Hugh Jones
What your letter amounts to is “forced repatriation by financial strangulation.”
Prepare yourself for a campaign protest that will be conducted outside your offices very shortly.
You have not answered any recent correspondence.
You have failed to provide all cost certificates plus accounts as requested by your client.
My Mother will not reside in the UK until her wishes have been met or have been addressed by a fast track application to a judge as requested by her in your office recorded onto mp3.
She lives in fear, of your so called “best interests”.
Mother is prepared to starve if necessary and further to, that remains both our position.
We will not be moved by financial threats.
You are protecting again your own fees whilst you tackle on-going inquires into your financial improprieties that are being investigated.
Nothing new for HUGH JONES!
There is absolutely no desire for mum to run the risk of “deprivation of liberty” in order to sell her property and so we remain in Spain.
She wishes to reside in her house in Blackpool but secure in the knowledge it is going to go where she intended it to go and not live in fear of social services “deprivation of liberty orders” or the likes of your “best interests”!
Good LUCK may the best man win!
You are living up to your website reputation as a “SOLICITOR FROM HELL”.
All future correspondence must be addressed now through our independent solicitor ;
Lester Samuels
Ashcroft Whiteside
303 Whitegate Drive
p.s. Mothers fears from your actions are such that she cannot sleep properly and is expressing a desire to die. If my mothers blood lies on your hands HUGH JONES I pity you!
You are one sick individual.
Mike Clarke
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 10:05 AM

Dear Mike
Please find attached a letter from Hugh Jones.

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