WAS he being BLACKMAILED?? With the recent surge in the press of Pedophiles in High office places in which one article I saw included LORD HARDIEs face and name I ask is this the reason why we cannot get any justice?? Is the government corrupted from Pedophiles controlling who gets justice and who does not.. under BLACKMAIL from the real criminals running rampant in our supposed democratic UK. Something needs to done Simon.
MEANWHILE you have pensioners being sent to prison. YOU HAVE pensioners and carers in exile from CORRUPT BRITAIN.
Regards Mike/Ann Clarke SPAIN skype: mrmikeclarke 00447523287267 003461899708

[612657] JULY 23 2014

[] JULY 23 2014

[] JULY 23 2014
LINK to it
Members of Parliament convicted of sex offences
The following has been researched and written by Teresa Cooper, I would like to thank her for allowing me to share this information, please take the time to visit Teresa Coper is the Author of Trust No One/Pin Down.
Convicted MPs - at a glance
Labour Councillor (Northampton/Northamptonshire), and former School Governor, Alec Dyer-Atkins – Convicted and jailed for 2 years in 2003 for downloading more than 42,000 pictures and films described in court as “Horrifying images of child abuse”. Dyer-Atkins was a member of an international paedophile ring called `The Shadows Brotherhood` which was successfully penetrated following sterling work by Britain’s National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU). Commenting on the conviction of the depraved Labour Party beast, NHTCU Deputy Head, Mick Deats said: “This man had some of the worst images on his computers that officers from this unit have ever viewed”. Tory Party General election candidate, Michael Powell - Convicted and jailed for 3 years for downloading hardcore child porn. . Tory Party Councillor (Wickbar/Bristol) Roger Talboys - Convicted and jailed for 6 years for multiple sex attacks on children. . Tory Party Vice-Chairman of Welsh Conservatives, Andrew Baker - Received a banning order for stalking women. . Tory Party MP (Billericay) Harvey Proctor - Stood trial for sex offences of a sado-masochistic nature against teenage boys, and was forced to resign. . Tory Party Councillor ( Stratford-upon-Avon ) Christopher Pilkington - Convicted of downloading hardcore child porn on his PC. Placed on sex offenders register and forced to resign. . Tory Party councillor ( Coventry ), Peter Stidworthy - Charged with indecent assault of a 15-year old boy. . Tory Party Mayor ( North Tyneside ), Chris Morgan - Forced to resign after being arrested twice in 2 weeks, for indecent assault on a 15-year old girl, and for suspicion of downloading child porn. . Tory Party MEP, Tom Spencer - Caught smuggling drugs and porn through customs. . Tory Party councillor and former Mayor (Wrexham), Michael Morris - Convicted and put on probation for 2 years, for the indecent assault of another man, which was captured on CCTV. . Tory Party Liaison Manager on the London Assembly, Douglas Campbell, who’s job includes running the Tory GLA website - Arrested for allegedly downloading child porn. He is currently suspended while the Police investigation continues. . Labour Councillor (Newton Aycliffe) Martin Locklyn - Convicted and jailed for 15 years for sexually abusing 3 14-year-old boys. . Labour Councillor (North Lincolnshire) David Spooner - Convicted and jailed for 1 year for masturbating in front of 2 young boys. . Labour Mayor (Westhoughton/Lancashire) Nicholas Green - Convicted and jailed for 10 years for 3 rapes and 13 counts of indecent assault against little girls between the age of 6 and 10. He raped one woman on her wedding day. . Labour Mayor (Todmordon) John Winstanley - Convicted and jailed for rape and threats to kill. After raping and threatening to kill his terrified victim, Winstanley then ordered the woman to go on all fours before urinating on her. . Prominent Labour Party activist Mark Tann (who has met Tony & Cherie at Party functions) recently got a 15-year sentence for raping a 4-year old girl on 2 separate occasions. . Labour’s current Parliamentary Candidate (Reading East) Tony Page - Has 2 Convictions for Acts of Gross Indecency` in public toilets. . Labour Mayor (Burnley) Mark Swainston - Convicted of sex offences in public toilet. . Entire Labour Party conspired to conceal the activities of Labour Party activist and serial child-molester Mark Trotter, who died from AIDS before he could be convicted. . Labour Councillor (North Yorkshire) Raymond Coats - Court appearance for indecently assaulting a woman. . Labour MP (Rhonda Valley) Chris Bryant poses in his pants on the Internet to advertise himself for casual gay sex encounters. Describes himself as “Horny as bu**ery” and says, “I’d love a good long f**k”. . Labour Councillor (Manchester), George Harding - Charged with indecent assault on a girl of 12. . Labour MP Ron Davies was mugged by a Rasta on Clapham Common while cruising for gay sex. He was photographed again by the media recently, engaged in some `man-on-man` action in a field off a motorway. “I was only looking for badgers” he said. . Labour Councillor (Durham), Derrick Payne - Arrested by Police following a sex attack. . Labour MP, Joe Ashton - Caught up in a Police raid while frequenting a brothel. Tried to lie his way out of the scandal. . Labour Councillor (Shropshire), Derek Woodvine - Arrested by Police in anti-porn operation. . Labour Councillor (Basildon), Tony Wright - Forced to resign after being caught using his council computer to download porn. . Labour MP (Sheffield), Clive Betts - Suspended from Parliament for 7 days after being caught forging immigration papers to extend the stay of his Brazilian rent-boy gay lover. 
* Senior clerk Phillip Lyon, who arranges the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Time for Tony Blair, was arrested after vice cops raided his Commons office.Lyon, 37, is accused of making indecent images of children.
* The Labour Party in Calderdale has been plunged into a crisis as their lead candidate, and former Mayor of Hebden Royd, Stewart Brown, has been arrested on suspicion of child porn offences. Labour Councillor and Deputy Council Leader (Northumberland), John Whiteman, who was also a senior member of the local police authority – Convicted and fined in 2002 for soliciting a prostitute in the red light district of Middlesbrough. The court heard Whitman was arrested in his car as Police discovered him in a “state of undress” with a lady of the night he had just paid £35 for sex. He subsequently resigned from the council. 
Labour Councillor (Stoke/Staffordshire), Michael Barnes, put forward a motion in July 2004 to change the constitution of Stoke-on-Trent Council. The proposed amendments were designed to prevent the City’s two British National Party councillors from chairing any committees, so as to `protect` the good citizens of Stoke from the beastly BNP types they’d voted for in huge numbers to represent them. As Mr Barnes explained to the local paper, the move was “to prevent the BNP from exerting more influence”, and was “in the best interests of the people of Stoke-on-Trent”. A few months later, in November 2004, the civic-minded and virtuous Councillor Barnes appeared at North Staffordshire Magistrates Court, to face seven different charges relating to child pornography Labour Councillor (Durham), Derrick Payne – Arrested by Police following a sex attack Labour Councillor and former Mayor (Halton/Cheshire), Liam Temple - Convicted in 2004 of `Inciting a child under 16 to commit an act of gross indecency` after the 58-year old Labour pervert had attempted to molest a 12-year old girl. During the case, the brave youngster told the court via a video link: “He said if I let him touch me he would give me money”. Labour Councillor (Coxhoe/Durham), Les Sheppard – Convicted in 2004 on ten counts of indecent assault on young girls. Jailed for 2 years, and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years. Teeside Crown Court heard how 71 year old Cllr Sheppard lured his victims into his gold Porsche before driving them to remote spots, where he would submit them to sickening sex attacks. After his arrest, the Labour nonce-case told police “I love women, but you do things which you regret”. Sheppard’s `women` victims were between 9 and 13 years old. According to media reports, the names of 2 former Labour Cabinet Ministers said to be `Household names` appear on the `Operation Ore` list of subscribers to hard-core child pornography. The same FBI investigation, which led to the arrest of rock star Pete Townshend. So who are they Mr. Blair? Yusef Azad – One of Ken Livingston’s overpaid left-wing cronies on the London Assembly gravy train – Resigned from his 60K-plus a year job `assisting` Assembly members, after being arrested on suspicion of downloading child porn in 2003. 
Labour Councillor (Wokingham/Berkshire), Nelson Bland – Convicted on 16 counts of possession and distribution of hardcore child porn in 2004. Sentenced to community service, placed on the sex offender’s register and ordered to attend rehabilitation classes for paedophiles. Bland used his own teenage daughters computer to hoard his grotesque gallery of child abuse, which was discovered by police during a search of Bland`s home, when they arrested him in connection with the murder of a Nottingham businessman Labour Councillor and Mayor-Elect (Merton/London), Sam Chaudry – Due to become Merton’s first Asian Mayor, before he was arrested, tried and convicted of multiple sex attacks on young girls in 1999. One of his victims was a 5-year old. Labour Councillor (Halton/Leeds), Lee Benson – Convicted and awaiting sentence in 2005, after pleading guilty on 12 counts of possession of indecent images of children, featuring youngsters between the ages of 5 and 11. Benson, who has a child of his own, repaid the fools who voted for him by storing his revolting kiddie porn collection on the computer provided for him by the council. Benson has been `suspended` - not expelled - by the Labour Party, which means his name remains on the Labour Party membership list, as well as on the sex offenders register. As to which is the more shameful – take your pick! Labour Councillor (Bridgend/South Wales), Iestyn Tudor Davies – Convicted, jailed for 7 years, and placed on the sex offender’s register for life in 2005, for repeatedly raping a 9-year old girl 
Labour Councillor (Newham/London), Greg Vincent, who was the Election Agent to Labour MP Tony Banks at the 2001 General Election – Convicted and given a 2-year community rehabilitation order in 2003, for possession of hardcore kiddie porn films and photos, featuring children as young as 8. One of the photos the Labour Councillor found so entertaining, featured – as described in court – a girl aged around 10, naked except for a dog-collar, being assaulted and abused while her hands were tied behind her back around a beam. Vincent was also a School Governor Prominent Edinburgh Labour party activist and election candidate, Rab Knox - Convicted and jailed for 3 years in 2005 for a horrific sex attack on a woman passenger in his taxi cab. Labour Party Official (North West England Regional Officer, and parliamentary adviser to the Home Office Minister responsible for crime and policing, Hazel Blears), Peter Tuffley – Convicted and jailed for 15 months and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years in 2006, for the sexual molestation of a 13-year old boy that he had previously `groomed` on the internet. Tuffley was described as a `rising star` within the Labour Party - which is nothing to be proud of either 
Labour Councillor (Hornchurch/Essex), Alan Prescott, who was also a senior magistrate – Convicted and jailed for 2 years in 2001, for molesting children at the East London care home where he was the superintendent. Prescott, described in court as a “pillar of his local community” admitted carrying out sex attacks on four teenage boys as they slept in their beds 
Labour Parliamentary candidate (Cheadle/Cheshire), Paul Diggert – Subject of a 2002 police investigation into the alleged procurement of underage girls for sexual purposes via internet chatrooms. According to the `Sunday Mirror` (3/11/02), Diggert had admitted to having four underage girls that he was `grooming` for sex. In 2004 Diggert was convicted of making and distributing indecent pictures of children 
Labour Councillor (Dagenham/London), Terry Power – Forced to resign in 1999 after being arrested and charged with sex attacks on teenage boys. Details of trial and conviction to follow. Labour Councillor (Westlands/Worcestershire), Keith Rogers – Convicted, fined, and placed on the sex offender’s register in 2003, after downloading over 2,000 hardcore child porn photos on his computer Labour councillor Ex-Paston councillor Gilbert Benn (48) A former city councillor was a five-year jail sentence for molesting an 11-year-old boy and threatening the youngster’s mother in a bid to cover his tracks. A FORMER Wirral Tory councillor led a secret life looking at indecent images of children. While his wife and two daughters slept upstairs, Ian McKellar spent hours poring over child porn downloaded from the internet onto his computer. Ex-Tory councillor was sentenced after admitting child porn charges Former Children’s Minister and prior to that, chair of the Campaign For Civil Liberties Harriet Harmann while in CCL, collaborated with the Pedophile Information Exchange and another pedophile activist groups in a campaign to decriminalise/legalise child pornography.

[612575] JULY 22 2014

[612512] JULY 19 2014

[] JULY 18 2014

[] JULY 16th 2014
OUR LIFE GOES ON out for lunch with celebrity ALICE BARRY
ALICE BARRY [Lillian off "Shameless"]

WHO the hell is ALICE... being the title of her book Alice today gives me a signed copy.

[612455] JULY 16 2014
LINK to Now it’s revealed Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP paedophiles: File seized by Special Branch 'heavy mob'
Paedophile dossier naming VIP figures was drawn up by Barbara Castle But it was confiscated by 'national security' officers in 1980s, it is claimed Files listed 16 MPS, senior policemen, headteachers and clergy, it was said Baroness Castle handed files to editor of her local Bury Messenger paper But he claims a 'heavy mob' of Special Branch officers took them away
Special Branch officers seized a paedophile dossier naming Establishment figures drawn up by Labour peer Barbara Castle in the 1980s, it was claimed yesterday.
Officers citing ‘national security’ confiscated the file which listed 16 MPs along with senior policemen, headteachers and clergy, it was said.
The dossier was collated by the late Baroness Castle of Blackburn who handed it to Don Hale, the editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger.
Mr Hale claimed a ‘heavy mob’ of Special Branch officers raided his office in 1984 and took away the file, threatening him with prison if he resisted.
And he said that the day before the raid, Liberal MP Cyril Smith – since exposed as a predatory paedophile – had also visited the office, demanding that he bury the story.
It would be the second paedophile dossier to have ‘disappeared’. A year earlier, a file handed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens also went missing.
This has now prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to set up a special inquiry into child abuse.
Lady Castle put together 30 pages of information about alleged attempts by the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) to infiltrate government while seeking funding and trying to persuade MPs to legalise sex with children.
As well as key members of both the Commons and Lords, she found that about 30 prominent businessmen, public school teachers, scoutmasters and police officers had links to PIE.
Yesterday Mr Hale, 61, said: ‘Barbara was horrified at the rapid extent of PIE’s involvement with key people and her file included details of about 16 household-name MPs.’
He said Lady Castle – who at the time was Euro MP Barbara Castle – passed him the dossier and asked if he would write a story based on it.
Read more: LINK to
LINK to a dossier by Chris SPIVEY of government pedos

[612450] JULY 16 2014

Some major players in the UK underworld had access to a dossier on paedophile and rent boy rings, operating at the heart of the justice system involving judges and barristers at the highest level, an associate of the criminal fraternity has said.

[612444] JULY 16 2014

[612421] JULY 15 2014
Secret Courts: 8 nightmare scenarios now possible in Britain
LINK to A REAL NIGHTMARE heading your way. FACEBOOK COMMENT... Ellen Gibson - have you heard the news today cameron is buying some nice new drones and lots of other weapons to protect us from all those bad terrorist .now if only we could find some thing to protect us from his poxy government that would be nice ....we dont want weapons we want food and roofs over our heads and care for our old and disabled and we want the mps and celebrities to stop molesting our CHILDREN

[612400] JULY 14 2014

Brave Grandma Kathy speaks out against the anti christ of corrupt family courts with the corrupt so called court of protection and the rackets they are operating in an email to OUT the EVIL.
Hi there Mike,
You have my permission to use anything I send you, and to publish it anywhere you like and to whoever you wish. I have come to the conclusion that the best way I can help my granddaughter is to get these grubby little so-called "courts" outed once and for all.
I am sending you one other document for the moment. This is a full account of our story from its beginnings in June 1990 to the present day - yes it has been going on for almost 25 years!!!
I will sort out some other documents when I have the chance. Not on the internet at home at the moment, and I am in the library with my own computer. Normally this doesn't present a problem and I can get online and send anything I want. However, apparently there was a power cut in Kirkwall last night, and it has jiggered everything up! I knew nothing about this, and the internet is so slow today that the proverbial snailmail would probably be quicker. It took me almost an hour this morning to send an email to the court in Birmingham!
The document I am sending will give you all the information you need about how they have got at us, and the judgement document will tell you the rest. Even though I knew how bad the family courts were, and had a sample of the duplicity of the Court of Protection, even I am learning more about how bad things are.
How on earth can we expect justice with this kind of system.
I am a great fan of The Omen, and have watched the films time and time again. My theory is that the antichrist is not one person - it is all the local authorities in this benighted country of ours (and I lump together England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as one here) The only way we can defeat this particular "antichrist" is to search out and expose all the evil people within these organisations. I know you are doing this, and I hope others can join in and get them all. My motto is "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing". Can't remember who said this originally, but they were certainly right. We all have to put any thoughts of being "popular" and well thought of out of our minds, and face the fact that we will be on a hit list for the rest of our lives. It shouldn't be this way, but it is.
I've rambled on long enough, so I will add the file attachment and get this email to you.
Kind regards,
LINK to the case history.
LINK to Judgement with comments 2.pdf
LINK to Kathy Court Letter 12-7-14.pdf
LINK to David Court Letter 12-7-14.pdf

[612387] JULY 14 2014
Jay Lemon - My heart goes out to you. We too have had problems. The opg and cop ignored 2 mca's from our long term gp saying my son had capacity and appointed "an interim deputy". We went to their secret court for a 'hearing' but the judge refused to 'hear'. I had informed the court i wanted the full transcript of the 'hearing'. It was clear that the judge tried his best to bully and intimidate me. My son was also in court and the judge (shocked) said he cannot speak to him!
Got the "interim" deputy removed after a long struggle. The court made a new order as i got LPA (my sons wish) and although the order was in our was full of innacuracies..which COP has decided to completely ignore!!
One of my questions in court was "is this secret court and the "office of the public guardian" concerned about my sons wellbeing and welfare, or are they only interested in his money?
Interestingly that was totally ignored.
Best wishes and stay strong.
11 hours ago · Unlike · 1

[612355] JULY 13 2014
Re: ABUSE OF the Mental Capacity Act and financial abuse of vulnerable person – RULE OF LAW & SECRETARY OF STATE FOR JUSTICE OBLIGATIONS
For the very urgent & personal attention of Rt Hon Simon Hughes
Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties
Letter also copied to;
4 Market Place, London, SE16 3UQ
13th July 2014
from Ann Clarke [cop ref:10370284] & Michael Clarke [carer/son] email:
one page overview
Dear Mr Simon Hughes
I write to you in your capacity as Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties.
You are no doubt only too aware that currently in the UK there is no Justice and Civil Liberty that is being respected and so I can clearly understand you have a probable insurmountable task ahead of you. You have my sympathy!
Needless to say though, it will have to be tackled because, if not I can clearly see the critical mass coming together to take justice into their own hands and who will be the focus of their attention... it can only be those charged with sorting the mess out, so respectfully if this task falls upon your shoulders then clearly some inroads need to be taken with severe urgency.
I write to you as the carer over 18 years of my disabled mother whom had capacity and whom still has capcity but yet she has been manipulated by the system into a subject patient of the corrupt court of protection/neglection [COP] managed alongside by the equally corrupt Office of the Public Guardian [OPG].
This I can only imagine took place because after a lengthy lawsuit investigation of 6 years an out of court settlement was agreed of £775,000 to my mother which brought about the attention of the COP/OPG but yet she had capacity?
In 1995 nearly 20 years ago, when mum suffered her accident from the negligent NHS, she was left disabled but with capacity. I took on the role of care dissolving 4 businesses to do so.
In the 1st six years of care before the award arrived in 2001 I cared without money, no-one gave a shit about her but as soon as her award came so did the world and his dog wanting to wipe her arse etc.
You will appreciate that the first 6 years of care were extremely difficult, she started out doubly incontinent, she could not walk, she could not even stand, she was stuck in her wheelchair. I will not go on further as I could.
In 2001 the COP Judge DENZIL ANTON LUSH made a 1st general order in favour of her being retained under their clutches against family concerns of potential overcharging.
DENZIL ANTON LUSH made the following statement in order to dash those concerns; linked here to that order - “The reasonable fees and expenses of a professional receiver are recoverable from the defendant in the personal injury action as a head of damage. They do not simply fall on the patient’s fund.”
Further in his retainment of my mother within the OPG/COP he appointed his receiver deputy solicitor HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES and pointed out his also written statement to the court stating; “the family should rest assured that my costs will not be eroding the capital settlement agreed for their mothers care and other specific needs.”
That was the start of the lies and continued to this day. Protestations made about the charges and various mal administration of my mother financial affairs carried on over 10 long years to no avail no matter who or what department we wrote to.
In his first year £26,377 were stolen from my mothers funds, we still to this day do not know what for?? The second year he stole £14,000 and to this day we still do not know what for?? All the while during the course of that time whilst he pocketed £507 per week he only gave mum and me £200 to live off.
The upshhot of the above amounts to nothing more than THEFT. In dissillusionment in 2008 we emigrated to SPAIN where we still now currently live albeit in EXILE from corruption. The COP/OPG still continued to hold onto my mothers money even though further doctors reports confirmed her capacity and she had requested the release of her funds to her country of residence that was rejected by the OPG.
The upshot from this was that not only did the overcharging continue but concerns expressed about living in the eurozone created exchange rate losses all this was clearly expressed to the solicitors office PANNONE LLP and HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES but without any action taken.
In 2008 when we emigrated the exchange rate was 1.5 euro to 1 pound and it plumeted to near parity of 1 euro to 1 pound. Over 5 years mum was forced to live on an exchange rate that devalued by 33% and the overhaul loss to mum exceeded £100,000
ADD that to the overcharges of £130,000 and you have nearly one quarter of a milliion pounds squandered. THIS IS all projected without accounts because PANNONE LLPs solicitor joke receiver deputy refused to supply any detailed accounts. He has handled over £1.1 million pounds of my mother s money failing to provide any accountability to which we know why.. he is a theif.
After failing to attract anyone and I mean anyone, ie SRA POLICE PHSO MPs MEPs etc to this case I came to accept that there is no remedy in place that this was most definetly institutionalised criminal racketeering mafia at the helm of a governmental body.
I approached the BRITISH CONSTITUTION GROUP chairman ROGER HAYES for help and was advised that where there is no remedy as in our case the only option is a COMMERCIAL LIEN.
COMMERCIAL LIEN served upon the solicitors PANNONE LLP without rebuttal to the allegations of FRAUD THEFT MAL ADMINISTRATION was ignored... until I then went to attach the LIEN debt to all director partner properties inclusive of the then CEO of the OPG Martin John a sum total of 51 persons.
They then decided to go to court on the grounds of harrassment. The Mental Capacity act 2005 section 5 states that a carer in any action connected to the care of a "patient" is exempt from ANY civil or criminal liabilty arising out of that care.. IGNORED BY PANNONE LLP.
The BAR was clearly here judging THE BAR and therefore there was BIAS and a court hearing without JURY was not court.. it was an administrative hearing that needed my consent of which I refused because of BIAS in which a judge must recuse themselves under such accusation.
They continued in my absence. A VOID temporary order of injunction was issued. They followed that through with a permanent injunction again in my abasence again a judge refusing a jury. They then went for a committal hearing again the JUDGE refused a jury even for committal and where he ran from the court when questioned about his authority but yet returned after using intimidation to remove my representation to hand down a VOID order of commital for 3 months. WE FLED THE COUNTRY INTO EXILE.
The shocking injustices still continue today with the likes of Grandma Danby.. Kathy Danby sentenced to prison for contact with her own grand daughter!! when is this going to stop.
The submission to the HOUSE OF LORDS select committee rejected because it named individuals.. or was there some other more seedy reason that LORD HARDIE could not accept serious hands on accounts of fraud and theft.. WAS he being BLACKMAILED?? With the recent surge in the press of Pedophiles in High office places in which one article I saw included LORD HARDIEs face and name I ask is this the reason why we cannot get any justice?? Is the government corrupted from Pedophiles controlling who gets justice and who does not.. under BLACKMAIL from the real criminals running rampent in our supossed democratic UK.
Something needs to done Simon.
MEANWHILE you have pensioners being sent to prison.
YOU HAVE pensioners and carers in exile from CORRUPT BRITAIN.

Regards Mike/Ann Clarke SPAIN skype: mrmikeclarke
00447523287267 003461899708

[] JULY 13 2014
LINK to one example.

[] JULY 12 2014
From: Subject: RE: Families Against Court of Protection Theft Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 16:15:19 +0100
Hi There,
I have already received a text from Mike Clarke, but did not realize he was from your group.
I have just sent letters and a document to the court of protection, and am attaching copies of these documents to this email, so that you can see just how badly this fiasco is being handled. I feel sure I can trust you to publish only what you see fit, without "watering down" the story unnecessarily. This vendetta being waged against us has been going on now for an unbelievable 25 years, and shows no signs of abating, even though my granddaughter is now almost 19.
Please let me know how much more information you need. I do have a document which details everything that has happened since day one, but it is on my computer at home, and I will send it if you wish.
The article in the Daily Mail was pretty accurate - the only thing they got wrong was that they said my granddaughter "had learning difficulties", which she hasn't, instead of, as I asked them to say "Derbyshire County Council allege she has learning difficulties". As you can see in the document I have sent, I have mentioned this matter, and told this silly judge the reason why my granddaughter's academic ability is as low as it is - all the fault of Derbyshire County Council.
Hope to hear from you soon.
I am not online at home, but will hopefully be bringing my computer into the library on Monday to catch up on sending emails, etc.
Kind regards,
Kathy Danby
LINK to David Court Letter 12-7-14.pdf
LINK to Judgement with comments 2.pdf
LINK to Kathy Court Letter 12-7-14.pdf

[612350] JULY 12 2014
Oldham dad stages protest at David Cameron’s home to highlight ‘injustice’ of secret family courts
LINK to the Oldham dad stages protest at David Cameron’s home to highlight ‘injustice’ of secret family courts Chris Tompson, 38, from Oldham has not seen his eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son since March 2013 and is now staging a month-long protest in the Prime Minister’s Oxfordshire constituency of Witney.

[612271] JULY 8 2014
LINK to the british constitution groups newsletter of 30 pages. Scroll down to page 25 where in the middle you will find the article referring to ourselves and our forced into exile position from Judicial corruption that where representations made by ROGER HAYES and GUY TAYLOR saw the Judge flee the court only to return after police intimidation for my representatives to leave the court and then the Judge returns to conduct his presumed authority.
SUMMARY: Roger Hayes then addressed the meeting after Justin’s talk. Roger first gave the meeting an account of a recent high court case of where he had assisted a gentleman who had been fighting a firm of solicitors, appar-ently hell bent on ruining the said gentleman’s domestic ar-rangements regards a compensation payment made to his mother that was at first being administered by the solicitors group. However, the finances were being squandered, badly managed, with the solicitors refusing any and all requests by the gent for his oversight and/or involvement in his mother affairs. The gent in question naturally wanted his mother’s affairs to be best managed but was continually ignored or knocked back in his attempts for a period of over ten years.
The gents last resort was to use a commercial lien process against the firm of solicitors, but this only prompted the reac-tion from them of both a high court application for an injunc-tion (to nullify the commercial lien), and then a further applica-tion for a committal to prison. By this time the gent had taken evasive action and with Roger assisting also by acting on his behalf in the High Court, the ensuing events further proved to demonstrate that the courts will not clarify the point/question ... ‘is the claim against the Legal Fiction or is it against the Man ?’ After Roger relayed the rest of the details from that day in high court (of which are fully detailed by Roger in a radio interview (link below) he then brought his address to a close with the point that.. ‘We have been patient and reason-able in our approach. We take logic and fairness into the court but are not being dealt with in the same manner. We have a judicial dictatorship in this country’.
Apparently, the Judge at the hearing in the High court case had abandoned the court after being challenged on his as-sumed authority (that question not seeming to go down well in these places of justice !), and once Roger had left the building, the judge re-entered and passed a sentence on the ‘Legal Fiction’ – obviously demonstrating his true sense of authority !
LINK to radio interview

[612195] JULY 4 2014
Rolf Harris – Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

[612106] JUNE 28 2014

[612066] JUNE 28 2014

From: kathy
Subject: Families Against Court of Protection Theft
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 16:05:22 +0100
Hi there,
I found your website, and read some of the links. My son, granddaughter and myself have been suffering for many years at the hands of social workers. They are waging a vendetta against us. Now that my granddaughter has turned 18, they have involved the court of protection, and I have also had dealings with the court of protection when I applied for receivership for my late brother, who had Downs Syndrome.
I didn't think there was any court more corrupt than the Family Court, but in the court of protection I have found much worse. My case was reported in the Daily Mail a few weeks ago - "Grandmother jailed by secret court for hugging her granddaughter". However, there is much more to our case than reported in the Daily Mail, and I wondered if you would be interested in hearing it, and helping us to bring this scandalous court to book for the injustices they are perpetrating on us. Both courts are nothing more than another tool for social services to use to persecute people and to wreck their families.
Please get in touch if you want to hear my story - either by email or on ?????????.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, Kathy
12/7/2014 Text to KATHY - I read about your story and was horrified! I too was sent to prison by the court of protection but fled into exile with my disabled mother or skype: mrmikeclarke uk tel 07523287267 spain +34618999708

[] JUNE 27 2014
ATVOD acting outside any assumed authority, again another example of TYRANNY in the UK

[612018] JUNE 26 2014
“We were very concerned by what we heard about the safeguards. The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended. Worse still, in some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them.”

[] JUNE 25 2014

[] JUNE 23 2014

[] JUNE 18 2014
Julian Assange Predicts Orwellian Future, Internet Will Be Key Suppression Tool
link to how the Internet Will Be Key Suppression Tool

[] JUNE 18 2014 @11.51am
11:40 Yvonne Stewart-Taylor Glad you have made contact, yesterday got a message from Paul on the show and so sorry to tell you they have to fix the critical mass radio becuse its all crashed. We wont be able to broadcast tonight, site should be back up operational t,morrow. Pauls facebook was blocked as well, so he has set up a new account. The Powers that were are certainly trying everything to stop us broadcasting. I know this is messing you about and all I can do is appologise, you are on next guest mate, but cannot do it tonight. Yvonne Stewart-Taylor 11:42 Yvonne Stewart-Taylor will update you if anything changes today or as soon as I hear directly from Paul. . Once we are up again it will be harder for them to mess with our broadcasts, they have been trying every week for last 6 weeks to shut us down, hope its not my show lol ... Yvonne Stewart-Taylor 11:46 Yvonne Stewart-Taylor Lou Collins Radio Show 16.6.14 Guy Taylor Barclays Bank Fraud & Property Theft Guy Taylor talks about the theft of Bodenham Manor and Corrupt Banks. . ... Mike Clarke 11:46 Mike Clarke LOLs no problem but am sure it is you they are trying to STOP will listen tot he LOU COLLINS show ... Yvonne Stewart-Taylor 11:47 Yvonne Stewart-Taylor and heres a sample of me with Int Bel last weeks show

[611813]JUNE 12 2014
ON Wednesday Going live on a Radio interview coming up next week at 6pm on Critical Mass Radio 18th June 2014.LINK to

[]MAY 23 2014
Mike Clarke The corruption in Britain is brimming to overflowing its disgusting what we as a nation are having to deal with on a day to day basis.. I take my hat off and applaud you Michael Doherty for doing just what you are doing .. these crooks in powerful places need to be dragged literally from their positions and made to account for their actions or some cases the lack of action... it has become too much to bare for many whom like us have fled into exile from such corruption where my mother now at the age of 74 and disabled are in exile from her own £300,000 home in the UK that is now rotting into dereliction after not being able to peaceably live out her days there in the last 2 years... visit

[]MAY 20 2014
LINK to ongoing property frauds uncovered

[]MAY 19 2014

[611327]MAY 19 2014
Today I sat a while and thought about just some of the things that spring into mind that I have given up to care for my mother. I was reading just today on facebook some of my friends who were at the BARRY MANILOW concert and thought oh gosh how lovely to be able to just go to that. I idolised Barry from an early age and I even took mum and me to see him live at BLENHEIM PALACE over 30 years ago, yeah, just me and mum in the crowd of 40,000.
It strikes you hard when you realise how much of your freedom you give to care for another. Then I saw another comment on facebook how yet another year has rolled around and the Gran Canarian Gay festival starts today and its a fact that I used to visit it year on year previously.
MY own family via the root of all evil money have chastised and persecuted me alongside the FRAUDULENT new world order of corruption in high places that has taken its toll, not just on me but mum too, not to mention my own partner and the close friends once enjoyed.
I make this entry in this web diary to provide an insight to the reality of what has happened and the question remains WHY?
The people whom have contributed to our misery are all based around money, though they will claim that's me! I only do what was required of me, requested by my mother whom has capacity and who should have full control of all her decisions on life until her death.
Her choices being respected by me I cared for her with no money for the first 6 years 1995 to 2001.. when the money arrived so did the vile intereference from all walk of life creating a misery from start to date.
I sincerely hope you all rot in hell for the crimes committed against my mother and me by those who know who they are... inclusive of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT.
When I reach an age similar to my mothers I hope that the actions taken by me and by others will by then have made the world a safer place to live out your days with your own choices intact because that is what I am fighting for and I hasten to add at the other end of the scale the kids for cash scandal where they are being stolen from bloodline parents into cash generating adoptions to benefit corporational government that needs to be KILLED OFF!

[]MAY 19 2014

[611300]MAY 18 2014

[]MAY 18 2014

Terry Allen IT was observed in a former chapter[a], that one of the principal bulwarks of civil liberty, or (in other words) of the British constitution, was the limitation of the king's prerogative by bounds so certain and notorious, that it is impossible he should ever exceed them, without the consent of the people, on the one hand; or without, on the other, a violation of that original contract, which in all states impliedly, and in ours most expressly, subsists between the prince and the subject. It will now be our business to consider this prerogative minutely; to demonstrate it's necessity in general; and to mark out in the most important instances it's particular extent and restrictions: from which considerations this conclusion will evidently follow, that the powers which are vested in the crown by the laws of England, are necessary for the support of society; and do not intrench any farther on our natural liberties, than is expedient for the maintenance of our civil.
[a] chap. 1. page 137.
There cannot be a stronger proof of that genuine freedom, which is the boast of this age and country, than the power of discussing and examining, with decency and respect, the limits of the king's prerogative. A topic, that in some former ages was thought too delicate and sacred to be profaned by the pen of a subject. It was ranked among the arcana imperii; and, like the-231- mysteries of the bona dea, was not suffered to be pried into by any but such as were initiated in it's service: because perhaps the exertion of the one, like the solemnities of the other, would not bear the inspexion of a rational and sober enquiry. The glorious queen Elizabeth herself made no scruple to direct her parliaments to abstain from discoursing of matters of state[b]; and it was the constant language of this favorite princess and her ministers, that even that august assembly "ought not to deal, to judge, or to meddle, with her majesty's prerogative royal[c]." And her successor, king James the first, who had imbibed high notions of the divinity of regal sway, more than once laid it down in his speeches, that "as it is atheism and blasphemy in a creature to dispute what the deity may do, so it is presumption and sedition in a subject to dispute what a king may do in the height of his power: good christians, he adds, will be content with God's will, revealed in his word; and good subjects will rest in the king's will, revealed in his law. William Blackstone who goes on to talk about the Contract between the Monarch and the People based on our Constitution and like I keep telling people he confirms that our Common Law is based on the Roman system and it all comes from the Bible: LINK to

[]MAY 18 2014
LINK to how the SS grab a pensioner while the caring son is out. It took three weeks for the son to find out where his 81 yr old mother was.

[]MAY 16 2014
here is a glimpse of our new home

[]MAY 16 2014
Michael Doherty wrote
8 hrs ·ago .
I have just read the successful argument put before the Court of Appeal today in relation to the ‪#‎metpolice‬ use of harassment criminal law to obstruct members of the public raising complaint about the police's conduct.
As many will know I was arrested in a dawn raid in 2008 after I raised legitimate concerns about the police's failure to investigate child abuse i had reported.
I was charged and sent to court for alleged 'harassment' in making my concerns known.
This successful Court of Appeal case today makes it abundantly clear that the police's use of criminal law to obstruct free speach is a breach of Human Rights law.
My understanding is its not only the Metpolice that use this tactic to stop people speaking out.
This judgement puts them in a whole lot of shit and as ive always known was unlawful.
Well done to the barrister from Doughty Street chambers and the court of appeal for doing the right thing
My response
THIS COULD VERY WELL BE THE PINACLE TO MAKING AN APPEAL ON MY CASE MICHAEL... they used false harassment charges upon me to obtain an injunction and eventually a committal to divert me away from case against them of criminal conspiracy to defraud my mother which is why we are in exile... Michael I need your help on this as previously discussed and also your intended vist on the 23rd May with others such as Dave Witcher to the ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE regarding criminal claims to be placed before Queens Bench.
THE criminal use of the harassment criminal laws to obstruct and pervert the course of common law justice upon a criminal gang of conspiracy to defraud the vulnerable.. operating from within its own ranks of the COURT OF PROTECTION and OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC GUARDIAN and SOCIAL SERVICES (kids for cash) backed and protected by a JUDICAL authority of its very own, open to perverted blackmail to maintain the status quo? A VERY REAL SCENARIO OF TYRANNY WE ARE LIVING UNDER.
Terry Allen wrote... eventually, the public who are policed by consent... will withdraw that consent - and then society will begin to crumble. We are all ready withdrawing that consent I have informed everyone who needs to be informed that I no longer consent to the Community Charge Act 1992. Some people have gone further and have gone into Lawful rebellion in accordance with Magna Carta article 61. The primary role of the police is to keep the peace they are not there to enforce the Law but Uphold it. Problem is they violate the very Law they have sworn to uphold every time they go into their corporate role. This is why when we address them we must avoid using words like Officer, and Police force. They are Police constables appointed to serve and protect not threaten and collect. Its up to us to hold them to account!

[611254]MAY 16 2014
We will fill in the gaps

[]MAY 6 2014

[611013]MAY 6 2014

[611012]MAY 6 2014

[611012]MAY 6 2014

brilliant, what i have come to realise is that any one with a mortgage owes nothing as it has been paid for, the TR1 and stamp duty paid and the contract of sale completes the purchase, people are losing their homes for nothing, the legal charge together with the AP1 has nothing to do with the mortgage its a manufactured instrument to fool us into paying for the next 30 years for a mortage which does not exist. And they forget to tell us that they have traded with our legal charge AP1 in my case many, many times and they fail to tell us that the proceeds from these trading belong to us. Simons comments on the video is right. They are enforcing a debt which does not exist, the same goes for credit cards etc.

[611010]MAY 6 2014

[611005]MAY 6 2014

[611001]MAY 6 2014

[611000]MAY 5 2014
from Peter
Hi Mike, 18 months ago I went through various stages of interviews and then spent a day doing various exercises and tasks in front of the Parliamentary Assessment Panel. After weeks of getting through one stage ,and another, then another,and so on ........I was accepted onto the official conservative Parliamentary candidates list for the 2015 General Election. As a working class lad from an Oldham Council Estate, I cried when opened the letter that told me I had passed all the extremely rigorous tests . I served as a councillor at the age of 22 on Oldham Council winning a seat that had never had a Tory Councillor in its history! then I became a dad which put any personal political ambitions on hold for almost two decades. Now Elizabeth (who will be 19 this year) has blossomed into a beautiful young lady and I have done my best to guide and provide for her, the time has come to go back to something I had aspirations to do many years ago! Obviously when I am in a position of pursuing my own political career I have to post many things on social media, I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me but it's part of my campaign. I don't mind your opposition at all, I am very diplomatic and believe in democracy, but please understand that some of the material that you were posting was saturating my timeline in a big way, and was of a very deep accusatory nature! It wasn't the usual kind of stuff that other people send when they are opposed to one or two things that I post ! I had many other non-political friends, that were worried about some of the posts you were sending on my timeline , and they were also advising me that it wouldn't be doing me any favours. It took a heavy heart to delete a friend I've known for many years - but after working so very hard, and achieving something "I didn't even think myself capable of passing" I would be very foolish to let anything mess it up! Please do not think I am not your friend, and please don't think that you are not entitled to your views. But now I've painted a picture of my predicament I hope you understand. This is so important to me, and believe me I will re-friend you on Facebook in a flash if you can understand where I am coming from? Now you know the story and circumstances i hope you can make sense of it? Hope you and mum are both well x

Mike Clarke Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for your heartfelt message and one which I might add went all the way to explaining your position. I start by apologising for the posting of my very strong views about my position. I want you to take note, that from the age of 18 I always voted and like you come from the working class labour background of OLDHAM, but, I never voted LABOUR, I always voted CONSERVATIVE. I was a staunch Conservative supporter for the bulk of my life and idolised Margaret Thatcher. As the years rolled by and I started to become disillusioned with politics and then not voting at all. As in more recent years the corruption that has been perpetrated upon my mother by I might add something that JACK STRAW of Labour who was the main implementer of the COURT OF PROTECTION has taken its toll on us. I started to research lots and lots of material especially over the last 5 years and what has come to light is quite astonishing about the whole corrupt business of politics, and I do mean business, because BUSINESS is what is it IS. EVERYTHING is a corporation. I am not going to drone on any further about it all for it is for your own self to uncover the facts that I have uncovered. I have become somewhat bitter about our circumstances, this I must admit and sometimes when I have seen the support and campaigning for what to me is now a criminal organisation and I don't just mean Conservative I mean the lot.. in it's entirety.. I become a little frantic and I feel the need to respond by showing the darker side of all this which there is a very sinister darker side. ALL this to one side the fact that in my younger years I offered my support to the conservatives to which I do expect JUSTICE something which has over the last 5 years been distinctly lacking where my mother and I have suffered greatly. Enough said though I may not agree with your choices I do respect you deeply and especially from your sincere message above sent as a gentleman and likewise received by one. I am your friend and will remain your friend regardless of political views and as such I again offer thanks to your considered response that I will endeavour to now respect. Cheers Peter xx ALL THE BEST to you for your future.. ps if you manage to get to No: 10 perhaps you might be just the man to sort out the mess

[610967]MAY 4 2014
Its an Illusion - A lecture in law by John Harris


[]MAY 3 2014
LINK to the letter to 10 Downing Street by the British Constitution Group that required a response within 40 days under article 61 of the Magna Carta, that has now expired.

[]MAY 3 2014
Children raped by masonic police and judges, don't let this Nazi Goverment take your children
LINK to MASONIC Judges and police rape of children

[]MAY 3 2014

[610870]MAY 2 2014
The institutionalised BLACKMAIL within the HOUSE of LORDS for favours to protect the criminal ruling mafia of racketeering, are all too obvious now as to why we are not getting any justice what so ever. The ruling LORDS select committee hearing over the Mental Capacity Act was LORD HARDIE, a person whom rejected submissions of serious allegations of wrongs committed by this racketeering office and I often wondered why, until this picture surfaced today with LORD HARDIEs name and photo on. Place this side by side with the rumblings of blackmail used against high ranking figures to protect criminals in high office by using the like of LORD HARDIEs weakness for peodophile perversion and in there lies your answers. Click pic to enlarge

LINK to more bent judges

[610866]MAY 2 2014

LINK to THE TORY PARTY cover up of its links to paedophilia.

[610862]MAY 1 2014

And what happens to those older folk whom do not have families to watch out for them?

[610850]MAY 1 2014
THE MIND BOGGLES but Mr Justice Adrian Fulford now Lord Justice Adrian Fulford, United Kingdom Court of Appeal would not disclose to The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, FIVE Court of Protection Medical Certificates held by the Official Solicitor to the Senior Court. Of interest is how Leonard Lawrence case was listed with Mr Justice Fulford, see video below. The Official Solicitor Alastair Pitblado has not disclosed how many parents have been certified and placed under his jurisdiction during the period 2010 to 2014 when their children face adoption ? Leonard Lawrence


The Queen is not valid LINK to

[610835]MAY 1st 2014
LINK to "Legal Abuse Syndrome" is a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD acquired through prolonged exposure to Crooked Courts.

LINK to The book, Legal Abuse Syndrome written by Karin Huffer is the result of her experiences for over twenty years as a marriage and family counselor in private practice. What is unique about this book is that it addresses the victims of legal abuse from a psychological therapeutic perspective. The objective is to move the victim beyond their predicament into positive action and thinking. Ms. Huffer illustrates the abuses with the cases of seven victims of Legal Abuse Syndrome, detailing their pain and suffering and the various stages of the therapy they have undergone for recovery of their emotional health. LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME, Kerin Huffer M.S., her website is or

[610818] 30 APRIL 2014
As a powerful warning against allowing the wealthy to write our laws, these words are no less true today.

[610816] 30 APRIL 2014

LINK to a-list-of-child-sex-offenders-inside-the-british-government

[610814] 30 APRIL 2014

[610810] 30 APRIL 2014

[610792] 30 APRIL 2014
LINK to common law court procedures.

[610790] 29 APRIL 2014

[610769] 29 APRIL 2014

LINK to KIDNAPPED FOR CASH scandal of the elderly and kids kidnapped for cash crimes committed on a world wide scam proving that the NEW WORLD ORDER of chaos and destruction is well underway. There is only one proper and Biblical answer to fighting this type of evil. As with all cases of evil that have been allowed to grow to this point, the answer is simple yet difficult in many ways to enforce. The answer however is this; those who are true Christians must be prepared and actually gather together now to remove unrepentant evil. Everyday that Christians do not take part in their Biblical duty to remove evil, the worse matters will become. Our Government is no friend nor ally of the family. We who are “awake” and alive to what the Word declares, should already know that evil must be removed and done so quickly. Simply complaining is not enough. If the Church fails to do it's job in ridding our society of all evil, including those who partake in kidnapping elderly for cash, at some point, your parent, your grandparent will be next in being stolen and terrorized. Save a child, save a parent/grandparent, save a family today.... remove the unrepentant evil doers of this world now before you too are judged by God for being silent and turning your head from seeing wickedness of this world.

[610743] 28 APRIL 2014

Why Are Probate Court Judges Giving Money To Court Appointed Fiduciaries and Their Attorneys, Instead of Those Who's Money It Belongs To?

[610701] 27 APRIL 2014

[610651] 27 APRIL 2014

[610631] 25 APRIL 2014
The Birth of a New Era: The End of Papal Authority and Corporatism, and the Rise of a new Common Law Covenant
Kevin Annett
Breaking News Report: April 25, 2014
A Revolution is Launched in Maastricht, Holland
An ITCCS Exclusive Report – Friday, April 25, 2014 (2 pm GMT)
Issued through the Common Law News Service (CNS)
Maastricht and Rome:
Last Easter Sunday, in an action akin to Martin Luther's posting of his Ninety Five Theses, a lone figure placed a Proclamation on the door of the oldest catholic church outside of Italy, and announced the end of an era and the birth of another. (
Like Luther, Kevin Annett is a renegade clergyman who is caught in a life and death struggle with the oldest corporation on our planet: the church of Rome. But unlike the defrocked monk, Annett represents a movement aiming to not reform that church, but abolish it entirely because of its “irredeemable criminal nature”.
And that abolition was announced this past Sunday.
The manifesto posted by Kevin Annett on the door of St. Martin's catholic church is called the Maastricht Proclamation, and invokes both international law and the “law of heaven” to declare the legal and spiritual abolition of the Church of Rome. The Proclamation effectively nullifies the authority of the Roman Catholic church under the very laws and legitimacy by which the latter claims to operate. (see, April 20, 2014)
But the repercussions of Reverend Annett's action go far beyond Rome.
Interviewed today in Spain, where he is meeting with eyewitnesses to Vatican crimes, Annett comments,
“The modern Vatican is really the creation of Italian Fascism, whose Lateran Treaty in 1929 established the modern corporation called the roman catholic church: a de facto but legally fictitious and criminal body. In turn, that criminal syndicate helped spawn the horrors of the modern corporatist era, starting with Nazi Germany and leading to the present global New World Order. So by legally and spiritually disestablishing the Church of Rome, we are also dismantling that corporatist Order and all of the de facto, tyrannical authorities in the world, whether they be corporations, governments, or private courts.
“In other words, the Maastricht Proclamation is really a call to arms to all people to re-establish lawful de jure society across our planet, under the supremacy of the divine law of equality and peace: what we know as the Common Law.”
In effect, what began in Rome on a bleak February day in 1929 ended last Easter Sunday, when the terms by which the Vatican operates as an overt criminal syndicate were lawfully negated under the terms of International Law. So while the church may continue to function as a de facto power, it does so as a rogue criminal body with no authority, and no right to its own property, wealth or laws.
What does this new step mean for the twenty year campaign by Kevin Annett to expose and stop the murder and trafficking of children?
“It's a whole new ball game now” says Annett. “This isn't about trying to hold a dying system accountable anymore, but about creating a whole new world through a new Covenant.
“Once we put church and state on trial, we really declared war on the entire system. And like Napolean once said, whoever makes a revolution half way is just digging their own grave. So now we need not just our own peace officers to enforce our Common Law court verdicts; we need to mobilize humanity to take back our world and the law from the criminals who are destroying us and our children's future. And to do that, we need to re-contract all our relationships.
“So in truth, there are no more lawful authorities anymore, and we owe none of them allegiance. We need to remake such authority from the ground up, from among ourselves. That's why we call it the New Covenant. And that's what we've begun, with the Maastricht Proclamation.”
This new Covenanting movement has two fronts, one legal, the other spiritual. Annett calls these fronts the “two arms of liberation”.
“Humanity is sick and dying, from the inside out, because we have forgotten our innate sovereignty and our bond with creation and the Creator. Nobody can mediate or create that bond for another, and justice is an empty shell without the personal capacity to be a just and virtuous man or woman. Benjamin Franklin said that only a virtuous people could be self-governing, for with personal corruption always comes political tyranny. So the new Covenant recognizes itself as both a new law and a new spirit, one supporting and feeding the other.”
In the wake of the Maastricht Proclamation, this re-covenanting movement,The Covenanters, is working actively to establish both common law courts and self-governing communities on the land that have declared their independence from existing authorities. As the seed of a new world, the Covenanters are working now in twenty one countries alongside the International Common Law Court of Justice and its Tribunal sponsor, the ITCCS.
As for Kevin Annett, he is clearly a happy man.
“It's been a long night, but it's always good to see the day break”.

[] 25 APRIL 2014

Here are 2 of my heroes in the NEW WORLD fight to end corruption within our corporate courts of business for the bankster elite of masonic pedophile parliament.

[610600] 24 APRIL 2014

We hereby give notive that all Judges whom were connected with the involvement of the fraudluent harassment charges in an attempt to STOP, SILENCE, GAGG & PERVERT the course of the commercial lien still standing will be added to it and notice's will be sent to each of the following with an additional claim amount attached for that interference of £1,000,000 each added to the lien and I hereby name MRS JUSTICE SHARPE for her initial so called temporary injunction in the face of statutory declarations served & received by her and rejected £1,000,000, HIS HONOUR JUDGE FOSKITT for his refusal of due process and the use of a jury in which he denied stating 'this will be dealt with by a judge and judge alone, making his order of permanent injunction VOID and his conduct on a failure to recuse himself under accusations of judicial malfeasance £1,000,000, in the case of JUDGE STEWART and his order of coercion, forcible arrest in a terrorist fashion on the M6 motorway providing duress and issuing a forced order to attend a hearing previously denied consent to admiralty jurisdiction £1,000,000 and finally to JUDGE PHILIP MARK PELLING for his blatant disregard for my rights as a man we add to this LIEN £5,000,000 bringing this total lien claim now attached to all aforementioned 50 partners of PANNONE LLP, Martin JOHN of the PUBLIC GUARDIAN and associated judges now hereby added to £17,000,000.
We will seek apostille seals of international jurisdiction with hague convention approval. We will soon instruct lawyers to file claim.

[610580] 24 APRIL 2014
"Before you were born, the bankers operated a scam intended to rob all members of the 'general public'. They removed all forms of money and replaced it with worthless notes which read "I promise to pay the bearer..." with another worthless bank note (FIAT Currency).
They then managed to do away with the Government and replace is with groups of commercial companies which they own. They cunningly named these companies so that they 'look' like Government. They took over the printing of the worthless bank notes with their private company called "The Bank of England" which is meant to sound like a Government Organisation, although it MOST DEFINITELY is NOT.
The next step, in their 'lets be honest here' quite clever plan, was to get their company which sounds like the Government, to ask their other company "The Bank of England" to print them lots of (worthless) money and to charge interest on that money, over and above the face 'value' of the Currency. This excess interest amount is called "The National Debt" in order to fool ordinary people into believing that their Country some how owes somebody large amounts of money.
So FIRSTLY, there is really NOTHING owed at all. SECONDLY, there IS no money. THIRDLY, the Country does not owe anything, and in the unlikely event that there were a genuine debt, then it has nothing to do with ordinary people any way as it is just a notional debt incurred by one commercial company to another commercial company! (ALL owned by the same people) This supposed debt has been boosted over the years to a ridiculous level which could NEVER, EVER be paid off, and you will no doubt be glad to learn that all income tax is now paid to the owners of these commercial companies. Isn't it great to be paying vast sums of money to a commercial company which has never done ANYTHING for you and which holds you in utter contempt because you havent discovered their SCAM and continue to pay lots of ridiculous taxes, fee's and charges! None of which, by the way, you have to pay at all! All combined, these charges amount to nearly 80% of a persons earned income! Do you enjoy living on one fifth of what you COULD have HAD!?
Anyway, to strengthen their SCAM, they have invented a Language of Lies called 'Legalese' or 'Legal Terminology' where they have 'GET THIS!'...changed the meanings of ordinary English words in order to Abuse & Rob ordinary members of the public!
They have set up yet another company called "The Law Society" to train up unscrupulous people in their methods of madness, lies and deception. Their commercial company which pretends to be the Government, keeps inventing new 'Statutes' which they 'pretend' are Laws (and are MOST DEFINITELY NOT) and they keep this game up by telling everybody that " THEY MUST OBEY THESE LAWS" and they have even subverted Police Men & Police Women into 'Police Officers' and convinced them that they have to enforce these Statutes.
The primary aim of these Statutes is to take banknotes, goods and property from members of the public who have not yet discovered that it is a scam being run 'secretly' against them. Many Police Officers are probably themselves ignorent of the fact that Statutes are purely optional and NO 'Human' is actually bound by them.
SO what you decide to do is entirely up to yourself. You can continue to give away most of your income to fund people who want to take, harm & steal from you OR you can decide to step 'outside' this corrupt system we are almost forced to be living in, and stop paying these people. ALL humans are born equal, so there is nobody who has the RIGHT to order you around, unless you agree to give them that right (By Consent) Acts & Statutes can be given the 'FORCE' of Law, only with Consent. SO DO NOT CONSENT. The choice is yours to make BUT Knowledge is Power - UK has already made that choice, and that choice is FREEDOM from a Government that cant GOVERN.
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! - Knowledge is Power - UK."

[610557] 23 APRIL 2014

[610557] 23 APRIL 2014

[610550] 23 APRIL 2014
LINK to End to family court experts gravy train: Witnesses paid thousands in 90% of care cases

[610520] 22 APRIL 2014

[610496] 21 APRIL 2014

[610485] 21 APRIL 2014

[610472] 21 APRIL 2014
Over the last 4 days there has been 2 suspicious characters that we have now photographed that seemed with overwhelming evidence to appear to be keeping us under surveillance and tonight after us demonstrating their obversations they left the bar we were in, in a hurried fashion... we believe this is the work of PANNONE LLP... this is the sort of thing that they subscribe to within their shadowy style of working within their own corrupt environment. TRUST me the criminals are the lawyers, the judges etc... THE MAFIA OF GREAT BRITAIN AT LARGE... FOR NOW!!!

[610431] 20 APRIL 2014
International common law court lawyers are now going over files and evidence in relation to the case against PANNONEs LLP and their JUDGE Philip Mark Pellng.

[610431] 19 APRIL 2014

[610405] 18 APRIL 2014

[610344] 16 APRIL 2014

[610291] 15 APRIL 2014
The UK LEGALISED FRAUD THEFT & TREASON interview is being broadcast again TUESDAY afternoon UK time at 2pm on

[610281] 14 APRIL 2014
LINK to foreclosure defense handbook

[610280] 14 APRIL 2014
OPPOSING PREDATORY GUARDIANS theft & fraud racket.. you can hear the broadcast live from Tues [tomorrow] 15/4/2014 from 2pm UK time or 3pm Spanish time... this is the story of UK LEGALISED FRAUD THEFT MAL ADMINISTRATION AND TREASON by the COURT OF PROTECTION

[610255] 14 APRIL 2014

[610248] 14 APRIL 2014

[610219] 13 APRIL 2014

[610217] 13 APRIL 2014
And it begs the question if it was set up deliberately to hide fraud from his clients one assume it will be invalid we'll have to look into that!!

[610217] 13 APRIL 2014

[610187] 12 APRIL 2014
to the protection afforded her from her son against the British Mafia.

[610166] 12 APRIL 2014@12.48AM
IF YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO our story THE PODCAST IT WILL BE ON LINK[] from 1am uk time and 2am spain time tonight/tomorrow morning... LINK to the full unedited version of the fullradiointerview.mp3

[610142] 11 APRIL 2014


[610094] 9 APRIL 2014
To be broadcast here on Saturday morning.

[610042] 8 APRIL 2014

[610038] 8 APRIL 2014

[610025] 7 APRIL 2014
We try and gather a sense of normality throughout our campagn for truth and real justice and so inbetween James makes his first one minute guitar playing solo singing video to showcase his raw talent to lighten our website here that feature the british new world order of zionist repression.

[610015] 7 APRIL 2014

[609983] 7 APRIL 2014

[609976] 7 APRIL 2014
Against her will the little girl is forcibly removed. This is a fucking disgrace the legalised theft of children against their will... what psychological damage are they doing???? JESUS!! The state of Britain today and its money orientated laws generating cash for the corporate elite cesspool of satanic masonic paedophile parliament filth.

[609966] 6 APRIL 2014

[609899] 4 APRIL 2014

We are being ruled by a bunch of satanic child sacrifice ritual criminals from the pope down through to the monarchy to 10 downing st but the falling freemasonry is crumbling at a far greater rate than they wish to admit and our future is based on ridding ourselves permanently of this sadistic corrupt, corporate, greedy environment that we have endorsed by our own voting system putting mafia tyrants into positions of power. Vote NOTA[no to all of the above] when polling day arrives to assist in the removal of EVIL RULE. Assist in the future generation by endorsing what will be a new constitution of Magna Carta 2015 that will bring a corporateless system of fair justice to prince or pauper that will ensure social services are not likely to commit child abductions or grandparental kidnapping all based on monetary gain. The bringing down of this vicious circle of fraudulent debt by banksters and conversion of everything into a price, needs to stop for the generations to follow.

[609895] 4 APRIL 2014
Dear Patrick Davis
Please take note that I have failed to receive a reply back from the letter below;
on the 24th March 2014[11 days ago]

[609858] 3 APRIL 2014
GUY Taylor LOL: were all fine Phil thanks im on uk column live today i will send over to you later if you miss it, they wont supply us with written court orders anymore because they know we are on to them and can prove they are fraudulent, so its proper frontline tyranny! still onwards and upwards sir!

[609846] 02 APRIL 2014
Master Leslie declaring parliament reigns supreme! this is one of the queens remembrancers openly admitting that this is not a common law country no longer.

[609844] 2 APRIL 2014
Woman sues for $268 million, claims ‘theft’ of children
LINK to A woman who is suing several county and state officials says she wants a dollar for the roughly 41.5 million seconds each of her six children have been taken from her care. The lawsuit filed this week in Morgan Circuit Court accuses a circuit judge, state’s prosecutors and social workers of wrongfully taking the children. She is seeking more than $268 million in damages. In the suit, which presents only one side of a claim, she maintains theft of property in that “the said defendants did trespass on my property,” being her six children. She claims this trespass “did and does harm and injury to my property” during a span of time from Nov. 30, 2012, to now. “I require fair and just compensation for the initial and continual trespass upon my property in the amount of one dollar per every second of the wrong,” she said in the action. “I will forgive those who trespass upon my property as I would wish those to forgive me my trespass upon their property if my property is returned,” she concluded.

[609843] 2 APRIL 2014
This headline ran in May of 2001 in NY and we don't think anyone since has said it better: MILKING THE HELPLESS!

[609833] 2 APRIL 2014
DE FACTO Political Prisoner in CANADA: Dean Clifford
LINK to DEANs Admin POSTED on Apr 1, 2014 in News |
In this world there are many folks who sit idly by, and then there are those who will not, and cannot, sit idly by, while they see the planet and people they love being crushed and destroyed, on a daily basis, by unbridled filth and corruption at a staggering level.
Dean Clifford is a man who cannot and will not sit idly by while the world around him is being systematically decimated by filth and corruption – filth and corruption that appears to be embedded in all levels of society.
Clifford cannot idly sit by while mankind and nature are being methodically attacked by: geo-engineering, toxins, chemtrails, false medicines, poisoned drinking water, false wars, altered produce, harmful police officers, raping clergy, false-flag operations, and corrupt judicial systems and statutes (to name a few things).

Upon noticing the filth and corruption, Clifford set forth to investigate the nature of the filth and corruption and he sought to find some possible remedies to this distressing aspect of life on Earth, and what he discovered through his journey was profound.
Dean Clifford, a working man, a contractor from Manitoba, Canada, discovered a vitally important truth and that truth is: all men are equal before the law.
Men and women are all equal before the law because they have rights, rights that no one can bestow upon them or take away from them. These rights are not given to people by various pieces of legislation (statutes), but these rights are acknowledged by statutes.
Mankind has natural rights and has had them long before the term civil rights was ever conjured up.
Clifford felt the need to tell others in his social network about these rights, and about some possible ways to assert these rights when the rights of man are being trampled and trespassed upon by others (trespassers).
It so happened, a few years back, that someone in the audience recorded some of Clifford’s talks about rights, courts, and trust law, and then uploaded the talks on Youtube, and since that time many requests for talks and seminars have been made of Clifford and so he had accepted to do some seminars in the past few years, as an attempt to meet the requests coming in.
Clifford does not relish being in the spot-light, nor does he like to be called a guru, and he would much rather live a simple life where he could sit beside a river, fish, and help others in a discrete fashion.
However, Clifford realized the severe lack of knowledge in people about natural rights, law, assertion of rights and remedy, and so that is why he agreed to step into the spot-light, for the time being, in an effort to teach others about their natural rights and how to assert them.
There has been much speculation, gossip, lies, and slander spread by some folks on the internet about what Dean Clifford is and is not, but these untruths can only be spread so far – weak minds will be infected almost immediately by the deception and lies, however, the reasonable and logical minds, which are tuned into the frequency of truth and honor, will escape the mind-infection of the outright lies and propaganda, for they are immune to it.
Dean Clifford is not a rich man and he is not a perfect man, but Dean Clifford is a man of courage and he fights for the rights of all men and he is teaching his fellow man to assert their rights and to live in honor and to take responsibility for all their words and deeds – to become fully liable for all they do.
Currently, Clifford is behind bars, and he is fighting the good fight and accepting full responsibility and liability for all he does – all the while the aggressors and slanderers take advantage of the situation to try to create a force of disinformation so large against Clifford in an effort to isolate him from the people who could learn a great deal from what he has to say.
But, this effort is an effort in vain, for those ready to hear the truth will instantly know it when they hear it from Dean – for there is a power in truth, raw, immutable, and unstoppable and it comes from an unseen force of unthinkable magnitude and it will serve to light the fire within in all the truth-seekers and will ultimately shed incredible light on all the filthy, corrupt, entities on this once beautiful planet and will bring to light all the atrocities they have done.
The truth will set mankind free – it is born of a force unmatched in power and it cannot and will not be stopped!

[609829] 2 APRIL 2014

Today in an admiralty court in Melbourne, Australia Santos Bonacci

[609823] 2 APRIL 2014
The stealing of property with fraudulent possession order paperwork


[609760] 1st APRIL 2014


[609747] 31 MARCH 2014
Filming today was intense and very surreal.. being literally shoulder to shoulder in an acting roll with the stars is something new for us. This afternoons scenes around the pool were in shorts only so it looks like 8 million viewers are going to get a close up all round view of my 20 stone! Todays fim set location





[609688] 30 MARCH 2014

[609655] 29 MARCH 2014
LINK to it.

[609626] 29 MARCH 2014

[] 28 MARCH 2014
The Pedro Family Children CAN WE GO HOME NOW?
READ ABOUT five children snatched by Lincoln County Council – without paper work ~ parents gagged after five months of fighting for them?? WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE THEY DOING

[] 28 MARCH 2014
READ THE List of Police, Prison & Court Personnel charged or convicted of an offence 2009 to 2014 – V25 (31/01/2014) Approx Count = 391 + 945 = 1336

[609618] 28 MARCH 2014

[] 28 MARCH 2014


[609585] 27 MARCH 2014
THE VIDEO & over 100 comments on the visit on the 25th March 2014 by 25 people to the ROYAL COURT of JUSTICE trying to find out where it is?? Justice that is!! Being fobbed off and effectively told to jog on the only conlusion drawn from the visit is that there is no more justice, there is only tyranny left & the remaining eminating word echoeing around that building was one of TREASON.

[609551] 27 MARCH 2014

[609509] 26 MARCH 2014

[609470] 25 MARCH 2014

[609435] 24 MARCH 2014

[609398] 24 MARCH 2014

[609395] 24 MARCH 2014

[609374] 24 MARCH 2014 READ IT ALL

[609374] 23 MARCH 2014
This is how Kirsty made a judge bow to a Sovereign a few days ago in Hull UK:
Kirsty Mackinder: I am God in a State of Knowing.....I am the Living Witness to the Evidence of the Name Fraud and I have the Prima Facia evidence in my hand in the form of the Birth Certificate for the dead legal fiction....which you have summoned here these words let the Living Witness be Known.......for and on the record........ The Living I would be committing fraud by representing the Name on the Birth Certificate which is Crown Copyright Owned.....and for you to aid and abet me to do so is fraud on your part also...........under oath full commercial liability and penalty of perjury are you enticing me into Slavery? ABANDON SHIP!!!

[609331] 23 MARCH 2014

[609300] 22 MARCH 2014

[609280] 22 MARCH 2014
click pic

[609253] 22 MARCH 2014
Halsburys Law states administrative courts unlawful.
In search of the truth and true justice people are wanting answers and justice in it's real form quoting Halsburys and the content of 'lets be clear' Administrative courts aree unlawful... The law is absolutely clear on this subject. There is NO authority for administrative courts in this country and no Act can be passed to legitimise them because of the constitutional restraints placed upon her Majesty at Her coronation. The collection of revenue by such means is extortion, and extortion has been found reprehensible since ancient times. Separation of powers Today, in the year 2011, we find for example, that in the council tax regulations, the billing authority, the prosecuting authority and the enforcement authority are all vested in the same body. The same bodies even purport to issue their own legal documents, by tacit agreement with the Courts. In our system of Common Law, the rule of law demands that we have a separation of powers. Today, the powers are not separated. The executive is not a distinct, free-standing leg of the tripod. The executive now emerges directly from within the elected Chamber of the legislature where previously it emanated directly from the Monarch. That leads to constitutional confusion—because the executive has seized and misuses Parliament’s democratic credentials for its own, destructive, purposes. Fortunately, we have something to which we can turn to preserve our ancient laws and freedoms. We have the Oath that Her Majesty The Queen took at her coronation by which she is solemnly bound and from which no one in England, Wales and Scotland has released her. At Her Coronation the Queen swore to govern us, “according to [our] respective laws and customs”. Certainly, among our reputed “customs”, is precisely that invaluable and widely admired tripartite division of the powers. The judiciary is part and parcel of our customary system of internal sovereignty—“the Queen in Parliament”. It is one of the three separate but symbiotic powers, and it is a capricious and self-serving contention that it should not have the power to preserve the authority of the legislature over the executive. It is a constitutional principle that the assent of the Queen & Parliament is prerequisite to the establishment of a Court which can operate a system of administrative law in Her Majesty’s Courts in England. This was confirmed by Lord Denning during the debates on the European Communities Amendment Bill, HL Deb 08 October 1986 vol 480 cc246-95 246 at 250: “There is our judicial system deriving from the Crown as the source and fountain of justice. No court can be set up in England, no court can exist in England, except by the authority of the Queen and Parliament. That has been so ever since the Bill of Rights.” 08

the next step is

[609215] 20 MARCH 2014 [TALK ABOUT LIFE GOES ON]

[609156] 19 MARCH 2014
READ A senior judge yesterday accused ministers of blocking attempts to open the country’s most secretive court to public scrutiny.
Appeals to the Coalition to allow the public to know what goes on in the controversial Court of Protection have ‘fallen on deaf ears’, the leading family law judge said

[] 19 MARCH 2014

[] 19 MARCH 2014

[609133] 19 MARCH 2014


To me, the law was clear, but it has been manipulated by the masonic order to suit the Zionist banksters evil plot, to deny justice and therefore we re up against a collusion of conspiracy from a criminal coup d'état of the justice system that IS without doubt denying due course of the justice system in order to facilitate more and more fraud upon the general public that currently IS working for the CRIMINALS in POWER

[] 19 MARCH 2014

[609125] 19 MARCH 2014

[] 18 MARCH 2014

[609093] 18 MARCH 2014
Dear Mr Clarke
Thank you for your message[13th March 2014]. The Committee was asked to review the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and it has done so. It reported on the implementation of the Act, which it found to be poor, and it made recommendations to improve that implementation. The Committee did not address the issue of remedy for individuals adversely affected by poor implementation of the Act. It did recommend that the relevant regulators and professional bodies play a greater role in ensuring implementation and compliance amongst their members. It also recommenced greater transparency and ease of access to the Court of Protection through better provision of legal aid, as well as through better information provided online. It also recommended greater use of mediation prior to proceeding to Court, especially in cases where the costs are met by the estate of the person deemed to lack capacity. The Committee hopes that such measures will improve the implementation of the Act and reduce the costs of those who would otherwise need to go to court.
On publication of its report the Committee has ceased to exist. It is now for the Government to respond to the Committee’s findings and recommendations. The Government’s response will be published on the Committee’s website, and a debate will be scheduled in the House of Lords thereafter.
Kind regards,
Judith Brooke Clerk Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 House of Lords London SW1A 0PW

[609082] 17 MARCH 2014

[609073] 17 MARCH 2014
rights of audience statute declaration

[] 15th MARCH 2014

[] 15th MARCH 2014

[609028] 15th MARCH 2014
I'm pleased to say that Mum has now settled in our new refuge. It took quite a few weeks, particularly as we moved from safe house to safe house in the early months.
She is as well as can be expected. Her general health is stable, though her short-term memory is slowly deteriorating. I know the feeling, because I am now following in her footsteps...
It seems the latest attempt by Interpol to locate and arrest me has drawn a blank, but I now hear the next attempt to take away my powers of attorney seems to be in hand, with our friends in Jimmy Savile's favourite police force conducting their umpteenth investigation into the whereabouts of our liquid assets. Hopefully, this investigation will be as unsuccessful as the rest, as all they want to do is steal our money and give it to Dear Brother so he can pay them off.
You may recall that it became very apparent from the disproportionate reaction we got to our complaints in the early stages of this affair that we had stumbled into something much larger and more horrifying than we could possibly imagine.
The bigger picture has got more disturbing as the years have gone on, in particular with regard to elder abuse. You've probably read the newspaper reports on cases like that of Wanda Maddox, Julie Bailey and Stafford Hospital.
The along came the Savile affair, which made it clear that Yorkshire is one of the centres of the state-organised abuse of the vulnerable, with bus-loads of children from residential homes in the North being taken to the child brothels in London for abuse by celebrities and politicians.
A number of senior police officers and social workers involved in the Savile affair are also involved in our case.
Last autumn, I was one of a number of people who made submissions to the House of Lords Committee examining the Mental Health Act. We had quite a battle to have them take notice of our evidence, but a few days ago, their findings were published. Lord Hardie, chair of the Committee, stated that his key findings were,
“We were very concerned by what we heard about the safeguards. The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended. Worse still, in some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them. The Government needs to go back to the drawing board to draft replacement provisions that are easy to understand and implement, and in keeping with the style and ethos of the Mental Capacity Act.”
What this means in plain English is that corrupt judges, lawyers and officials are systematically targeting elderly people, unlawfully seizing their assets and bumping them off on the "care pathway". Taking the average house to be worth 200K and multiply that by "tens of thousands" and you will see the extent of what amounts to the state-organised genocide of the elderly.
No wonder we are being pursued all across Europe in an attempt to shut us up. We know it is not just Britain where this is going on.

2014 MARCH 15th [609028]

2014 MARCH 15th []

2014 MARCH 14TH []
judicial indemnity
To all, this is the document I sent to Barclays solicitors last year. I think its contents concerning professional indemnity are going to be useful to us when dealing with the corrupt elements inside the judicial circus. All who sail on the seas of commerce must be insured and if they operate in any professional capacity indemnified. This applies to all the legal profession. It was for a long time a generally held belief (though not actually true) that judges had a thing called "Crown immunity". This belief was clearly based on judges sitting in criminal courts operating for the crown while (on their oath) and operating in their official capacity. The civil court system operates in commerce they must therefore be indemnified and the same as when you engage in any act of commerce you are entitled to request assurance of the details before engaging with them in any commercial enterprise. Judges are very peeved when asked this simple question (I have amusing correspondence from them) but the farce of them pretending the public are in "court" on issues when no ones broken the law has gone on long enough! the main content of the body of this document is taken straight from SRA indemnity documents has been checked and is completely correct, Guy
Dear Reshma,
Here is the document sent to your company on 25th September 2013. I am afraid that your letter of 13th November 2013 is incorrect, as I have a claim against your company, and this is the reason I require your company's Professional Indemnity Insurance details. I find it embarrassing that I need to ask yet again after nearly 2 months since my initial request. Your interpretation of the relevant regulations is clearly incorrect unless you are of the belief that the SRA indemnity insurance rules don't apply to your company. In view of the previous failures to provide these details and being aware that you are obligated to provide this response within 21 days, please respond by return of post. Failure to comply with your obligations under the SRA regulations is itself grounds for a claim.
Yours sincerely
Guy Taylor
Pursuant to rule 18 of the SRA indemnity insurance rules, if requested, there is an obligation upon firms to provide to a claimant or by any other person with a legitimate interest.
· The name of their participating insurer
· The policy number and
· The address and contact details for the insurer
This is not to say that any claim has to have any merit but simply that it could fall under cover.

2014 MARCH 14th [609004]


2014 MARCH 13th [609002]

2014 MARCH 13th []

READ the mail online report about the care home prisoners against their will with their assets stripped and plundered by unscrupulous government and judicial agents in a multi billion pound racketeering fraud under the guise of the court of PROTECTION???
But who in reality are they protecting??

2014 MARCH 13th []

2014 MARCH 13th []
ABUSE of the MENTAL CAPACITY ACT FAO House of Lords Mental Capacity ACt select committee
Dear Sirs
I note your have now published your full findings on the ABUSES used in connection with the MENTAL CAPACITY ACT.
What I cannot see, is any remedy in place to put right the wrongs committed by the ACT s of unscrupulous JUDGES and solicitors alike whom have abused the ACT to service their own ends.
Having forced my mother and me into exile from a prison sentence where the carer under section 5 of the act was supposed to be protected and where that natural human being should also by his own right at the very least failed to get a jury trial for sothething that which the MENTAL CAPACITY ACT was responsible, just where in your report does it offer any REMEDY??
Whilst my mother fails to have what was set up for her, in her own home to take care of her for the rest of her days, the onslaught of your failed ACT has caused huge loss and harm in the form of TORTS, as we remain in common law for the failure of statute rules and acts to protect her and me.
WHERE was or is the consideration to bring about restoration to those people who have been damaged by the 2005 ACT???
We are not alone?? PLEASE send us any part of the findings that we may have missed that concern remedy for those affected and damaged by your ACT that clearly has failed us causing massive disruption to our lives.
Regards, Mike, James & Ann Clarke

2014 MARCH 13th []
Peter Hofschröer Please note that the House of Lords has established the following regarding the abuse of the Mental Capacity Act: "The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended. Worse still, in some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them." Add this to the widespread abuse of the "care pathway" and the scenario we have is the genocide of the elderly and the mass plundering of their assets by corrupt judges, lawyers and government officials. It is very disturbing. There is a link below for the full report. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Mental Capacity Act 2005: post-legislative scrutiny report Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 00:01:50 +0000 From: TAYLOR, Oswin House of Lords media notice.emf house of Lords London SW1A 0PW 020 7219 4878 The House of Lords Committee appointed to consider and report on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 has now published its report. Key findings The Committee’s key finding is that the Act is not widely implemented. To address this the Committee recommends that responsibility for implementing the Act be given to an independent body. The Committee’s second key finding is that the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards are not fit for purpose. The Committee recommends that they be replaced with new provisions. Lord Hardie, Chairman of the Committee said: “The Committee believes that the Act is good and it needs to be implemented. What we want to see is a change in attitudes and practice which reflects the empowering ethos of the Act. To achieve this we recommend that overall responsibility for the Act be given to an independent body whose task will be to oversee, monitor and drive forward implementation.” “We were very concerned by what we heard about the safeguards. The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended. Worse still, in some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them. The Government needs to go back to the drawing board to draft replacement provisions that are easy to understand and implement, and in keeping with the style and ethos of the Mental Capacity Act.” The full text of the report can be viewed here: PDF version - READ HTML version - READ An Easy Read summary of the report can be viewed here: READ Please forward this message on to any groups and individuals who may be interested in the Committee’s report. Regards, Judith Brooke Clerk Committee on the Mental Capacity Act 2005 House of Lords London SW1A 0PW Telephone 020 7219 7516

2014 MARCH 12th [608953]
In what would seem a fully determined effort by a MASTER EYRE to pervert that course of justice and to prevent access to queens bench court of record for a jury trial, knowing it is the career of a judge at stake the diary below will show beyond any reasonable doubt that the judge controlled access to court believe that they are above the law and that they can deny you access to a judgement by your peers leading, to what can only be seen as TYRANNY. We will soon be entering the 3rd month in attempting to gain a jury court for our peers to decide the fate matters rather than the tyranny of a judicial masonic dictatorship that is clear in the evidence hereby unfolding. YOUR once proud british justice system is definately DEAD, the real UK is now under a dictatorship and you are all living in DANGER.

2014 MARCH 11th [608931]

2014 MARCH 11th []
READpdf the latest form sent to queens bench.

Sir, as per the Rules (see below) you cannot File Fee Paid Documents by Email. You must submit the correct amount of Copies 1x Claimant, 1 for each Defendant and 1x Court, along with the Fee to the address below. Your Email has been deleted. Yours faithfully Bailey Reed Team Leader Master's Support Unit Room E07 Queen's Bench High Court Strand London WC2A 2LL

2014 MARCH 10th [608896]
listen to the call AT 430pm today to BAILEY REED. From: MSU Sent: 06 March 2014 12:49 To: Subject: FW: A HASNET-BAILEY-REECE Sir, thank you for your Email and Copy by registered Post. You have not provided a return address for your registered post so this email will serve as my reply. Your Documents were referred to Master Eyre who responds as follows: "This cannot possibly amount to a Claim Form or an Application and must not be issued" This Office will not enter in to any further correspondence regarding this matter in its current form. I suggest you take your own Legal Advice as to how you should proceed. Alternatively you can contact the High Court Citizen Advice Bureau on 02034758996. Yours faithfully Bailey Reed Team Leader Master's Support Unit Room E07 Queen's Bench High Court Strand London WC2A 2LL

2014 MARCH 8th
The legal fiction, strawman, corporation, MICHAEL RAYMOND CLARKE, was trademark copyrighted on the 24th September 2012 and in the following declaration take note i, a man, claim i am not DEAD.

& the legal fiction/strawman corporation birth bond in trade here below;

2014 MARCH 8th [608800]
QUEENS BENCH - i sent 2 email requests - NO REPLY
After sending an email on Thursday @11am copied here- [Dear Sir i trust my requirement for a court of record has been seen by Master Eyre. mikeclarke:] & repeating that email yesterday @4pm there still has been no reply? Is this another example of a denial of due process and accessability to our courts? The last email from the QUEENS BENCH BAILEY REED came on the 3rd March @4pm and said [Sir I will refer this along with the Hard Copy to Master Eyre.]

2014 MARCH 7th
READ PAGE 3, paragraph 4 in reference to PETER JACKSON and the MAGNA CARTER no man shall be imprisoned without judgement from his peers... what a joke!

2014 MARCH 7th
While the serious corrupt interference to our life continues to breach article 8 of the ECHR and entitlement to private life we today are up and out at 9am to audition for the Benidorm TV series 7 that starts filming at the end of this month. The directors did express serious interest in CARL to the left of our photo here whom is now living with us and is an entertainer on the circuit aged 27. Carl was previously working at PARK RESORTS summer season last year and came to Benidorm in January where we met and discussed his potential for work in the area. All 3 of us went to auditions for a laugh and one of the Directors actually told Carl we want you in, get your spanish paperwork! The process this morning was actually quite funny, queing up with other potential budding stars, so who knows! We'll see..

2014 MARCH 6th
THEY’RE ALL IN IT together: Police, Prisons, Judiciary, Medics despite 35 days of hunger strike in HMP Cardiff. While Maurice is still on hunger strike, 35th day, he has at least been moved to the hospital wing. I am told by someone who has been there, that hospital wings in prison are ‘mental health units’, i.e. the precursor for sectioning, if not worse, as Andy McCardle has experienced. Yes, I’m afraid it couldn’t be worse. I have seen and heard too much by now. And, “ironically”, the oldest veteran / McKenzie Friend / starfighter / campaigner of all, Norman Scarth, now 88 but in Ireland for his safety, had written this letter – in 2009 – to and about the doctor who is responsible for Maurice’s misery since then – after South Wales Police managed to get him struck off as a veterinary surgeon. How much can institutions haunt an individual and how much can an individual endure??? But when you read that Dr Hibbert was cleared of all wrong-doings, enabling child snatching big time, you cannot but sigh with dis-belief or at least open your eyes to a world that you wish wasn’t real. But it is…

2014 MARCH 6th

2014 MARCH 6th
To Queens Bench, why the delay?

2014 MARCH 6th

Mike Clarke AGREE with all comments ABOVE the system has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that it is as bent as a nine bob note [FUCKED] for want of a better word and so its time to move on and get rid of the rotton to the core system and bring in the new uncorrupted, that works for US, NOT for PROFIT making bankster, freemasonry, Vatican, filth! SLAVERY IS OVER. We have all been conned, and if they will not give our freedom back then we will have to take it by force. Its cover was based on its secrecy and that cloak has been removed by the internet, so hold your hands up and lets move forward to the free new world of order and respect or am sure blood is going to spill uncontrolable with the likes of corrupt freemasons burning at the stake into the fires of hell.

2014 MARCH 5th
READ Circuit judges
2.9 On 16 April 2007 the President nominated the following Circuit Judges to hear Court of Protection cases:
Table 1.
His Honour Judge Philip Mark Pelling QC listed here

2014 MARCH 5th
READ Halsburys Lien vol 68[2008] 5th edition
& Possessory liens in English Law [1917]

2014 MARCH 5th

2014 MARCH 5th
This Friday many criminal justice lawyers will refuse to attend court across England and Wales in protest against cuts to legal aid cuts. A rally will gather outside parliament and march to the Ministry of Justice bearing a copy of the Magna Carta scroll, symbolising the threat to 800 years of British justice.

2014 MARCH 5th
Karla Turner glad u sent mine as an example as i sat in the room with him[MASTER EYRE] and he showed me what to add to my old one as i didnt put who the people were last time, just in the 4 sentances i used, did u send it today cant wait to see the reply! YOU can see how some are getting help from the MASTERS themselves, one presumes because when you are just trying to get your kids back it does not really affect their system too much but in my case I am actively per suing their own?? And, as can be seen, they will discriminate, which is showing the bent system for what it is.. but we will see what comes out in the wash!! It was with MASTER EYRE yesterday still waiting for the return email, it has not arrived today.

2014 MARCH 4th


2014 MARCH 3rd
READeml the email exchange with QUEENS BENCH regarding the requirement of a court of record for TRESPASS. READhtm READpdf
FB: Mark Gadsby Has anyone on here managed to access Queen's Bench, i love all the talk, i, a man etc. but how far as it got you? In court myself on the 14th of march so i will see if this works or not. i believe we are going the right way but with all the corruption in our judicial system i think we are barking up the wrong tree and whatever we do will just get thrown in our faces

2014 MARCH 3rd
READ about a mum & dad that had to flee the UK to protect their son from forced adoption racket!!

2014 MARCH 2nd
RAW FOOTAGE! Anonymous Million Mask March Clashes

2014 MARCH 2nd

2014 MARCH 2nd

2014 MARCH 2nd
In other words we're off on the piss to toast another year of survival against the UK jesuit masonic corrupt courts of injustices being inflicted on their own. We will continue on here to demonstrate where the corrupt government is heading into a world war 3 with todays unveiling of the current bill sneaking it s way through parliament bringing back in national service for all 18 to 25 years olds!!! How alarming is that? READ

2014 FEB 28th

2014 FEB 28th

2014 FEB 27th
READ the requirement of a court of record Queens Bench trial by jury of philip mark pelling the trespasser upon my rights as a man.

2014 FEB 27th
In Her Majesty's name continues it dirty business and where it all ties in together back to the vatican JESUIT rule where, a 74 year old vulnerable, disabled woman[my mother] can be financially raped of her money, stripped of her assets/property and her 17 year long carer/son 'turned whistleblower' thrown into prison and denied any access to his rights or her rights under what we are all now coming to see of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Well folks how do you like it? If it ain't happening to you yet, it will at some point. Without a serious intervention this is going to be the end of the civilised world as we know it. SIT UP, wake up, listen, look around and educate yourself on the parallel rule of 'The Priory Of Zion Britain' where the 33 degree steps of MASON mentality, actually don't end there, they move up to a satanic 34 steps to 39. No 10 Downing street is linked by underground tunnels to every Inn of Temple and the Grand Lodge of England. It also goes into the Westminster Cathedral. Something IS beginning to stack up.

2014 FEB 27th
To obstruct, prevent, prevaricate and pervert all access to HM COURTS
@13.23 I wrote back to HASNET
OK Thank you for MASTER EYRE's comments.
I never wanted to be disrespectful in any way but after our original submission that he wished changed to ann clarke rather than mikeclarke THAT took time to be looked at where over one month has passed by only to get the answer after changing the names, that it did not make sense which he could of said in the first point of contact rather than prevaricating or what would appear delaying.
I have now submitted the last document below KARLA'S via recorded delivery which you should hopefully receive tomorrow or the day after.
Just to take another note which has now come to light to show there would appear to be discrimination in who gets assistance AND WHO DOES not, and I here provide you the information by way of a lady now known to me as;
karla turner whom could not understand why I was being shunned from being helped to create the document a certain way when the way I had presented it seemed similar to hers below except typed.. also addressed by MASTER EYRE link2karlaDOC

hasnet wrote: @11.49
Dear Sirs, Your email has been forwarded to Deputy Master Eyre, who has stated the following: " I have said that using email to send an attachment, a link or anything else comes within the prohibition. " Regards A. Hasnat Queen's Bench MSU
Thank you HASNET for your very informative reply!
Can you supply a link to the QUEENS BENCH 'not division 'rules' as requested? opgme
On ‎27‎/‎02‎/‎2014 at 10:47 AM, "MSU" wrote: Dear Sir, Please note the correct website is Unfortunatley, if you do now reside in the UK, you will need somebody to act on your behalf to issue any documents. regards A Hasnat MSU From: OPGme []
Sent: 27 February 2014 09:43 To: MSU Subject: RE: restoration of property Mr Reed The link you gave me to download a template form to access 'QUEENS BENCH' court of record(not DIVISION) of does not work. I am not residing currently in the UK due to an unlawful act and therefore require special circumstances to submit. (ie fax) number. I am not prepared to be embroiled upon legalese and therefore will be my own prosecutor under common law & stand, 'on the truth', 'on the land'. As you are the manager of the unit I suspect you will be aware of the exact download for the exact format template you require for my requirement of restoration of property and I trust you will furnish me the details. You mention 'as per the rules', would these rules be the rules of 'QUEENS BENCH' (not division) and can I also have the link to download a copy of those too. OPGme
On ‎27‎/‎02‎/‎2014 at 9:44 AM, "MSU" wrote: All forms are available at We do not accept any Document for issue by electronic means. You must send hard copies as per the Rules. Yours faithfully Bailey Reed Team Leader Master's Support Unit Room E07 Queen's Bench High Court Strand London WC2A 2LL DX44450 Tel-0207-947-7772
Sent: 26 February 2014 17:06 To: MSU Subject: restoration of property
Please can you tell me where to download one of your template forms for the restoration of property in a queens bench - court of record & what is your fax telephone number for the MSU

2014 FEB 27th

Having reconsidered my positon i extend my apologies to MASTER EYRE
Please accept the required reconsidered submission attached as a pdf

2014 FEB 26th
Phone call this morning to queens bench listen to this mornings phonecall & email to read from queens bench
Sir your email was referred to Master Eyre who responds as follows:
What he has sent makes no sense, and will not be issued.
If he continues this bombardment of email-messages, they will be ignored.
Yours faithfully
Bailey Reed Team Leader Master's Support Unit Room E07 Queen's Bench High Court Strand London WC2A 2LL DX44450 Tel-0207-947-7772
Thanks Bailey
What is the part, that to him makes no sense?
ann clarke requires a queens bench court of record against,
4 named men
for the losses also named
Again, he is not referring ann clarke, neither is he cooperative.
Can you please supply the mans name in full other than just Master EYRE.
I believe he is obstructing the use of her majesties court without being clear as to what part ot it, he is referring, that he can make no sense of.
He also makes an allegation of bombardment when ann clarke has done no such thing.
It is a simple question to ask, as to what he fails to understand?
annclarke requires the restoration of her property in the form laid out.

FAO Dear Bailey Reed & Master Eyre 26.02.2014
I am being reliably informed that we do not need a lawyer to gain access to QUEENS BENCH. QUEENS BENCH is open to the QUEEN and likewise to her subjects therefore access cannot be denied 24/7.
In the telephone call you also stated I needed legal representation, which I do not, by law, to access the QUEENS BENCH court of record. Therefore I request written clarity upon the telephone call where access to queens bench is being denied and thus the lawful reasons as to why, as I am informed there is no lawful reasons and thus then, you would then be committing a crime yourselves.
You also state I need to fill in a form which I believe is also not required by law or, if it is please direct me to such a law. CRIMINAL matters, which they are, do not require the levy of fees and are therefore, fee free.
If you are going to ignore this request. I will need to persue yourselves in this regard.
Without a firm response within 24 hours, as the matter has already been delayed by yourselves for one month, I shall need to bring charges against you for misconduct in public office.
Regards, Mike, & Ann Clarke 31 Cherry Tree Rd Blackpool FY4 4NS email websites: UK Mobile 07523287267 Spanish Mobile 0034618999708 Skype name: mrmikeclarke

follow up reply from MASTER EYRE Sir your email was referred to Master Eyre who responds as follows:.. "Please inform Mr. Clarke that, exactly as he was warned would happen, I shall from now on ignore any email-message from him." Yours faithfully; Bailey Reed Team Leader Master's Support Unit Room E07 Queen's Bench High Court Strand London WC2A 2LL DX44450 Tel-0207-947-7772

2014 FEB 25th
Dear Mike,
Thank you for your email, I am sorry to hear of your story. We would be happy to have a meeting with you – are you currently back in the UK? This would be a difficult case and I suspect would be hard fought. Usually, for such as case, we would consider that the legal fees would be in the region of 100-200k. Please do let us know if you wish to have a conference. Initial conference fee is £500. Kind Regards, Kate McMahon
Solicitor/ Director Edmonds Marshall McMahon 5/6 Crane Court London EC4A 2EJ Phone: 0207 583 8392 Mobile: 07595 457 582 Web:

2014 FEB 25th
THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE. I have been holding some conversations with various people and have come to the final conclusion that the root of our plight is a very plausable belief of assumption and presumption that the absolute infiltration of the masonic lodge has become fully intertwined with the court system at all levels & that anyone speaking out against such corrupt collusion is being perverted from real justice.
Yesterday we again sent an email to REECE and BAILEY of the QUEENS BENCH whom have, so it seems been delaying action upon supplying a court date and a case number to proceed and for no real obvious reasons, that we can clearly see or hear.
The court system in reality to obtain any morality and justice, that can be seen, realistically must be free from such perversion and laws need to be brought in to remove this serious breach of human rights acting at the core of justice and public office, right up to the very top. We need to stop the parallel service of rule coming out from the core of our public OFFICE which is the obvious, distinct cause of corruption. The masons and freemasonry survived on the back of a cloak of secrecy that has been destroyed by the onset of the internet[thank god] and it s very clear that its over now and they should retreat or be destroyed by the very public that have inadvertantly allowed it to go on behind their backs. If a single lodge cannot survive through recent resignations and the serious bad publicity like hillsborough in relation to masonic cover ups and the likes of being tarred by satanic acts of unbelievable barbarity and depravity then this is over, get used to it, get your heads around it, the game is UP! Either that or pay the price!!
When the word gets around about the justifiable QUEENSBENCH access no one will want to visit a MASONIC statute COURT ever again... the grim reaper is about to visit MASONIC OPERATIONS and personally its about time & seriously LONG OVERDUE!

2014 FEB 24th
READ He was addressing a woman at Plymouth Crown Court who admitted falsely claiming more than £1,000 in benefits. Recorder Pawson told Analisa Denning: “It cannot have escaped your notice that Britain is on the verge of bankruptcy. Schools, courts and hospitals are desperate for money. The Government has not got it. Read more:

2014 FEB 23rd
Read and watch and listen here and these will give you the insight to the collapse of our REAL SLAVERY LIENS on the G7 2 years ago
Oct 2013 exposed world bank confession
Nov 2013 must watch this one KAREN HUDES re JESUITS
11.02.2014 Karen Hudes 4 min video BANKSTER whistleblower
Here is an insight to the dieing masonic membership... today an email went out to lodge members and here is its content where you will see reference to 4 recent resignations and the lack of members to contain the existance of this lodge and it may surrender its warrent to close.. Brethren, I was not at the Committee meeting on Thursday night, but it was decided to hold a further meeting to discuss specifically the future of the Lodge. This will be held at PMH on Thursday 13 March 2014 at 7.30 p.m. You will be aware that we have had 4 resignations in the last 5 months and ????? relocates to the South Coast shortly. It is increasingly difficult to "field a team". On 13 March, we need to decide who is prepared to do what; primarily, who is willing to go back on the floor and for how long. There are then issues such as: I would readily go back on the floor; but who would take over as Secretary ? If we cannot put together a team for the short, medium and long term, then frankly Brethren, the discussion turns to amalgamation or simply handing in the Warrant. Please do your best to attend. If you cannot attend, you may of course write to me with your views and I will put them to the meeting. Kind regards XX [In this lies the truth behind FALLING MASONRY]

2014 FEB 23rd
This for tor those of you who might like to keep up-to-date with the Scarth Saga, & my attempts to fight back against the Quislings who are merciless in their attacks on anyone who dares to speak out against the corruption which is rampant in the courts, & elsewhere. Having been forced to flee to Ireland for my own safety, I used the IRISH High Court for a Claim whereby I am seeking damages against the UK Secretary of State for Health. It was struck out because the Dublin Defence barristers claimed the Irish High Court did not have jurisdiction, & Justice O'Neill agreed with them. I am disputing that judgment to the Irish Supreme Court, & my appeal is now lodged there. For those who want to bother, & can spare the time, the attachments contain my Grounds for Appeal etc. to the IRISH Supreme Court. There are rather a lot of words (about 20,000), but you are getting 'two for the price of one' as they include my Grounds for Appeal which are already in the UK Supreme Court, & which are equally applicable to the IRISH appeal (Also included is the Andy McCardle document, but most of you have seen that, so I have left it out of this Email, to save overloading it). (The UK Supreme Court is [of course!] on a 'go-slow' in dealing with my case there). Norman Scarth PS: My appeal to the Irish Supreme Court is not presented exactly as usually presented to them, but they have accepted it. My worry is that the loyalty of the Legal/Judicial Mafia in closing ranks against the LIP (which is so blatant in the UK), MIGHT spread across the Irish Sea. Let us hope not! NS.

2014 FEB 22nd
READ about the tangled web of deceit which litters our path in finding justice and where it does as the saying, "all roads lead back to Rome" & the JESUITS.

2014 FEB 22nd

be mindful and aware ... of all the masonic and secret societies that have been controlling everything since you were born!

2014 FEB 22nd
READ how a Barrister sparks fury after 'comparing legal aid cuts to the horrors of Nazi Germany'... Nigel Lithman QC condemned a London conference to promote the British legal sector overseas, saying it was ridiculous for the event to boast of the ‘UK’s unrivalled legal expertise’ when funding for criminal cases is being cut. He added that it was ‘like inviting the Red Cross in to Theresienstadt to see what great camps the Germans truly ran’. The Second World War camp was used by the Nazis to showcase how well they treated prisoners – thereby disguising the horrors taking place at sites such as Auschwitz. Mr Lithman, chairman of the Criminal Bar Association, represents barristers who stand to lose out when fees for court cases are cut. He received more than £250,000 in fees from the legal aid budget last year.

2014 FEB 22nd
CONTRACTS watch on you tube

2014 FEB 22nd

2014 FEB 21st

The whizz kid on common law arrives in the UK to educate more on the queens bench method of gaining justice within your own court and I am in current communication with KARL on this very matter.

2014 FEB 21st
In a call to REECE at queens bench today he claimed that BAILEY REED the manager was still off work till monday and would prefer that the matter goes through him.. failing his return on monday the matter will be submitted to his deputy.

2014 FEB 20th
READ Tomlin's law dictionary: Every court of record is the king's court, a right of his crown and dignity, though his subjects have the benefit of it; and therefore no other court hath authority to fine and imprison; so that the very erection of a new jurisdiction, with power of fine or imprisonment, makes it instantly a court of record. Selk200; 12 Mod588; Finch L.231 The free use of all courts of record and not of record is to be granted to the people. ALL karls shows here

2014 FEB 20th

2014 FEB 19th

2014 FEB 19th

2014 FEB 19th
In a process that started a month ago tomorrow on the 23rd January 2014 & in a phoncall this morning 19/02/2014 at 11.30am to a chap called 'REECE' at Queens Bench who was unaware of the paperwork as the manager 'Bailey Reed' was off work who had received the new paperwork on the 13.2.2014 a week ago. Reece asked me to resend which I did whilst on the phone and to which he confirmed receipt of and thus asked me to telephone back on Friday. All seemingly delay tactics to presumeably assess what road they would like it all to go down in which obviously may be an attempt to deviate and negate mums claim from the true court of record required. BIBLE Mathew 5.25 watch

2014 FEB 18th
From: To: CC:;;;;;; Subject: Get on with it! Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 18:07:44 +0000
To Catherine Watson, Clerk to the First-tier Tribunal. Information Rights. Ministry for Justice(??) (could more accurately be known as HM Ministry of Deliberate Delay).
Dear Mrs Watson,
You admit you have a copy of the 'Commissioner's Decision Form', which is so obviously a 'Dodgy Document'. You've got my information as to why I want to appeal against it: Why do I have to fill in some damn silly 'Form'? Why do I need some 'Guidance Notes'? I already KNOW the difference between Right & Wrong, that a brutal attack on a law-abiding old man comes under the latter. It is obvious West Yorkshire Police don't. It's obvious that Carol Scott (of the useless 'Jobs for the Boys' Quango known as the Information Commissioner's Office) doesn't.
Do you? You obviously have time to waste, & staff to spare, and, like all bodies such as your own, can go on with these games for ever more. At the age of 88, I don't, & can't. 'Delay in Justice is the Denial of Justice'.
It is now FIFTEEN YEARS since the murderous attack on me to which this appeal relates. It was intended to silence me - PERMANENTLY - & failed only because my constitution proved stronger than most men of my age (74 then) . It DID succeed in stopping the red-hot case I had before the European Court of Human Rights.
Yet, after 15 years, YOU want to introduce MORE delay!
Is it too much to expect that you get on with the job you purport to do, instead of this deliberate delay? Delay, from the certain knowledge that if you delay long enough, I am bound to suffer a heart attack, a stroke, become exhausted, enfeebled or die, when you, Bent Coppers, & the ICO can mark the file 'CLOSED', & go home pleased with a job well done, that you have earned your large salaries (it takes special training to block as well as you lot do).
Not that I have any hopes of you or your office. I go through the motions of this appeal in the faint & foolish hope that among the apparatchiks of the Quisling State which Britain is today, there might be just ONE person with a conscience. Please see the video of David Cameron presenting the Arctic Star to some of the few men left alive who served on the Arctic Convoys of World War II. He spoke of the 'Great Debt' that he & the nation owed to those men. I was one of those 'Heroes' (as he called us), but I wasn't at Downing Street, having, at the age of 86, been forced to flee to Ireland to escape further murderous attacks such as the one to which this appeal relates. Do YOU, like Cameron, acknowledge the 'Great Debt' you owe to me? If so, then, Please - GET ON WITH IT!
Norman Scarth. From: To: Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:17:58 +0000 Subject: RE: Murderous attack by WYPolice: Cover-up continues. Dear Mr Scarth,
Thank you for your email. Please find attached a copy of the relevant form to use when appealing against a decision notice from the Information Commissioner’s Office. I am also including a copy of the accompanying guidance notes.
An appeal to the Tribunal should include a completed copy of the appeal form, a copy of the Commissioner’s Decision Notice (which I note you have already sent to us) and the grounds on which you are appealing. The grounds should clearly outline the reasons why you disagree with the Decision Notice; (I HAVE DONE!) referring to the relevant paragraphs of the Notice where possible. (I BLOODY WELL HAVE DONE!) Kind regards,
Catherine Catherine Watson
Clerk to the First-tier Tribunal Information Rights 0116 249 4257
I am not authorised to bind the Ministry of Justice contractually, nor to make representations or other statements which may bind the Ministry of Justice in any way via electronic means. From: Norman Scarth [] Sent: 17 February 2014 17:59 To: Cc:; general.queries; Secretary of State (Submissions);;; Subject: Murderous attack by WYPolice: Cover-up continues.
Re. The MURDEROUS ATTACK by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police (being used as a PRIVATE ARMY) (without even the PRETENCE of a lawful excuse) on one solitary, law-abiding old man, on 8th August 1999. Case Officer Carol Scott of the Information Commissioner's Office (which purports to ensure that we receive information needed) confirms that, 15 years on, THE COVER-UP STILL CONTINUES! (see documents attached) Mrs Scott tells me that I may appeal to the 'First-tier Tribunal (Information Rights), GRC & GRP Tribunals', Email & I DO SO NOW (much good it will do!)
Considering how many were involved in the murderous attack - and how high were those who gave the (tacit) order - it is no surprise that - FIFTEEN YEARS ON - WYPolice are still desperate to keep absolutely Schtum: To pretend that that was the one day in the year when absolutely nothing happened in Leeds!
They are trained to obstruct, block & delay: Incompetence & inefficiency (whether feigned or actual) are used for that purpose. Look at Paragraph 4 of the Decision Notice: You will see it says "... the complainant's own personal information may be requested in accordance with the Data Protection Act". Paragraph 25 says: "... he should pursue them as a subject Access Request in accordance with the Data Protection Act ..."
Now look at Annex A: You will see (2nd paragraph) that I had made "Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the 1998 Data Protection Act (DPA 98)). Not a single word in response.
Yet the ICO fails to see this - or deliberately ignores it?
WYP have been desperate to redact all names, but they even fail to do this properly, failing to redact the name 'McGee' (page 8. par. 6). Not that it matters, I know all the redacted names, & give them now, in the same order as in Annex A, pages 8 & 9: [59 Gledhow Park Drive]; [Norman Scarth]; [Councillor Amanda Carter]; [Councillor Carter again]; [Mr Roy Tinsley]; [Welfare Officer]; [Acting Inspector McGee]; [Ch.Constable's aide, name not to hand at the moment]; [Chief Supt. Farmer]; [Councillor Carter]; [Chief Supt. Farmer]; [Chief Inspector E.J.Reynolds]; [Mrs Diana Mitchell]; [Norman Scarth]; [Chief Insp. Reynolds]; [Councillor Carter]; [Councillor Carter]; [Roy Tinsley]; [Welfare Officer].
Well now 'First-tier? Do you continue the cover-up? Whatever, I ask you to treat the matter as urgent. Now 88, my life expectation is obvious limited. Should you delay, people might think it is because of a hope that I might have a heart attack, a stroke, become enfeebled or die, when the file can be marked 'CLOSED', those involved breathing a sigh of relief!
Please reply by email: Still in fear of my life (with every cause!), I spend little time in England: Forced to flee the land of my birth - THE LAND FOR WHICH I FOUGHT IN WW2 - I have sought safety in Ireland. Norman Scarth.
PS: A murderous attack? It would be no exaggeration to describe it as an assassination attempt, intended to silence me, a stroke or heart attack the hoped for outcome. It failed only because my constitution proved stronger than most men of my age (74 then). WHO would want to silence a little old man like me? The attack came just SEVENTEEN DAYS AFTER the European Court of Human Rights had ruled that I had been a victim of a violation of Article 6 of the Convention. It brought a vital change in British Law, a change much hated by lawyers & judges. I had ANOTHER case in the ECtHR - much hotter! There were people who wanted to stop it - & they did! NS. From:
To: Subject: As requested[Ref. FS50509831] Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 09:56:08 +0000 PROTECT 10 February 2014
Case Reference Number FS50509831
Dear Mr Scarth
Our decision notices and accompanying letter are normally sent out by post by another department. If a complainant has only provided an email address the notice will be sent via email. My reference to contacting you by email relates to the investigation itself. I apologise if this is not clear.
Yours sincerely Carol Scott Case Officer Information Commissioner's OfficeInformation Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF Tel: 0303 123 1113 Fax: 01625 524 510 Web:

2014 FEB 18th

The genocide of child trafficking in the UK all connected to MONEY! Also you can detect the trend of where FREEMEN and those using common law are being targeted deliberatly to undermine them from conspiring to create a better world for all free from CORPORATE greed and satanic perversions. Make no bones about it, we are within world war III but with our own voted in, perverse parliamentary prostituted whore puppets of the banksters rich masonic zionist paymasters.

2014 FEB 18th

2014 FEB 18th
Denise Bellamy
Is This the Real Reason for the Tories’ Gagging Laws? David Cameron and Nick Clegg: have attempted to regulate and clamp down on free speech and democratic criticism. The Coalition has shown itself to be consistently opposed to free speech. Mike over at Vox Political, the Void, Another Angry Voice, and Tom Pride at Pride’s Purge have blogged on the way the Conservatives are attempting to stifle dissent and criticism through the Gagging Laws and other legislation. The act regulating political lobbying would make political campaigning by groups, which are not political parties illegal, while allowing the big corporations that lobby MPs to carry on as usual.
They have attempted to censor the internet, with the full backing of the outraged, Middle class authoritarians of the Daily Mail, on the pretence of protecting children and the vulnerable from accessing pornography and the other horrors out on the Net. This frightened and outraged the Neo-Pagans, ritual magicians and other occultists, who found that one of the subjects the Coalition wanted to restrict access to was ‘the esoteric’. This is a term frequently used to describe the occult. Here it probably means something like ‘weird stuff we don’t like, but haven’t thought of yet’, though as the late Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickinson was utterly convinced that there were intergenerational groups of witches and Satanists abusing and sacrificing children, it may well indeed have been intended to attack contemporary occultism.
Tom Pride in particular has found himself the victim of such legislation, after his blog was censored by one internet provider because it contained ‘adult material’. Politics are adult business, and so this is an attack, not just on Mr Pride, but on the continued discussion of politics on the Net.
And a few days ago Mike over at Vox Political described how Britain had fallen from 29th to 33rd place in the index of international press freedom through the government’s persecution of the Guardian for publishing the revelations of mass surveillance by the British and American intelligence services by Edward Snowden. Clearly, the Coalition is desperately afraid of free speech.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler: Private Industry needs dictatorship to defend it from democracy.
In his address to a group of 20 German industrialists on 20th February 1933, Hitler urged them to fund the Nazi party as a way of protecting private enterprise from the threat of democracy.
Private enterprise cannot be maintained in the age of democracy; it is conceivable only if the people have a sound idea of authority and personality. Everything positive, good and valuable, which has been achieved in the world in the field of economics and culture, is solely attributable to the importance of personality. When, however, the defence of the existing order, its political administration, is left to a majority, it will go under irretrievably. All the worldly goods which we possess we owe to the struggle of the chosen. Had we the present conditions in the Middle Ages, the foundations of our German Reich would never have been laid. The same mentality that was the basis for obtaining these values must be used to preserve these values… It is, however, not enough to say: We do not Communism in our economy. If we continue on our old political course, then we shall perish. We have fully experienced in the past years that economics and politics cannot be separated. The political conduct of the struggle is the primary, decisive factor. Therefore, politically clear conditions must be reached…
Cameron and Clegg also lead an elite government, composed of aristocrats, with the express purpose of defending private industry from state interference, and extending it into areas previous considered to be that of the state. Nazi Germany had a dirigiste, centrally-planned economy, though one which preserved and operated through private, rather than state-owned industry as in the Soviet Union. Cameron and Clegg have also showed themselves eager to suppress free speech and democratic political campaigning by groups outside the parties. Is this because they similarly share Hitler’s fear that
‘Private enterprise cannot be maintained in the age of democracy’, but only if the people are led by a strong, dictatorial personality, like a Right-wing, authoritarian Prime Minister and his deputy?
Aj Hollis Labour and Conservatives are the two sides of the same crooked coin. Both groups are comprised of a bunch of sheep being shepherded by rabid wolves. It was labour here and the Democrats in the US that abolished the regulations that blocked the Bankster's from their treasonous frauds. These frauds have given puppet governments around the globe to push forward with the culling of humanity with the CSG poisoning of our water supplies. For those who feel one big event will be a game changer, this could the one if enough people wake up to the reality of what it's all about. On the other hand the growth of predatory guardianship via the corrupt false Judges of Court of Protection Racket should awaken the millions of middle class baby boomers to the fact that they and their savings are the number one targets of the criminal elite and their puppet governments. The French have the courage to burn the infrastructure of oppression and kick the teeth of the jack booted pigs in. Yet pathetically in the UK state violence goes unchecked and corrupt Judges walk the streets with impunity, with the exception of the very worst such as Denzel Lush who does appear have a body guard.

2014 FEB 18th

2014 FEB 17th

2014 FEB 16th

Dieudonné(french comedian) described it as "a kind of up yours gesture to the establishment with an in the ass dimension. But it's a quenelle, so it's a bit softer, less violent".[2] However, Jewish leaders, antiracism groups and public officials have interpreted it as an "inverted Nazi salute" and as an expression of antisemitism.[6] Dieudonné describes himself as an anti-Zionist, not an antisemite.

2014 FEB 16th
We are now moving to have forensic examination of the recorded court Dr Khan of 2001 forensically examined as to it's unclinical content and that the question begs if it is unclinical then was a fair and impartial examination carried out that was to lead to my mother's incarceration within the fraudulent court of protections grasp to then go onto commit fraud theft and mal administration on her leading to the corrupt collusion of a misconduct in public office of TREASON committed by Judge Pelling to unlawfully send the whistle blower carer/son to prison to STOP, SILENCE, GAGG, & PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE.

2014 FEB 16th
READ the letter to the Natwest Bank whom are the financial backers of fraudsters H.A.S.JONES SOLICITORS LTD alongside fellow financial support drafted in recently from SVENSKA HANDELSBANKEN AB(publ), whom both are probably unaware of both directors liabilities in the commercial lien CLAIM totalling £9million. Where we presume and assume these 2 will not have informed their insurance of the circumstantial matters surrounding such a claim against them for fraud theft mal administration and corrupt collusion to pervert the course of justice.

2014 FEB 15th
State Organised Crime: it is going on every day in the UK. It has to stop. The methods and tools are very sinister indeed, and money laundering has taken place through the Court of Protection. It’s clever way to do it because British police refuse to investigate, and so does the court itself. Despite exposure by the public, the racketeering continues with the aid of the courts, complaints are ignored, and gagging orders are often utilised as a silencing tool. The government turns a blind eye. Abuse of psychiatry is utilised to the full in the UK. Kenneth Clarke, MP, Minister without portfolio or accountability, is Britain’s Anti-Corruption Champion reporting to David Cameron, MP, Prime Minister without accountability. READ... Will this OAP be robbed of her house and money? Why did social services appear to behave so heavy-handedly with a frail and elderly woman?
Wanda Maddocks is the woman who, as we learnt last year, was secretly jailed by the mysterious and sinister Court of Protection for removing her father from a care home where he had been put by social workers against his will. He had been neglected and ill-treated and, soon after his forced return, died. This shocking episode helped to trigger Lord Justice Munby’s recent guidelines calling for more transparency in the workings of the Court of Protection, which are even more secretive than those involving the forced removal of children.
I have lately been following the bizarre story of a frail but otherwise capable 94-year-old woman who has become the object of attention by social services. Their aim, it seems, is to take control of her £350,000 home and her substantial savings, to transfer her against her will to a care home and then to evict from the house a niece and her husband who look after her. Having obtained a questionable psychiatrist’s report to show that the old lady is not “mentally competent”, the social workers used an order from the Court of Protection to deny her access to her bank accounts. She only learnt this when a teller refused to give her money and would not tell her why.
Having found her capable of carrying on a sensible conversation, and having heard from her niece how the fear of God is being put into the family by highly intrusive visits from a social worker, accompanied by four police, my friend Ian Josephs arranged for the woman to be assessed by an eminent psychologist, Dr Ludwig Lowenstein, president of the International Council of Psychologists. Not only did she pass all his tests, he was so critical of the report produced by the council psychiatrist that he volunteered to come to court this week to testify as an expert witness.
After learning this on Friday, the council apparently withdrew its attempt to persuade the court that the old lady lacks “capacity”. In light of this twist, it will be interesting to see whether the social workers persist in their campaign to evict her and her family from their home, and to assume full control over her finances. In due course, I hope to report on the outcome.
Bye-bye, democracy.. WRITTEN by Christopher Booker
The above is an example of what they have done to my mother whom this site is all about and the purpetrators of these crimes need to be brought to justice not just brushed under the carpet as is happening daily.

2014 FEB 11th

2014 FEB 11th
MASTER EYRE of QUEENS BENCH DENY ACCESS READ Queens bench deny access to a court of record.

2014 FEB 11th
READ about how JUDGES do, do wrong but in AMERICA they get just deserves, this what we need in the UK now because they cannot be trusted, they believe they are untouchable. Disgraced Pennsylvania judge Mark Ciavarella Jr has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for conspiring with private prisons to sentence juvenile offenders to maximum sentences for bribes and kickbacks which totaled millions of dollars. He was also ordered to pay $1.2 million in restitution. In the private prison industry the more time an inmate spends in a facility, the more of a profit is reaped from the state. Ciavearella was a figurehead in a conspiracy in the state of Pennsylvania which saw thousands of young men and women unjustly punished and penalized in the name of corporate profit.

2014 FEB 13th
READ an email follow up to QUEENS BENCH where no reply has arrived after 7 days!

2014 FEB 11th

Me, mum & her eldest grandson Jay on a night out in Benidorm proving that family is stronger than the destructive process of what decimation a so called 'COURT OF PROTECTION' can throw at them. The corrupt, fraudulent & mal administrative interference in a private family life, breaching article 8(ECHR), over the last 13 years from the state has been nothing short of, sheer mental health torture which they claim to protect? How ludicrously wrong they are. We will eventually rebuild our lives but not before the criminals in this, are brought to book.
The criminals of course being;
HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES for fraud, theft, mal administration & criminal neglect in a catalogue of presumed & assumed balance of all probability of masonic corrupt collusion. These words of course are the words they use in their own courts to deny innocent people any justice, time to reverse the trend and pass the book back only this book has the real evidence to back up the assumptive presumptions.
JUDGE PHILIP MARK PELLING for treason within her majesties court denying article 6, the right to a FAIR UNBIASED & IMPARTIAL trial when he knew he had no jurisdiction to proceed with his administrative tribunal without consent of all parties committing blatant acts bias unfairness and partiality with coersion to STOP SILENCE, GAGG & PERVERT the real course of justice with a common law court jury of 12 peers. All of course flying smack in the face of their own court rules of several but to mention the main one; the protection of carers in Mental Capacity Act section 5, with a conflict of interest so LARGE it's just a joke him being a NOMINATED court of protection JUDGE, Judging in his own cause.
SENIOR MASTER JUDGE DENZIL ANTON LUSH who sent in his corrupt unclinical court doctor in 2001 in a racketeering facade of a mere visit for 40 minutes of no clinical examination but just a fraud yet to be forensically examined, tresspassing on the so called patient's rights of entitlement to choice and family life privacy under article 8.
JUDGE PETER ARTHUR BRIAN JACKSON in again another assumption and presumption of the balance of all probabilities a collusion with the above in an act of TRESPASS, breaching with impunity her right of a excercising her LIVING WILL that he endorsed, by using her executor to ensure Article 8 remained her entitlement to a private family life. He knowingly did such an act of trespass ring fencing her property so that she could not do as she pleased, as was written within the WILL he authorised. He also continued to act in courts where he held no jurisdiction where common law jurisdiction claims were made with impunity, making sure she had no legal representation whilst stealing from her own funds to pay for the abusers representation!!

2014 FEB 10th
ENCRYPTED EMAIL ACCOUNT FOR SENSITIVE CONTACT is now available due to some requests for complete privacy from parties making enquiries in a hushmail context.

2014 FEB 9th
one which just makes your hairs stand up on the back of your neck in a chilling 5 line sample of how the reality of the savage system of UK injustice really is and that you just have become unfortunate to become drawn into:
The assumption is that those in power can do no wrong.
This, unfortunately, is far wrong true or correct, as oodles of our victims of white collar crimes demonstrate.
When the interests of the CROWN/Queen and any part of her elite government are at risk, only one outcome is acceptable.
Legal proceedings in English courts are therefore driven to that outcome by fair means or foul.
The McKenzie Friend who reminded me of this Affidavit was told by a judge “If we want you to lose, you will lose.”
White collar crime, with very rare exceptions, goes untried and unpunished in English law.
Having established that the OPG or Court of Protection carry on their business, and trust me it is a business, without any insurance your claim is on the CROWN and that is where it's long arms of masonic collusion and malicious corruption steps in to safeguard the crown at all cost.

2014 FEB 9th
LISTEN to a 40 minute informal so called Dr's exam of my mothers capacity dated 5th Sept 2001 a Dr Khan that was the so called critical point at which the FRAUD started. Here is an opinion of that exam and an opinion in general terms about the FRAUD of the COURT of PROTECTION
Dear Mike,
1) I listened to Alistair Pitlabo's evidence at the HOL Nov 19th 2013, yesterday and was bemused on so many levels. He washed his hands of the dreadful practices that his property team are carrying out in his name. He claimed personal responsibility only for welfare work that his preferred panel of outside contracted solicitors did for him, out of the patient's own money. He would only do "work" if the patient had enough money to pay his department and his solicitors that he contracted to ensure that he legal process was completed through to the point that the patients' money was all taken and removed from the control of their, or their families' control. (Even though the patient hadn't asked for the work to be done).
It seems clear that patients and their families are never able to refuse the process being carried out on the patient & their spouse' behalf by the OS!!! - whether they do or do not have mental capacity. It seems that the pattern across many state theft systems that are operated with the assistance of the English courts is repeated. Once lack of mental capacity is chosen to be relied upon to raise as a doubt over a patient's management of his or her own affairs, the OS and his team move in to ensure that there are ways in which sustained good mental capacity can be placed into doubt.
I was struck by how everyone laughed when Alistair Pitlabo (OS) declared that the OS/OPG was rather good at dealing with the termination of peoples' lives, and then he quickly corrected himself and said something like, .... 'Oh! I didn't mean it to sound like that know what I mean'.
It seemed to me that his unconscious to conscious retort, in psychological terms, was exactly what he meant and wanted to say. This OS was caught off guard momentarily and probably really wanted to tell the truth to the committee. But then suddenly after making this comment, the OS was suddenly faced with the reality of what he had said in truth to the committee. The OS could only get out of this stunning truth tell, by laughing it off as a fopar.
The nervous laughter was echoed by the HOL committee. Afterall, a straight forward admission that the OS is acting together with the COP and OPG to 'kill' people at the right time or when ‘they’ felt it was the right time, and only after they have finally achieved the necessary legal passage that will allow that patient to be killed, is shocking.
What is probably more shocking is that after this nervous laughter, the committee just continued with it's pre-set questions. There was no follow up question made to the OS to ask, for example, "When is it ever OK for the OS to decide when to take the life of someone? Or to take their their property just because they are labeled 'patient', or a 'spouse of patient of their’s who has died', - when the patient and their family had strenuously objected to this happening?" (I argue that the OS’s and COP’s decisions have been greatly flawed or are unsafe in many of those cases that have been reported to me to date)
(N.B. RE. our own case: The COP appointees ensured that my father died prematurely by refusing to let him to see his doctor. The COP appointees had tried and failed to make Dad a 'patient'. So when 'patient' Mum died before Dad, the COP appeared worried that they might not recover as much money as they wanted to get from the family purse. The COP ignored the continued unprofessional actions of their appointees. If it was proven that Dad did have mental capacity, which he did, COP appointees would have been out of pocket and proven to be acting wrongly. No judge could have doubted Dad’s word if he had been placed before them in court. And so the COP delayed and delayed Dad’s requested hearing and then appear to have arranged to have him killed before Dad could speak to the court judge. Dad was never registered as a 'patient'. The system still proceeded to rob the family. And they succeeded in their state fraud with the assistance of the Land Registry et al.
2) In your own case which you kindly sent to me Mike, I listened to the interview of Ann that showed the COP/OPG/OS's representative, Dr Khan, effecting the systematic process that could be used to continue to declare Ann as a 'patient' of the COP. This interview of Ann and yourself by Dr Khan, would allow the COP and their OS/OPG appointees to continue to draw down her money until such time as they feel that they should move in to the killing stage of their systematic handling of COP 'patients'. This seems to be the brutal but shocking reality of the pattern of behaviour by the COP/OPG/OS and it's associates.
Some COP/OS/OPG associates seem to be nursing homes whilst others seem to be based at Land Registry and the Treasury Solicitors Office. They all pull together with certain key figures in social services and some NHS staff to pull off state theft. All this is supported by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Law Society and the Legal Ombudsman. The Parliamentary Ombudsman remains toothless in the face of the some 4,000 a year cases reported to it. Each government turns a blind eye to the scale of the problem because they can. Ordinary people resent these omissions to act.
In the COP visitor interview with Ann, there was no real challenge to the questions that Dr Khan posed. (To you both). No one challenged his unprofessional judgmental statements about both Ann and yourself throughout the interview. The only slight challenge seemed to be the one you made Mike, re financial advice that would be given to Ann by the bank. I agree with you Mike, it was unfair for her to be expected to know about her financial position in detail.
It was shocking to see how quickly Dr Khan focused upon monetary issues at the start if the interview process. (This appeared to be his focus and he assigned his own cultural importance to this subject of money. Dr Khan didn’t appreciate that working out percentages easily is uncommon to all UK born and bred individuals. I have tested this question on several intelligent people I know and whilst the men who have maths degrees can easily give an answer, most of the women I know over 50yrs cannot. Neither can a good number of secondary school children who currently study maths)
It was shocking to hear Dr Kan's abuse of power in this interview, whilst at the same time he got away with it because he delivered his unreasonable questions and statements in a quiet. calm and sometimes jovial manner. He clearly had a result to obtain and was using whatever means he could to achieve it for the COP/OS and it's appointees whose wages are funded by the patient's own funds. (Through a systematic application of secretly made decisions by COP/OS staff who really have a vested interest in actually deciding against "the true best interests of the patient" and her family – whilst publicly purporting to be addressing the best interests of the ‘patient.’
Dr Khan's use of active questioning of Anne sometimes used unreasonable tests. (I believe that these questions in the test should be checked against regulation approved test questions. I also question what training is given to personnel to carry out tests).
Dr Khan made statements about how everyone should be able to answer that part of his posed question. He even got you, Mike, to agree with the fact that "everyone should be able to answer that simple calculation. But I contest the reasonableness of asking that particular question. A large sector of the population cannot easily answer percentage questions without a calculator or pen and paper. Why are such unreasonable test questions required to be worked out in the head? Who is the psychologist who devised them? They should be named & held to account!
The long name & address to be recalled was an equally unreasonable test question that Dr Khan said should be easy for most people to pass. The implication being that if Ann didn't remember it, she must be sub-normal in some way. Yet I hazard a guess that half the population would have reacted in the same way as Ann did to the question.
Perhaps this whole COP test should be redone on a UK wide sample to see whether these question are indeed a safe indicator to continued lack of mental capacity or not. Maybe Dr Khan's assumptions will be proven, although I suspect not so. Especially re. white older ladies in the UK population. Re. money matters, it is likely that white women are less clued up on financial matters when their husbands or sons have traditionally handled the finances for them all their lives. In the same way that men whose wives have always cooked for them, find cooking very difficult. Just because we do one thing more than another in daily living arrangements cannot be taken as a safe ‘lack of capacity’ measure.
Will be next be told by the COP that if we don’t use a computer and don’t use email, then we’ll be considered as lacking mental capacity too?
Just after stating the ‘brand new name & address question’, Dr Khan filled Ann’s head with other complicated facts. Dr Khan tried to muddle her head and to make her feel uncertain and small. Although he was softly spoken, Dr Khan's played with Ann's sense of anxiousness when she ‘failed’ his recall question. Dr Kan commented upon her 'failure', in a way that came across as a firm put down. Dr Khan had manufactured a form of slight mental torture of Ann and colluded with Mike to show her up.
I say torture, because Ann realised that she was under pressure to perform. Much was at stake from this interview. Ann realised this. Dr Khan started to play Ann off against you Mike, on several occasions. I believe the delivery of these questions formed an unfair sets of questions designed to trip Ann up. Dr Khan seemed to persist in trying to catch Mike out in doing something that could be reported for in some negative way. It seemed clear to me that the intention was for the COP to retain the control over Ann's money. Anne wanted to spend her own money freely. But every effort was being made to prevent Ann or Mike from having access to the money that belonged to Ann, and not the state.
The way Dr Khan conducted the psychological testing was unfair, prejudicial and full of pernicious judgmental statements.
It seemed to me that Dr Khan used follow up further questions that should never have been part of a fair and honest interviewing process. The construct of the questions and interview was designed to trip Ann up at key points so that he could report back the results to the COP. And it appears that these secret COP personnel are in fact largely poorly or untrained advisers. Yet they are making important decisions that cannot be challenged – or easily challenged. – This leaves Ann in limbo for years. This adds to a family’s distress; Especially when they feel that they have to leave the UK in order to live freely and without the long arm of the state trying to control their every move.
It is a disgrace!
In racial terms I find it hugely unacceptable that Indian or Pakistani born or direct descent personnel, like Dr Khan, are allowed to play such a huge part in the holistic destruction of white older people like Ann, and whose families have lived in the UK for generations. We have an over abundance of black and ethnic minority personnel who can barely speak fluent understandable English at the COP and throughout the mental health services. They usually in a form of cheaper labour and have been the mechanisms through which white more senior staff and lawyers benefit from state theft or promotion. There are many cultural mismatches in the COP’s systematic treatise of state theft. The COP interview questions seem not able to take racial or diversity issues into account.
Many continue to be astonished that the pattern of racial turn around now means that I, as a white women whose family has lived in Britain for as many generations as we have been able to trace back history, am an ethnic minority living in and around London. It’s been like this for the past 25 years. This is a pattern that will continue to grow as English born white people become the minority ethnic group across the whole of the UK and not just around London.
I find it grossly ironic that Indian, Pakistani, African-Caribbean, Polish and other country born personnel privately decry state theft mechanisms and the awful way in which we treat our elderly persons, yet are the first to do the bidding of usually white policy COP/OS personnel. Especially when white bosses implement the state theft system upon the elderly. People who may have worked all their lives to buy property in which their family’s needs are met are made to be ‘sacrificial lambs’ in the business of state theft.
The staff at the front line who are killing these ‘sacrificial lambs’ (sometimes literally), are now frequently those from the 1980’s to 1990’s definition of black and ethnic minorities. It is these same people who are doing the bidding of their white bosses at any cost – just to maintain an improved way of life for themselves and their own families. Greed and self interest are the two main ingredients of continuing and worsening state theft. In my view, those who just carry out orders and do as their boss tells them without question, regardless of the unethical position, are no better than Hitlers’ followers.
Thank you so much for taking the time out to study the
Dr Khan examination recording of 2001
The OPG visiter recording
You are perhaps the first person to have actually done that and to have given an in depth opinion. Coming from someone more independant I considered it invaluable and I hope you do not have any objection to my publishing it on the website as I already have done so, albeit anonymous unless you want your name adding to it. I could'nt agree more with your comments and as yet it needs a forensic examination to take place really to assess as to whether it really was a fraud because the 2 examinations mum had at that time were each 4 hours in depth and in private in a clinical environment that both concluded she had capacity. Regards, Mike, James & Ann Clarke
READ a clinical exam of 4 hours that concluded mother has capacity and then listen to the follow up conversation with this docter whom confirms my mother should not be under that court.

2014 FEB 8th
What i would do is go after the man by name(PETER ARTHUR BRIAN JACKSON) that made the order, claiming trespass on your right and duty to execute your mothers living will. As Karl would say charge them £1 a second from the time the order was made. As long as you have a copy of the will that pre dates the order as your evidence any decision made after should be void.
WILL 20.08.2012
Listen to the above appeal with McFarlene refused.

2014 FEB 8th
READ THE COMMON LAW requirement of a man. that PELLING, remove his VOID ORDER before we press for the offence of TREASON. It is no doubt that the man is in contempt of her majesties court is PELLING and thus we require he regain some honour by removing his contemptuous order forthwith, without such we seek damages and common law justification for remedy against treason and an act of betrayal of her majesties court of law.

2014 FEB 7th Watch
Not the Queens bench division or chancery just QUEENS BENCH

2014 FEB 6th
QUEENS BENCH REPLY . The complaints that he makes relate to wrongs allegedly done to his mother -- not to him. That being so, only she is permitted to bring proceedings in relation to those wrongs, unless she lacks capacity.He is adamant that she has capacity, so, and whether or not his mother has made a so-called living will, there can be no question of his being permitted to bring these or any such proceedings. If there are to be proceedings, they will certainly not be brought by an application (N244) in this Division. If any individual wants to be fee-exempt, he must satisfy the usual requirements. application.. READ ALL

2014 FEB 6th
A 'statute' court works on the assumption & presumption, of the balance, of all probabilities that you are dead!(cest tui que via act 1666). Where it then can proceed with 'legal-ease' to deny you representation, because you have no right of audience, it can press upon your strawman person/legal fiction corporation all manner of in-justice, like hearsay evidence, operating without prosecution witnesses & excusing late service of documents. It will have IGNORANCE to the 'Queens oath of office' & then, set precedence of a 'masonic oath of allegience' to each other, in a jesuit, zionistic, satanic ritual of conflict of interest, that exudes a BIAS PARTIALITY OF UNFAIRNESS, which are all the hallmarks of satan, & thus, the exact opposite of what her majesties court stood for! Denying you your Article 6 RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL with impunity of biblical tyranical proportions..

2014 FEB 6th
READ Hugh Adrian Scott Jones Limited (H A S Jones Ltd) HUGH JONES SOLICITORS still in business stealing from clients with partner in crime RACHEL MARY RUTH DOBSON(29.04.1963) as fellow Directors along with assistant CHRIS GALLAGHER.
All 51 persons vicariously liable named below

2014 FEB 5th

2014 FEB 5th

READ the suicide note of a father. Utterly defeated by the Masonic-controlled family court system, Christopher Mackney, 45, committed suicide Dec 29, 2013 in Washington DC. Below is an excerpt from his suicide note. Illuminati satanists use family law to break up families and destroy men. "Being alienated, legally abused, emotionally abused, isolated and financially ruined are all a recipe for suicide. " Chris MacKney "Nothing I or my attorneys said to my ex-wife's attorney or to the Court made any difference. Truth, facts, evidence or even the best interest of my children had no affect on the outcome."

2014 FEB 5th
The matter has been referred to the Acting Senior Master Leslie who was out of office yesterday.

2014 FEB 4th
READ about how the UK now enforces the 2006 law which bans public from criticising the govt. A British citizen was held for days without charge in a London mental hospital under little-known laws which allow the police to arrest and detain anybody who voices criticism against politicians or celebrities. The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was quietly set up last year to identify individuals who they claim pose a direct threat to VIPs including the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Royal Family. It was given sweeping powers to check more than 10,000 suspects’ files to identify mentally unstable potential “killers and stalkers” with a fixation against public figures.

2014 FEB 4th
READ an inspiration from Karl Lentz & his common law, court of record documents.

2014 FEB 4th
Watch Recorded on 1/17/2014 Tonight on the Truth Hour with Johnny Guzman... "Claiming The Devine Proportion" Special guest Peter Eugene... Live on Facebook and on (click on the window TV ONLINE)

2014 FEB 3rd
as per telephone conversation 30 minutes ago
Dear Sir I am requiring the restoration of property to my mother as her living will executor. In a very complicated course of events over 13 years the COURT OF PROTECTION have committed FRAUD, THEFT, MAL ADMINISTRATION & TREASON.
Being of such a serious criminal nature that has led us to be forced into exile we see our only option is for this criminal matter, to be placed under common law before the Queens Bench requiring PROPERTY RESTORATION.
In a one page application attached above or linked here below;
In a one page brief synopsis attached above or linked here below;
In a four page submission to THE HOUSE OF LORDS mental capacity act select committee attached above or linked here below;
The above 6 pages should outline the flavour our case for immediate property restoration. PLEASE CONVEY OUR THANKS TO THE JUDGE FOR HIS TIME AND OF COURSE YOURS TO.
Regards, Mike, James & Ann Clarke2079477316

2014 FEB 3rd
FEES for Queens BENCH - I have today spoken with the fees office of Queens Bench(FAYE HODGES) in London (0207 947 6527) and if you are making a criminal application there are no FEES to be paid. We submit that the restoration of our property is criminal by way of theft & that the mal administration of an estate is FRAUD and therefore to, is CRIMINAL. TAKE NOTE GUYS - NO FEES FOR CRIMINAL APPLICATIONS

2014 FEB 2nd
FAO Faye Hodges - FEES office QUEENS BENCH Dear Faye Hodges I refer to your email below & we thank you for your time. Does the financial year that you refer to, span from April 2013 to April 2014. Also I am told that fees are only applicable to matters of a civil nature and that where a criminal element is contained ie criminal allegations, that fees do not apply is this true? Our application contains criminal allegations. You might appreciate that being in exile from corruption does hold its problems in communication. We have sent the EX160 if there is a different one where do we download the up to date, 'NEW', EX160 as requested? Regards, Mike, Ann Clarke On 02/02/2014 10:51, Hodges, Faye wrote: > Dear Ms Clarke, > > The application you sent in is a old application. > > You need to complete the new EX160 form & provide a letter from the department of work and pension stating you receive pension credit guarantee credit dated within this financial year. > > Kind Regards > > Faye Hodges > Fees Office > 0207 947 6527

2014 FEB 2nd
READ about LIB DEM SIMON HUGHES MP appointed new Justice minister taking over the Lord McNally position.

2014 FEB 2nd
Single Family Court – Proposed changes
READ...READ 26pages...READ 28 pages Making legal aid more effective.

2014 FEB 2nd

2014 FEB 1st

READ Sue Holmes. On Wednesday me & my partner was made to split up by the ss cos they are saying he is a risk when he's done nothing, have we done the right thing by splitting up for them, cos we love each other so much & it is really hard now he's not here or the kids.

2014 FEB 1st
Some weird shit is going down worldwide & I think that there is tons more that we haven't unearthed yet. Why are bankers committing suicide again? Why is there SUCH a desperate hurry to drill lots of holes & fill them full of toxic waste? Why are the filthy rich buying up all the gold in the world? What are these mega prisons for? Why are we being treated like scum by those that are supposed to be representing us? What is chemtrailing & HAARP really about? Why do we need GMOs? Stacks of unanswered questions. It is not just here.... it is all over the world. Decency & honour has vanished out of it feels like we have to FIGHT to survive! Who is the REAL enemy & why are they attacking us? The Agenda 21, NWO theory just doesn't feel as if it is quite hitting the nail on the head. I feel there is more..... and it is so mind blowingly awful that no-one can DARE to whistleblow it..... I just feel it.

READ about Ben Fellows I am an investigative journalist and filmmaker being the London 2012 Olympic Whistleblower. I recently made accusations against Ken Clarke MP and “others” for being paedophiles and child abusers. The Police instead of supporting me and investigating my case have simply said that Ken Clark and “others” are “Above the law”.I have spent seven days on the run before speaking at Bilderberg meeting in Watford, I have now had to return into hiding, I have had to leave my home as my life and my families life have been threatened, my wife and I have separated, my utube, facebook and twitter accounts have been taken down, all my money has gone and I’m staying in safe houses around the country.




WATCH the video proof of your right to travel without insurance or tax or any documentation as long as you not acting in commerce or a public or civil servant working for the state, take note that police cars do not have insurance. Watch the actual arrest that was screened on national TV. You are only driving if you are acting in commerce, to travel is legal without any documents under common law.


READ CommonLawCourtManual.pdf to set up your own courts.

As of today I am now a sworn agent of the international court of common law and I attach the document for anyone to print, sign, keep and send a copy to for the attention of KEVIN ANNETT( for anyone wishing to join, in order to restore the Citizens of a Democratic Republic of England... READ SIGN, SEND AND KEEP YOUR COPY.
I also attach for your perusal a copy of an arrest warrant... warrant. Also READ todays Mail story about how the mental health laws are being used against quite normal people.. .. READ USA +1 386-323-5774

Phonecall today 28/1/2014@11.50am uk time to fee remissions of Queens Bench, the matter has been received and should be dealt with, within the next 48hours. Repeat call to fees office 30/01/2014@14.00 not yet completed.

READ So Masonic scandal is nothing new. Every time, whether the 'powers that be' hit Masonic accountability into the long grass or not, the true remedy is the same: declare your secret society membership as an interest like any other or face prosecution for misconduct, particularly in public office. One would expect to find those principles as the nucleus of all probity and good governance for associations and corporations round the world, both public and private, yet they are eerily absent.
You should not be allowed to take a public oath of office if you have already sworn a masonic oath of allegiance to protect each other above ALL ELSE??? I agree with you that masonry and public office are incompatible and that plays a role in our woes. Common Purpose is a similar issue. Then comes plain greed. It is all an unpleasant mixture.‏ YES but MASONRY is in my opinion at the absolute root‏ core, I've no direct evidence of this in our case, but I do have clear evidence of Common Purpose. Nevertheless, I am convicnced that masonry is involved. Knowing and proving are often two diffenent issues as for that & knowing it and proving it the way I feel is that.. statute courts in which we are all being forced into contract with are all based around ASSUMPTIONS AND PRESUMPTIONS something which you cannot do under common law.. also is the hearsay evidence that can be used... if you act along those lines which they are using, would it not be fair to do just the same without any proof and to PRESUME AND ASSUME masonic skuldugerry until proved otherwise ie such as a declaration from a Judge or any public office, of no association or sworn allegience?‏ Ever since our case started, I've been keeping an eye open for a masonic link. Lots of suspicions, no evidence. And also no denials when accused.‏ THE EVIDENCE IS THERE IN THE SILENCE which in itself is tacit agreement under accusations without rebuttal‏.

CHECK YOUR ‘mental capacity’: if your Judge is not on the list, his orders are void!



Subject: Re: LUSHs REFUSAL TO ACCEPT MAIL BECAUSE he knew what was in it from my website! But it does prove how they will not play by the rules and just accept mail. When I first tried to serve the commercial lien on HUGH JONES personally he would not take it which was witnessed, he said I only accept documents by post???? LOLs
Haha! property deeds DO CONFIRM title registers showing ownership details (£3)

EMAIL EXCHANGE and a taste of anger in HELL.

READ TODAYS INDEPENDANT newspaper where Mental health patients being denied human rights in court, warn leading lawyers. YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!! Families are often marginalised unfairly from decisions when they disagree with the statutory body, experts said. ”We suspect that where family members agree with the statutory body, they are consulted, but where they do not, they are marginalised… We know of numerous cases in which decisions made by public bodies subsequently turn out on proper consideration to have been flawed, often because the views of relatives were not taken into account properly, or were discounted due to unsubstantiated concerns about their conduct.”

READ Queens bench application filed - mikeclarke v COURT OF PROTECTION. Follow up call 02079476010/6021 to confirm fax received on 02079476724, a very short & abrupt Mr Harris's response "can't find it!!" Re-faxed at 14.02pm followed by phonecall at 14.07.. confirmation of receipt received and advised it is now enroute to the fee remission department(02079476527).

Phonecall today 28/1/2014@11.50am uk time to fee remissions of Queens Bench, the matter has been received and should be dealt with, within the next 48hours.

SIGN IT PLEASE WE HAVE.... is our campaign for justice website and concerns the asset stripping & financial rape of the vulnerable under the court of protection which is a body of fraud enabler with a mafia style incorporation sending to prison to silence anyone standing in it's corrupt way..

Dear Len lawrence
Are you well??
I have not heard from you after sending 2 emails this my 3rd.
What worries me is the reference you made to eating refreshments at the house of lords.
The british government do have a habit of poisoning their enemies.
So on that note will you kindly phone me to confirm you are indeed alive and well.
Mike & Ann Clarke
REPY from Len.... Mike.. No I am not well at present... My immune system is failing and I am expecting to be re-admitted to hospital... My kidneys are also becoming defective... I am also at risk of losing my airway, the medication I have to take is failing to stop swellings in my throat... A week ago I lost the use of my right hand and fingers..
Though Len does not suspect anything untoward I reserve my thoughts being alarmed as I now am.

In the last hour I have been interviewed by telephone from a newspaper interested in the story...

Dear Mike
Having read your problems and site with interest as a fellow carer of our 95year old mother in law, compared to your problems ours seem very slight.
However there are many similarities of collusion and conflicts of interest with the same parties you are up against.
Your very detailed web site and links are superb references.
I admire first your wonderful care and dedication in looking after your beloved mother and after all the harassment having to live in excile and fully support your case and many others,
Your search for justice and truth I hope succeeds, and offer my assistance and support.
Briefly my case is about continual harassment from the opg, my wife was appointed deputy to her mother’s estate two years ago as mother lacked capacity, we decided to look after her ourselves and have been full time carers for the past five years
As my wife is the only child, and we could offer the best quality of life in her later years , she is a wonderful person a generation we will never see again born the same year as Mandela a bulldog bread, as you are probably aware when someone loses capacity
Legally they become NON PERSONS and have no legal capacity and are categorised the same as prisoners and drug addicts, this is a generation that fought for our freedom and democracy mr Churchill would turn in his grave.
A certain person one ??? of the OPG seems to be intent on removing my wife from being deputy for her mothers estate.
I would like some of your expertise in our defence, and are willing to discuss our case further with you, and would like to reply to her stating my support for your case and not
Recognising the Court Of Protection.
Hope you and your mother are in good health, keep up the good work.
I will be visiting friends down in ??? in late Feb and would like to meet you both.
Kind Regards H


listen to what you will not believe.



The Establishment uses stigma as a weapon against those that they consider opponents. They describe them as 'racist', 'fascist', 'Little Englander', white supremist'', It has been particularly effective against smaller political parties that have tried to give some representation to the indigenous people of England. Patriotism, but only English patriotism, has been made a dirty word and effectively branded as hatefully selfish. I consider it useful to adopt the tactic ourselves. We still refer to the police, judiciary, MPs, and the left wing in acceptable terms that does not reflect their transition into of organs of suppression. I see the Left as 'The rabid Left'. The police no longer see their role as defence of the people they are becoming political enforcers. In some cases they equate closely to the enforcers used by organised crime groups. I see them as 'State Police', Political Police and 'State Enforcers'. I see the judiciary as tools of the establishment and as such 'Judacy' would be more appropriate. Our MPs are compromised opportunists and rather than represent they exploit they are little more than prostituted puppets. 'Westminster Whores' may be a little crude but it is certainly appropriate. The BBC is widely recognised as a State propaganda tool and need to be branded as such. Banking is organised crime and needs an appropriate tag, so the term 'Bankster' is superb. It would be a good exercise to hold a competition to find appropriate titles for these groups that would not only describe their function but taint them with their own evil in order to counter their own propaganda.


READ todays MAIL and the success of changes to follow from the 3rd Feb 2014 that will now provide some light at the end of the tunnel of corrupt processes that we have encountered and still suffering.

QUESTIONS ARE BEING DRAWN UP TO BE TABLED very shortly by our associates about the corruption still currently ongoing by the Court of Protection after a meeting this week with the LORDS in private that cannot currently be disclosed. All the hallmarks to a zionist masonic backbone of corruption are fitting in here within this jigsaw of filth eminating injustice of the purest form from a body purporting to be PROTECTIVE. G stands for gravy train of the GRAND LODGE and its brethren an order set out by the privelidged back bone to plunder assets and cash from the vulnerable.

READ our 175 page application to go to Queens bench shortly. From page 155 to 175 you will see the grounds and skeleton case of Norman Scarth which has striking undeniable similarities to my own!

“The ownership of a thing is the right of one or more persons to possess and use it to the exclusion of others. In this Code, the thing of which there may be ownership is called “property.” PROPERTY DEFINED = “that which is proper to man, that which is exclusive to all others within a society, which includes all the products and services he creates by labouring his body” BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY

READ SCANDAL as MP advises to flee the UK to protect from being stolen by the state and where its not just children at risk its anyone, our case is a prime example, where we fled the country from a corrupt court trying to force my mother into care, in order to sell her house in a tangled web of lies and deceit leading to an harassment charge and contempt of court committal upon the son and 17 years carer of mum to get me out of the way to facilitate a care order for mum and then sell her assets after already fraudulently mis-spending corruptly £350,000 still unaccounted of mums estate. The same is happening with parents, grandparents in order to sell their homes and steal their cash..... children are being stolen and into forced adoptions for no proper reason but of course the real underlying reason is the CASH for KIDS scandal and thus adoption targets for councils bringing huge benefits not least of all for shareholders of such corporate companies dealing in this child racket as CORE ASSETS LTD..... LEAVE THE UK and will the last one out turn the lights off !!

READ his facebook comments about Yvonne Stewart Taylor that are totally defamatory as they are untrue!!!

READ a CP3 certificate and coming the soon in this post a more detailed look at the fraud associated...

READ AND WHERE Yvonne Stewart-Taylor as a result of me sharing this and this particular post. Tim Haines , an employee of John Hemmings has felt the need to lie about me calling me a nasty name, in a derogatory term, defaining my good name and character which is libel and slander. Mike Clarke Oh my GOD jesus well we must having a serious impact on them… just a note for you too… the section you published was not the full email and in the full email is more alarming details that can be found here.. read it… & in this email you can see where he is trying to bribe me to purge my so called contempt by apologising to the Judge in order to then he believes to get the 3 month prison sentence lifted and now after some time he also believes I will not have to pay any of PANNONE LLPs court cost of probably £50,000 so why the turnaround? READ Mike Clarke ALL they are trying ultimately to block is the COMMERCIAL LIEN… READ


READ email.

READ it.

upcoming business
Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Lords: Select Committees
Mental Capacity Act 2005: Private meeting 10:30 am; Room 2, Palace of Westminster
Private meeting??? I wonder why that is.. would be nice to be a fly on the wall for that??
ROBBING THEIVING CONIVING FRAUDSTERS from the vulnerable in secrets courts in secret meetings without any transparency denying any real remedies to FRAUD!

coming soon.... READ
Amending and perfecting with the help of common law friends...
mike of the family clarke: the man(annclarke:) v COURT OF PROTECTION
Private Prosecution CASE for PROPERTY RESTORATION under common law
i, commonly known as mike of the family clarke: the man, and being the eldest son/legal guardian, protector & living will executor of ann of the family clarke: where any claim of incapacity is concerned, do hereby require the IMMEDIATE restoration of property to annclarke: in the form of;
1. The removal of the court order placed upon her property known as 31 Cherry Tree Rd Blackpool FY4 4NS by Justice Peter Jackson on the 24th October 2012 which in effect is ring fencing such a property so as it cannot be sold without obtaining the permission of Mr Justice Jackson, breaching article 8 of the ECHR & combined with the breaching of the living wills act 1837 part 24, which he authorised annclarke: with capacity to make such a document and in which had become active upon Judge Jacksons reading of it, prior to the completion of his order.
2. The removal or setting aside of the VOID committal order made by PELLING QC on the 14th January 2013 that was ULTRA VIRES in a treasonous administrative tribunal, without the consent of all parties and without impartiality judging in his own cause, and where it exudes unlawful BIAS and UNFAIRNESS without a requested common law jury, where prosecution witnesses are 'available' and hearsay evidence is 'inadmissible' & not least of all the BREACHING of the protection afforded of any civil liability arising out of the care of a patient of the court of protection.. ie section 5 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005
3. Where there has been allegations against the court of protection, it's agent HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES of PANNONE LLP and it's associated judicial system of fraud, theft & mal administration by criminal neglect plus a demonstrating of such a fraud in the form of prima fascia evidence SUBMITTED to support such losses of financial property to annclarke: require the full disclosure of such property ie letters emails & accounts in the full and detailed format to make available for forensic examination thereof.
4. The reimbursement with immediate effect of liens upon annclarke: funds, by the deputy HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES of PANNONE LLP over and above his contractual promises made in the 1st general order of the 20th March 2001 therefore capping his own liens & backed by the judicial commitment of presiding Senior Judge Denzil Anton Lush's own statement.
5. The reimbursement with immediate effect of all liens & losses upon annclarke: made during her emigration outside the jurisdiction of England & Wales where fraud by false representation was made in a criminal neglect of a duty of care to annclarke: by
a> the liens made &
b> the losses by failure of the court to release her monies to her country of residence by her request causing exchange rates losses over 4 years in excess of £100,000 with a combined amount of untold stress that was inflicted causing the TORT of IIED(intentionally inflicted emotional distress) by tearing her family apart by disagreement born from the fruits of chaotic mess enforced upon us from the court of protection, its Judges and deputy.
6. Upon coming to a full CRIMINAL trial and because of such a delicate nature of allegations of corrupt collusion right at the very top of the judicial system that,
a jury of 12 peers will be required.

2014 JAN 1st Email to JOHN Hemming MP for 2014
READ our email to MP JOHN HEMMING that clarifies our postion for 2014. Some of the content... Dear John HEMMING MP 31/12/2013 New Years Eve response to your email 5th December 2013 (published) On the eve of the start to 2014 I wish to clarify my position for you to convey to Pannone LLP and the Judiciary. Your original offer to me was in the form of JUSTICE for families! We have seen no offer of JUSTICE. We have only seen a player of hard ball in terms of compromise. Compromise I can and will do financially, but not on integrity and morality. My mother was a supposedly protected party whom has been financially abused amongst other charges. I am an innocent carer that has been persecuted for reporting crime. There has been no available remedy path in this matter for not just me, but thousands of others. The Judiciary and the Government are complicit in all of this matter by their tacit denial to answer allegations. You too, are complicit by failing to offer what you purport to offer, JUSTICE FOR FAMILIES. The COMMERCIEL LIEN is a lawful commercial instrument for gaining legal redress where none is offered. There is obviously CORRUPT COLLUSION in the 'ROYAL' Courts of Justice leading to a denial of due process. To imprison a man without such a FAIR UNBIASED IMPARTIAL trial is a crime in which you are complicit as an MP. COERCION, PARTIALITY & BIAS is unlawful but being practised with impunity to which we are your victims. You want me to apologise/purge for all the above..... to the perpetrators of these crimes, sorry but NO Before we ever return to the UK our story must be told & the guilty must be brought to justice. NOT only was PELLINGs order VOID but the 2 orders preceding it were also VOID. ALL ULTRA VIRES(FLAWED)

Read 2013 THE WORST YEAR & the previous 3 years 2010 to 2012

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THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF EVIDENCE SENIOR MASTER JUDGE DENZIL ANTON LUSH (born 18/7/1951 Southsea, Hants) - in holding the ultimate fudiciary responsibilty to demonstrate there being no fraud or breach of contract of the 1st general order where he stated; “The reasonable fees and expenses of a professional receiver are recoverable from the defendant in the personal injury action as a head of damage. They do not simply fall on the patient’s fund.” & for ignoring the doctors reports stating my mother had capacity from the beginning and then sending his own corrupt doctor whom did not conduct a clinical examination. Also for his collusion with the perpetrator of further crimes, his appointed deputy...
DEPUTY RECEIVER & CROOK HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES ( born on 24/06/1955 ) and his failure to account as to what had happened to £1.1 million pounds inclusive of his breach of contract in the 1st general order stating; “the family should rest assured that my costs will not be eroding the capital settlement agreed for their mothers care and other specific needs.” & his 'fraud by false representation' when the patient emigrated outside the jurisdiction of England & Wales losing £100,000 of the client funds in exchange rate losses in a 'neglect of duty'. meeting 07.02.2011 - meeting 18.07.2011 - others to follow
MARTIN JOHN - the then chief executive of the Office of the Public Guardian and his failure to provide a proper detailed investigation showing good reasons to show there was no theft fraud mal administration.
CHIEF CONSTABLE PETER FAHY for his failure to investigate a reported white collar crime of Theft Fraud and Mal administration and also provide a crime reference number on the 4 occasions it has been asked for. Further today 30/11/2013 Six out of 10 crimes are not investigated, admits Sir Peter Fahy READ.
JUDGE PETER ARTHUR BRIAN JACKSON (born 9 December 1955), for his failure to take account of the LIVING WILL that he authorised mums capacity to make & then after reading it where he later then, ring fenced her property giving an order that it could not be sold in her lifetime, so that she could not do with it as she pleased with her living will executor wilfully breaching 'part 24' of the WILLS act 1837 & also right to a private life Article 8 of ECHR.
JUDGE ADMINISTRATOR Philip Mark Pelling QC and so called "Nominated COURT OF PROTECTION Judge" whom conducted a TREASONOUS, BIASED, UNFAIR administrative statute tribunal, WITHOUT IMPARTIALITY & without the consent of all parties where he abandoned the court to have our representation thrown out by security after they claimed common law jurisdiction and requested a JURY after which he returned to hand down a 3 month prison sentence to the protected party/CARER of 17 years flying in the face of statute Mental Capacity ACt 2005 section 5 and thus the protection of carers from any civil liability in the connection of the care of a so called patient of the court of protection whom
Watch a video statement by my representation to radio station of 7mins
NOTE:There has been no published judgement I wonder WHY?

READ our submission to the House of Lords select committee meeting on Mental Capacity Act, Committee. Where this submission along with lots of others containing vital evidence have been returned, deleted or just unread because Chairman LORD HARDIE said, 'they contain NAMES'!!! So er, hang on if you go to the POLICE as we have and do not give a name how can they investigate... not that the POLICE do anyway as they too will not even give reference numbers/log numbers!! The term to remove let's say sensitive information is called REDACTION would it not have been the most polite thing to do is remove the names but keep the evidence that the most vulnerable, 'hands on' people, suffering at the hands of the Mental Capacity Act could be heard!! What we have here LORD HARDIE is another whitewash dismissing the most vulnerable people in another act of FRAUD!
Read the 1st general order of the 20.03.2001 pdf in particular the highlighted paragraphs.
READ the Sibling's lack of CREDABILITY statements 19.1.2012.
In 1998 READ the Total Original Claim of £1.7 million and in it you will see the schedule for receiver costs based on the full claim & a lifespan of 83(not 70 as stated by deputy HUGH JONES). You will see also the setup costs schedule of £4000(not £26,377 as was charged by HUGH JONES).
The reduced compromised settlement was £775,000. You can see where an appeal on the grounds of capacity was unsuccesfully made with 2off 4 hour clinical specialists stating my mother had capacity READ here & this Dr's back up telephone converstaion to Listen to, stating my mother should not be under that court.
You can Listen here to the 40 minute!! unclinical exam from the state's court, a Doctor Khan, that was the pinacle deciding factor for DENZIL LUSH(Matser of the court) to keep mum under the court.
10 years later & we commissioned 2 more doctors of 4 hour exams claiming my mother still has capacity READ the 2010 & READ the 2011.
So on and so forth... if you take the time to read the diary here from the bottom to the top it will demonstrate the shear corruption and evil forces at work upon the vulnerable. Further, that the whistleblower, whom just so happens to be the long standing carer of 17 years and eldest son, is in for stitch up & persecution from the judiciary that will lead to a corrupt prison sentence, where the establishment closes ranks to protect itself using a bent judicial system to meter out what they would term as purged rehabilitation.
BIAS is unlawful in a court of law but here it exudes itself, brimming to overfull, and with impunity, where an 'admiralty administrative statute hearing' calling itself the 'court of protection' gives clear focus in the lack of FAIRNESS and IMPARTIALITY boasting it's BIAS without any fear.
My mother's vacant property, slowly degrading, stands now as a monument to the hypocrisy of UK INJustice, once renowned internationally, that's degenerated into a mafia run racket, committing financial rape on vulnerable people, where the rule of COMMON LAW has been tossed onto the scrap heap infavour of their own BIASED legalese of statutes conducting itself without IMPARTIALITY and FAIRNESS no doubt leading to an uprising of social unrest that the evidence is already here to see by the pockets of growing organisations of rebellion.
There are several criminals in this saga but our case would lay the main injustice allegations with 4 co conspiritors, that being
No1 SENIOR JUDGE DENZIL LUSH(master of the court of protection & the person with ultimate fudiciary responsibilty)
No2 Solicitor HUGH ADRIAN SCOTT JONES(Deputy receiver whom clear evidence here points to him being the crook in the frame) &
No3 PHILIP MARK PELLING QC(Stitch up facilitator) and co ordinator as a NOMINATED Court of Protection Judge to remove any whistleblowers to prison by any crooked method using BIASED means, lacking impartiality and fairness with hearsay allowed, without prosecution witnesses in a tribunal lacking CONSENT & a requested Jury where your own representation has no right of audience and is thrown out.
No4 HONOURABLE JUSTICE PETER JACKSON who we have just added(25.09.2013) due to his inability to recognise the injustice and act HONOURABLY in fact quite the contrary JACKSON ignored the LIVING WILL that he authorised my mother's capacity to make and then he RING FENCED the property in a FRAUD cover up facilitated by LAND REGISTRY.
Mr Jackson has stated openly that “Start Quote [The law is] completely inaccessible to those for whose benefit the legislation has been devised” End Quote… but yet he also is stated on wikipiedia as a person who is a "master tactician (link)[who] stalks his prey in a very subtle, understated manner... He plays to win and does so more often than not," where here these TYRANTS ("one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others") are stalking me, & my mothers house/home READ.
ALL four TYRANTS are paid from the racketeering products of the FRAUDULENT Court of Protection/NEGLECTION/CORRUPTION.

Email me-
READ Prison hearing transcript
READ WHAT really happened
Read what was served upon the Judge that in the transcript he admits to reading
1 READ statutory declaration of conditional acceptance of proceedings.
2 READ HIGH COURT NOTICE(7 pages) served by defense team.
3 READ skeleton case from the man.
4 READ contract tendered by statutory declaration.
watch the video statement by my representation to a radio station.
NOTE:There has been no published judgement I wonder WHY?


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Mp3 recorded meeting of 1HOUR 18.07.11 that clearly shows the start of the process to steal my mothers home
06.10.11 OPG Rep: Meeting Recorded - LISTEN to it.(2HRS)

This is the website of an OPG patient
Happier times 2008 brieflyand her son - carer.

A few words about us, our website and its slogan
"He who cares, wins!"

In June 1995 my mother Ann was 55 - After a long period of depression tried to end her life but tragically it ended her as we knew her & she only awoke from her coma 11 months later to find her new existance as a disabled woman needing 24hr care. Mike was from a Entreprenaur backround of Nightclubs Pubs, Tourism and Hotel life suddenly found himself to be that very carer at the age of 37.

After the obvious glaring failures committed by the ROYAL OLDHAM HOSPITAL a lawsuit case against them was launched in 1995 and some 6 years later in 2001 a compromised out of court settlement of damages was awarded in excess of £775,000. Mum, after 11months in hospital was discharged to a nursing home but the pain to the family of seeing her in there of only a few weeks brought about the decision to care for her at our own homes initially shared for a short period by my sister and I. In 1997 I took on the roll of full time carer and have done so to date, a period of 16 years.

The Website History -

us trying to enjoy life nowThis site has been launched because we emigrated permanent(March 2008) but find that mums estate is still trapped in the UK and as such our security back up when things are not right, of referring to our MP will be removed and thus our spanish option leaves us with a language barrior problem.
Therefore we decided to place the correspondence in the public domain to be judged by all. These link files to the left in column 1 are being documented in reverse order from whatever is todays date, in other words the latest current documents are on the top of the list and because the launch date of this site was only the 3rd April 2010 more and more information will be added over time as its our intention to expose the fundamental misgivings of the original intentions of the COURT OF PROTECTION / NEGLECTION / CORRUPTION!
Anyone can see clearly if pouring over these documents an understanding of the where the name change came from with reference to NEGLECTION / CORRUPTION. We hope this website can also help others whom have serious problems with the OPG and its affiliated deputy's. Its my personal experience in many cases that money is horded away from the patient only to serve as inheritance to relatives whom played little or no role in the care of the affected patient ensuring the best possible existance to the end of their days. My own mother's award was predicted to have only lasted 10 years and her award was based on that prediction and its a testament to good care that her life expectancy is exceeding this prediction by far but that it would not do if constricted by the narrow brush approach of deputies hording vast sums of money away only to protect their long term fees and charges which are vastly in excess usually of what was supposed to have been laid down guidelines from the OPG.

We spent 6 years fighting a court case to get the award and then only to spend then next 10 years fighting the receiver to get it off him. Our lives are permanently blighted by the ongoing struggle in which the original award was supposed to solve. We cannot understand how, in 2010, a little known about corrupt UK government body can continue doing what they do in an unaccountable secret fashion, with lack of transparency and openness that the Cameron/Clegg government is currently promoting.

Though there is today (110410) still alot to resolve we do have a level of life to enjoy where we now live, in the Costa Del Sol, never to return again to the corrupt country from where we were born, THE UK unless of course its by the intimidatory way they are handling our finances and effectively continually trying to blackmail us into returning to the UK.


A testament to good care mum is still going strong at 70 years of age recently on the 9th August 2010 taken during a birthday meal in Benalmedina, Spain.


Born in Middleton, Manchester in 1940 the eldest one of seven mum fast grew up having to learn the rigors of life & at the age 16 she found love married and moved in with her new husband a journey the would last 36 years.

Mum never knew her real father he was missing at war presumed dead, when at the end of the war he returned only to find my mums mum, Grandma pregnant with another mans child whom then decided to leave. Mums real father also left and never returned, he went on to become a Director on the board of British Aerospace a person whom never came to see, find or even acknowledge his own 2 daughters.

With three children and now alone my mums mum, Grandma eventually found another love whom fathered a further four more children with her. My mother being the eldest of seven was very soon helping at an early tender age to look after and bring up her siblings virtually as an additional mother to them

After marriage at 16 mum at 19 gave birth to me, 3 years later my sister and one year later my brother. 3ofusOur family was VERY close. My sister and I bonded more and more over time. I remember all going out at night to our local for evenings all as one close family for many happy times. When I reached 16 I knew I was Gay I confided in my sister, mother and father but chose to pacify them all by saying I was bisexual and dating girls until the age of 26. For ten whole years I struggled to accept that I was never really bisexual at all and the pain that brought resulted in relentless up and down depressive symptoms, which on reflection were burdened on to my mother. She carried them times for me very much where suicide was a frequent consideration and she helped me thro to better times. This was a debt to my mother for which it became easier to repay when she needed me after her life changing accident in 1995.

At the age of 26 I suddenly became concious of the fact that I am what I am and that was the end of my relationships with women that tormented me from being the person I really was. From this point on depression for me became a thing of the past and I personally believe it was my mother whom helped carry me thro that ten year period in my life.

Our upbringing was of a working class family background on predominantly a council estate but that my father thro his business ideas directed several businesses giving me a true insight to that side of life. We were if you like, "bigger fish" in a small pond, respected by the neighbours and life was relatively good though there were lean times especially when my father went bankrupt, a period in his life I swore I'd never go thro.

In 1994 whilst I was directing my own four independant small businesses it became very apparent that my parents marriage was suffering and it was evident on their faces, eventually leading to divorce papers and seperation. It was at this point that mum started a period of depression that would lead up to her near fatal suicide attempt on 23rd June 1995 whilst in my presence in front of my house. I was 36. I only started to enjoy my life from the age of 26, 10 years I held dear, a very good and happy 10 years, but it was over!

Mum had deliberately ran under a 32 ton truck with an extra trailor attached at the rear, I really don't know how but she went under the middle section and only one of it's 18 wheels caught her left foot and caused some damage but unfortunately her skull was fractured. She then had continuous brain swelling over 24 hrs. Her coma lasted months and months, her prognosis was very poor and she was expected to die but her fighting spirit and prayers kept her alive.

I on the other hand lost all fighting spirit, I tryed to continue with my businesses for months but eventually it got to me with flashbacks and depression. Caring for mother slowly over time became the top priority not by choice but by nesseccity. Lives had changed for ever at a stroke June 1995.

I went on to spend an inordinate amount of time energy and fighting spirit to help mum to learn how to talk again and walk again against all odds given by doctors whom had given up. You can clearly see the results 15 years on by the pictures above of mum now 70. All this though has ruined my own life and existence as an entreprenaur and has robbed me of my dignity where personal wealth is concerned. If mum suddenly died I will be left homeless and destitute with nothing but yet I will of created lots of fat cat lawyers fees over the years with an inheritance bonus for waiting relatives. Is this right? I don't think so! Thus I now am hated and dispised by relatives and the courts because I am here fighting my corner for what I believe to be right, some justice for RELATIVE CARERS IN PRIVATE DAMAGES AWARDS.

Some peace at THE MOMENT in our new home, September 2010 but how long for? Back to top

Our VillaWhere would you rather live, be honest! Should mum be put in a old folks home, should she be in her rainy home town of Oldham, forced to live in her daughters back bedroom or do you just believe she's in the right place? This is what I am fighting to maintain for mum, what she truely deserves. Its her money to spend on how she wants to live, its not there for others to run up solicitors bills squabbling and it certainly ain't there for inheritance! How long our life will exist we do not know as the background currently is a concotion of corrupt statements trying to discredit my care for mum on a welfare and financial basis in order to deprive mum of her liberty living and cared for by me, her son abroad where she has capacity to choose where and with whom she wants to live with.

Golfing spectator ANN Taken today at the golf course 161210 mum wanted a taste of what the golfing fuss is all about would she get this sort of treatment in a home - I doubt it extremely.

JUST A NOTE FOR THE WEEK 09.06.2011 The money I now receive personally each week that is classed as expenses and as such mums deputy will not pay it as a wage because he said it would cost more for mum as she would pay tax on it. Well interesting that isn't it. Whilst normal folk whom do a job get a wage slip I don't and when I go to open a bank account they say well Mr Clarke where is your income and when I point to it they say thats not proper income Mr Clarke. Likewise how can one proceed proper with one's life for example how does one get a mortgage so as to have your own property over your head. If my mother lacks the capacity to recognise these things then why is it that she wants to display her concern by trying to gift her pproperty by way of JOINT BENEFICIAL TENANTS IN EQUITY & why can't the British government along with its corrupt establishment see it all, or can they?. Its very obvious really whom the theives are in all this mess but who'd of thought that in 2011 in Britain, this would be going on, but it is!

The court of protection say well if your abroad you can apply to take charge of your mother affairs in that country and when you have done it apply to the UK courts to have the assets and cash released to you but they fail to recognise that in reality my mother has nothing to prove in another country why should she demonstrate to the UK government her capacity or lack of when they hold no jurisdiction in the country of her residence. They are in reality extending their jurisdiction without it being legal in any way. In the meantime their corrupt deputies do there dirty work whilst your outside of the UK. My god, so corrupt its unreal. I spoke to lawyers here in Spain they advised that the cost of an application would possibly exceed £3000 and only have a 50/50 chance of success. So where does one start? Not very nice to think that your own country is effectively screwing you over and taking advantage of the elderly whom clearly have the capacity to manage their own finances.

mums idea of a HOME!Taken today 9.06.11 this is what mum sees to be the type of "home" she wants to reside in till she dies. This is our current rented property in Spain that we have been negotiating to swap with mums UK property but as soon as mums deputy got wind of it he tried to sell her UK property for figures approaching £100,000 less than its value and this is the type of thing your up against!

F.A.C.T Families Against Court of Protection Theft is an organisation of those who have had problems dealing with the Court of Protection (CoP) and Office of Public Guardian (OPG) and are based in the UK. There has been 15,735 recorded complaints of abuse, fraud and corruption from Dec 2001- Dec 2010 (9 years) of the CoP and OPG in the UK.

There are over 50,000 people plus their families affected by these abuses of the Court of Protection, Office of Public Guardian and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) jurisdiction which is also part of the Court of Protection and many young adults who may have autism or aspergers have been wrongfully put under this jurisdiction depriving them from their liberties. Some people would most definitely dispute that these disorders should not even come under Mental Health and whether these young adults are even a threat to anyone.

The Court of Protection and the Office of Public Guardian are a Government run Court based in Archway Tower, Archway, London. It deals with property, financial affairs and personal welfare of people who lack mental capacity or who are unable to make decisions for themselves. Those deemed to lack capacity are many Elderly people who may suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Disabled People, Road Accident victims awarded compensation and even young adults who maybe Autistic or suffer from Asperger's Syndrome.

The Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian are responsible for determining disputes as to the registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Lasting Powers of Attorney, appointing new trustees, authorising certain gifts and making statutory wills.

However we are very concerned with the way it is run and from recent press such as

1.Daily Mail talks about abuses within the CoP and

2.Guardian 2005 talks about mishandling finances and 97 people having to be compensated for "bad investments and lost cash", they mean FRAUD, it shows how the CoP has been open to corruption, fraud> and abuse in legal terms understood as embezzlement.

As well as police corruption shown by Hoddesdon/Hertford police force as they protect the corrupt, accept bribes and even come to court and lie on Oath. Not to also mention corruption by all those we have reported to and are doing absolutely nothing. This includes SRA, Legal Ombudsman, Parliamentary Ombudsman, all our MPs, House of Lords and all our police forces. It is beyond a national DISGRACE!

Further articles to show Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian Corruption:

3.National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA)

4.National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse Blog

5.Canadian Public Guardian worker imprisoned for Fraud

6.Another Canadian Public Guardian worker imprisoned for Fraud for embezzling $1.2 million in 12 years

7.UK Court of Protection Forum for Victims claiming CoP abuse and fraud

8.UK Court of Protection being investigated

9.UK Court of Protection involved in Mass Fraud

10.Estate of Denial website claim UK CoP involved in Mass Fraud

11.UK Mass Fraud Anajinn Blog Concerns

12.UK Elderly man embezzled £549,000 by Deputy Solicitors Firm, Judkins Solicitors and Judge Henderson cover up fraud

13.Why would Judge Launcelot Henderson also known as Henderson J cover up the fraud? Because he is part of the Court of Protection

14.UK Mark Neary 20 year old autistic son abuse under Deprivation of
Liberty Order of the Court of Protection

15.Anna Raccoon concerns over Steven Neary case

16.UK Families Against Court of Protection Blog

17.UK Families Against Court of Protection on Facebook

18.National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse also on Facebook

19.Ellee Seymour talks about UK Government plans for a Review

20.UK Mark Reeves Case-Road Accident Victim awarded £2.5 million compensation goes to Court fees! They mean SFA (Solicitors Fraud Association)

21.Daily Mail Low IQ woman case

22.Anna Raccoon previous CoP Employee concerns

23.More Anna Raccoon

24.UK Carer for his mother concerns-moved to Spain to escape corruption

25.BBC File on 4

26.BBC File on 4 Documentary

27.Demanding new Prime Minister to Investigate on Your Freedom Forum

28.Telegraph reports

29.The Independent reports

30.Telegraph reports on Autistic Pianist

31.BBC Tips for Power of Attorneys/Lasting Power of Attorneys to avoid the Court of Protection although CoP can overrule these. We did say they are CORRUPT!

32.UK Human Rights Blog Concerns

33.Ellee Seymour Concerns

34.UK Indigo Jo Blogs

35.Advocates for National Guardian Reform (ANGR) Victims and their Stories

36.CBS News catch onto Mass Fraud in Public Guardian America

37.The National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse (NOTEGA)

38.Another Public Guardian worker in America imprisoned for Fraud. When will the UK Government start arresting those involved in the UK Mass CoP Fraud?

39.FACT are very aware of Will and Property Deed Forgery! NHS Yvette Adams Abuse

40.NHS Fraud Louise Tomkins Case

41.NHS Fraud Angolia Dephew Case

42.Directors of Will making firm imprisoned for Fraud-Nicholas Butcher and David Nash Case

43.Corrupt UK Government only change legislation if they receive payment!

44.Lee Gilliland case concern reported by the Telegraph

45.This is Bristol also talks about Lee Gilliland case

46.David Cameron and Parliaments concerns over Privacy Laws ie secretive Court of Protection

47.Daily Mail talks about relationship of gagging orders, injunctions being abused in the Courts especially by the Court of Protection

48.John Hemming MP Court of Protection must be reformed reported by The Telegraph

49.Three Cheers for John Hemming MP by Alex Massie

50.Journalists have Gagging orders banning them reporting/investigating Court of Protection victims cases otherwise will be imprisoned for Contempt of Court

51.Neil Barker's Case

52.Ellee Seymour mentions protest on Fri 29th April 2011

Flaws in the Court of Protection (CoP) were highlighted in a negative press campaign last autumn 2010. The CoP and the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) shared more than 4,000 complaints about its operations over the last two years. It is still being accused of mismanaging £2.7 billion it controls and which is held on behalf of those who no longer have capacity (Ps). Critics claim that it holds the money in a Bank of England account paying 0.5% a year rather than at High Street banks which would provide rates of three per cent. As inflation takes hold it leaves families with an income deficit needing to dig into the capital set aside for a lifetime of care.

The newspapers' campaign An eye catching headline in the Mail on Sunday described the CoP as "The Secret Court of Living Hell". Case histories investigated in the newspaper's campaign included: •An application to the CoP for money to pay fees for residential care taking too long to be processed. P's house sale proceeds were paid into an account held by the court. The money took five months to come through and was £10,000 short of the £35,000 which was required. The aggrieved relative said he was never able to speak to the same person twice about the matter. •P was awarded £1.6 million. When her father died an application was made by her mother to take over from him as the person authorised to run P's financial affairs. The fees came to around £42,000 for solicitors, barristers and accountants. •P's house sale proceeds were transferred into the wrong account. The mistake was only discovered when there was a request to pay P's care home fees. •An administration charge of £4,100 to access £5,800 out of the £90,000 held by the CoP. P, a former solicitor suffering from bi polar disorder, complained requests for money which were supposed to take six weeks were taking five months and that the payments received were less than asked for. •The father of an eight year old boy who had been awarded £4.2 million as a result of medical negligence was accused of being abusive to an official from the CoP on a home visit although nobody had visited him at their home.

There were complaints in particular about delays, expense, the long and obscure court forms, inefficiency and that the court was a remote entity serving itself. These were accelerated by the press attaching links to the articles censuring the Court. In The Mail alone 450 further accusations of incompetence followed on from one article. Internet forums posted comments that it sent bullying letters and treated relations like criminals. Saga magazine quoted children's author Helen Bateman whose husband was in a coma after an accident: "It is an alien, intrusive, time consuming and costly institution which was completely out of tune with what we were going through".

Court of Protection Rules Committee's Review In November the then Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, responded to the concerted attacks by the press. A General Election was on the horizon and the Court was being described as an unresponsive Labour monolith working in secret and grinding its users down. Mr Straw asked Sir Mark Potter, the then President of the Family Division, to appoint a Rules Committee to investigate and recommend changes. The committee was chaired by Mr Justice Charles and Mrs Justice Proudman.

The committee met four times in the spring of 2010 and published a report in July 2010. There was recognition of the need for new court forms to be available as quickly as possible. They were to be custom made for the different types of application to avoid containing the lengthy screeds of unnecessary information the original universal forms require. Better explanatory notes are recommended to be attached to the forms as the current ones have led to confusion. Clearer forms would lower the 80% refusal rate for applications received between January 2008 and December 2009 to deal with property and welfare decisions on behalf of the mentally vulnerable. Forty per cent of applications are made by people without professional support. This is a failure in communication and assists those who fear the Court is composed of civil servants and lawyers busy talking to themselves while failing to provide a simple application process. Fortunately the new forms will be road tested in pilot schemes. Their success will depend on using simple English aimed at non-professionals.

A further recommendation is that court officers, rather than judges, should deal with applications concerning non-contentious property and affairs. Previously nominated officers were trained to deal with routine applications and there was lobbying for their return. There is provision for judges to review those decisions and it will make running the Court easier. Other recommendations of the Rules Committee address speeding up and simplifying procedure in response to the complaints of delay.

A key recommendation is that there should be no change in the rules concerning access to proceedings by the public. When and whether the Court should sit in public or permit its proceedings to be made public will be decided in each case by the judge. In March 2010 the Court of Appeal had already handed down a judgement on the application by the press to be permitted access to a hearing concerning Derek Paravicini, described as a human iPod. He is an autistic, high earning pianist living in sheltered accommodation, needing 24 hour care and unable to manage his finances. The press had been agitating against the Court's closed hearings in a high profile campaign. It was held that article 10 of the European Court of Human Rights covered access to information at a court hearing and there could be no blanket exclusions. The Court of Appeal held that decisions on press access should be within the discretion of the judge hearing the case. The Rules Committee followed the case law but decided against blanket open access.

Scrutiny by the public In May 2010 an open judgment was handed down by Sir Nicholas Wall in DH NHS Foundation Trust v PS [2010] EWHC 1217 concerning a woman aged 55 who had learning difficulties and an overwhelming fear of hospitals and medical treatment. She was deemed not to have mental capacity and unable to make a decision about her treatment. The President ruled that she could be given a drug in a glass of Ribena at her home and detained afterwards on a ward for treatment of cancer of the uterus. Fair reporting in this case though did include Mencap's support for the court's life sustaining decision This re-opened the continuing debate in the press about the court having sweeping powers handed to it by the Labour government that were not open to scrutiny and openness. Previously decisions about life and death , sterilisations and abortions were made in public and could be reported by the media. Profound questions as to when the State can intervene in private life were aired. Fears were voiced that paternalistic doctors would combine with judges to make vital decisions behind closed doors, thus eroding the rights of the individual. The media continue to oppose blocked access on the basis that it more appropriate for countries whose leaders do not like their authority to be questioned.

Another press campaign led to the naming of a local authority which had treated a vulnerable person and their relations in a high handed manner without authority. The latest judgement released to the press concerned "birth control by force". Mr Jusice Bodey in August 2010 criticised a Midlands council who wanted a married woman aged 29 with an IQ of 53 to be sedated, taken from her home and have birth control imposed on her against her will. The plan to prevent her having children he held had shades of social engineering. There would need to be police involvement and contraception under restraint which he could not authorise under the circumstances The Court does not have to handle these types of cases often. Public decision making should be encouraged. Ethical life changing decisions ought to reflect current social, rather than legal, values. Keeping people informed reassures them that judges are in tune with the current moral climate and not remote elderly beings living in a world of their own.

Court of Protection's First Report In June 2010 the Court published its first report, covering its performance between October 2007 and January 2010. The target for an oral hearing within 6 weeks was met in 53% of applications compared with the target of 75%. The Senior Judge explains the shortfall in performance by insufficient Judges. He hoped the appointment of three full time judges in 2010 would help meet targets. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 which created the new Court of Protection did not provide for deputies (part time judges). Full time judges had to be brought in from the regions to cover the London work. The five regional centres were designed to take the hearing centres to the client .This had an impact of the regions that deal with 60% of the work. A more flexible system would be to amend the statute to provide for deputies. They could be drafted in to help with the work flow and be a pool of experienced potential permanent judges.

Applications were analysed. There were 40,000 applications concerning property and affairs and 95% of them did not require court attendance. Forms to apply for a power of attorney had been reduced from 25 pages to 12. There were 2,800 personal and welfare applications with a refusal rate of 80%. There were 13 Deprivation of liberty applications over an eight month period. The general rate of applications was averaging at 1600 per month.

Complaints were addressed. There were 1,672 complaints made about the Court (excluding ones about the OPG taking combined complaints to 4000). These divided into 25% about judicial decisions, 15% about the cost of proceedings, 15% about administrative errors, and 30% about the length of the process and delays. The rate of complaints reduced in the last 6 months and the Senior Judge credits the Court being integrated into HMCS in April 2009 as having had a positive effect.

Performance indicators were divided into three periods of time. There was an improvement in the proportion of applicants contacted within 20 days of receipt of the application (92%), and of those applications meeting the target for paper directions within 16 weeks (77%) but for those within 20 weeks underperforming by 14%. 59% of applications were heard within 6 weeks, a poor performance the Senior Judge hopes will be improved upon. Replies to correspondence within 10 working days were off target by 20% and down to 75%.

Continuing criticisms The report did not stem criticism. BBC's File on Four, broadcast on 27th of July, focused on new complaints. Parents of disabled children who became 18 had to apply at great expense to be deputies to manage their children's meagre finances and thought their particular situation had been overlooked. A compensation award invested at 0.5% interest instead of 4.5%, the Halifax rate of interest at the time, was bitterly attacked by an accident victim who estimated he had lost £50,000. Another accident victim was awarded £1.5 million and wanted to know the number of hours charged for by her deputy and after 3 months had not been told. The charity Elder Abuse was receiving constant calls to its helpline about fees for unnecessary work and the Court approving too many bills in excess of the £1100 capped rate. Delay in preventing financial abuse was highlighted. The niece of a hospital patient with dementia had taken £300,000 out of P's accounts and conveyed P's home into joint names. It took 3 months to cut off the niece's access to the accounts and no sanctions were taken against her. The Court was attacked for being slow and lenient. The programme concluded that lobbyists like the Court and the public do not.

It is worth remembering the previous Court was also vilified. A Parliamentary Ombudsman Report in 2005 noted poor staff training, high staff turnover, and serious mistakes in managing clients' money. There were poor investments and lost cash leading to compensation claims. Staff often never replied to letters and took months to sort anything out. When complaints mounted up internal memos were written which were "staggering in their arrogance". Overall the Court is trying to improve. It does have a challenging client base and a large volume of work. Some of the delays maybe due to lawyers not using its emergency provisions (see Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection, Pierce and Jackson (Jordans)). It is admitting shortcomings and attempting to adapt quickly. There are now 2,000 applications per month. Previously the four judges based at Archway could not keep up with the volume of work. Although three new judges were appointed in Spring 2010 none of them had sat as judges before their appointment. Meanwhile two experienced Judges will be leaving by spring 2011. It is likely the Senior Judges optimism for future efficiency is misplaced and there will be more delay.

The media have a grievance about removing its right of access, at time when the culture is towards more open justice and will continue with criticism campaigning to get into the hearings. The pressure group Families Against Court of Protection Theft set up by relations who were unhappy with the CoP is also a vocal critic but has a limited ability to solve the problems of others. Website content such as the OPG's pledge to acknowledge a complaint within two working days, unless it does so, will fuel the flames.

It is hoped the new forms, produced with the benefit of the HMCS's drafting experience, will be an improvement on the OPG's previous efforts and will be comprehensible and user friendly. It has been a very bumpy start. The basement interest rates need to be addressed. The tenor of past complaints has been of faceless bureaucrats making incomprehensible decisions, then failing to communicate about them. Focus should be on running an efficient, responsive, problem solving service for the most vulnerable. For many, the Court is still not serving the most vulnerable but adding to their problems.

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Mother/patient - Ann Clarke The Patient

Having emigrated to Spain in March 2008 I just want to feel free, normal & happy. Not overshadowed by the british government. Human again & not repressed. My son would like his dignity restored not to be discriminated against as a relative carer but to be treated with equality and be paid fair like others. My money should not be in pounds but in euros and because of this its value since moving to Spain has devalued by 80,000 Euro. I should not be forced to live off an exchange rate by the British Government. My liberty and freedom of choice should be respected.

I suffer from dysphasia

People with dysphasia may have difficulty talking, understanding "not me", listening "not me", writing "not me" or doing numeral calculations "not me". They may be mildly or severely affected "not me". Everyday tasks, such as shopping or answering the phone "not me", may be impossible.
People with the condition can

"think clearly and know what they're feeling, and their intellect is maintained."

They're often mistakenly thought to be drunk or mentally confused "not me". Read 2010 The CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGY ASSESSMENT report on me thats just been delivered and its the second report in 10 years that confirms my capacity. So why am I being treated like a dog by the British Government?
A 4 page report by
Dr Hana Al-Hamar 22.05.2001 that was the result of a 4hour examination.
Listen to Dr Hana's comments June 2001.
Dr Khan from the Lord Chancellors Office, 1 hour recording that is unbelievable as to why they keep mum in the Court of Protection 05.09.2001
The latest report in November 2011 Read 31 pages

& Mike
The Son Carer & Author-51

Carer Son - Mike Clarke Read CV

Michael's RANT!

The carer's work is never done and neither is it paid for!. Discriminated against as a relative carer there is no equality! It's also a 24hr attention span thats needed. I think sometimes, "I'd like to go to the beach for a day but there is'nt enough free time!" We think we'd like a weekend alone visit Morroco or Gibralter but again the tie is there and you can't. When family visit they think they're on holiday so not only are you still waiting on the patient you are also waiting on the family. I sometimes wish they'd say "hey Mike!" we're here you get off for the weekend and enjoy yourselves but "no!".

Treated like hired help but without pay, by your own family is sometimes how it feels. You also feel you have no home, no place of your own and people say well it was your choice but really it were'nt. My mother asked for my care and attention, how could I refuse. My life has been blighted overshadowed, not my own and for what, where is my salary for what I do. Not a wage in sight. Discriminated CARER! Family carer, so you get a benefit that amounts to nothin, but yet outside care can demand £12 an hour. WHY? When a patient is awarded so much money "FOR CARE", why is the family carer not paid his due's. Why is he/she paid a benefit below minimum wage and yet the government allow it to go on.

Whilst fat cat Lawyers, Judges and Courts take their own fat cat fees and wages for their intervention but yet the carer is treated like shit on the end of their shoes! TRUE.

There's something wrong with the system. I calculate for my care over 14 years I am owed £12 per hour for at the very least 14 hours a day 365 days a year 14 years, work that out? £800,000! But if you were just recognised as a working person on minimum wage of £6 that alone would of been £400,000? Whilst other family have built up their worth in property I have not been able to. Its been a mission just trying to work out what I can sell or scrape together each year for an annual holiday but who really gives a shit?

Well I can tell you absolutely no one, accept the people who are in the same boat watching others steal from their relatives estates without transparency, only in secret, accounting to no-one but themselves.

IT HAS TO STOP! The UK government needs to address this with urgency. Someone, somewhere, someday will lose it, mind wise, and someone will die, probably from the pure frustrations that must be building in these people, listened to by no one and I mean no one, or caring about "THE CARERS". Probably because we are a small insignificant minority, but we are gathering strength.

An investigation into a complaint I made on the 4th February 2010 lasted 7 long months, what on earth is going on? I'm sure a murder investigation don't take that long! - Investigation completed the day after I published this statement read the 3 lines Then upon asking for a complete full copy of the investigation passed to legal department whom refused a copy on the grounds of section 40 of the data protection act protecting others.

If I had my time over again knowing what I know now I would have had to refuse my mothers request even though that would of broken my heart. It's took its toll on me over the years but I really blame the UK government for this not my mother whom with all her "so-called" lack of capacity seems to be fully intact to me of which I hold Clinical Neuropsycologists reports to confirm her capacity that have been largely ignored. One day I do believe someone will do something about it and stop this barbarrick inhumane treatment of the people whom CARE the most about the patients.

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Damages were awarded for the patients care but its that very standard of care that drops when families become involved because the system is that busy trying to stop famalies having any involvement with the care and money or at least them are the grounds they operate on yet in reality they are protecting their own long term fees whilst under that cover.

The carer whom is caring has no real access and no real say usually because other family whom are protecting their inheritance tend to side with the receivers or courts or worse won't get involved.

There was to my recollection, no money awarded for inheritance and there also was no money awarded for exorbitant fees and charges, so whats gone wrong with the system?

CARE and carers PAY was what the money was awarded for!

In our case one can take note that I personally did the first care of over 5 years before any money was awarded, living off benefits in a 1 bedroomed flat with me sleeping on a sofa! I sometimes think, and my mother the patient also agrees, I should sue her in the courts for back pay. I wonder?

Its ironic when we go out to a restaurant that the patient can order fillet steak but the carer can only afford beans on toast unless the patient issue's a handout. That's how its fealt for me over 15 years just living off handouts, no respect, no dignity, no nothing, treated like dirt when we should be rewarded better than the fat cat lawyers, judges & inheritance hunters etc.

I recently pointed out to the receiver HUGH JONES about the fact there is no wage and he said yes there is its paid in the account and I said its never been pointed out to me its a wage and if it ever was really a wage why has it not been taxed. Fiddling the state out of a tax paid wage I accused him off, with all the cuts that the government are making why are they not stopping carers from claiming benefits when high damages awards have been made to pay for care where that carer can then pay TAX! There has been a constant inbalance in the living standard of the patient to the carer whom as I pointed out that at the time of mums accident in 1995 I was living off an income of £1100 a week from one of my four businesses at that time which was all thrown away in the ensueing disaster in order to prioritise care for mum for free!.

So whats been the point in of it all salvaging the care of one life to ruin your own whilst FAT CAT lawyers and inheritence hunters all get the richer over time. Who is going to take notice of this corrupt system and the discriminatory inequalitys that are blatantly evident today in 2011 for private care damages that were awarded to pay for just that? CARERS! I recently complained to the EHRC The Equality and Human Rights helpline about this very matter and here you read their reply, "The issue that you have regarding care for your mother without payment is not likely to fall within the remit of the Equality Act. It appears that the fact that you are a relative means that you are not entitled to any of the payment award that your mother received to assist with her care.

This is not an equality issue and therefore, we cannot provide any further advice. " Now I ask you? does that not stink of discrimination and where I ask is the equality in that? Its obviously legal in the UK to discriminate against relative carers, no problem at all!

Manchester / Munby Judgement R v MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL, EX PARTE L & ORS : R v MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL, EX PARTE R & ANOR (2001) QBD (Admin) (Munby J) 26/9/2001 LOCAL GOVERNMENT - ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - FAMILY LAW - HUMAN RIGHTS JUDICIAL REVIEW : FOSTER CARERS : RELATIVES : FRIENDS : SHORT TERM : LONG TERM : BOARDING-OUT ALLOWANCE : PAYMENTS : FINANCIAL DISCRIMINATION : DEPENDENCY : S.8, S.17, S.22, S.23 AND S.26 CHILDREN ACT 1989 : ACCOMMODATION : PLACEMENTS : RESIDENCE ORDERS : LOOKED AFTER : LOCAL AUTHORITY : FOSTER PLACEMENT (CHILDREN) REGULATIONS 1991 SI 1991/;910 : FINANCIAL REPORTS : FOSTERING ALLOWANCES : NATIONAL FOSTER CARE ASSOCIATION : NFCA : FOSTER CARE FINANCE : FCF : CARE PROCEEDINGS : WEDNESBURY UNREASONABLENESS : IRRATIONALITY : HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998 : EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS 1950 : EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS : ECHR : ART.8 : RIGHT TO RESPECT FOR PRIVATE AND FAMILY LIFE : ART.14 : PROHIBITION OF DISCRIMINATION : LEGITIMATE AIMS : PRESSING SOCIAL NEED : PROPORTIONALITY : NECESSITY A local authority’s policy that financially discriminated against foster carers who were related to the children they fostered was unlawful. Two joined applications for judicial review of the respondent council’s policy to pay those short-term foster carers who were friends or relatives of a fostered child at a significantly lower rate than other foster carers. Both applications concerned children who were looked after within the meaning of ss.22 and 23 Children Act 1989. In the first application, the maternal grandparents of three children were the children’s long-term foster carers and the children remained with the grandparents after full care orders were made. In the second application, the children were placed with their older half-sister when full care orders were made after an independent social work assessment. The issue was the legality of the policy. The applicants submitted: (i) the council’s policy was a financial disincentive to family members being foster carers and used their sense of moral obligation to compel them to accept a grossly inadequate level of financial support which was lower than the level determined by the council as necessary for the maintenance of other foster children of like age; (ii) the policy was an attempt to apply financial pressure on family members to move away from local authority support; (iii) the policy was discriminatory within Art.14 European Convention on Human Rights and failed adequately to implement the council’s obligation to promote the right to respect for family life guaranteed by Art.8 of the Convention; (iv) the policy was an attempt to transfer the financial burden of looked-after children away from the council and was an abuse of the council’s dominant position in relation to foster parents and children; and (v) the policy excluded any flexibility to allow payment of the normal fostering allowances to relative foster carers in appropriate cases. HELD: (1) Section 23(2)(a) of the Act left the framework for providing for fostering allowances to the council’s discretion. That discretion had to be: (a) formulated and implemented to allow flexibility according to the needs of the individual children concerned; (b) exercised in light of the aim of the statutory framework without reliance on irrelevant considerations, without disregarding relevant principles, without being perverse and without conflicting with any duties within the framework; and (c) formulated and exercised to safeguard adequately the right to respect for family life in Art.8 of the Convention and to avoid discrimination in breach of Art.14 of the Convention. (2) The applicants’ submissions that imputed less than worthy motives to the council were not accepted. (3) The council’s policy was driven by the principle that it was undesirable to create a financial dependency on it if that would disincline a friend or relative to apply for a s.8 residence order. That was an entirely legitimate consideration and was entirely in accordance with the key principle in s.26(3) of the Act, namely that all appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that children were placed with their families as far as possible. (4) The council’s policy was unlawful for four reasons: (i) it imposed an arbitrary and inflexible cash limit on the amounts that could be paid to relative foster carers; (ii) it fixed the level of payments to relative foster carers at such a low level that there was an inevitable a conflict with the welfare principle and the council’s statutory duty; (iii) it was Wednesbury unreasonable; and (iv) it fundamentally discriminated against short-term relative foster carers and the children in their care. None of those objections were met by the legitimacy of the council’s objective. (5) The council’s obligation under both the Act and the Convention was to take all appropriate positive steps to ensure that children should live with their families. Differential treatment based on family relationships or which had an additional impact on family members could only be justified by counterbalancing factors of a compelling nature. If the council’s policy failed when tested against classic public law principles, it inevitably followed that it would fail to pass muster under the Convention. In any event, the policy failed to meet the key Convention tests of necessity and proportionality, thereby breaching Arts.8 and 14 of the Convention. Application allowed. Roger McCarthy QC instructed by Green & Co for the applicants. Ernest Ryder QC and Yvonne Coppel instructed by and for the council. LTL 26/10/2001 : (2002) 1 FLR 43 : (2002) ACD 284 : Times, December 10, 2001 Judgment: Approved subject to editorial corrections - 39 pages Document No.: AC0101975
Reference link
Solicitors link
Full Judgement link

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HE WHO CARES, SHOULD WIN, and eventually will! There's a saying in spain, "poco en poco", little by little.

Home is where the heart is and in 2011 this is our home

Great Grandson Jack

Thro all the family trauma a new addtion, JACK meets great grandma on 031010. The family get together at a pub for the afternoon was nothing short of a very tense situation.

My sister Angela wants to force her mother back to the UK to live at her house against her mothers consent and after failing to gain her consent and some very derrogatory exchange of texts published here, the following statements were made by the Angela CLAN.

Received 150910 Read A statement made by my sister Angela and my brother Kevin

Received 150910 Read A statement made by my sister's husband David Platt

Received 150910 Read A statement made by my sister's daughter Danielle Jones

Received 150910 Read A statement made by my sister's daughter Sarah Jones

Received 150910 Read A statement made by my sister's daughter Sarah's, boyfriend Paul Collins

Received 150910 Read A statement made by my brother's wife Tracey Clarke

In defence of the above I and others made the following statements:-

Response 091010 Read A statement made by Michael 6 pages

Response 031010 Read A statement made by family friend Cheryl Cavanagh 5 pages

Response 031010 Read A statement made by family friend of 35 years Stephen Power

Response 031010 Read A statement made by ex partner of 6 years Paul Moorby

Response 220910 Read A statement made by family friend of 3 years David Owen-Scott

Response 220910 Read A statement made by family friend of 3 years Jonathon Goulding

Response 230910 Read A statement made by family friend of 3 years Brenda Swain

Response 230910 Read A statement made by family friend of 3 years Margaret Davies 3 pages

golfing lunch 161210Out in golfers company for lunch mum wanted to sample some of what the golfers get up to.



Another brick in the wall

Michael Clarke
Halsburys Law states administrative courts unlawful.
The law is absolutely clear on this subject. There is NO authority for administrative courts in this country and no Act can be passed to legitimise them because of the constitutional restraints placed upon her Majesty at Her coronation.
The collection of revenue by such means is extortion, and extortion has been found reprehensible since ancient times. Separation of powers Today, in the year 2011, we find for example, that in the council tax regulations, the billing authority, the prosecuting authority and the enforcement authority are all vested in the same body. The same bodies even purport to issue their own legal documents, by tacit agreement with the Courts.
In our system of Common Law, the rule of law demands that we have a separation of powers. Today, the powers are not separated. The executive is not a distinct, free-standing leg of the tripod. The executive now emerges directly from within the elected Chamber of the legislature where previously it emanated directly from the Monarch. That leads to constitutional confusion—because the executive has seized and misuses Parliament’s democratic credentials for its own, destructive, purposes.
Fortunately, we have something to which we can turn to preserve our ancient laws and freedoms. We have the Oath that Her Majesty The Queen took at her coronation by which she is solemnly bound and from which no one in England, Wales and Scotland has released her. At Her Coronation the Queen swore to govern us, “according to [our] respective laws and customs”. Certainly, among our reputed “customs”, is precisely that invaluable and widely admired tripartite division of the powers.
The judiciary is part and parcel of our customary system of internal sovereignty—“the Queen in Parliament”. It is one of the three separate but symbiotic powers, and it is a capricious and self-serving contention that it should not have the power to preserve the authority of the legislature over the executive. It is a constitutional principle that the assent of the Queen & Parliament is prerequisite to the establishment of a Court which can operate a system of administrative law in Her Majesty’s Courts in England.
This was confirmed by Lord Denning during the debates on the European Communities Amendment Bill, HL Deb 08 October 1986 vol 480 cc246-95 246 at 250: “There is our judicial system deriving from the Crown as the source and fountain of justice. No court can be set up in England, no court can exist in England, except by the authority of the Queen and Parliament. That has been so ever since the Bill of Rights.
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Seen by 8 Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh, Peter Hofschröer and 2 others like this. ..
Tatiana Ladislas von Montegatz Michael Clarke could you please explain if this information could be referred to the Court of Protection and be used? 20 November at 03:58 via mobile · Unlike · 1 ..
Michael Clarke yes IT can but in practice the courts have an habit of ignoring you as in my case 20 November at 08:18 · Like ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh fraud courts, corrupt system. Corrupt Queen who really don't care about us. More interested in donating money abroad but will watch her own people, elderly, disabled abused in this way and do nothing. 59 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 2 ..
Michael Clarke Absolute agreement on that 57 minutes ago · Like ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh It's about time we had no Queen if she cannot do anything for her country or her people. What is she there for? For us to fund and pay her bills! 56 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 ..
Michael Clarke EXACTLY it is... SHE IS a waste of time and money 55 minutes ago · Like ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh So are MPs! what have they done for us victims? We are their constituents! They don't care about us! Waste of our money too! 52 minutes ago via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 1 ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh Also police what they are there for if they can't arrest criminals and can't deal with our cases. We do not need them if the corrupt pay them to not investigate, same with IPCC, Law Society, SRA, Ombudsmen, all waste of taxpeyers money. None do their jobs. A disgraceful country this is! 50 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1 ..
Michael Clarke MY MP GORDON MARSDEN is a complete waste of space the number of run in s I ve had with him and that was just to get an appointment... he has done nothing he I believe is scared of the corrupt lot and prefers to sweep it under the carpet.... 47 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh Exactly same as me with my MP Robert Halfon. The abuse I had from his secretary just to get an appointment. First he was dealing with the case, then went silent, then wouldn't talk to me and I had abuse. He even ran to John Hemming MP to make false stories about me. Even sweep it under the carpet like they all do or more likely bribed by the corrupt! 40 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh Whilst MPs are getting second homes, our homes and goods are being stolen. They don't care about us! 38 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 ..
Michael Clarke bribed by the corrupt! NOW THAT RINGS TRUE to me in every sense.... as time has gone on and on the more and more corrupt the entire state is uncovered... I've got to the stage where I NOW BELIEVE THERE IS NO JUSTICE ON OFFER. 38 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Michael Clarke there is only the OPTION OF REVOLUTION... 37 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Michael Clarke SO I PERSONALLY have joined the anti government protesting and rallies groups associated with bringing down the state as the only option to us... these bastards need to pay the ultimate price for their GREED. 35 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh All victims are having the same problems with their MPs, not just you and me. They do nothing for any of us! How many more victims do we need for them to ever do anything?!! Therefore if our MPs can't do anything for you and me and other of their constituents. What are they there for? 34 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 ..
Michael Clarke THAT IS WHY I USED THE COMMERCIAL LIEN AGAINST OUR SOLICITORS PANNONES AND HUGH JONES... if it were not worth the paper its written on then why did they spend £70,000 on corrupt bent courts and bent barristers and bent judges to try and stop me with false harassment charges to gain fraudulent injunctions??? 30 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Michael Clarke The judicial system is out of CONTROL just like the identical GOVERNMENT with its BENT banking system built to rob and steal from the poor SLAVES... US! We got to put a stop to it all for the sake of CHILDREN. 27 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh Exactly my suffering has paid for corrupt solicitors Amber Melville-Brown, Hugh Tomlinson QC, Lorna Skinner's lovely homes and many more corrupt ...See More 6 minutes ago via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 1 ..
Michael Clarke SOMETIME's you have got to fight fire with FIRE so in other words if they condone robbery, theft fraud and violence in the form of coercion to corrupt courts with forced prison, then it is only right fair and equal that this should be matched by equal forces i.e., VIOLENCE! 9 minutes ago · Like · 1 ..
Efi Anastasiou Goder-Marsh Agreed it's about time we took corrupt solicitors, judges and police homes and stole all their goods and see if nothing happens to us like them and for Law Society, SRA to see nothing is wrong & concluded at looking at all victims evidence 'they cannot see anything wrong, case closed, file closed on this matter' 3 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 ..
Michael Clarke

. 22 November 2013 at 16:12 Dear Mr. Alderman: The email exchange below is self-explanatory. If you were not aware of ACPO's Memorandum of Understanding with the Law Society, I shall be pleased to provide you with a copy of it. You may find it interesting to follow the internet links provided in the correspondence below. I can also provide you with information on fraud and corruption which has never been investigated by police. One reason for this (besides the agreement with the Law Society) is that, in some cases, police are party to racketeering or cover-ups, and another reason may be that police authorities are not staffed with personnel trained to a high enough standard in forensic accounting to be able to do the job of investigating white collar crime. For example, Greater Manchester Police - the second largest force in the UK - only has one officer trained and experienced enough to investigate white collar fraud. Obviously, serious organized crime affects all UN nations, and the UK is party to a legally binding UN convention to fight corruption. However, perhaps for the above reasons, this is not being done sufficiently, and therefore warrants serious and immediate attention. From what I have experienced, alleged responsiblity for crime, policing and justice in the UK seems to be spread across many ministries and ministers, and also be divided up among police, including ACPO, Sir Paul Stephenson, the Special Crime Unit, and various police authorities. When approached with the very serious matter of organized white collar crime, all parties refuse to investigate or intervene. Most just ignore the public and do not respond at all. I am wondering if the Serious Fraud Office, like the government itself, is dictated to by ACPO, and if it will therefore also refuse to investigate white collar crime and corruption? Referring a complainant back to their own police authority does not work because these authorities have already refused to log complaints of fraud, which is why complainants have attempted to escalate the matters - to no avail. There is absolutely nowhere that a person can go to get police to act. It is not possible to escalate the problem because there is absolutely no accountability by anyone in government. I am aware that an arrest of six solicitors was made recently, but there are many more involved in crimes such as fraudulent land title transfer, insurance fraud, and racketeering through the Court of Protection, and the Office of the Public Guardian, among other things. It is unfortunate that you are answerable to The Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve, as he has never responded to these concerns at all. I wonder why the government is organized in such a way. Perhaps it is to spread the responsiblity so widely that nobody can be held accountable. This would seem to me to be the reason for it. The Rt. Hon. Nick Herbert talks about establishing a new Economic Crime Agency, but his department has written to say they will not intervene in individual cases, when they have already been advised of crime and corruption among police, and that nobody will investigate. Nobody can escalate a complaint to anyone as everything goes down a dead end street. There is absolutely no accountability by any public authority in the UK. At least, perhaps with Police Commissioners, someone will exert some authority over police and make them accountable to government and the people. There is a brick wall at every ministry and agency door in the UK, which is why there is now pressure on Europe to intervene. It would seem, from the press, that Europol will be involving themselves in British policing. It is unfortunate, but the country has brought it on itself by not adhering to the UN convention. Her Majesty's government is fragmented and not one person, with the exception of a handful of MPs and Lords shows any concern, or takes any action against the corruption that exists and is fostered among legal professionals, police, and the judiciary.. All are in denial. The Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke has been invited to ask for evidence of judicial corruption, and he does not. I wonder why. I don't know what the purpose of the British Prime Minister is. He should be taking the lead, instead of hobnobbing with media monopoly players. Nobody has any accountability to anyone. No doubt it won't be long before the British join Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, and the rest, and take to the streets. The British have become a seriously oppressed nation because of all the do-nothings in government. It is no wonder that the government has been buying riot gear for the military. Perhaps they are expecting the Storming of the Bastille. I look forward to receiving your comments, and your request for information on the crimes and corruption. Yours sincerely, Bernard Jenkin, MP Public Administration Committee Westminster, UK Dear Mr Jenkin As you can see from the information following this email, I have been alerting authorities since at least 2011 about the police's fraudulent crime figures. Heaven knows how long others have been alerting them. You will also find reference to police fudging figures in two new books by ex police officer, Stephen Hayes: XD0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385045105&sr=8-1&keywords=fifty+shades+of+black+ %27n+blue Jil Matheson is the National Statistician. I believe she has been concerned since I advised her, but nothing has been done by government, with the exception of your own efforts, despite the matter being mentioned in parliament, and despite there also being several newspaper articles about police dereliction of duty since 2011, indicating that police only selectively investigate reported crimes, and most often refuse to record them and issue a crime log number. The financial bonus culture for any public servant makes Britain a laughing stock, but it is worse, when we think that it takes place within police. ACPO is behind all of this nonsense, and is a self-serving old boys' club that should be disbanded. Why on earth would the government not broaden the scope of HM Inspector of Constabularies? Wouldn't that be the most logical move? Obviously, something smells rotten. You should be aware of the fact that many MPs, including those on select committees, are deleting emails from the public, which are respectful and contain intelligence, WITHOUT READING THEM. They are doing it to many, many people, and Ministers are doing it too. It is every bit as serious a corruption problem as police ignoring reports of crime. I know of two people who have tried to report MURDERS and are being ignored by West Yorkshire Police - one of the worst police forces in the country for alleged corruption. They have approached oversight bodies and central government, and are similarly ignored. They have been fighting for justice in the matter for many years. May I emphasise that there are thousands of Britons who have been fighting for justice and police investigations into serious crimes, most notably sophisticated white collar, and yet both police and government ministers ignore them. We have reached the conclusion that police and government are part of the organised crime ring. What other conclusion would a person draw? Something is seriously wrong and, if Mr. Maude is concerned about public servants giving service, he should first examine who is blocking and deleting emails throughout government and public service, and under whose authority they are doing so. The problem of MPs and ministers deleting emails without reading them has been reported to select committees but, unfortunately, several select committee members, including Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, are culprits themselves. The Public Accounts committee has acknowledged the concern but has no intention of doing anything about it, despite the fact that the culprits obviously do not represent good value for money for the British taxpayer. Perhaps we should have drawn this matter to your attention? Actually, I think some of us may have. The situation involving officials ignoring intelligence (particularly about organised crime) from the public is so bad that concerned citizens now broadcast this matter widely to officials in Europe and beyond, because it is corruption, and this corruption belies the fact that the UK is signatory to international conventions against transnational serious organised crime and against corruption. We feel that many MPs and ministers are fraudulently holding office, when they simply either block emails from the public or delete them without reading them, besides which they do nothing about the problems, even after reading the emails. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg obviously couldn't care less, and it will be their undoing. Theresa May is even worse. The people have had enough. Britain is the weak link in international crime fighting. As you know, police had received information from Toronto Police eighteen months ago regarding Operation Spade, and did nothing with it. No arrests were made in the UK. Britain let the team down, as usual. Britain does not deserve to be a G20 or G8 member, and Kenneth Clarke is surely only jokingly be called the "Anti-Corruption Champion", as we have not seen any action from him ever. In fact, he has been part of the problem. As you can see, police also have an agreement NOT TO INVESTIGATE lawyers. It is shocking that this Memorandum of Agreement could ever have been set up. Please keep up the good work. It looks like you are the only one in the UK with any intelligence to realise how police are supporting serious transnational organised crime by their failure to record and investigate reports. I should also point out that many victims have presented their cases in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and yet nobody has taken any action to help them. This can only be due to institutionalised corruption on a grand scale and, until some action is taken to help these people, then we will continue to believe this. Yours sincerely, ATTENTION: MS. JIL MATHESON - REGARDING INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF CRIME STATISTICS Ms. Jil Matheson UK Statistics Authority Statistics House Tredegar Park Newport South Wales NP10 8XG Dear Ms. Matheson: I was interested to read in the newspaper that you will be working with ACPO and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary on an independent review of national crime statistics. You may be interested to know that, as a result of the attached Memorandum of Understanding between ACPO and the Law Society, white collar crimes involving members of the legal profession are never logged or investigated by police. As you can see, the Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement between two private, non-governmental organizations to obstruct justice. National crime statistics, therefore, can never be accurate; they never were, and never will be, unless police start recording incidents. This state of affairs is a national shame. As a result, I understand that Europe is about to step in and do Britain's policing for them. probe-UK-crime Police have openly refused, and continue to refuse, to investigage fraud, perjury or forgery, if a legal professional is involved, telling the general public that it is a civil matter. If you have a moment to watch this video, you will hear a policeman telling the gentleman that fraud is a civil matter. This is standard practice. Complaints from the public are simply ignored. No action is taken, not even a report. Of course, fraud. perjury and forgery are crimes the world over, except if they take place in the UK and involve a legal professional. One must remember that most complex white collar crime involves a legal professional......and yet it goes unreported because police will not log the crimes, much less investigate them. There are currently hundreds, if not thousands, of victims of white collar crime up and down the country, whose cases have never been logged or investigated by police. Personally, I can attest to the fact that Lancashire police have refused me, nine times to date, a log or incident number, so that I may report a crime. The refusal includes a member of the Professional Standards Branch. Not one officer has ever asked me what crime I wish to report. It could be a murder; it could be anything. However, I believe that they are afraid because I have knowledge of corruption in that constabulary, which is why they refuse to take my report. I will gladly supply the details to anyone who might feel it is their duty to act. The Home Office has already said that they don't want to involve themselves, so I can only think that, as Mr. Cameron doesn't show any interest either, nobody in the UK cares. So crimes in the UK are going unreported and uninvestigated; therefore, your statistics will always be flawed. Your review is a complete waste of government money and effort because, as long as ACPO continues to run the country with its corrupt hidden agenda, and its Memorandae of Understanding with whomever it sees fit, reports will be a complete sham. You don't have, and will never have, true statistics. Crimes committed by the police are never logged, and there are many cases of police harrassment and brutality, such as that of South Wales Police continually harrassing Mr. Maurice Kirk, and Lancashire Constabulary continually harrassing Ms. Carol Woods - no log numbers for either issues - just police harrassment in a very serious and ongoing manner, including imprisonment without due process, and attempts to section these individuals under the Mental Health Act. I would be delighted to supply information so that the government might investigate, but it appears that it does not feel it has any authority over ACPO. It seems that ACPO runs the whole country, including the Home Office, which seems to condones everything they do, and which says it has no authority to invervene in any matters whatsoever. I always thought the Prime Minister would have some power if he should choose to use it. Baroness Neville-Jones offers no apology for the attached Memorandum of Understanding, and simply stated, while addressing the House of Commons, that the Memorandum of Understanding was decommissioned in 2007. It most certainly was not, as you can see from the video. What's more, it should never have existed in the first place, as it is an agreement between two private, non-governmental organizations to obstruct justice, and ACPO has been doing so for a long time, and still continue to do so. That, coupled with the outright refusal by police in every single authority to write up incident reports and issue log numbers, is a culpable offence for police officers in most other country except corrupt Britain. It is corruption not to allow people to report crimes. Perhaps this matter should be taken to higher authorities before you waste your time? It seems like someone has already told Europe about it. If I can offer any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone. Yours sincerelyDear xxxxxx Thank you for your e-mail to Jil Matheson. I will pass to colleagues working on the review of crime statistics and we will respond properly as soon as we are able. Kind regards Alex Elton-Wall Private Secretary National Statistician's Office UK Statistics Authority Tel: 01633 455306 Mob: 07795 800089 E-mail:


FRAUDULENT USE OF EU TAXPAYERS' MONEY - AUDIT . 15 December 2013 at 13:29 Dear Sirs The British public would like you to be aware of the fraudulent manner in which the British civil servants are operating, and to take action. Civil servants are denying Freedom of Information requests to the public, but what is worse is that Ministers and/or their staff simply delete emails from members of the public without reading them. On several occasions, I have sent information to Francis Maude, Cabinet Minister, about this problem as he purports to be conducting civil service reform. I am far from being the only member of the public to experience it blocking from almost all ministries. The two examples I give today are just two of many from right across all government departments, and also from local governments. My purpose, when writing to Mr. Maude, was to advise him that this is happening in all public departments, as I innocently presumed that he did not know that parliamentary correspondence clerks often simply delete emails without reading them, and many of them contain intelligence to help them do their jobs. His own private secretary/parliamentary assistant deleted at least some of them without reading them, along with other emails, and yet the very subject of the emails was about civil servants deleting emails! She provided the proof of it below. As you will see from my email further down the page, civil servants in the UK are not providing service and are, therefore, every bit of a problem as those Palestinian civil servants who were audited by the EU. Members of the public are denied service, even by select committee members of parliament, who also either delete their emails without reading them, and ALWAYS ignore the information provided. Here are some comments from other people regarding the matter. I have removed their identifiers: From: martin brighton Date: 12 December 2013 21:30:35 GMTTo: david pidcock Subject: Re: SOMEONE IS MAKING A FOOL OF FRANCIS MAUDE Dear David, The blocking of emails to ministers by civil servants had been going on for years. The practice has several advantages: a) The civil servants are controlling the flow of information, so control the game b) The Minister is provided with the excuse of 'plausible deniability' when bad or sabotaged policies inevitably go t***-up c) The Minister is then 'owned' by the civil servant d) The civil servant can thus make or break any minister, who would be cut loose and blamed for not knowing what is going on e) When the civil servant is controlled by a third party to which there is primacy of loyalty, that third party effectively becomes the de facto government - this is the crucial point. There is such a third party that is riddled throughout the civil service, from Cabinet Office, down through every tier of governance, to local authorities and even street level. Kerslake (Sir Bob) is inextricably entangled with that organisation, and publicly supports it. Despite Eric Pickles saying 'No more spending by local authorities', they show him nothing but contempt. Because Francis Maude and the Prime Minister support this insurrectionist and corrupt organisation, both Maude and Cameron are showing sheer and Utter contempt for Pickles, whilst the organisation (COMMON PURPOSE) shows contempt for them all. In Sheffield, from 1997 to 2005, the Chief Executive Officer presided over multi-million pound fraud and corruption, whilst pandering to political whims, thus assuring promotion and teflon coating. Of course, even according to government's own records, things got worse, despite the hundreds of millions of money poured in. All the while, every project turned out to be an abysmal failure whilst the crocodile tears from the top whinged about the intransigence of public servants to culture change - exactly the same message we hear today from the Cabinet Civil Servant. And who was that CEO ? None other than Sheffield's former Chief Executive Sir Robert (Bob) Kerslake (AKA KERSNAKE) an extremely Uncivil Serpent!And what is this organisation ? Yes, you guessed it -its Common Purpose Of course, in terms that would embarrass Orwellian Newspeak, each failure is a sugar-coated triumph. Of course there will be an Inquiry, but: The Inquiry will not take place unless and until the outcome is already assured in keeping with the pre-set agenda. The civil servants will control all the input to the Inquiry. In Sheffield, the council's tactic to unwanted truths is to simply put an electronic block on the target's emails, then apply the policies of Deny and Lie, coupled with Control or Destroy. Just like the Cabinet Office today. Any continuity ? Meanwhile, via the Cabinet Office civil servants, they refuse to be open, honest and transparent about Common Purpose membership within government, which is directly contrary to Civil Service rules. Given the real agenda that is being played out by the back-door/back-room boys, Kerslake (KerSnake) is right to say that the Whitehall machine is performing remarkably well - but only if you consider that the Whitehall agenda does not reflect the manifesto of any elected government, but that of the clandestine, insurrectionist, corrupt, kerslake-supported organisation, Common Purpose. Happy times ahead, Dear Peter and friends who have suffered likewise from Secret Court abuses, Thank you for making this point about the inhumane Italian case. Everyone that I have spoken to is shocked but not surprised by the savagery demonstrated by lead Essex Social services/ health partnership professionals. We have been observing and experiencing their brutal ways for years. I'm advised by the local clergy that they have received reports of several other horror services about how badly the social services and NHS health partnerships have behaved over the years. The bad behaviour is usually driven by the individual's search for promotion or money and in the case of the COP (note: COURT OF PROTECTION) and it's associates, power and money. In our own case we had evidence of when a social services introduced/corrupt solicitor (Ms J. Pleass) instructed a psychiatrist (Dr. S Mann) to sign a COP form in order to obtain control and our family's money. It was done in a carefully timed way, so as to maximise control by social services and the solicitor who were working together with COP et al assistance. (The second corrupt solicitor working alongside the first corrupt solicitor was brother & sister owned Giles Wilson- calling themselves the Official Receiver and then Official Solicitor, in order to maximise their theft from our family under the guise of legitimate decisions carried out by a Secret Court, to whom we were disallowed an appeal) We have seen that the people who did wrong were promoted up and up the structures as a consequence of their taking risks with us and with other people's lives too. They have been upsetting whole families and the rest of the course of their lives in a routine way for decades. The model of mental terrorism that Essex employs is echoed throughout the UK in those counties that like to follow Essex's model. The Essex Deputy Social Services officer is also responsible as a leading National UK figure for the General Society for Social Workers organisation. Unusually, the Non Essex MP John Hemmings seems to have taken the case up. He is one of the few that tries to do the right thing on this issue. There has been silence from Eric Pickles who is the Essex MP who may have been responsible for looking after this particular issue involving the Italian lady and her unborn child. COP matters seem to be readily sidestepped by many MPs . These types of MP seem determined not to find answers when requests or concerns are raised about COP matters. The SoS minister Lamb was giving evidence in the House of Lords on 3rd Dec 2013 in front of a committee re. the COP, but I felt that many twists were interwoven into the evidence given. The witnesses were often not answering the question. They often seemed incapable of listening to what was being said to them. They sat side by side as they masked the seriousness of what has continued to take place under the Coalition, and Labour before that. Real evidence shows how poorly the COP has acted. But the real evidence is frequently buried. And even when it is briefly aired, it is soon forgotten by those politicians who choose to ignore it. Few in politics seem concerned about how badly the COP et al continues to perform. Even fewer have admitted that this is organised criminal activity carried out by our own UK secret courts and the personnel who attend. Lack of transparency pervades more and more of our so called public affairs. Meanwhile, the Secret courts are the root of much on going corruption. And the public are extremely worn down and upset by the lack of response shown when they raise this fact as evidence, again and again. We are tired of the fact that when evidence is called for, and we respond, having only just head about the call, we are suddenly stopped short. The receiving of evidence is suddenly curtailed. And the politicians are protected once more by the civil servants, from feeling the full scale wrath of the public. The public who object to secret courts need to have their complaints fully heard. Various groups have experienced such poor management and performance by the COP and it's associates who work together most effectively to destroy so many lives. The Secret court corruption is on such a widescale that we feel that the evidence committee should sit again and receive a further 2 reports from the ministers following the many questions that they failed to answer. And there should be at least two more sessions of evidence taking to hear from the focus group leaders who have experienced the non performance of the COP et al, often at first hand. There should be no attempt to put only the polished representatives before the House. The House of Lords Committee deserves to hear direct from the man & woman on the street who has suffered as a consequence of the COP et al's masked inhumanity and poor performance. Regards, ************************* NOTE: The House of Lords Parliamentary Committee on the Mental Capacity Act refused to hear evidence of crime and corruption involving mentally incapacitated or vulnerable persons on the bais that people were named. So they evidence has simply been thrown into the garbage by the very committee that should be protecting these people. Mike Clark and several others received a letter from the Chairman of the Committee, Lord Hardie, after submitting evidence that should be investigated, and having been advised that MPs, police, and ministers have refused to either investigate and/or respond to allegations of very serious fraud taking place within the courts and/or facilitated by the Official Solicitor’s office. This denial of service is mass fraud – they are being paid public monies to do a job that they are simply not doing. Furthermore, these Lords are concealing allegations of criminality instead of investigating them, and they will receive an EU PENSION at the end of their working life. ********************** True to form, they all turn a blind eye when confronted with allegations of official corruption. There is not one person in the UK, including the Prime Minister, willing to address these allegations. Some of the victims of serious white collar crimes have presented their cases, on several occasions, to Members of the House of Commons, and Members of the House of Lords. Some are recorded on video. There has been no offer of help for them, and the crimes are uninvestigated because British police refuse to record or investigate the allegations, and nobody in government cares. Will you please be kind enough to read on. At the end of this page, you will see the evidence of Libby Dewdney-Herbert, Mr. Maude’s personal assistant, deleting emails without reading them. It shows a total disdain for the public. As a result, I wrote the email highlighted in green, using information in the public domain, which highlights the fraudulent use of EU monies by British public servants, ministers and MPs. They are not doing the job that the taxpayers expect them to do, especially when they don’t even read correspondence from concerned citizens about the corruption of both parliament and police. The items highlighted in yellow show how public servants are deleting emails addressed to ministers without reading them. As you will see, the new National Crime Agency is also deleting emails containing criminal intelligence. It is no wonder that the UK is unable to prosecute criminals operating at a high level of serious organised crime. Evidence may be lost, due to lazy civil servants who simply don’t want to have to deal with correspondence. You will see from some of the newspaper reports that they now do not deal with emails on Thursdays, and many take Fridays off. Many work from home, where there is no supervision. These are ONLY TWO examples. Britain is a threat to world security, and something needs to be done about both its abysmally corrupt policing, and its abysmal public servants and parliamentarians who allow them to block information, and who do nothing at all to investigate allegations of serious corruption and cover ups involving criminals with law degrees, judges, lawyers and police. This may also be of interest to you: . Like CommentShare 2 Shares . You and 2 others like this. . Yvonne Stewart-Taylor RESPONSE TO SOMEONE IS MAKING A FOOL OF FRANCIS MAUDE “Decision FS50435121 The Cabinet Office carefully interpret a request about cont...See more by: Yvonne Stewart-Taylor about an hour ago · Like .. Mike Clarke IT IS TIME to start to name them with dates of birth and photos of their properties with addresses as we are doing and to shame them publicly to publish it all..

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Working by ARCHAngel Michael
In this section you will find some information about Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is a prince of the Angels, prince of light, regent prince of the seraphim, regent prince of the virtues, an angel of deliverance and a prince of the divine presence. His name is in a form of a rhetorical question, meaning “ who is like God?”. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection,strength and truth. He gives you courage to face the truth and overcome any obstacles and fears that you have about your future. He helps us to find increased clarity in what we think,do and say, and helps us to be more assertive and have more self - belief and self - assurance. He helps us to work with the theme of personal will, showing and encouraging us to bring our own will into harmony with Divine will (“Thy will, not mine”). As we become more aware of our personal power and will, our capacity to be gentle and loving members of humanity increases. When we are fearful, Archangel Michael comes to dissolve doubt and fear, and gently teaches us how to understand and work with the basic theme of this world - that of duality and the battle between darkness and light. Archangel Michael is one of the Guardians of karma, and can help us to work with and clear any karma or karmic entanglements we have with each other. In his work with us on the First Ray he wants us to develop our own strength and willpower and to both recognise, accept and integrate our shadow aspects. In our daily and spiritual lives he gives us the strength to stand up and fight for what is right and light, and to recognise our own truths and stand up for them.

Michael is the Archangel of power, desire and action. He is often pictured carrying a sword which symbolises the power of love and which may cut us free of all that binds us or holds us prisoner. His sword is surrounded by a silvery - blue flame, which we interpret as the Magdalenen flame containing the innocent and pure energy of the love of Divine Source - the flame from the great central sun at the heart of our universe. Blue is also the colour of his protective cloaking energy, which we may invoke at any time we need protection. Michael’s primary task is to cleanse Earth’s atmosphere and the auras of all humankind of all lower thought - forms, dissolving all that is not perfect or of the highest vibrations. He wants to show all sentient beings the path back To God when they have strayed. Archangel Michael has also taken on the role of Protector and Guardian of mankind, and he is relentless in his protection and defence of those who wish to live in the light. He is committed to help all souls who call on him and will always assist in whatever action is necessary to bring about justice and resolution. Another symbol representative of his energies is a scale of balance, representing Justice. He also carries the gold Ray of Source, which may sometimes be seen blazing from his solar plexus, or surrounding him.

Name meaning “He who is as God”
Virtues Health, Organization, Power
Colour of Aura Blue, Gold
Guards this day Wednesday, Sunday
Ray Works with the First Ray of Divine will, Power and Protection
Element Fire
Relevant Chakra 5th ( Throat) and 3rd ( Solar Plexus)
Related to number 6
Related to Crystals blue crystals: sapphire, blue topaz: for peacefulness, and healing
Yellow / gold crystals: yellow topaz, citrine: to initiate positive action,
Improve communications. Other crystals are Ruby, Tigers Eye, Amber, Turquoise and Lapis, Chrysolite
Aromatherapy oils Myrrh, Eucalyptus and Lemon
Herbs Chamomile, Rosemary, St John’s Wort, Mistletoe, Melissa, Eyebright
Incense Frankinscense, myrrh, Copal, Cinnamon, Bergamot
Colour Gold, Yellow
Symbols Sword, Blue Cloak, Sun, Gold, Metal Colour, Scale of balance
The Function of Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael is the guardian of the house of spirit and dreams, and is the archangel working for cooperation and reconciliation. Now is the time for us to learn to live in peace and harmony with others, to break down the barriers that have separated nations, political parties, religious sects, families, and individuals due to differences of opinion, fear. All of us are citizens of Earth, regardless of our diversity. In the movement toward this level of cooperation, Michael is the being to invoke.
When to ask Archangel Michael for help
You may want to invoke Archangel Michael when
• you are faced with changes that you are uncertain about
• have a person or situation you are having difficulty confronting
• need help with clarity of communication
• when you need physical strength
• when you wish to cut ties that bind you to a thing, person or situation
• when you need spiritual protection
How to Invoke Archangel Michael
Michael protect me
The sword of Michael and his truth protects me
His cloak of blue covers me
Michael give me the strength as I courageously face this situation
Michael cut away all falseness with your sword so that I may be myself
I courageously claim my power
The energies of the Angels and the Stars strengthen me
Righteousness, truth and love is my path
Visualize the sword as metal or a living flame helping you to cut away fear

Archangel Michael is the warrior Archangel associated with Life Mission and Divine Purpose.
We are currently in a time known as 'The Age Of Michael', so-called because Michael is working with SO many people right now.
This powerful and mighty Angel comes through frequently in my Consultations because it is vital that we all stand up and claim our Divine Right Purpose; the work we came here to do.
It is also imperative that we have the courage to let go of situations and patterns that are blocking this. Michael lends his Sword Of Truth and Light to cut away all that does not serve us.
Archangel Michael is working consistently from the Upper Realms this year to guide you onto your Highest Path; that which will most highly serve yourself and the entire planet, and will bring you the deepest fulfillment, joy and love.
If you have not yet consciously connected with this magnificent warrior-like Archangel, perhaps this message is a clear sign from him that you take steps to do so!
Even if you regularly make contact with him in your own way, today Michael has a specific message, which I have channeled for you. Just reading the words given from High Beings such as Michael creates changes in your personal vibration, and will open your Heart to accept more Love into your life.
"Dear All Bringers Of the Light upon the Earth,
I am deeply honoured to make my connections with you at this critical time in your beloved planet's evolution.
Many of you are familiar with my vibration and words - having sought me out in times of intense change and doubt, many fears for your future purpose being the first thing on your mind when you call upon me.
What is important to know is that any time you activate my Light within your Soul, simply by calling me in, the profound vibrational shifts and micro-cellular activity within your energy field is begun. This spiritual medicine works upon your whole being; physical, mental, emotional and within the Chakra energy system.
Without conscious awareness, you are then strongly guided to make life choices and changes that you may have been avoiding through misguided fear. Everything I guide and direct you to do is through my all-encompassing Love for you and your contribution to peace in the Universe.
Now is the time when I make myself known to you with a renewed vigour!
For a new time has commenced - this I must impress upon you now. A new time wherein all Souls who have elected to be the harbingers of real, positive and electrifying change are called up for active service to the Divine.
This means YOU, Dear Child of Holiness.
Believe my words as I speak, that I am directing you with haste and speed towards a life that is your truest and most Heavenly function. If life seems to speed up a little forthwith, make no mistakes in your thinking - it is MY work!
I am swelled with Love and pride for you, my Blessed children of Light,
Lord and Messenger of Truth, Honour and Holy Purpose."

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Pannone LLP & the £9 million

Commercial Lien/Claim to Read

A claim made under common law, a claim made under GOD, a claim that GOD is my witness to the truth!! A claim made without any rebuttal! Read the debt & read LIENS RECOGNISED BY PANNONES & where it is clear that PANNONE s partner Richard Drinkwater, whom is one of our endebted partners within our own Commercial Lien above, against themselves at PANNONE s and his recognition of holders of liens where creditors such as us, "are authentic", where PANNONE s have openly claimed no recognition of "our commercial lien" against them or the Commercial Affidavit Process claiming its of no value. Can one clearly see the contradictions that are riddled in the company Pannone s, that is so called award winning, are the awards for contradiction. see the picture! Isn't it funny the minute a commercial lien is served upon them that they do not recognise it, so why did they fraudulently use harassement laws to try to curtail it! Probably spending, according to them in excess of £50,000. Was this action in effect recognition, of a perfected commercial lien? Seeing as this is turning out to be a trial by internet we will let you the public be the judge of this!

Appointed by judge DENZIL LUSH, against the direct wishes of the patient, Hugh Jones of PANNONE & Co solicitors Manchester took his position in charge of mums damages awarded to pay for care in 2001 the sum of £775,000, as her deputy/receiver. It has to be said and noted that his first years charges, expected to be £2500 as laid down by judge Denzil LUSH, actually came out at £26,371.77p! Take note that in his first year of office whilst he gave me and my mother £200 per week to live off he deducted from the damages £507 per week charges just to say NO! every time his phone rang. The problems, having been astronomic to the point of writing a book, started from day 1 with the words from Mr Hugh Jones's "broad brush approach" that suddenly turned very narrow! Since that first year of 2001 he has refused to supply any details of the subsequent 9 years of charges that remain a secret to this day ON 311011. If it was your relative would you consider this theft!

Judge Denzil Lush
The Judge

Whom in our opinion, has no idea of the family decimation that he is causing or if he does he is certainly turning a blind eye to the reality of the lies, ignorance, discrimination, corruption, theft, absolute breaches in human rights and the complete lack of equality that is the cornerstone of THE COURT OF PROTECTION / NEGLECTION / CORRUPTION!

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